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July 20, 2016

Call Me Mister: A Brighter Future for Male Teachers

Call Me Mister: A Brighter Future for Male Teachers
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Edward Waters College
Call Me Mister Instructor and Advisor
“Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!!”

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William Jackson

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Call Me Mister


July 18, 2016

Call Me Mister: A Brighter Future for Male Teachers

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Call Me Mister: A Brighter Future for Male Teachers
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Edward Waters College
Call Me Mister Instructor and Advisor
“Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!!” Call Me Mister


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for recording for the Call Me Mister Leadership

The “Call Me Mister” program started at Clemson
University 15 years ago, created from a mission and
vision to inspire men of diverse cultural backgrounds
to enter into education. To be the educators that
children of color and culture and diverse backgrounds
need to see to inspire educational success, cultural
pride, civic responsibility, personal value for education
and seeing that someone in the role of a male values
them for who they are.

This is not to say the vast majority of women are not
educating and creating successes in students, but
there is a need for male teachers to model for male
and female students, especially those students of
color and culture. Teaching the necessary skills to
learn valuable concepts, adapt to the educational
environments of schools, helping students to rise to
levels of realistic goals in classrooms, and for teachers
to inspire students to look beyond sports and
entertainment as careers.

To fill the void that has been growing as the profession
of education has seen fewer and fewer male educators,
especially African American educators. Programs like
“Call Me Mister” are important to youth especially
in early childhood education and elementary education
that need to see positive male role models.

Men do make a difference in classrooms as teachers,
not just as administrators and support persons.
Founded at Clemson University with only three institutions,
the “Call Me Mister” program has grown to involving
over 31 higher educational institutions not just from
South Carolina, including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina,
and a growing interest in other states to participate.

Nationally the presence of male teachers is either not
present or very few. This creates a gap for the growing
numbers of children of color and culture. The lack of
male educators of any color or culture creates a “gap
in the bookshelf” of learning for students
(a term borrowed from Chinua Achebe).
In too many cases children of color and culture do not have
the positive role models that are needed to model the value
of education. To set high expectations for academic and
even behavioral success.

To teach young men how to be respectful to women, why
education is important to their future, teaching male and
female students that they can have professional career
options outside of what they only see in their communities.
Boys and girls of color and culture are missing out on the
lessons that male teachers not just African American, but
Latino, white and other cultures that provide a wealth of
cultural knowledge and tradition to help children understand
their place is anywhere they want to go and they can achieve
anything they want to achieve with education. The capacity
to succeed in a world rich in technology and diversity.

The annual “Call Me Mister” Leadership Institute is designed
to support the pre and post intern service teachers to assist
and guide them to graduation and beyond. The leadership
institute is an engaged and interactive opportunity for
experienced teachers to share experiences, best practices,
ideas, and networking so that there is an atmosphere of
brotherhood, unity and professional solidarity to build
capable and competent educators.

The young men of “Call Me Mister” are encouraged to take
advantage of opportunities to communicate and interact
with seasoned and experienced educators and administrators.
The motto: “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!!” is a
clarion call for those in attendance to assist each other to
be the best educators they can be. Not to feel they are
alone, they are part of something bigger than they are
to help grow and develop to be the best educational
professionals they can be.

This year’s theme: “Building on the Foundation”
headed by Roy I. Jones, Ed.D, Director and workshops
provided by educational professional’s national and
international success. Each year young men attending
colleges like Edward Waters, South Carolina State College,
Jackson State University and others.

The host and home of “Call Me Mister,” Clemson University
works tirelessly to make sure the young men that have
decided to become educators have the necessary tools
to meet the challenges that educators face. South Carolina
is growing stronger as it adds men teachers and as
these Mister’s learn and grow their positive and supportive
efforts show that men do and are making positive
contributions in education.

“Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!!”

is truly embraced because no one can be a successful
educator without support, guidance, and a passion
to work with children.
Video of “Call Me Mister” Leadership Institute:

“Call Me Mister” resources can be found at:
Twitter #CMMLI16 @CallMeMister

Phone: Toll-free: 1-800-640-2657
203 Holtzendorff
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634

July 17, 2016

Social Media and Building Your Career

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Social Media and Building Your Career
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Edward Waters College
@wmjackson Twitter

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For young adults moving into a career takes
planning, execution, diligence and sacrifice.
Technology can help in building skills that
can be applied to a developing Brand and to
start a career, creating a foundation that
helps to extend into the future.

Today’s future business owners and
entrepreneurs need to think of themselves
as CEO’s, CFO’s, Chairman of the Board,
and even company President of their
companies or non-profit. The journey to
success begins in the minds of those
seeking success and to contribute to the
human presence using platforms and
tools of technology as foundations that
build to success and beyond.

The process of Branding, Networking,
strategically positioning yourself,
building yourself as a Thought Leader,
Content Creator, Innovator, Educator
and other positions of influence are
establishing realities for the future.
The ability to Market yourself is
sometimes dependent on the versatility
of your Brand and the diversity of your
ability to diversify your intellect and
intelligence (there is a difference
between intellect and intellegence).

Just finding a job is a challenge, a
serious challenge with just a high school
degree. It is almost impossible with a
“certificate of attendance”, that is earned
from just attending school, but not
completing all the academic requirements
to earn and diploma. The goal is to build
a career that creates change towards
progress and builds a reality in helping
others to grow. In the job markets of today
no one stays in the same position longer
than several years. Employer loyalty
has changed where a career of 20, 30 even
40 years is a rarity.

Wm Jackson

Employees must be “courageous strategists”
and crafty in applying new skills at
becoming life-long learners. Degrees are
important, but so is common sense,
application and execution of talents,
skills and new found learning. Here are
some strategies that help employees grow
into careers that are current or not
even available today.


1. Define and Build your Personal Brand.
Having a Brand is not optional, each
person must establish their personal
Brand that builds who they are and
what they represent. There is more
to it than strength and weakness,
there is flexibility, application,
execution, networking, leadership,
collaboration and cooperation.
The list is just as diverse as the
thinking of the potential employee
needs to be.

2. Build your Foundation.
Building your ‘resume, biography,
curriculum vita, digital portfolio
and even apply the tools and platforms
of LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Rebel
Mouse, and Instagram.
Use diverse platforms and tools to
spread your knowledge and to
help others.

3. Use your Brand.
Your Brand can communicate online
and offline. Networking is important,
getting out and “pressing the flesh”
with others so that resources can be
shared to build a relationship.
Being online is not an option that
can be wasted, networking is not for
the shy or timid. Being online provides
digital identity and can transform
your portfolio from being static to
dynamic and influential.
Each Social Media platform can be
leveraged to address demographics,
educational levels, gender equality
and even the diversity
of color and culture.

4. Keep your network alive.
Your real-life and digital networks
allow you to dynamically connect with
your community and the world.
There is more to it than fancy photos,
hoping your videos go viral, it is
positioning yourself to help others
and you to grow. Pay if forward
has benefits.

5. Stay Educated.
Learning is important, being a life-long
learner means staying abreast of new
technologies, understanding the development
of Apps, and gaining certifications and
degrees. Learning must be an integral part
of the growth and development of career
professionals. Your must know where your
libraries are, museum locations and even
cultural events. In today’s society you
must have a calendar that grows as you
grow in flexibility and ability.

6. Always have a backup or side career.
Being flexible, adaptable and scalable
are important to life-long abilities to
be flexible in your career options.
Depending on your goals and career
options side jobs build you to other
directions and can open doors to new
journeys. Be sure to balance your
time and avoid burnout.

7. Be clear on what kind of career you want.
Being specific and targeted is important
in the direction you want to move. No
guessing, prayer does help with deciding
which way to go and not to go or who
not to go with.

8. Human Resources is not always the best
place to go to for hiring. It is a start for
your application and other documents, but
use your connections, networking and friends
to move through the career options you have.
Being involved in community and cultural
clubs, volunteering, sharing your knowledge
and being a mentor helps to expand and
improve your influence and how you can
be hired.

9. Cultivate Relationships.
Business is about building relationships.
Just as countries do not start their
business dealings without learning about
their competition and collaborations.
A foundation for a relationships takes
time to grow, so expect to be in dialogue
and discussion to build mutual goals and
missions. It does help the have lunch,
dinner, play golf or bowling. Building
for the future can be fun also.

10. Marketing your Brand
No one can market your Brand like you can.
You have to be diligent, creative,
innovative, and mission driven. Your
Brand is you!!!!

11. Do not use your body to gain entrance
into your career, it will come back to bite
you later. Sexual servitude is not an easy
thing to live with mentally, socially,
culturally and even religiously. Selling
your soul may mean not getting it back
and slipping deeper and deeper into a hell
with no way out.

12. Relationships do not always have to be
Don’t believe everything on TV. You may
create your own Scandals that transform into
an Empire of hate, mistrust, and
declaration on the moralities and ethics of
“Before you climb into bed with anyone make
sure you climb into their head first.”
William Jackson
Get an understanding where your relationship
is going for you and them. Yes there are
“benefits with friends,” but will the consequences
kill your future happiness and personal dignity?

13. Digital Communication.
Take the time to answer voice mails, emails,
texts, faxes and all the ways people communicate
with you. Never assume you are so well connected
that you can afford to miss the next million
dollar venture or an opportunity to contribute
to a news story or even advise a political
future that could open doors for you.
Use resources like HARO – Help A Reporter Out
with contributing to developing stories.
Share your knowledge and expand your circle of
influence and connectivity.



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