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April 28, 2017

STEAM and Discovering Bridges of Jacksonville

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STEM Collaboration


STEAM and Discovering Bridges of Jacksonville
by William Jackson, Educator and STEAM Advocate

The ability to bring excitement and passion to children is
through hands on learning and integrating the use of video
in the instructional process. The implementation of hands
on learning along with interactive engagement and passion
allows students to retain information longer and apply to
other areas of knowledge.

We are in a knowledge based century with access to
information from dynamic sources, children need to be
taught to think on levels not prioritized in the past, but how
to solve the problems of the present an future. The same
issues that plague the world in various scales African
nations that are expanding technologically are seeing.
The main one is education, that is the key to not allowing
technological colonization where the citizens are left out
of educational and employment opportunities.

Children, youth and teens of today are dynamic learners
that require attention drawing excitement to encourage
participation and knowledge retention. The learning will come
as children work independently and collaboratively solving
problems. More African nations are realizing this as
they model their STEM and STEAM curriculums like the

students 9

if  applied correctly can change the value of learning when
applied to relevancy and reality. STEAM and Discovering
Bridges of Jacksonville was a unique learning opportunity at
Tristian’s Accelerated Academy directed by Arlene Llyod,
educator and STEM advocate in Jacksonville, Florida.

Holding workshops the first and third Saturday of each month
for the past three years Mrs. Llyod has provided the community
with resources that excite learning and offer an interactive
opportunity for children of Jacksonville to be engaged and
excited about learning.

The session for Discovering Bridges of Jacksonville was
provided by William Jackson, educator, blogger, and STEAM
advocate himself involved the children elementary age
in the world of engineering and design. The students watched
and critiqued videos that shows the bridges (7) of Jacksonville,
the date they were built, who they were named after, the length
of each bridge and brief history

Knowledge connections where discussed as the importance
of bridges in connecting cities, communities and families. In
order for children to grasp the concepts and objectives they
must understand how to apply their  learning and why it is
important to them. This helps develop critical and higher order
thinking skills.  STEM teachers are transformative models of
change and growth for children because they must adapt and
integrate learning to cover multiple areas or should be.

Wm Jackson teaching

Business and industry leaders in all communities especially
African should take note of what students are learning in
STEAM classes around the world because these are the
future employees, innovators and creators. It is easier to
hire locally than import or outsource jobs to foreign countries.

During the workshop the children eventually were paired in
teams and provided building materials (manipulatives) and where
allowed to build their own bridges. The requirements where;
name their bridge, identify the surrounding environment, where
the bridge would take travelers, how long is the bridge and the
materials for its construction. Students are taught outside of a
book, the integration of multiple resources is necessary to
embrace multi-disciplinary learning that is deliberate and planned.

These criteria allow children to build their learning on a level that
allows them to retain important information and apply to their
levels of understanding and application. Diversifying the access
to information and resources helps each child to enable their
learning modality or how they learn. Each child is different in
the diversity of how they process information, how they apply
information and even how long they retain information.

STEM and STEAM allow for hands on learning that increases
the excitement and passion for learning in children.  The
integration of Science Technology Engineering and Math
is growing at phenomenal rates globally because of successes
by the growth in student test scores, the excitement to come to
school and the knowledge that there is something available for
the students that identify themselves as the Geeks, Nerds, Blerds
and Bleeks of schools.

“STEM innovation will open doors for students of color and culture.”
The future of STEM education | Roni Ellington | TEDxBaltimore


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April 26, 2017

How Smart Are You About Jacksonville, Florida?

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Asking questions


How Smart Are You About Jacksonville, Florida?
by William Jackson, @wmjackson Twitter

These are questions I ask the participants at
a recent STEAM and STEM workshop that I gave.
Most students know most of the answers, the
interaction is great in answering and continued
Take the time to try and answer these questions and
ask you children and family members.
Modify questions to your geographic location and community.

1. What city are we in?
Ans. Jacksonville
2. What river flows through our city?
Ans. St. Johns River
3. What is unique / different about our river
and the way if flows?
Ans. It flows North
4. What is our state capital?
Ans. Tallahassee
5. What is the nations capital?
Ans. Washington D.C.
6. What do the letters D.C. mean in our national capital?
Ans. District of Columbia
7. What body of water will you come to if you drive east?
Ans. Atlantic Ocean
8. What body of water will you come to if you drive
west for about 4 hours?
Ans. Gulf of Mexico
9. What body of water will you come to if you drive
west across country?
Ans. Pacific Ocean
10. Florida is what type of land mass?
11. What is the deepest part of the ocean called and
what ocean is it in?
Marians Trench – Pacific Ocean
12. What continent are we on?
North American
13. What three countries makeup our continent?
Canada United States Mexico
14. What country is attached to our south?
Ans. Mexico
15. What country is attached to our north?
16. What country is attached to our west?
17. How many bridges are in Jacksonville?
Ans. 7
18. What is special about the Blue Bridge in Jacksonville?
Ans. It goes up for water traffic
19. What is the oldest city in our state?
Ans. St. Augustine
20. Name the museums in Jacksonville by proper name?
21. Name the theaters in Jacksonville by proper name, not movies
but the theater?
Ans.Florida Theater and Ritz Theater Alhambra Dinner Theater
22. What road makes a complete circle around Jacksonville Florida?
Ans. I295
23. What southern city in Florida had a Renaissance
like the Harlem Renaissance?
Ans. Jacksonville
24. Where was James Weldon Johnson born?
What song did he and his brother write celebrating Blacks?
Ans.Jacksonville, Florida “Lift Every Voice and Sing”
25. Name three schools named after Black Civil Rights participants
or leaders?
James Weldon Johnson – Mary McCloud Bethune – Martin Luther King –
Carter G. Woodson
26. What road will take you from Jacksonville to
California if you drove?
Ans. I10
27. What road will take you from Jacksonville to Maine?
Ans. I95
28. What state is to the North of Florida?
Ans. Georgia
29. What state is to the West of Florida?
Ans. Alabama
30 What is the name of the area at the southern
part of Florida called?
Ans. Key West
31. Who was the first African American Mayor of Jacksonville Florida?
Ans. Alvin Brown
32. What do the letters NAACP stand for?
Ans. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
33. Name three Black authors that are from Jacksonville?
Ans. Marsha Dean Phelts, Rodney Hurst, Brenda Jackson
34. Who wrote “It Was Never About A Hotdog and a Coke?”
Ans. Rodney Hurst
35. Who wrote “American Beach for African Americans” and
lives at American Beach?
Ans. Marsha Dean Phelts
36. What author was a member of Duval County Public Schools, a
school board member and continues to write books?
Ans.Brenda Jackson
37. What African American male author books are named after a
type of bread and thousands of children love to read them?
Cornbread – Vincent Taylor
38. What do the letters HBCU mean?
Historic Black Colleges and Universities
39. What is the oldest HBCU in Florida?
Edward Waters College 1866
40. What do the letters STEM, STEAM, STREAM, CSTEAM, STEMsquared
Science Technology Engineering Math
Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics
Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Mathematics
Computers Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics
Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics and Medicine


April 24, 2017

When You Educate Women You Educate Generations



When You Educate Women You Educate Generations
by William Jackson, #MyQuestToTeach
STEM and STEAM Advocate

The goal of education is not to just educate that specific
person, it is a goal to educate generations that come
afterwards. Establishing education as a foundation to
achieve success can be seen when families continue to
send their children to higher educational institutions,
vocational school and even military service to work
towards a level of degree in the service of their country.

The past decade has seen an increase in careers that
require technical skill, certificates and diplomas. At the
forefront are women that see these as stable careers
to raise a family and have access to the benefits
that they may not have had from their parents. Families
of color are beginning to encourage their children to
think out of the cultural box and aim for the stars,
the seas and medical professions that explore
the inner spaces of the human bodies.

STEM, STEAM, STREAM are seen as the gateways
to achieving the American Dream and dreams that
are deferred because of social-economic situations.
The increase in mentoring groups is exposing
girls and young women to careers not thought
of that require higher order thinking, problem
solving, critical thinking, thought leadership,
creativity and out of the box developmental
abilities that foresee future challenges that
may threaten humanity on local, national
or international levels.

When you educate a mother your educating a generation
because mothers will continue to open the minds of her
children and her children’s children. Fathers provide
the support systems and help build foundations. The
recent Markerspace presentation at the Jacksonville
Public Library “STEAM INTO STEM” brought together
women in Jacksonville, Florida that show the diversity
of parenting, careers, business applications, educational
levels and entrepreneurialism.


Jax Markerspace panelists:
Shawanna Brooks, the hostesses, Akia Uwanda, Latonja Richardson,
Princess S. Rashid, and Angie Nixon. Each woman involved in
Jacksonville as community activist, business leaders and have
children in the schools systems of Jacksonville either public
or private.
The aspirations are the same for academic success, the goal of
graduating their children from high school and attending higher
education is similar, but the roads to achievements are
diverse and different. Each women are successful in their own
ways, are unified in their goals for their children to be better
educated and have better access to the resources that are open
in today with the integration and implementation of technologies
that involve STEAM INTO STEM.

Trans-formative statements: “The biggest danger of unemployment
today is not of immigration it is the advancements of technology
in robotics,” made by Princess S. Rashid a Physicist, educator,
parent and Artist. This shows that science can embrace the Arts,
there is coexistence.  The blending of STEAM and building a
relationship with careers comes into place when Angie Nixon
and Latonjay Richardson comment that the holistic approach
to education comes to play that children will not change if they
continue to be limited by their environments. The value of
exposure and relevance is real when education is applied to
careers and the changing of the mental and relevancy of what
is learned when applied in real life.

The FIRST LEGO LEAGUE, is the dream of Mark McCombs,
“I teach people how to build robots and to do what they used
to think was impossible.” Mark McCombs is the visionary of the
FIRST LEGO League competitions going on at middle and high
schools across the state of Florida . This creates dynamic
opportunities for team building in youth, teens and young adults.

Engineering, building and coding of robotics that are involved
in competitions and can be applied to real world or off world
future exploration. Women are playing key roles in these areas,
looking at the recent Hidden Figures movie that careers in NASA
and other aerospace, inner space, space travel and applied careers
are the keys for generational success academically and culturally.

STEM, STEAM and STREAM are not just acronyms to decipher
they are Real, Relevant and Ready to help youth, teens and young
adults reach their dreams and beyond. Parents check your child’s
school to see if they have a STEM or STEAM curriculum that builds
your child to reach beyond their potential and abilities. Never put
limits on the learning of your children or you will limit their
abilities to take care of themselves and their children.
Generations depend on the advancements of the children now.
If your children do not know how to aim, how will they aim
high for success?
Jacksonville Public Library:


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