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January 18, 2017

HBCU Bloggers What Does It Take in 2017

Attending WordPress WordCamp in
Philadelphia #WordCampUS

HBCU Bloggers What Does It Take in 2017
Updated 2017
by Prof. William Jackson
Edward Waters College
Educational Technology and Social Media

Ideas from a Blogger, Influencer, Speaker,
Thought Leader, Presenter and Educator

What does it take to be a blogger and social media
influencer? The ability to create content and share
on Social Media platforms is a process to influence
thinking, decisions and actions of readers. To
develop a personal Brand that exemplifies the
spirit of HBCUs. Students need the exposure and the
opportunity to network with those in the industries
they are interested in. To become serious in their
quest for success and growth.
Exposure is important and networking is vital
to being seen digitally and socially.


Provided by Prof. Jackson
1. Write as if the world is going to view your content
and provide feedback. When people read your blogs
they should understand your passion and the direction
you are going.
2. When blogging take the time to read, review, rewrite,
and revise what you have written. Grammar and spelling
count a great deal.
3. Reflection is important, it is vital to think on your
writings and consider your desired end result, what is
your mission and vision for your content?
4. Embrace the diversity of the world, it expands your
ability to connect and engage with the diversity of your
audience. Your blogs should be able to reach out to
diverse audiences and make a connection.
5. Attend conferences that allow for sharing of ideas
and concepts. No blogger is an island to themselves.
6. When writing remember your building relationships
with others. This is important to establish connectivity
and validity.
7. Read writers that you respect and admire, this
inspires your creativity and literary growth.
8. Storytelling paints a picture, so use words that
encourage the imagination and inspire consistent
content development. Be careful of using cultural
or street language, think about the audience and their
9. When writing understand that writing is a process,
the more you write the better you get.
10. Don’t be afraid to submit your blogs to newspapers
to be published. You never know who will publish your
works. Even if you are rejected 100 times 101 might be
the one that gets you an awesome gig.
11. Keep your passion and excitement about your writing,
it is an extension of who you are.
12. Write for enjoyment and a purpose.
13. Your writing is an important part of who you are,
what you are growing into and how to expand your voice.
14. HBCU students continue to grow in your field, you may
start off in a tradition blog, be willing to
incorporate Microblogging, Podcasting, Vblogging and
other technologies that reach diverse audiences.
15. Never doubt your ability to grow beyond where you are.
16. Don’t blog when you are emotional, your judgement will
be blurred.
17. Never use your blog to spread racism, profanity,
prejudice, hate, sexism or involve in Sexting. This will
damage your Brand and your reputation.
18. Be careful of who you associate with, this may influence
future internships and scholarships.
19. Never let random people take your picture, they can be
used later against you.
20. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right until you
slander, accuse, threaten and demean others.
21. Be careful and protect your intellectual property, don’t
use company or school based hardware/software to store
blogs, videos or photos.

A blogger is a life-long journey and should be a life
long adventure.

January 16, 2017

There Are More Hidden Figures Around Us

Dr. Mae Jemison and Taylor Richardson

There Are More Hidden Figures Around Us
by Prof. William Jackson @wmjackson
Edward Waters College

“I’m just amazed at the shoulders that I’m standing
on to allow me to work to achieve my dreams.”
Taylor Richardson, attending “Hidden Figures”
premiere at the White House 2016

Dedicated to the past Hidden Figures that allowed
girls and boys to embrace STEM – STEAM – STREAM
and grasp new opportunities to fulfill dreams from the
depths of the sea, to the height of the clouds to the
deepest of space.
The movie ”Hidden Figures” 2016 is inspiring thousands
of girls and women to eliminate the fear of learning,
to understand the fun of exploration, embrace artistic
creativity, develop themselves as “thought leaders” and
“smart creatives.” To understand that it is ok to be smart,
gifted, talented and special. The perceived glass ceiling of
career limitations has been shattered by the flames of
curiosity to explore not just the limitations of earth’s
atmosphere and her seas, but has moved into the air less,
weightless and limitless expanse of space and time.

FIRST LEGO LEAGUE of Jacksonville, Florida

The emergence of STEM – Science Technology Engineering
Math is looking good to girls and women as careers explode
in diversity in the embracing of girls and women into areas
at one time exclusively open to men, white men.
The irony of “Hidden Figures” is that research has proven
that women are more analytical and able to comprehend
and apply mathematics skills faster than men. They are more
detailed oriented and specific about applying learning to
real world situations.

African Americans and others of color have been involved
with most if not all space agencies, this involvement is not
just as custodians, cooks, maintenance and other support
personnel. These positions are important, they help the
people do the jobs they to do and service this country.
The other aspect is not just as service personnel, but the
intellectual abilities that allow for NASA and other agencies
to meet with success and build a legacy through the
intelligence of everyone that contributes. People of color
have always and will continue to contribute, they have not
received the recognition they deserve.

STEM / STEAM are the hottest sectors in the U.S. job market
and has grown to international levels. Even before it became
a commonly used word the elements of STEM have been
important. Because of movies like “Hidden Figures” and others
doors of imagination and dreams are growing for girls,
women, boys and men of color and culture.

STEM does not start in high school or higher education, it
starts in elementary education labs, classrooms and weekend
competitions and events. It starts in after school programs and
new curriculum’s that teachers have a passion to apply new
and exciting ways to engage students that were once thought
slow or different, but were actually higher order and critical
thinkers, just bored with cookie cutter teaching strategies
dated from the 1950s and 1970s. Today’s students need to
be engaged and active learners.

William Jackson teaching a STEAMS
class – Science Technology Engineering
Math Sports – engaging studnets.

When I taught STEAM at an elementary Magnet it is important
that learning is relevant and students can apply their past
learning to new learning and integrate it to everyday life.
If students are not engaged mentally, actively involved, have
hands on activities and allowed to explore environments there
are lost opportunities to build the excitement to allow future
scientists, mathematicians, engineers, innovators and even
technical expertise in computers and robotics.

HBCUs are important in the education
of future STEM employees.

Many people still do not realize that STEAM and STEM run the
U.S. economy, look at the growth of careers that not only require
a college degree, but certifications. “The future of the economy
is in STEM,” says James Brown, the executive director
of the STEM Education Coalition in Washington, D.C. Even
President and Mrs. Obama have encourage STEM education
through grants and national programs.

Parents must understand as well that their children’s employment
are influenced by STEM. Employment in occupations related to
STEM science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is
projected to grow to more than 9 million jobs by 2022
nationally and internationally. Children now may now have to
find jobs in the U.S. and have to travel overseas, they must be
prepared to keep this nation competitive.

U.S. relationships with the world are important because if the
U.S. does not have friendly relationships globally then research
opportunities, international collaborations, joint projects and even
educational research will be at jeopardy. We cannot afford to be
secluded because the world is diversified in economic and social
Students should be asking what their STEM futures are and how is
their current educational instruction preparing them for the future?
Parents should be asking are their children being prepared to be
employed or setup to be under or un – employed.

“One of the things that I’ve been focused on as President is how
we create an all-hands-on-deck approach to science, technology,
engineering, and math… We need to make this a priority to train
an army of new teachers in these subject areas, and to make sure
that all of us as a country are lifting up these subjects for the
respect that they deserve.”
President Barack Obama, Third Annual White House Science Fair,
April 2013


Events like the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE by Mark Douglas McCombs
are foundations to engage youth, teens and young adults into
robotics, programming, design, innovation and as developers.
There are hundreds if not thousands of “Hidden Figures” in homes,
schools, communities, cites and this nation. They should be
encouraged, mentored and provided role models to spread their
wings to take flight to be unHidden…

Mark Douglas McCombs, center celebrating the
FIRST LEGO LEAGUE competition at The Bolles

Parents your child may be the scientist to discover a cure for cancer,
diabetes, heart disease; your child may be the next deep sea
explorer or engineer to develop light speed, force fields or even
new fuels to power the world. Uncover the hidden talent in your child
by supporting their education, their thirst for exploration and their
gifted abilities.

Statistics uses data from Occupational Employment Statistics


Jacksonville Florida FIRST LEGO LEAGUE

The Office of Science and Technology Policy

Hidden Figures – Taraji P. Henson



January 8, 2017

2017 A Time To Blog and Develop Content

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2017 A Time To Blog and Develop Content
by William Jackson @wmjackson

Digital content creation is prevalent on the web, an increase in
blogging, microblogging, podcasting and other forms of digital
media is expanding across the Internet. Content creators are
global, generational and smart.

The evolution of technology has opened opportunities for students
from K to higher education to tell their stories, spread their
entrepreneurial wings, expand their networks from local to global.
Bill Gates, 1996 “Content Is King”
The evolution of Blogging can be seen in the increase of content that
has a wide range of subject matter and relevancy to life experiences
of the writer.

The importance of Blogging and use of Social Media can be seen in the
engagement, connectivity and networking individuals are becoming
forces that are rivaling traditional media. Because there is growing
content that easily crosses time zones and international borders the
effects of Blogging are seen in education, business, finance, commerce,
and development in political arenas.

There are no barriers that would delay the posting of content even by
age or gender. Students of all levels are creating content based on their
learning experiences and developing their Brands. This explosion of
digital content has created a challenge in determining what is important
to read and what to discard.

The “Elements of Blogging” and the “Significance of Content Creation”
is an area that must be addressed. Workshops, seminars and conferences
are available now to help people and businesses create worthwhile
content to market their services and products. No matter the purpose
of Blogging the ultimate goal is to have people “View or Hear” what is
written. Certain criteria must be thought of and used as a gauge to help
Bloggers in their quest to develop content that pleads to be read and
interacted upon. In education you have Objectives, in business you have
Agendas, other areas have their own design. Bloggers must ask certain
questions to help them align their content to standards.


Listed are a few guidelines to help develop content and keep on
track during creation of content.

  1. Why Do You Blog – any blogger must have a reason to do what they
    do. There should be passion, excitement and commitment when
    you put fingers to keyboard. Why is a very important question and should
    have a definite answer. During the blogging process it may change just
    as the content changes, but every Blogger should have an answer as to
    Why Do You Blog.
  2. What Is Your Demographic – an important element to go along with
    Why is What is your audience? Is there an age group, gender, nationality,
    culture or specific group you want to connect with? People enjoy having a
    connection with their Bloggers. Any successful Blogger knows what/who
    their audience is and tries to give them what they need and to keep coming
    back for more.

    3. What Type of Content Do You Share – sharing is very important.
    You want your audience to understand that you are sharing a part of yourself
    with them. You’re not thrusting things down their throat, but providing
    something that they need or as you grow in your writing giving your readers
    something they think they need. Create the atmosphere of sharing which
    helps in receiving feedback from the reader. Don’t make it a give/take
    relationship, but a sharing and beneficial one.

    4. How Do You Support Your Brand and Content
    Do you have a domain name, are you using a free site, is there a lot of
    advertising, is there adult content, video, audio, and multimedia? Supporting
    your content requires some research on your part to validate what you are
    stating. In the educational, political, and business environments you have
    to backup what you have stated with links, quotes, and data. When I Blog I
    try as much as possible to obtain valid and trustworthy resources to backup
    my comments/statements. In my Blogging I’m at times competing with
    traditional media so I have to go that extra step to help my readers
    understand where I’m coming from, how it can help them and where else
    they can go for additional help.

    5. Do You Use Photos, Video, Graphics – The power of a picture, video or
    multimedia can never be under estimated. If there is a video that can be
    used or you create your own do it. This provide an extra element to attract
    and keep readers to your content. Search Engine Optimization does need
    help with text (words), but additional elements that provide audio
    (podcasting), video (YouTube) and multimedia to create an interactive
    platform. Never be scared to branch off into new areas to help
    engage and excite your readers.

    6. Do You Offer A Service – What can you provide your audience?
    Do you sell something, what type of service or services do you have? The
    popular Blogs of relationship building, natural hair, nails (hands and feet)
    provide a service that can be seen and engaging. There is a service that
    results can be seen. Think very hard on what service you can provide if
    this is your choice. Be sure that you can keep your customers happy.

    7. Do You Evolve – One of the important things about Blogging is keeping
    your audience and that means evolving. No Blog stays the same, there is
    an evolution process that writers go through. Just as age and maturity
    happens so should Bloggers content evolve because their readers evolve
    and change. What you wrote about 3 years ago may not be of the same
    interest for your readers now. Their lives have evolved (changed) so as a
    Blogger your content must evolve also.

    8. Do You Have a Brand – Can you Brand yourself to the public?
    What are you known for, what does your title of your Blog site bring
    thoughts and feelings of? Branding is important because of the interest it
    generates in readership. Creating a Brand allows for Marketability especially
    if you are trying to make money with your Blogs. Branding make you who
    you are so the public will make that connection.

    9. Can You Be Marketable – to make money is only one important aspects
    of Blogging. Eventually a Blogger considers how can they make money so
    must be wise in how they Market their content. Who do they market too?
    Basically selling yourself to the world so they can pay for your content. This
    may take a team to get the word out about you and promote what you are
    doing. Using Social Media tools is another way, but this must be strategic
    and planned.

    These nine elements are worth considering and using as a
    guide to anyone Blogging. Your Blogging content, goals, designs and
    objectives will change the more you Blog so be ready to make adjustments
    and evolve to keep pace and stay important enough to be read.


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