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July 1, 2019

My Quest To Teach is Moving = Growth and Innovation

My Quest To Teach Is Growing

My Quest To Teach

My Quest To Teach

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June 12, 2019

Ford and Community Engagement Thru Social Media

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Theresa Campbell Aida Correa William Jackson Chaun Avery Cayla Whitcomb

Theresa Campbell, Aida Correa, William Jackson, Chaun Avery, Cayla Whitcomb









Ford and Community Engagement Thru Social Media
William Jackson,  FORDVIP Blogger
William Jackson and Aida Correa are attending multiple community events
sponsored by Ford Motor Company and the Southern Ford Dealers across
Florida. Selected as part of 25 Blogging Influencers that attended the Florida
Blogging and Technology Conference in 2018. Several of the events are
highlighted in this blog.

The Black History Month Unity Networking Mixer in Orlando, Florida, sharing
this event on social media channels to encourage community collaboration to
build partnerships in mentoring and business. Ford sponsors many activities
across the state, this effort through the #FordVIP and #ConnectFord program
addresses the use of social media and digital platforms to reach out to
communities to broaden the vision for unity, collaboration, business growth
and family/community engagement.

William and Aida residents of Jacksonville and part of the 25 member team
FORDVIP Bloggers that blog using multiple platforms and report  on state-wide
activities that are sponsored by Ford. Each event represents family oriented
and community based to engagements promoting the beauty of diversity,
awesomeness of inclusion and the need for increased community service.
What better way to create a vision of diversity and inclusion, to allow bloggers
of diverse backgrounds to share their experiences through their eyes using their
talents, skills and abilities using social media.

The Unity Mixer was attended by several  hundred business  and community
organizations that contribute to building youth and teen leadership skills,
advocates for  STEAM and educational  success in Orlando and surrounding areas.
The ROLEX 24 auto race held at Daytona International Raceway gives a view into
the world of motor racing that many do not get to see and experience.
Bloggers like William, African American, educator and speaker at national and
international WordCamp conferences shares his views why people of a diversity
should experience attending races with their families.

Aida of Latina background, Puerto Rican shares from the perspective of a mother,
grandmother, Artist what her views are of the fun women can have with their
families attending motor sports.

Cultural backgrounds should not limit the involvement and engagement of activities
that are different and out of the norm. What better way to experience life than to
do things that are different, exciting, new and innovative.

Pictured are operations managers and marketing specialists that coordinate with
William and Aida to provide maximum exposure for the Southern Ford Dealers that
are sponsoring events that promote family engagement and unity in their communities.
Attending community events like the Women On The Rise that celebrates women
doing phenomenal things in their communities that influence youth, teens and young
adults is more than a movement it is a passion for the direction of change.

Attending these events are pictured:
Theresa Campbell (Regional Marketing Specialist Orlando Region), Aida Correa
(FordVIP Blogger), William Jackson (FordVIP Blogger),  Chaun Brown (Orlando
Sales Operations Manager for Ford), Cayla Whitcomb (Sales Business Development Specialist).

Follow William and Aida and other bloggers on the social media hashtags
#ConnectFord #FordVIP #MyQuestToTeach and #LoveBuiltLife.


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