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June 30, 2015

Lecrae; Christian Rapper and Blogging While Brown Interview

Lecrae and Blogging While Brown

Lecrae with educators and bloggers Maxine and William

2 time Grammy winner making his first appearance at Blogging While Brown
in Austin, Texas. #BWBATX participated in an interactive discussion on his
Christian faith, importance of family values, his philosophy on life,
sharing his message through Social Media platforms and being an entertainer.

The integration of technology has grown in connectivity and digital presence
over the years; ministries, churches and faith based entities are finding
that the use of technology to spread, share and engage on a digital level has a
profound effect in spreading the message of the #Gospel.

Technology allows for a wider audience to be reached and expands the
opportunity for mass communication on multiple platforms. To encourage the
growth of ministry youth, teens and young adults must be involved in the ministry
and learn about the ministry, their place in it and their responsibility to continue
the ministry.

Incorporating technology and the diverse platforms of Social Media encourages
new forms of connectivity. The influences of Artists like Lecrae represent a positive
aspect of ministry that draws youth in the direction of embracing a Christian life.
The goals of Christians as with the ministry that I follow (Church of Christ) is to go
out in the world and share the #Gospel. Not to change the scripture in any way,
to share the love of our Lord. Working to “Save Souls and Keep Souls Saved,” so
that the ministry will grow and the Kingdom of God expands.

Sharing the Word of God with everyone is the “Great Commission”
Matthew 28:16-20 New International Version (NIV)
all Christians have a responsibility to share their faith through the #Gospel
and the love of God that he has for each of us.


Lecrae during his interview shares the dynamic aspects of using technology to
spread a message of love, peace, unity and uniting as a people and a faith.
From the introduction Lecrae is a young man of faith and family, sharing
his Christian believe. In Part One and Two of my video he shares how publically
using technology and integrating Social Media helps to spread information to
make a positive impact. This impact is far reaching because of the powerful
tools that connect dynamic platforms of social engagement.
In Part Three the evolution of technology and speed of connectivity is discussed
in how tech allows for the sharing of a message to the youth who are looking for
acceptance, patience and their place.

Part Four emphasizes that faith based communities need to use technology
to stay relevant with the youth, youth, teens and young adults are looking
to be included in the #Gospel, they need a direction and feel that they are
valuable and important. In the blog Church of Christ and Social Media
(my message of how to integrate technology in ministry) there is a plan
and a purpose in how to use technology and Social Media to share and invite
youth to ministry and the responsibility of leadership to work together.

Part 5 my question of how to promote youth to be involved in the growth of
the ministry. It is vital that youth be nurtured, taught, involved in the ministry
of churches. Youth must be included in the service where teaching and
doing create a connection for learning and growing.

The conclusion of this discussion “Digital Missionary Fields,” referenced
to each platform is a tool that can share the message through Social Media.
Knowledge is power and applied knowledge is powerful, so applying Social
Media is a powerful tool that spreads to hundreds and thousands.
Messages go viral now that travel multiple distances with profound
influences. Technology cannot be denied nor can it be ignored.

Blogging While Brown:
Web Site: http://

Church of Christ and Social Media:

LeCrae: Resources
Twitter: ‏@lecrae
Web site:

Part 1 Lecrae Introduction

Part 2 Publicity using Social Media

Part 3 Evolution of Technology

Part 4 Faith based community…….

Part 6 “Digital Missionary Fields”

Reaching Youth In Ministry – Growing In Your Faith

June 27, 2015

What are your Expectations on Social Media for your Children

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What are your Expectations on Social Media for your Children
William Jackson, Instructor at Edward Waters College
Educational Technology and Social Media
My Quest To Teach –

As a Social Media speaker, blogger and educator in the elementary
and higher education environment too many youth and teens are
posting the wrong messages on their Social Media platforms. A
teen’s first impression is creating lasting images that will follow them
forever from the digital content they are creating.
The use of Social Media has grown to an obsession for many youth
and teens and their judgements are clouded by wanting to be popular
and their content potentially going “viral.” Advancements in Smartphone
technology, wireless accessibility and the ease of use of Social Media
platforms has created dangerous situations for youth and teens
because they are putting their whole lives online for the world to see.

Exposure to Cyberbullying, Sexting activities, Cyberporn and Cyberstalking
is increasing to situations of physical, emotional and psychological
harm to youth and teens. There needs to be more Social Media
workshops for teens “digital footprints and content” teens need to learn
the content they post online never goes away. The idea of deleting
one account and opening up another to “hide” seems easy enough,
talking to teens and demonstrating the power of search engines,
cache, and digital software teens are learning they cannot hide
their “digital footprints, content and presence.”

The mentality of many teens is that even if they don’t use their real
names no one can find them is a dangerous misunderstanding with
potentially costly consequences. Parents play a key role in monitoring
their children’s digital activity especially this summer when school is
out and there is little or no parental monitoring. Teens cannot be
given free reign of the Internet because the Internet reflects our
society; there is good and evil. Gangs and terrorists groups are
recruiting online to entice teens to participate in activities that can
threaten lives in the United States.


The importance of teaching teens to Brand themselves and Market
their abilities, skills and intelligence for careers and higher education
is important. It is key for parents to be “Friends” on Social Media sites
with children until 18 to monitor online behavior because an online
“digital footprint” is the first impression that society will receive before
physical meeting is arranged for college entrance, interview of jobs,
internships and even military service. Parents should have and share
their expectations of trust for using Social Media, not only for their
children’s content, but who they are friends with.

Parents should not be scared to monitor their children. If their children’s
online activity is ever questioned by school officials or law enforcement,
the parent will be held accountable and responsible for actions that
may be criminal behaviors. Bullying/Cyberbullying, CyberStalking,
Cyberporn and Sexting in many states can be prosecuted as third
degree felonies. A study by Education Database Online found that
43 percent of parents look in on their children’s Facebook
pages, Twitter feeds, Instagram photos weekly to make sure that their
children are investing in their futures not destroying them.

Parents should be role models, if parents are looking at porn and
violence they teach children it is ok because the adults in their lives
are doing it. A good rule is never underestimate your child or
children when it comes to technology.

Urban League
Jacksonville Urban League Leadership Summit

Presenter at:
Preventing Crime In the Black Community
Tampa, Florida

Mayor Alvin Brown’s Learn to Earn
Jacksonville, Florida

Social Media SWAG – Orlando Public Library
Melrose Technology Center
Orlando, Florida

Learn2Earn Experience and Social Media SWAGPC

William Jackson, Learn2Earn Instructor

Speaking to Students about their Social Media Content

Learn2Earn Experience and Social Media SWAGPC

The students of the Learn2Earn Experience and their collective peers
are interacting and engaging on Social Media platforms that were not
in existence years before. Speaking at Preventing Crime in the Black
Community and the Learn2Earn Experience this year shows that teens
are similar, they have similar dreams, goals, aspirations and even

The Internet opens doors that allow for access to information not even
dreamed of ten years before, so students progressively have the
ability, using the right platform and the right tool and have an interactive
encyclopedia at their disposal. Several millions Tetrabytes of information
that can aid in research and discover to a student’s wildest imagination.
Opening the universe to those who will take us there in the future.

The interaction of students has changed as well, from the past traditional
firm handshakes, to the eye to eye contact that allows a person to
read body language, to friendly embraces that represent companionship,
friendship and brotherly/sisterly love. The Internet bypasses these
human traits and allows students to find out information that leads
to a neutral and sometimes detached and impersonal connection.

The verbal exchanges that bring incite to new friendships to digital
collaboration and interpretation of sharing information that builds
relationships. Students are finding that a personal relationship is still
needed to humanize their friendships and build on their network of
friends and associates.

Speaking how Social Media can influence their
future employment and educational options.
Speaking at conferences, workshops, summits and even in small group
sessions there is more teaching that needs to be done. Students need
professional development just like teachers. Students need to
understand the potential to build great works of science that once was
science fiction, students need to be able to use technology to explore
not just this universe, but distant universes. The student of today more
than in the past needs Social Media mentors, taught how to be Agents
of STEAM, and properly integrate, instigate and collaborate technology.

More needs to be done to prepare students starting from elementary
school to college about the value and empowerment of Social Media
platforms and associated tools. Many school districts are now seeing
that classes need to be available to teach Social Media skill sets,
preparing students how to manage their content, prevent bullying,
Cyberbullying, Sexting, keeping students safe from stalkers and even
the growing threats of terrorists and gangs that seek to recruit students.
The Internet is a representation of our national and international
societies. Students in this nation need to be aware and educated
how to use the tools of the current online environment and those
of the future to continue to be competitive for careers and jobs that
are embracing tech.

“Education is the key to continued global competitiveness.”
William Jackson, instructor with Edward Waters College

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and photos of SWAG Social Media photos and videos.

Photobucket Photos of 2015 Learn2Earn Experience

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