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August 17, 2016

STEAM Embraces Children of Color and Culture

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STEAM Embraces Children of Color and Culture

William Jackson, M.Ed. Edward Waters College
Jacksonville, Florida @wmjackson

How can families
of color and  culture
compete in a global
economy that doe s not even view people of color and culture as
equal in some cases.

The integration of STEM, STEAM and STREAM
elements need to be applied in the instruction of
schools. The increase of hands-on learning that
embraces student lead instruction and differentiated
learning opportunities with high and low tech
instructional tools. Teachers must begin to see
children of color and culture as educational
investments not just as future common labor or
fueling the criminal justice systems of this nation.

Children of color and culture can change the world
if given a chance to shine. The educational system
must inspire and illuminate the greatness and
innovation inside children that should have the same
opportunities for a quality education no matter
what zip code they live in or area code. Just
because a student receives free or reduced lunch
should not quality them for a reduced education that
is happening in to many schools.

The same applies to students and parents, no matter
your area code, zip code or lunch status you have to
view yourself as valuable and capable of contributing in
this nation. As a student you have to take personal
responsibility for your actions to be academically
successful and socially active and engaged.

The beauty of STEM /
STEM2 is the opportunity for
instruction to be on a level of
integration that demands the

to be student centered and not teacher centered.

Everyone from the administration,
faculty, students and even
office, cafeteria and custodial staff can and should
contribute to the climate of excellence, high
expectations and educational success.

Students are exposed to new learning that should
have a face that the students can relate to and want to
follow. Students of color and culture need to learn that
people of color and culture are involved in STEM and
STEAM. Teachers and administrators harm their students
when they have the attitude that those students can
be nothing more than working at Wal-Mart or McDonalds.

New learning directions do require innovative teaching
strategies, but the potential to provide opportunities to
grow educationally and cognitively far outweighs the
alternatives of educational neglect and instructional
staleness. If teachers are not willing to be the educational
leaders their diverse classrooms need, that means it
is time for teachers to find new careers where those
they work with are not the students
they are harming with ignorance and shame.

I Could Be President

Schools that
are consistently
under performing
have a responsibility
to make the necessary

changes to provide
quality and equitable educational opportunities.

If schools are teaching to a test then they are
not worthy of the titles they have to prepare
students to be future leaders
and contributors to society. The contributions will
only be in the criminal juvenile justice systems
of this nation if teachers are not willing to work to bring
out the potential of their students no matter their
skin shades.

Teachers must make learning relevant to motivate
both students and parents. How can students strive
for success if they do not see successful people
or have access to information that has been where
the students are and made it out? “Success breeds
success and vision breeds visionaries.”
William Jackson
Educational leaders use the necessary platforms to
teach and parents make the necessary sacrifices to
make sure their children are learning despite their
current socio-economic situations.

Teachers need to
understand how
to apply learning
to see why
sometimes students
don’t get the value
of education, once
exposed students’
eyes are open to

how education can
allow them to survive they will embrace it.

Children are children and their limited
experiences in life don’t turn into
appreciation and even love until years later
when the light bulbs of comprehension illuminate
the galaxy of learning in their brains, creativity
grows and is applied, confidence expands,
self-esteem and innovation
that was buried beneath the depths of immaturity,
economic neglect and even institutionalized economic
despair are overwhelmed by the empowerment of
education and the joy of learning. Teachers has this
power to bring out
the best in their students.
The reality is that educators hold the keys to
inspiring kids to grow beyond their current
situations. If educators lack confidence in
their children, and parents do not understand
the educational nuances with curriculum’s, testing,
interpretation of data, not valuing nor respecting
the educational process then students are placed
at the bottom before they can strive to succeed as
they work to the top.
Students must believe they can learn and teachers
work with students to help them see their successes.

Children of
color and culture
are talented,
children are
capable, children
are intelligent and children are innovative if given the
right tools and platforms.
“Seeing is believing and believing leads to achieving.”
William Jackson
As an educator in elementary and higher education I see the
dynamics of both sides of the educational coin. As a past
STEAM educator teaching Engineering and Technology in the
elementary environment, I have seen the excitement of learning
in K level students, the explosion of confidence in students
when they grasp complex concepts and the pride in seeing
how students of color and culture have made dynamic and
historic achievements when watching YouTube videos
of Blacks in history and they learning they can be innovators
and creators.

Teaching my
Educational Technology
classes on the college
level my students,
students of color
and culture learn

to value and importantly incorporate
technology to prepare them for careers
that demand skills that are futuristic
and engaging. The dialogue continues
and should inspire innovation, ignite
imagination and cultivate creativity
in children especially children of color
and dynamic culture.

“These 180 days should not be wasted
because as each day ends and a new one
begins and we cannot go back in time
to make corrections we should when
we see and experience them each day
with our students.” William Jackson


August 15, 2016

HBCUs Must Inspire Next Generation of Bloggers

HBCUs Must Inspire Next Generation of Bloggers
by William Jackson, Edward Waters College
Educational Technology

The explosion of blogging has transitioned beyond the
limitations of text, there is VBlogging, MicroBlogging, Podcasting
and other platforms to share cultural, political, educational,
and dynamic content.
The importance of writing can never be understated in the
areas of education and business writing, it is still crucial to the
sharing and disseminating of information. Writing shows the
foundation of intelligence  and engaging ideas and concepts.

As an instructor
teaching Educational
Technology and
Social Media at
Edward Waters College,
I have always felt that
blogging allows  for
growth and

networking. The challenge is to get HBCU students to see beyond
their personal perceptions that are limited by lack of exposure
and expand their digital vision to see the benefits of creating and
mastering their digital footprints.
This exposure can expand  networking opportunities and
collaboration that can lead to employment and the start of careers.
Content can make or break an HBCU student’s ability to gain
Businesses are looking for talent that has a passion for challenges
and diversity; looking at HBCUs’ for professionals. HBCU men and
women that can integrate technology with creativity and innovation
have valuable skills that are sought after.
HBCU students should be taught to be aggressive, confident and
prepared. The increase of conferences show there is a need for
professional development, workshops, seminars
and teaching Marketing/Branding in the 21st century by creating
or branding with knowledge in areas of need.

Blogging, Microblogging, Podcasting Vblogging can aid in
the Marketing and Branding of HBCU students.
Students need to attend conferences like:
1. Blogging While Brown
(the premiere blogging conference for bloggers of color and culture)
Blogging While Brown
2. Florida Blogging and Technology Conference
(FLBlogCon educates and empowers bloggers by
teaching best practices for blogging)






Just to name two, Google other conferences like:
WordCamp, BarCamp, EdCamp

There is even a Florida Writers Conference that
provides access to literary influences and thought
Check with local libraries and even MeetUps
to see what events are coming up.

Colleges and universities across the nation are
teaching the intricate dynamics of writing and applying
writing to integrating with technology. The growth and
influence of blogging can be seen in its infusion
in Social Media platforms that are now money
makers,  business ventures based on content creation.
Social Media has a local impact on the events that
happen in communities where individual citizens are
reporters and content creators that keep neighbors
informed and engaged.

Writing influencers such as Chinua Achebe and Buchi
Emecheta have been influential in my blogging because
of the passion they have for their native Nigeria and
empowerment of education and literacy.
One of the best influences for HBCU students is to find
a blogging/writing mentor, either virtual or in person.
It is important to find writers with similar interests and
abilities to model and direct passion to create content.

My other mentors are Malcolm X because of his love
for learning, Richard Wright for intellectualism,
Earnest Gaines, James Baldwin, Carter G. Woodson
to name a few.

Reading is important because content
is based on research and background information
that will validate and carry your blog.

Buchi Emecheta
“I believe it is important to speak to your readers
in person… to enable people to have a whole
picture of me; I have to both write and speak.
I view my role as writer and also as oral communicator.”
These are strong words that can be applied to bloggers.
Engagement and communication is important.
Involvement in a community and speaking up is
important as well. HBCU students, what is your passion
to blog about to help effect positive and
transformational change?
leading SM / Blogging site:
Social media is the thriving pulse
behind the blogosphere.

HBCU students
create change through intellectualism and developing
themselves as a thought leader and influencer.
Choose your words wisely and apply your passions,
you will make an impact in the world and be heard.

I’m a proud graduate of South Carolina State College

August 14, 2016

Women of Color and Culture -Making History Making Noise in the Olympics

Women of Color and Culture -Making History Making Noise in the Olympics

“This win hopefully brings
hope and change to some
of the issues going on.”

#BeingABlackGirlIsLit esp. in #RIO

When was the last time African Americans,
Haitians, Hispanics, and other people of
color and culture were brought together
and celebrated their diversity?

When President Obama was sworn in as the
First African American President people
cheered and celebrated. They celebrated
being Black, they celebrated being
Brown, they celebrated being African.
They celebrated their color and culture.
When Mayor Alvin Brown was elected the
first African American Mayor of Jacksonville,
Florida African Americans celebrated.

“While cheering on
can’t forget that
racism kept Blacks
from learning to swim”

History is being made by women of color
and culture and heritage, they made not
just Olympic history, they have made history
that will span time and space. Parents will
name their daughters every imaginable
combination and some will even try to name
their sons as well.

This is not an exaggeration because people
will talk about where they were, who they
were with and how inspired they were when
our women of color and culture won gold,
silver and bronze. Tears flowed, hugs were
given, cultural pride that was thought
lost swelling.

This is not only a time to celebrate, but
a time to teach and re-awaken the need for
homes of color and culture to teach their
children about their heritage. To celebrate
the melanin in their skin, to celebrate
their hair as Natalie Griffin does in
#MoxieGirl to embrace their shades of
greatness and beauty that they have.

Girls and boys
can celebrate
because they do
matter, they can
make a change
and they are

powerful in great ways. Their
color is not a disability, but an opportunity
to re-awaken in them their drive and desire
for success and celebrate the elders that
sacrificed their very lives so we can rise
beyond our wildest expectations and continue
to rise, breaking class ceilings that
are put in place by people that fear people
of color and culture for their untapped
talents and abilities.
The opportunity to smash mirrors of self
doubt, self hate, and low self esteem.

“Cause I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal
woman, That’s me.” M. Angelou

Rise, rise, rise
and continue
to rise, not
just in sports,
but in academics.
Don’t let the

celebrations stop here, continue them
as schools start. Celebrate academic
achievements as well.
Thank you to my sister T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh
‏@tkeyahcrystal –
for showing these great images that I use
in this blog to bring attention to
these wonderfully talented Olympic women.

Mass media has too many times painted
a picture that women of color are second
class to others of lighter european
complexion, they are not as intelligent
or as talented. These Olympics and other
events not just sports in nature have
shown that women of color and culture
are talented, intelligent, creative,
innovative and powerful.

“This is for
all who… will
come after
who believe
they can’t do it.”
Simone Manuel

This is the perfect
opportunity to
make sure our
toddlers, children,

youth, teens,
and young to adult women know that they
are loved, supported and appreciated.
What more motivation than to share the
triumphs of our Olympians to celebrate
their accomplishments through the
sacrifices of hard work, dedication,
discipline, commitment and professionalism.

It takes a village to make sure our
innovators and smart creatives are
growing in the direction they need
to be. People of color and culture
we can celebrate today, but the future
we need to make sure our children of
color and culture are celebrated for
their academic accomplishments
through all levels of education.

Teachers need
to have these
images in their
classrooms to
motivate all
their  children,
especially their
children of color
and culture to
motivate them,

to inspire them and to ignite them
in body and spirit. Imagine how
our students could excel if they have
the support like these Olympians,
imagine if our young creatives are
cheered for their academic successes
during the 180 days of instruction.
Imagine our children that struggle
and have IEP’s are given the support
and attention as the athletes we
celebrate. IMAGINE…..

Building Olympians takes determination,
it takes sacrifice, it takes having
a dream and a support system. Parents
of color and culture need to learn
from these lessons and importantly
apply them to their children as the
school year begins. Work with
teachers as coaches work with their

The Olympics
is more than
a feel good
opportunity it
is a window to

what children of color and culture can
accomplish if given support and not
judged, mocked, ridiculed. Children
of color and cultures accomplishments
are not based on zip code, area code
and if they receive free or
reduced lunch. That should not
matter, only that they are capable and able.

Begin to look at all our children of
color and culture as Olympians,
treat them as winners and cover
them in prayer.

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