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September 29, 2014

America Needs More BMW’ing

America Needs More BMW’ing
William Jackson, M.Edu
Parent, Educator, Blogger

“So our people not only have to be reeducated to
the importance of supporting black business, but
the black man himself has to be made aware of
the importance of going into business.” Malcolm X

Mayor Alvin Brown of Jacksonville, Florida has announced that several
businesses are moving to Jacksonville, expanding their business presence
or building new facilities providing an economic infusion of
investments, tax dollars and new employment opportunities.
These economic prospects will provide a much needed economic
boost to support a struggling economy here in Jacksonville with
similar cases across this nation by other Mayors.
The announcement of military personnel and their families moving
to cities provides an economic stimulus as boats, planes, subs,
helicopters, tanks and supporting facilities make their new homes
in new cities. As the military reorganizes their deployments to
address conflicts around the world, deployments and re-deployments
make an economic influence to the local communities.
Cities must be sure to share its economic elevation and employment
opportunities across cultural and educational areas, no one should
be denied the chance to support their families.
There should be an investment to vital pieces of the economic puzzle
that allows for employment and economic stability, expansion and
growth across all parts of cities that are struggling.

“Once you can create some employment in the community
where you live it will eliminate the necessity of you and me
having to act ignorantly and disgracefully, boycotting and
picketing some practice someplace else trying to beg him
for a job.” Malcolm X

When looking at the unemployment rates the Bureau of Labor
statistics shows changes in economy
and even looking at the percentage of Blacks by zip code it shows
that Blacks are an important part of the economic stability of
this nation and the cities they live in.
This is why cities need to make sure there are equitable job opportunities
to employ and keep employed BMWing.

Volunteering Dads
If you have not figured out what BMWing is “Black Men Working.”

Mayors of cities, the City Councils , Chamber of Commerce and the
school districts of our nation need to realize that in order for this
nation to continue to be an economic powerhouse and international influence
in commerce they must involve Black business women, men, entrepreneurs, and
provide equitable/equal employment chances. Military might and conflict
cannot influence economic stability and growth. Mentorship is a vital
piece of the economic equation, so businesses have to partner with
schools and provide mentors and role models to visit schools; how can
you encourage students to enter in careers of business, science,
technology, mathematics, commerce and economics if they cannot see
actual people in these positions especially Black youth and teens.

The biggest investment is in the holistic education of children from
early education until high school graduation. Education does not stop
at graduation; it is a continuous process of learning, discovery,
engagement and progress. Investment needs to be provided equally to
all parts of a city and communities, so all citizens can share in and
prosper in economic growth.

“A large part of crime is economics – if people are working
and have a home and family to support, then I believe you
can reduce the crime rate.” Vincent Frank

BMWing – Black Men Working contribute to all cities economy,
foundational tax base and providing taxes for city services like
education and law enforcement. Black communities, Black children,
Black churches, Black families all deserve Black Men Working or BMWing.
They are good role models for Black youth and teens, male and female.

A Black man working brings money into their homes, they bring
economic stability and growth to their communities. That money
circulates and becomes stronger because it allows Black families
to enjoy prosperity and an infusion of economic hope. BMWing do
not stay in their homes they circulate in their communities,
visiting families and friends, spending monies to buy gas, snacks,
food, and provide monies to their children to also circulate in
the community.

When there are less and less BMWing there is less infusion of cash
and diminishing prosperity. This diminishing prosperity also affects
the hope of people. Stealing hope from families that may already be
struggling in poverty and lacking economic stability and education.
BMWing encourages educational success, because it is seen that the
more education you obtain the better career you can achieve and not
just a job (Just Over Broke).

There is no question that Black families influence community growth,
the more BMWing the greater economic prosperity. Stable and economically
viable Black families influence community growth and prosperity,
this opens doors for investment opportunities.There is value of
Black youth, teens and young people especially Black men to take
care of their families through employment and education.

An important piece of employment is education, as the economy
grows education should benefit with schools being provided
resources that encourage student learning, student achievement and
student graduation.

Simplistically the more educated a population is the stronger
the workforce is created; less criminal activity, lower poverty
rates, decreasing homelessness for families.
Seldom used term BMWing is a strong reminder that the
correlation between economic stability is not a new issue, but
an ongoing issue that is influenced by educational attainment
and economic opportunities.

All things work together for the betterment of families
through educational and economic potentials. This blog is not
just for Jacksonville, Florida where I’m a BMW, teaching over
20 years in elementary and higher education. This blog is
about this nation. America needs more BMWing, they reinforce
their communities, churches, schools and teach youth the
value and empowerment of honest employment and the
value of education. BMWing provides hope and hope decreases
fear, elimination of fear erodes self-doubt. Cities in order to
stop fearing Black youth and teens must provide economic
opportunities that open hope in Black communities. BMWing
is one way to stabilize communities and increase the hope of all
communities in the cities of this nation.

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” United Negro College Fund

September 27, 2014

Mental Health In the African American Community

Mental Heath In the African American Community

Mental Heath In the African American Community

Come out on September 27th at 10:00 am to discuss how we can join
together to bring awareness, solutions, and change to our communities.
Community Rehabilitation Center, 623 Beechwood, Jacksonville, FL 32209

September 17, 2014

The Power: History of Writing & Blogging

The Power: History of Writing & Blogging

Supporting the Florida Blogging Conference
Orlando, Florida Saturday, September 20 2014
The power of the written word has been seen for thousands of years,
individuals and groups sharing thoughts, ideas, impressions, feelings
and to tell the life histories of people and cultures.
Writing can be seen in the cave drawings of France, to the parchments
of ancient Egypt and other cultures using diverse materials. Egypt; the
invention of writing is attributed to the god Thoth who was the scribe
and historian of the gods.
The Maya’s, Itzamna was a shaman and sorcerer and attributed or
responsible for the creation of writing. Various cultures and societies
each had their influences in writing or in some cases could be determined
as early blogging (in my humble opinion).
Even in China writing was determined to come not from a god but an
ancient sage named Ts’ang Chieh. He was a minister in the court of the
legendary Huang Ti (Yellow Emperor). While not godly the invention of
writing was supposed to serve as a communication tool between heaven
and earth. So each serves as a strong tool to create, carry and engage
communication on a spiritual and mental level.

The distinctions and similarities of Blogging / Microblogging / Videoblogging
and Podcasting show the development of communication that humans
no matter the culture or gender can create distinct and adaptive ways
to share knowledge. When looking at the writing symbols of the French
cave drawings and
even the hieroglyphics of Egypt show
the development of writing that has grown to what is termed as
Blogging on a digital format. This continues to change as writing
is manipulated, transformed, dissected, adapted and tailored to the
increasing integration of technology tools and platforms.
The foundation is the human mind that conceives in thought the words that
are transcribed in to written or typed words. In a way these words are already
in an electrical format because the thoughts of man are generated by the
synapses of the mind, thus electrical impulses and birth by the hands onto
the materials for publication.

The formats of writing can be seen from the dynamic platforms being used
from Blogger, WordPress, Twitter (Microblogging), Tumblr, Google+ and
even Ghost to name a few. The options available can embrace the diversity
and creative characteristics of bloggers from novice to experts that have made
their art of blogging a financial enhancement to their lives.
Looking at the 15 Best Blogging Platforms
( it is
clear that blogging will remain as an important historical tool to share and
disseminate information on multiple levels.

Blogging; Webster’s dictionary describes blogging as, “diary: a personal
chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page”. The transition
from walls, to parchment, to paper and the digital realm are testimonies
to the ingenuity of mankind. The educational systems of this nation and
the world are embracing the opportunity for youth from elementary school
to high school in blogging. The benefits of writing are seen in more than
developing creative thoughts, but can be seen in developing critical thinking
and higher order thinking skills. How writing benefits children, teens and
young adults can be seen on the web site EduGuide and how writing
benefits many levels of thinking and even on an emotional level.

As a blogger I’m always excited to share my thoughts, ideas, experiences,
triumphs, challenges and other aspects of my life. Not to be egotistical,
vain or conceded, but because I have a connection with readers, my brothers
and sisters of the Blogosphere. Blogging has provided support, camaraderie,
introspection, and personal reflection of my life. It allows me to express my
thoughts from my life. Being a father, educator, African American, man,
human being, American, and other distinctions that I can share with others
I can choose to show my solidarity with world issues or my dislike and
disagreement with local and national issues. It is my choice, I can debunk
the stereotype’s people have of Black men, male educators, Black fathers,
divorced men, big brothers, dating in 2014, being intellectual, a reader of
Malcolm X, Carter G. Woodson, Chinua Achebe and how diverse my musical
interest are. All and more can be shared in my blogging.

The openness of technology embraces the ideas, ideological nuances,
applying these to online content in the Blogosphere that has influenced
all cultures around the world. The evolution of Blogging has helped those
that are uneducated in global awareness. People should remember that
not to long ago it was illegal to teach a slave to read and write during the
time of slavery not just in America, but around the world. Today Blogging
is responsible for showing the world the greatness of people and the
evil that can be created as well. There is an estimated over 8 million
bloggers in America (The State of Blogging (2005), Pew Internet &
American Life Project).

I have always encouraged African Americans and other people of color and
diversity that Blogging is vital because it allows the expansion into other areas
of digital communication. A platform of expression and cognitive expansion
on levels that allow for intellectualism and emotional communion. African
Americans need to learn the potential to expand their knowledge base locally
and globally in areas of politics, economics, education and cultural diversity.
Blogging allows the writer to be creators in this age of digital media that is
changing social interaction, allowing for collaboration, a paradigm in alliances
of the mind and taking social networking to levels of unprecedented growth.
African American Bloggers and those of diverse color are important because
they create original content specifically addressing diverse issues that may
never be recognized by traditional media or ignored because of a lack of
African American issues that demand notice, engagement and transformative
change. Latino / Hispanic bloggers are growing and establishing record
numbers in blogging content, other cultures are influential in their content
creation, bridging generational gaps, increasing intellectual levels, destroying
cultural and religious misunderstandings. The humanity in being human is
shared, allowing for collaboration that bridges distances, borders, generations,
and cultures.

On Saturday, September 20th will be the Florida Blogging Conference in Orlando, Florida. The expanding blogging and
technology conference that has changed the way Florida and the nation sees
the use and application of blogging and technology. Having been a presenter
at Florida Blogging Conference for Educators -
my presentation: ( and others
engaged educators to take their use of blogging and technology higher.

The information available allows for quintessential growth through networking, workshops, meetups and building life-long friendships. Bloggers should not
pass up opportunities like the Florida Blogging Conference. Even educators
have the Florida Blogging Conference for Educators, the first event was held
with more to come in 2015. I was proud to be one of the first educators to
present and speak at this great event that catered to educators of all levels.
To see the presentations view the slides on Slideshare at

Blogging is here to stay and influencing growth across cultural, gender, and
generational lines.

Follow the FlBlogCon on Twitter: @flblogcon

Dawn Heyward - Future Blogger
Dawn Heyward – Florida Blogging Conference 2013

Dawn Heyward Blogger from Philadelphia, PA FlBlogCon 2013

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