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October 9, 2015

How Do I Apply What I Learned at Tech Conferences as an Educator?

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Florida Educational Technology Conference 2011
My son and I attending FETC

How Do I Apply What I Learned at Tech Conferences as an Educator?
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Teacher of the Year in Duval County Schools Venetia Elementary
and Instructor at Edward Waters College in the Education and
Urban Studies Department

The availability of conferences allows educators to engage with
educational peers, learn new strategies, how to apply differential
instruction, how technologies are used to teach students of
all backgrounds and abilities. Tech conferences support the
instructional and educational process.

As an educator my goal is to empower myself with knowledge
and share that knowledge with my students and even my community.
The field of education is not and cannot be a place for selfish individuals
and opportunistic groups lurking to make money off of children, with
that said the reality is, this happens every day across this nation in
educational circles, but too many don’t have the political clout to
correct or change this.

Even with that reality there are educators that are passionate, honest,
self-sacrificing for their students, parents, and their communities that
they live in and make their careers in education.
It is commonly known that a progressive and growing community has a
strong educational community with engaging partnerships, solid
mentoring programs, stakeholders in diverse areas of business,
commerce, economics and even in political sectors. Education is seen
as an investment in the future of its citizens that allows for global
competition and commerce. Quality education has the promise of
quality careers.

Speaking at SSTESOL Conference in 2011

The majority of educators understand the demands and sacrifices of
being a professional educator, serious professionals are not waiting
for summer breaks or extended holiday vacations. The majority of
educators utilize and sacrifice their time, resources, talents and abilities
to invest in their students. This can never be overlooked or taken for
granted that some in political circles and lobbying groups seem to do.

I love my educational career even after 27 years and had a great role
model and mentor in my mother, she taught over 30 years in Camden,
New Jersey until passing in 2004. I’ve seen her advance from being a
beginning teacher to a Master Educator. My mother excited me to
attending conferences when she would take me, my brother and
sister with her so we can learn and explore. I in turn did the same for
my children, both are now in college and know how to “act” in public
because of exposing them to these unique educational opportunities.

It cannot be overlooked how important it is for educators to attend
conferences, workshops, seminars, and other events where there is
sharing and the exchange of information. The quote, “The best
professional development is when teachers meet and talk,”
paraphrasing Arne Duncan shows that professional development
does not have to take place in formal learning environments, it can
happen anywhere educators meet, greet and speak.
Educational opportunities from conferences opens doors to collaboration
between teachers that surpasses in some cases the mass training’s teachers
are involved in because there is the chance to casually talk and connect.

Attending the Florida Blogging Conference in 2014

Having attended Blogging While Brown the premier blogging conference
for people of color (, Florida Blogging
Conference (www.flblogcon) and WordPress conferences I was exposed
to a great deal of information that I can share with my educational peers
on the elementary and college level.

Attending Blogging While Brown 2015
Austin, Texas

I encourage educators of all levels when the opportunity presents itself
to attend as many conferences, workshops, trainings, and seminars, as
your skill level grows take the chance to present and share what you know
to help other educators grow in their skill level. Applying what you learn
from conferences is not challenging, knowing your curriculum,
understanding the learning objectives and the capabilities of students,
teachers can apply new strategies, concepts and even applying skills
related to differentiated instruction.

Conferences allow for teachers to experiment with concepts that
encourage collaboration and peer cooperation when implementing
different types of technology for different styles of learning. It is
important for teachers to know their students in order to create
progressive and transformative learning occurrences.

Preventing Crime in the Black Community

“No other profession as education has individuals that have so much
control of the learning of children over an extended amount of time
than educators.” William Jackson, M.Ed. Conferences allow for the
growth and development in a profession of continuous learning.
1. Make a list of strategies and concepts that are new to you
from the conference. Plan how to implement them over time.
2. Be sure to cite online resources and even books to reference
after conferences for later use. Make a resource list to share.
3. Obtain business cards and connect with that person or
company right after the conference so memories do not go stale.
4. Create personal learning objectives so you remain on point
when you attend conferences.
5. Learn how to apply standards to the learning objectives of
6. Find out if differentiated instruction has been addressed and how
you can apply to your classroom.
7. Find out the operating systems compliance for new software’s you
come across and like.
8. Find out if your district is supporting software and hardware
before you purchase it.
9. Is software single or multiple user, does a site license need
to be purchased and additional support?
10. Can students access the digital resources from home, and
what is the learning curve?
11. Be sure to educate administration about your objectives
and get their support.
12. Find out are there educational associations, groups, clubs
and other conferences you can attend.
13. Be sure to answer emails in a timely manner to show
professionalism when making connections.
14. Add to your Resume or Curriculum Vitae all the professional
development opportunities you are / were involved in?
15. Make as many connections as possible so you can connect
across multi-disciplinary and multi-curricular subjects.
16. Share – Share – Share with others.

STOP BULLYING at Eugene Butler Middle School
at Duval County Public Schools

Speaking at the Florida Blogging Conference
for Educators – Youth Series 2013

Mayor Alvin Brown’s Learn2Earn Experience
2015 – 2014 – 2013

Man Up for Health at Florida State
College – Advanced Technology Center

Boys and Girls Club Keystone Leadership
Conference – World Golf Village – 2013

Southeastern Lectureship 2015
Social Media – Bullying – Cyberbullying

Teen Leaders of America 2015
Discussion on Social Media SWAG, Content
Creation and Branding and Marketing

October 8, 2015

Social Media and Bullying within the Church of Christ

Social Media and Bullying within the Church of Christ

An interactive discussion and focus on God’s Word with
youth teens and young adults.

The recent 42nd Southeastern Regional Lectureship of the
Church of Christ was an opportunity to share the brotherhood
and sisterhood of the Body of Christ. Held in St. Petersburg,
Florida and attended by adults of various Church of Christ
ministries and for the first time youth and teens in their
1st Annual Youth Series.

Workshops, discussion groups and panel discussions that
focused on “Saving Souls and Keeping Souls Saved” as it
related to the reading, interpretation, application, teaching
and relevancy of the gospel were involved in the Lectureship.
The gospel is the tool or the platform to share the message of
God as Jesus did in his travels shared with the disciples as
they traveled, taught and healed.

A new series to the Lectureship was the 1st Annual Youth Series
by Lester McCou the Youth Pastor of Fifth Avenue Church of
Christ, the theme: “Keep Calm and Stop Bullying” Roman 15:1.
The speaker William Jackson from Jacksonville, Florida a
member of Westside Church of Christ interacted with the youth
and teens on their understanding of what bullying is, how it can
affect their self-esteem and strategies on getting out of bullying
situations without violence. William Jackson 2015 Teacher of
the Year, a parent and educator of over 25 years in public and
higher education; speaker on Social Media Safety, Internet
Etiquette, preventing Bullying and Cyberbullying.

group photo
Group Photo at Youth Series

The youth and teens spoke of bullying situations they faced, their
concerns on their safety and how they can help their peers with
bullying actions of others. During the discussion the youth and
teens were honest about their thoughts and feelings which allowed
them to speak openly. The importance of prayer, faith and worship
were discussed as to the promise and strength of being a Christian.
The youth and teens discussed the importance of their prayer life
and how they are responsible and accountable for their actions
by God.

In addition was the theme: “Is God pleased with what’s on your
timeline?” Romans 12:1-2 the discussion focused on Social Media
content and how it relates to being a member of the Body of Christ
and living a Christian life. As the youth and teens listened and
contributed to the interactive lessons, they learned how Social
Media allows for people to judge them, and how Social Media
influences the opportunities of employment, entering into higher
education, military service, how being associated with certain
people or groups can be beneficial or hazardous.

Youth Minister Lester McCou

Technology and Social Media are pervasive in our society, youth
and teens are capable of being connected to hundreds of people
and vast amounts of information, youth and teens must respect
the capabilities of Social Media platforms and tools. Lester McCou,
the Youth Minister of Fifth Avenue Church of Christ contributed
to the discussion with real life events of Social Media realities
that damaged reputations, lost employment and even suicides
from Cyberbullying/Bullying. He shared the positive effects as
well and emphasized “walking the walk, and talking the talk” of
being saved and a member of the Body of Christ.

Social Media can be used for positive sharing of information and
collaboration. Youth and teens should be provided training about
the capabilities and dangers of participating in Social Media. The
Church of Christ is providing increased learning opportunities for
youth, teens and young adults. The value of teaching about the
gospel is vital for youth and teens and their salvation.
Continued education needs to be provided by the Churches of Christ
ministries to teach youth, teens, young adults and even adults and elders
how technology and Social Media can be beneficial in the Church of
Christ to share the gospel, equipping members of the Body with
positive and transformative tools.

William Jackson 2
Wm Jackson, M.Ed.

William Jackson is a member of Westside Church of Christ
which is lead by Minister Elisha Taylor, Jr
William is a member of the Information Technology Ministry (ITM)
and the Social Media Visionary. He is a father, blogger,
speaker/presenter and teaches in the public school system
of Duval County and an instructor at Edward Waters College
teaching in the Education and Urban Studies Department.
Blogging for the Church of Christ at:
Church of Christ and Social Media

October 5, 2015

Teen Leaders of America – Social Media Marketing and Branding

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Teen Leaders of America – Social Media Marketing and Branding
by William Jackson, M.Ed.

Having a serious discussion about Social Media with teens is becoming just
as important as talking to them about sex, drugs, finances, driving and
potential involvement with law enforcement. Youth, teens and young adults
cannot be given free rein on the Internet without training, counseling and
realistically behavioral expectations because of the potential of harmful
content that may have serious effects on the mental, emotional and even
physical conditions of our children.

The Internet has grown in influence to where the content of people of all
ages, backgrounds and genders are judged by the content they post, people
will view the tweets, videos, pictures, Facebook posts and other content and
make judgments on the type of person teens are. There may be influences
that try to influence behaviors, alliances, and even change morals and
values, involvement with gangs (foreign and domestic), extremist organizations
(like ISSI), and pressure to Cyberbully and even involvement in Sexting. These
dangers will have future consequences with teens seeking employment,
entrance into higher education, military service and even establishing careers
in the future. As I tell the youth I talk to “Social Media can be your best
friend or worse enemy, when establishing your SWAG for careers and
higher education.” William Jackson, M.Ed. Edward Waters College

The workshop with Teen Leaders of America – Social Media Awareness workshop
addressed teaching students of the positive and negative effects of Social Media;
and educating those in attendance on how to use Social Media for Networking,
Marketing and Brand development.

Having a serious and at times humorous discussion about #SocialMedia,
students are being held accountable and responsible for their #SocialMedia
content by future employers, schools, law enforcement if there is an
indication of Bullying/Cyberbullying, Sexting and involvement in criminal
activity. Teen Leaders of America program is held at Edward Waters
College the oldest Historically Black College (HBCU) in Jacksonville,
Florida. William Jackson is a instructor at EWC teaching Educational
Technology with a component of Social Media and STEAM.

Teen Leaders of America was developed by Marcia Brown and more information
about this engaging program can be found at:

“You can create any persona you want to online. Amazing and sad
that ppl cut out parts of their being so that they can get business!
(or look better than they really are) @amourcarthy
Amour Cathy, Ed.M
#SocialMedia defines you and creates prejudgements based
on your posted content. Be true to who you really are. @wmjackson

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