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August 18, 2017

Parents Check Your Kids SNAPS and Watch Their MAPS

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snapParents Check Your Kids SNAPS and Watch Their MAPS
by William Jackson, M.Edu.
My Quest To Teach

Learning about and using Snapchat and other online Social platforms
can be fun and open doors  for positive digital connections, but there
are dangers that parents must understand are a reality. Apps can open
digital doorways into being digitally visual more than children need
to be and allow  for stalking, voyeurism, Sexting and Cyberbullying.
Connecting and sharing content is what Social platforms are all
about, the potential of stalking grows when people are able to find
your location when you turn on your location and Apps can send
digital signals detailing your location and movements.

The potential for children, youth and teens to create situations for
themselves to become targets of CyberStalking, CyberBullying, and
even setting children to be targets of Sexual targeting for sex
trafficking. Technology opens doors quickly for people to connect,
parents sometimes have no idea or clue that their children are
connecting with their friends through the use of SoLoMo
technologies that make it easier for the world to see them.

Social engagement is made easier because Local events require a
digital connection to know what is going on and Mobile technology
opens doors for growing movement of children, youth, teens and
young adults. Their social engagement is all digital and can be
hidden from parents that are not familiar with technology.

Meetups, Hookups, Bash and Dash, Hit and Run by teens and
young adults are becoming easier. The opportunity to have
sexual contact behind or even right in front of digitally
blinded parents is growing; children, youth and teens share
with each other new Apps that are invasive and share
locations, new tools that allow collaboration with other programs
that can be tracked and recorded and even Social Media platforms
that allow for direct and instant connections and storing of
personal data.

Technology is valuable when used properly, too many young
people are engaged in dangerous and potentially digital stupidity
when they are enticed to leave the protection of parents and
guardians to follow digital bread crumbs that are lies and

One child is too many that have been snatched because they
were lured to meet someone they thought was a friend, but
turned out to be a sexual predator with the intent to do harm
or even murder. Even if there is no request with new tools
children, teens and young adults can be digitally followed
and not even know it if they leave their location tracking on
or someone can see landmarks in a hastily created video.

Parents need to stay actively engaged and even those in
ministry with knowing what is on their children’s and teens
phones and other digital devices even in worship. Lives have
already been taken, young lives that have not even started.
Parents must be sure to talk to their children and have family
discussions about expectations for behavior, accountability
and responsibility online.

Resources for Snap Chat and Snap Map
Snap Map


August 16, 2017

Thoughts for Male Teachers in the New School Year

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Current and future educators attending Florida Blogging and Technology Conference

Thoughts for Male Teachers in the New School Year
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Public and Higher Education Educator
Teacher of the Year 2014 – 2015 Venetia Elementary
#VESOMA Venetia Elementary School of Medical Arts
#MyQuestToTeach on Google

As the new school year begins there are so many duties that a
teacher must perform, for male teachers the mental preparation
is important.
Teaching over 25 years and seeing other male teachers excel and
some meet with difficulty I hope these reminders / suggestions
help male teachers have a great year.

1. Keep your eyes to yourself. The eyes are the windows to the
spirit. Your not trying to impress any kids mom just because she
may be cute or attractive. Remember the mission of your
profession. To many male educators get distracted by a smile,
a flirt, a handshake, a seemingly innocent hug. Be a professional
2. Your not trying to be a substitute daddy, sugar daddy,
surrogate daddy or potential daddy. Focus on what your trained
to do and be, a professional educator. As a male professional
you have to set boundaries and not overstep them and not allow
others to disregard them. Your boundaries are for your protection.
If you break these you run the risk of loosing your credibility,
reputation and Brand as a professional.
3. Don’t get in the habit of telling your personal business
to students to share at their house. Students want to know as
much as they can about their teachers this is natural for children
to make connections. Teachers should build relationships, they
should be in the proper context of always being a professional
and as an adult. As a teacher you’re not their friend nor their
substitute parent.
4. A school is not your personal dating pool for conquests
and booty calls. Temptation is a dangerous thing and so is
the attraction of others when you do not have the correct mind
set. Relationships with parents and even other teachers and
administrators have boundaries, as male educator keep your
distance and your hormones in check.
5. Male administrators are always under the microscope
and being watched. Too many times they are categorized, labeled,
stereotyped and even judeged before the first day of the school
year. They must remain focused and mission driven.
6. Always be professional in your dress, actions, behaviors
and interaction with teachers, students, parents and the
community. Do not get in the habit of allowing others to call
you by your first name (this is my opinion). That may open
doors for students, parents and even educational peers
to over step personal and professional boundaries of respect.
7. You’re not Black Panther, Luke Cage, Captain America,
Iron Man. You are not there to save the world, you profession
is to educate. Do not take on someone elses burdens or social
challenges. Use the community resources to refer for help.
The best way to help others is to empower them with information
to help themselves.
8. Do not put yourself in a position of people questioning your
intentions as an educator. Never talk to students, parents and
even other teachers alone with the door closed. If you think
meetings maybe uncomfortable take it to administration first.
9. Have a caring, genuine and a listening ear to others, but do
not get caught up trying to be someones savior.
10. Manage your money, finances and pay your bills on time.
If you have a teachers union use their resources because you
are paying for them with your dues.
11. Surround yourself with a good support system of veteran
teachers. Have a mentor that will guide you and provide honest
ideas and suggestions for professional improvement and stability.
12. Consider joining the teachers union there are benefits
that help you grow professionally and personally.
13. Start investing early for future retirement and higher
educational degrees.
14. Always seek professional development opportunities that
build your strengths and address your weaknesses.
15. Each paycheck should have a purpose and a plan.
16. Your not a taxi service, do not volunteer to pickup
another teachers child / children unless there is a
understanding of behavior and length of time to do this.
17. If you do not want your personal business spread all
over the school, city, commumnity do not friend students
and other teachers on Social Media. Social Media can kill
your professional reputation.
18. When you go out on the weekend remember someone
may be watching your behavior and actions. No one cares
that your a grown “A” man or a grown “A” woman, you’re
teaching children and your actions can be perceived differently.
19. Be careful of your associations, collaborations,
assimulations, and other “isms” that may influence your
performance in the classroom.
20. Have a good foundation in ministry at your place of
worship with prayer, praise and biblical teachings, but
do not share this with students. You may connect with
teachers with similar doctrines but keep school and church
21. If possible get to work 20 minutes early to alleviate
rushing and forgotten duties and responsibilties.
22. If parents have concerns have them make an appointment
to talk, do not allow any parent to run your class or question
your professional behavior in front of other teachers and
23. Keep your lesson plans updated, they are legal documents
that should be consistent, do not fail to do this you will
be held responsible.
24. If you mess up or make a mistake take ownership and
responsibility then move on to do better.
25. If you don’t know ask questions. The first 3 to 5 years
are the toughest because your finding your educational
strengths and abilities.

The school year can be stressful, make sure you get rest,
exercise even if you’re just walking during the week and
drink plenty of water. Get regular checkups and mentally
unwind when you can. Follow your ritual and routines to
keep yourself consistent.

William can be found online at:
Twitter: @Wmjackson

August 14, 2017

The Growth Potential of Northwest Jacksonville Florida

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George Maxey


The Growth Potential of Northwest Jacksonville Florida

The development of a community and generational stability comes
in the way a community comes together to build stability through
educational equality for boys and girls, economic development,
knowledge building and importantly maintaining a connection within
the community. To show families that there is someone that cares
for them, prays for them and generally loves them.
This can be done from being involved in the community. Too many
times people from the outside of a community have good intentions
to contribute, but they lack the passion that comes from connecting
with the people; shaking their hands, showing that you actually
care and even looking past the individual nuances and challenges
that people are experiencing.
It is easy for someone to state they want to contribute to help
others, they want to get their hands dirty and til the soil of the
Many people even in ministry state that there is work to do and
they want to be a worker, the consistency is lacking when it
requires taking serious time to help those challenged with drugs,
alcoholism, homelessness and other social challenges.
Lip service does no one any good, it does not solve the myrid
of social issues that people are experiencing and it does not
help to stop generational poverty, emotional fragility and
it does not help the psychological stress of not knowing
where to turn for help.

New Town Success Zone and Vision Keepers supporting the zip code
of 32209 are doing the work that is needed and necessary. The
support of volunteers, those that live in the community and see
the need for action not just prayer and even many that live
in surrounding areas collaborate, communicate, bond, unite
and join together to provide help where others have abandoned
people that look different, act different and even struggle to
maintain stability for themselves and their families.
Communities that are struggling are not struggling in silence,
their cries can be heard from the struggling schools in the
areas, the lack of nutritional food resources, the denying of
community reinvestment opportunities and in too many cases the
increase in violence, drug and alcohol use.
These are signs that communities are in desparate need of
continued prayer, love for the people, communication and
collaboration to see where the help is needed.
The building of local business owners through entreprenuialism
and providing knowledge to be future employers of youth,
teens and young adults. How best to improve a community is
to improve it from within by employing, training, teaching
the people in the community.

Educational resources are vital from health and wellness,
building stable families, addressing mental health issues and
mentorships. Development takes time, it taks a committment
and desire to run a long race that is slow, constant and
purposeful in it goals and vision.
Good things are happening in 32209 and surrounding
communities that is why leadership, commitment, purpose,
prayer, unity and love are vital. Each element is needed to
help people to stand on shoulders and climb out of the
challenges that keep them down and even distracting to their
potential to change from hindering their community to
building prosperity in their community.

New Town Success Zone and Vision Keepers are moving in a
direction of dynamically reinvesting and re-energizing
the community to promote a cycle and mind set of growth,
stability and collaboration.

Mr. George E. Maxey
Executive Director of
New Town Success Zone
Office: 904 470,.8262
Mr. George Maxey
New Town Success Zone Interview

New Town Success Zone moves to a phase of success
Economic Growth and Development
Supporting Children in New Town Success Zone
Leadership in New Town Success Zone
Economic Development in 2017
Growing business potential with NTSZ


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