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November 29, 2015

Social Media and Parents – Use Caution During the Holidays


Social Media and Parents – Use Caution During the Holidays

Holiday seasons open the doors to online engagement
and interaction by youth, teens and young adults. The
opportunity to “hookup,” “meetup,” and “shackup”
during the holidays is accented by using Social Media to
make those initial connections.
The growth of Social sites is allowing behaviors to expand
that can cause serious consequences in the future for youth,
teens and young adults.
The dating ritual is now digitized to where relationships
are arranged around impersonal environments that stretch
the imagination and expectations of those looking for love
or sex online.

The names of dating sites are indications of what to expect
and the desires of those not looking for long relationships,
they are seeking temporary pleasures that trample traditional
relationships that lead to stable behaviors of dating and
marriage. Sex is the goal not relationships.

The holiday season brings new cautions for parents in
monitoring their children, boys and girls and the potential
to engage in relationships that can damage even young
adults emotionally and mentally. Looking for something that
is not as easily gained if a stable relationship is not developed.


As I have blogged before that SM by teens and young adults
are their primary means of sharing information and posting
personal content. Parents should be prepared for the increase
in digital connections over the holidays when school is out.
Parents cannot allow Social Media to be a baby sitter for their
children just as television should not be a substitute for parental
engagement and teaching social skills.

The access to dating sites is fairly easy to engage in because
many youth and teens lie about their backgrounds or have older
family member’s setup accounts for them thinking it is funny
or cute. This is far from the truth and very dangerous on multiple
areas of developing healthy relationships.
Sites like TickMe allow middle and high school age youth and
teens to finding out if someone likes them without the embarrassing
risks of public rejection. Youth that are shy can even be active on
Social Media by sites like Shy Passions for introverts that want to
be active in dating, but looking for those of similar interests and
social engagements.

The reality and dangers of social media can be seen on sites like
Flirt On where youth, teens and young adults can experiment
with their sexuality in Meetups. This experimentation can potentially
open doors to emotional and psychological manipulation in relationships
that can damage the natural growth of youth and teens in selecting
a stable mate or partner in life. I’m not judging or condemning
these sites, but encouraging caution for parents to talk to their
children about them.


Parents may find it difficult to start a conversation about the
use of technology and Social Media, but these conversations are
important so parents can see where their children are mentally,
spiritually, and psychologically. The holidays are for family
gatherings, spending time with friends and reinforcing healthy relationships. It has become a time for caution as well because
of the potential for digital dangers. Looking at the controversy
of Ashley Madison and the hack that happened, the large scope
of the event has shown the dangers of personal digital
information on these sites:
Jack Mirkinson, 2015 “The terrifying unanswered questions of
the Ashley Madison hack,” Quote:”we have decided that the
pleasures and conveniences of technology far outweigh the risks
inherent in handing over vast quantities of private information
to mostly unaccountable entities.”

When the hack happened it reverberated across the
Internet,  not just nationally, but internationally. The
potential dissemination  of names, email addresses, and
account information on a site that  was setup as a “dating site,”
but turned out to be much more where adultery was the goal and
the flavor of those looking for encounters.

Parents can never say, “my kid knows better, (he/she) would
never  do that,” because kids are doing it. Parents cannot laugh
off the fact  that access to these sites are a clear and digitally
present danger.  They challenge the morals, ethics and even
spiritually that parents  are trying to raise their children by
standards of humanity. Other  sites were affected, stolen were
millions of users personal information,  it was not reported
about how many were potentially under 18 years  of age, but
indications are that underage sex could have been offered
on those sites. Ashley Madison is just one site of hundreds
if not thousands globally.

Links to Email Accounts


Social Media: Parents vs Teens
Parents should spend more time with their kids and teens,
direct parental contact is important and contact not through
the Internet or cell phones.
Communication is being lost between parents and their
children,  talking is being done through digital devices.
Children and teens  will post personal information online
faster than thinking that they should not. Talking can save
your child’s life and keep  dangerous situations from

If ISIS or other terrorists can reach out from far off countries
and recruit youth, teens and young adults here in the United
States easily using Social Media, how easy do you think it is
to entice teens and young adults who are willing to experiment
sexually with virtually no risk of being caught, but have no
clue of the long lasting effects of multiple partners, mental
manipulations, sexual deviant behaviors and even emotional
and spiritual consequences in the future. Parents must check
Social Media access by their youth, teens and young adults
before a knock on the door by law enforcement or a stranger
looking for a child to have sex with.

Message to Parents Video: 8 minutes

Top Ten Social Media Sites:
Are Ashley Madison users at risk of blackmail?
Resources from the Federal Bureau of Investigations Protecting Children
Preventing Images and National Initiative
Victim Assistance from Child Porn
Department of Justice on Child Porn

November 25, 2015

A Thanksgiving Fathers Message

A Thanksgiving Fathers Message

Can Your Shoulders Handle Your Title

This Thanksgiving fathers should make sure they re-evaluate their
relationships with their children and families. This is a time for
giving thanks and appreciation for the Blessings they have. Not how
much money they have, not what they can buy on Black Friday. Their
love, devotion and dedication to their children is more important.
This will carry their children through the challenges life will take
them through.

As I reflect on my children and their growth, my thoughts are on my
fatherly duties and responsibilities. God created fathers to be the
shoulders their children can stand on not how much they can buy for
them. Fathers prepare their children for the good times and bad times
of life, to be the protectors and providers God would have them to be.

dad and shae

Maturing as a father is gained through experiences in life, mistakes
made and learned from trial and error, hard work, discipline; fathers
need to be a good support mechanism for their children not a money pit.
“There is no manual on how to be a father” L. Henderson (grandfather
of three), so fathers are learning as they grow. Fathering does not stop
at planting the seed in the womb; it extends to raising the child after
the birthing process. “You can’t plant a seed and leave it alone.”

Fathers must be mindful of whose shoulders they are standing on also,
who influences them both good and bad. Who in turn needs to stand on
their shoulders and is influenced by their decisions. Each father has a
legacy that is passed down through generations, it can either be
productive  or destructive.

The collection of experiences and spiritual decisions directly
influences the chronological and parental journeys of men and
being a father, maturing as a man. No man is an island and no
man is a mountain unto himself. Fathers should not forget
whose shoulders they stand on as they mature. The shoulders
of support, wisdom, guidance, discipline, love, patience and
other nurturing elements need to be a positive for fathers
for their children.

As a divorced father accepting my responsibility to continue to
teach, mentor,  guide and pray for my children, my responsibility
and that of millions of  other fathers is beyond money. Even though
I struggle at times with finances and sacrifice so my children can
have, so I and other fathers must “Man Up” for my children to
show them by our actions that I will not abandon them.
Money does not make nor break me, because my faith is that strong
and  willingness to be the best father that I can be.

My lessons of life for them are just as important as my financial
duties, more fathers need to understand this. Fathers need to see
the world on a broader scale of teaching, mentoring and even
ministering to their children.  As Malcolm X stated about change
and growth as a father himself, “I haven’t  just changed, but
see the world on a broader scale.”

Fathers plant a seed and that seed develops and grows into a
version of them. You will always produce more than what you
planted when you nurture that  seed and not abandon it. Even
though the seed grows in the womb of the mother that child
will be a genetic copy of its mother and father, but have
individual variations in physical, emotional, and even mental
attributes. The seeds of a man will plant others seeds, so fathers
must work to have a harvest of good children not hell raisers,
vagabonds, criminals and menaces to society.

The shoulders of a father can either support his children by
elevating them, lifting them to higher levels educationally and
spiritually. If a fathers shoulders are strong they can set a solid
foundation, even for their grandchildren,  if a fathers shoulders
are weak they do not have the strength to weather the
storms of life and can damn their children.

An unfortunate truth in the life of children is a father’s children
may suffer because of weak shoulders of fathers, lacking knowledge,
not valuing education, embracing a spirit of rebellion, violence
and even defying the Word of God.
Each man stands on the shoulders of another man; father’s
shoulders are the foundation for a child, the cornerstone of
their families, homes, and communities.

You lead by example……….
Throughout religious doctrine in writings The Qur’an and
the Hadith – Islam, The Bhagavad Gita – Hinduism, The Three
Baskets (Tipitaka) – Theravada Buddhism, The Tao-te Ching –
Taoism, The Torah, Talmud and Tanakh – Jews, Old Testament
& New Testament – Christians; fathers have a monumental
responsibility for families, communities, cultures, societies
and the world.

All fathers need to be involved in their children’s schools so
children will be  successful and not struggling, all fathers need
to be in churches to learn  about their duties as a father and to
also learn where their help and support is.
All fathers need guidance, support and prayers to be the best
they can be.  This Thanksgiving fathers look at your children
and families with new eyes and  stronger shoulders.

Don’t try to be perfect, but work towards being better each
day. Your shoulders are lifting generations to come.
Fathers: Can Your Shoulders Handle Your Title

November 24, 2015

“You Know You’re a Introvert/Extrovert Blogger When…”

“You Know You’re a Introvert/Extrovert Blogger When….”

Did you know there are introvert and extrovert bloggers?
Reading “What Is Your Blogging Personality” by Rabia Lieber
helped to inspire my blog:
“You Know You’re a Introvert/Extrovert Blogger When….”
It is beneficial to understand your writing style
to increase your potential to create content that
connects people. Social Media is a “social” activity
that incorporates the diversity of “media” to share
content on diverse platforms.

If your excited by the direct connections, fellowship
and comradeship of Social Media you are probably a
candidate for being an extrovert blogger.
Your blogging gives you energy and excitement to
finding connections beyond your current circles of
inter-activeness. You seek to increase your friends,
likes and hits, and you look forward to feedback.

The other extreme is where your writing gives you
peace and comfort. Your happy with the current
friends and followers and not extending yourself to
much to increase a Social Media following. Your
writing is personal, you are probably an introvert.

Each of our personalities helps to dictate our
place as a blogger/content creator. Our relationships
and future collaborations and associations are dictated
by our personalities and in some cases many of us
are a combination of intro/extro – verts.

“You Know Your a Introvert/Extrovert Blogger When….”
1. You have constant thoughts of ideas to Blog about
running through your mind all day.
2. You dream of blogging subjects and wake up wanting
to write your ideas down.
3. You carry a notebook filled with blogging tips
and tricks either original ideas or borrowed from other
4. Your Smartphone and tablet have links to blogging
resources that are greater than your phone contacts.
5.The people you follow online are content creators
of all types and feel like family.

6. You know when workshops, seminars, conferences
and meetups are in your community, city and state.
7. You get angry when you miss a conference, workshop,
and seminar because you cannot get off of work.
8. Your car, computer, tablet, phone and other items
that have a flat smooth service are covered with stickers
from Blogging and Social Media events.
9. You have so many domain names your name pops up on
a Google search like a corporation.
10. Your summer and holidays are planned around meetups,
conferences, workshops and seminars.

11. Your phone and tablet have links to Podcasts that
are over 6 months old, but you swear you are going to
listen to them.
12.You jump up out of bed because you thought you forgot
a webinar or meetup was that night.
13. Your Google calendar is almost full each month with
STUFF to do online or places to go.
14. You make excuses why you can’t go to family functions
because of the online stuff your involved in.
15. You wish they invented a external hard drive for your
Smartphone or tablet with all the Social Media content
you created, pictures you have taken and video content….
Oh wait they do, it is the cloud..

16.You have multiple domains that point to your main
17.When writing your blog you use a thesaurus to bring a
diverse meaning and perspective to your content.
18. You use CMS – Content Management Software to manage
your broadcasts for your content.
19. You get excited as your followers grow on your Social
Media platforms and want to invite them all to parties.
20. Your get giddy when you receive comments, likes and
other feedback from your postings.

21 You get excited when someone is critical of your blog
when someone disagrees with you or challenge your blog.
22. The word dissertation comes to mind when you write
about something you are passionate about.
23. Your Social Media platforms have to have that right
picture that defines your Brand and Marketability.
24. Your ears sharpen when you listen to people talking
about Social Media and you want to jump in when they
state incorrect information.
25. When you attend a conference you wear your lucky
clothes that show your SWAG and how much of a Social
Media BEAST you are.

EWC Social Media
26. The Helpdesk that hosts your site knows you by name
because you send them birthday, anniversary and other
special occasion cards for them and their family.
27. Just for fun you memorized the IP address of your 10
favorite web sites.
28. You have been investigated twice by law enforcement
just because……………..
29.Your Google calendar is full with events for the next
two years.
30.The International Space Station can follow your heat
signature from your digital devices.
Social Media Message for Parents
by William Jackson at Westside Church of Christ
Social Media Presentation to youth and teens at
The Bridge of Northeast Florida




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