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July 31, 2015

What is STEAM and Why Parents Should Care

What is STEAM and Why Parents Should Care

The world is changing, the incorporation of technology will not stop in
our society, the integration of technology is changing how we function
in this world. The engagement of educational initiatives that will train
children for the future is ever progressing and creating a transformative
paradigm shift in how teachers teach even the basics of educational
Children must be prepared for careers not even available now and be
able to solve complex problems that will challenge our ability to function
in an ever changing world.

The earth is much smaller because of digital communication, satellites
that use infrared, radar and microwave technologies to survey millions
of miles of land, sonar technologies that can “see” in the deepest of
oceans and seas. The same satellites that have their digital “eyes” aimed
at deep space and even new tech that can detect movement of animals and
intricate weather patterns. Providing weather predictions for weeks and
months in advance.
All provided by the growth and integration of academic elements being
taught in schools across this country. Because technology has advanced
it is important for the engagement of tools to be fused into educational
initiatives like STEM/STEAM/STREAM/CSTREAM and STEM2, all
are connected, but each has a powerful individual effect in our world.


These is infusion of science, technology, reading, engineering, arts,
math and in some cases medicine. The goal is to engage the whole child
and foster high achievement in all areas, ”as defined by STE[+a]M, a
website created to share information about the blending of arts and
sciences. The past error in thinking was that each of these elements
was separate and unequal. The new thinking is that STEAM creates a
curriculum that embraces all these elements to allow students to hone
their personal skills and advance in areas that are new, but just as
The new way of thinking after studying of the brain that shows
creativity helps students to learn. The artistic development and the
scientific techniques are complimentary than first thought.
The blending of these skills requires students to engage in creative,
critical and higher order thinking that supports collaborative and cooperative
learning. Learning that pushes and challenges, and brings about success
that is transferable in advanced areas of appliance and application.

Many careers are now nfluenced from STEM curriculum’s that help
determine the paths for students. Educators, artists, and scientists recognize
the importance of blending the arts and sciences and believe that this can
lead to richer student learning. STEAM is complimentary with 21st
artistic, scientific and technological century skills. There is much
more than just teacher centered instruction, the student must be the
center of learning and involve the “4 Cs”: Creativity, Collaboration,
Critical thinking, and Communication

So important are these elements and how instruction is performed that
the organizations of the National Science Foundation, the National
Endowment for the Arts, and the U.S. Department of Education are
joining to make sure current and future models of learning properly
prepare students to be the skilled laborers this nation needs to lead in
the 21st 22nd and 23rd centuries.

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July 28, 2015

Blacks in Technology – CSTREAMing

Blacks in Technology – CSTREAMing
by William Jackson
Edward Waters College – Educational Technology Instructor

Computers Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Mathematics
“The development of content, creation of Apps, software development,
and the integration of technology for reading, science, engineering, math
and other areas of academia for African Americans is only part of the battle
to create an employable high tech workforce.”
William Jackson, Edward Waters College, Educational Technology Instructor

The African American participants of One SPARK (each year grows) in
One Spark and Ed Spark ranging from educational software, to reading
initiatives like Reader Theater (Tangela Floyd and Emanuel Washington),
the implementation of robotics in learning GEERS, a focus on the growing
academic initiatives of STEM/STEAM.
The encouraging trend is more participants are African American showing
that even in Crowd Funding African Americans have viable and competitive
Several of the highlights of One Spark and Ed Spark that is still being
celebrated on a national scale, the winner of the Education Division
“The Adventures of Moxie Girl,” whose comic book concept is an inspiration
to African American girls in the very sensitive subject of hair and self-esteem.

Literacy, comprehension, imagination and reading are vital for African Americans
to be competitive in a world that has embraced technological advances. Too
many African American children are struggling in a nation that is leading globally
in technological evolution. One Spark and Ed Spark have shown that African
Americans have to be able to build Apps, write with power, imagination, and
creativity, involved in project management, STREAM initiatives on a grass roots
basis in the community. STEM provides an opportunity to enhance the future
life of children through futuristic careers, inspiring them to dream and
imagine their future careers even at early years of age.

In a BET survey (2010) African Americans spent about 39 billion dollars that
went towards purchasing technology. The purchase of computers, cell phones,
tablets, watches and other digital equipment shows that African Americans are
connected and plugged in when purchasing, but what about the economic
development from concept to development? African American children must
be taught how to be developers, programmers and even teachers of tech not
just consumers.

Schools can encourage the building of foundations of re-investment to build
children of color into future developers. STEAM, STREAM, STEM, CSTEAM,
STEM3 are based on the integration of Computers Science Technology Reading
Engineering Arts Mathematics (R=Reading – C=Computers -M3 =Medicine).
AA youth need the power of education through math, literacy, comprehension
and reading to compete.
AA children need the foundation in education to apply their intellectual powers to
be involved in the growing technological changes happening today.
African Americans in Jacksonville, Florida and across the nation cannot afford to
be left out and left behind in opportunities like Crowd Funding.
The potential financial prospects are unimaginable and have an economic potential
to influence youth, teens, and young adults that have dreams and aspirations
in fields like CSTREAM3.

African American parents need to consider the realities do they want their children
involved in CSTREAM3 or the potential of being underemployed or unemployable?
Too many families are slaves to EBT and public assistance because of the lack
and respect for and of education. This is a decision that African American families
are making as they see unemployment rise for African Americans especially youth
in a high tech society. Too many African Americans are not tech qualified because
they are not qualified, skilled, have degrees or certifications.

Education in CSTREAM3 can prepare beyond traditional careers, but education
is needed.

July 27, 2015

A Call To Action for Bloggers of Color and Culture to Sound Off

Sandra Bland
Sandra Bland

A Call To Action for Bloggers of Color and Culture to Sound Off
by William Jackson
Father, Educator, Blogger, Speaker, Presenter

Bloggers of Color and Culture Matter is a sounding call to those
of color to begin to share the importance of information that liberates
the mind and engages the intellect not for violence and social
upheaval, but to inspire people of color to take positive action
in their communities for positive changes, if they have not done
so already.
The voices of millions of African Americans and those of
diverse color and culture must not be silenced or ignored.
Violence is not the answer, the engagement of literacy,
discussion, dialogue, reading, comprehension and sharing
of life experiences is needed. Our elders need to be lifted up
for wisdom and experience to guide us through and help us
to be able to defeat today’s challenges.
Through the abilities of digital technologies like Blogging,
Vblogging, Podcasting, Microblogging and other dynamic
communication platforms and tools people of color cannot
afford to be silent.

African Americans cannot afford to be quiet, allowing
national news stations to cover the deaths of our sisters and
brothers allows these news channels to tell one side and only
what they want the public to hear and to learn.
Malcolm X stated the power of the media will have you loving
those who are killing you, and hating those helping you.

The voices of those of culture need to be expressed where
the stories are truthful and accurate, when African Americans
allow others to speak for them sometimes the truth is
distorted, left out and even modified to show a picture of
personal self interest for self hatred, self-execution and destruction.
Truth be told, yes there is Black on Black crime, but that does not
mean there should be open season and allowable savagery
from those in law enforcement to brutally beat and even kill
people of color, to violate not only their constitutional rights,
but their civil and importantly human rights to life.

The deaths of 9 Christians, to the deaths of unarmed African
American boys , girls, men and women should never go
un-noticed and un-discussed. The killing of Sandra Bland is a
message to African Americans that we cannot bow down to
threats, tyranny and racism that seeks to enslave us again.
When you begin to systematically kill boys, girls and women
of a culture this is progressive action to genocide.
The words of just the President of the United States of America
should not just be heard, but the digital screams of millions
of people of color should be resounding through City Halls of
our respective cities, the Congress, the House of Representatives,
the Judicial branches of government for them to make positive,
progressive and transformative action to make changes that
protect and enforce the Constitution of this nation.

Violence will not make progressive change, but education,
engagement, community unity, cultural love, respect and unification.
It cannot be just churches, schools, funeral homes, law enforcement,
the State Attorneys Offices, City Halls and even City Council members.

Bloggers are needed to cover the stories that news agencies either
can’t or won’t cover. Where are the screams, the outrages , the prayer
meetings, the African American lawyers and political activists when a
African American woman can be dragged from the back of a police car
and already appear to be dead even before the due process of the law?
This is not the first time, look at the annuals of African American history
and see how children were “gator bait,” women were treated as sexual
slaves and field machines, boys were beaten, tortured for sport and men
were torn from families to work in inhuman conditions.
This was not too far from past histories and if African Americans and people
of color continue to disrespect education, intelligence and intellect it will

Anyone of our mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts,
nieces, step-daughters, lovers, side-chicks, girlfriends could be next to
what happened to Sandra Bland. What will happen then? Who will speak for
them as their bodies grow colder from deaths touch at the hands of men
and women who see them as garbage to be dragged from a police car,
dumped on the ground, and dragged away later to be disposed of like trash?

The views of this blog are the views of William Jackson.
No other contributors where sought to add content.

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