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April 26, 2017

How Smart Are You About Jacksonville, Florida?

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Asking questions


How Smart Are You About Jacksonville, Florida?
by William Jackson, @wmjackson Twitter

These are questions I ask the participants at
a recent STEAM and STEM workshop that I gave.
Most students know most of the answers, the
interaction is great in answering and continued
Take the time to try and answer these questions and
ask you children and family members.
Modify questions to your geographic location and community.

1. What city are we in?
Ans. Jacksonville
2. What river flows through our city?
Ans. St. Johns River
3. What is unique / different about our river
and the way if flows?
Ans. It flows North
4. What is our state capital?
Ans. Tallahassee
5. What is the nations capital?
Ans. Washington D.C.
6. What do the letters D.C. mean in our national capital?
Ans. District of Columbia
7. What body of water will you come to if you drive east?
Ans. Atlantic Ocean
8. What body of water will you come to if you drive
west for about 4 hours?
Ans. Gulf of Mexico
9. What body of water will you come to if you drive
west across country?
Ans. Pacific Ocean
10. Florida is what type of land mass?
11. What is the deepest part of the ocean called and
what ocean is it in?
Marians Trench – Pacific Ocean
12. What continent are we on?
North American
13. What three countries makeup our continent?
Canada United States Mexico
14. What country is attached to our south?
Ans. Mexico
15. What country is attached to our north?
16. What country is attached to our west?
17. How many bridges are in Jacksonville?
Ans. 7
18. What is special about the Blue Bridge in Jacksonville?
Ans. It goes up for water traffic
19. What is the oldest city in our state?
Ans. St. Augustine
20. Name the museums in Jacksonville by proper name?
21. Name the theaters in Jacksonville by proper name, not movies
but the theater?
Ans.Florida Theater and Ritz Theater Alhambra Dinner Theater
22. What road makes a complete circle around Jacksonville Florida?
Ans. I295
23. What southern city in Florida had a Renaissance
like the Harlem Renaissance?
Ans. Jacksonville
24. Where was James Weldon Johnson born?
What song did he and his brother write celebrating Blacks?
Ans.Jacksonville, Florida “Lift Every Voice and Sing”
25. Name three schools named after Black Civil Rights participants
or leaders?
James Weldon Johnson – Mary McCloud Bethune – Martin Luther King –
Carter G. Woodson
26. What road will take you from Jacksonville to
California if you drove?
Ans. I10
27. What road will take you from Jacksonville to Maine?
Ans. I95
28. What state is to the North of Florida?
Ans. Georgia
29. What state is to the West of Florida?
Ans. Alabama
30 What is the name of the area at the southern
part of Florida called?
Ans. Key West
31. Who was the first African American Mayor of Jacksonville Florida?
Ans. Alvin Brown
32. What do the letters NAACP stand for?
Ans. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
33. Name three Black authors that are from Jacksonville?
Ans. Marsha Dean Phelts, Rodney Hurst, Brenda Jackson
34. Who wrote “It Was Never About A Hotdog and a Coke?”
Ans. Rodney Hurst
35. Who wrote “American Beach for African Americans” and
lives at American Beach?
Ans. Marsha Dean Phelts
36. What author was a member of Duval County Public Schools, a
school board member and continues to write books?
Ans.Brenda Jackson
37. What African American male author books are named after a
type of bread and thousands of children love to read them?
Cornbread – Vincent Taylor
38. What do the letters HBCU mean?
Historic Black Colleges and Universities
39. What is the oldest HBCU in Florida?
Edward Waters College 1866
40. What do the letters STEM, STEAM, STREAM, CSTEAM, STEMsquared
Science Technology Engineering Math
Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics
Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Mathematics
Computers Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics
Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics and Medicine


April 24, 2017

When You Educate Women You Educate Generations



When You Educate Women You Educate Generations
by William Jackson, #MyQuestToTeach
STEM and STEAM Advocate

The goal of education is not to just educate that specific
person, it is a goal to educate generations that come
afterwards. Establishing education as a foundation to
achieve success can be seen when families continue to
send their children to higher educational institutions,
vocational school and even military service to work
towards a level of degree in the service of their country.

The past decade has seen an increase in careers that
require technical skill, certificates and diplomas. At the
forefront are women that see these as stable careers
to raise a family and have access to the benefits
that they may not have had from their parents. Families
of color are beginning to encourage their children to
think out of the cultural box and aim for the stars,
the seas and medical professions that explore
the inner spaces of the human bodies.

STEM, STEAM, STREAM are seen as the gateways
to achieving the American Dream and dreams that
are deferred because of social-economic situations.
The increase in mentoring groups is exposing
girls and young women to careers not thought
of that require higher order thinking, problem
solving, critical thinking, thought leadership,
creativity and out of the box developmental
abilities that foresee future challenges that
may threaten humanity on local, national
or international levels.

When you educate a mother your educating a generation
because mothers will continue to open the minds of her
children and her children’s children. Fathers provide
the support systems and help build foundations. The
recent Markerspace presentation at the Jacksonville
Public Library “STEAM INTO STEM” brought together
women in Jacksonville, Florida that show the diversity
of parenting, careers, business applications, educational
levels and entrepreneurialism.


Jax Markerspace panelists:
Shawanna Brooks, the hostesses, Akia Uwanda, Latonja Richardson,
Princess S. Rashid, and Angie Nixon. Each woman involved in
Jacksonville as community activist, business leaders and have
children in the schools systems of Jacksonville either public
or private.
The aspirations are the same for academic success, the goal of
graduating their children from high school and attending higher
education is similar, but the roads to achievements are
diverse and different. Each women are successful in their own
ways, are unified in their goals for their children to be better
educated and have better access to the resources that are open
in today with the integration and implementation of technologies
that involve STEAM INTO STEM.

Trans-formative statements: “The biggest danger of unemployment
today is not of immigration it is the advancements of technology
in robotics,” made by Princess S. Rashid a Physicist, educator,
parent and Artist. This shows that science can embrace the Arts,
there is coexistence.  The blending of STEAM and building a
relationship with careers comes into place when Angie Nixon
and Latonjay Richardson comment that the holistic approach
to education comes to play that children will not change if they
continue to be limited by their environments. The value of
exposure and relevance is real when education is applied to
careers and the changing of the mental and relevancy of what
is learned when applied in real life.

The FIRST LEGO LEAGUE, is the dream of Mark McCombs,
“I teach people how to build robots and to do what they used
to think was impossible.” Mark McCombs is the visionary of the
FIRST LEGO League competitions going on at middle and high
schools across the state of Florida . This creates dynamic
opportunities for team building in youth, teens and young adults.

Engineering, building and coding of robotics that are involved
in competitions and can be applied to real world or off world
future exploration. Women are playing key roles in these areas,
looking at the recent Hidden Figures movie that careers in NASA
and other aerospace, inner space, space travel and applied careers
are the keys for generational success academically and culturally.

STEM, STEAM and STREAM are not just acronyms to decipher
they are Real, Relevant and Ready to help youth, teens and young
adults reach their dreams and beyond. Parents check your child’s
school to see if they have a STEM or STEAM curriculum that builds
your child to reach beyond their potential and abilities. Never put
limits on the learning of your children or you will limit their
abilities to take care of themselves and their children.
Generations depend on the advancements of the children now.
If your children do not know how to aim, how will they aim
high for success?
Jacksonville Public Library:


April 17, 2017

The Importance of Women to Build Up Your Mind

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The Importance of Women To Build Up Your Mind
by William Jackson: Father, Educator, Blogger

Pictures of books located on Photobucket Placed in a story line for reading


The value of reading and joy of literacy can change
lives. It has happened with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
Malcolm X and others that proclaim education is the key
to generational prosperity.
Books focusing on women and their achievements are not
rare, but available, girls and women are not reading
great books about themselves. These books are sitting
on bookshelves gathering dust and pages are fading away
like the memories of the great writers, storytellers
and the information that can motivate, excite and
change minds.

Chinua Achebe the great Nigerian author of many books
that are still popular today has stated that the author
has a different agenda than the Emperor. Colonization
seeks to keep the people un or under educated so they
cannot see that they can do better.

As I sift through the fantastic books in my local library
here in Jacksonville, Florida, I’m at awe and sorrowed
that it seems I’m the only one that previewed the
historic content of information dedicated to African
Americans. The excitement I feel is overwhelming
because I want to share these treasures of stories about
wonderful women of color, but it seems no one else is
interested. I do not know if it is by design or on
accident, either way the stories of lives that have inspired,
influenced and empowered are fading away from memory
and gather dust on bookshelves not just in Jacksonville
Florida, but nationally and globally.

Lets me be honest there are few if any left African
American book stores in African American neighborhoods
because African Americans are not reading as they once did.
There is the mental retardation that reading is not
valuable so not only economically do we as a people
fail, but educationally and culturally as our own
history is watered down to inefficiency and insignificance.

Suggestions for daughters/women struggling with
personality and self purpose. Be yourself and be authentic.
Don’t be pressured into sex or other situations that do not
benefit you intellectually and educationally.
As a father I look forward to my daughter getting
married and having children of her own. The upsetting
issue is what kind of man will she fall in love with
and bear their children.
The dating scene for college students is perplexing,
dangerous, and challenging for the hopes of getting
a good man and even men getting a good wife.


Fathers inwardly stress about this
and there are T-shirts referencing guns, murder,
jail time and even castration if a fathers’
daughter is abused,assaulted, “knocked up,”
or hurt. Men are crazy like that about their daughters.
Movies such as “Blood Father” 2016 represents that fathers
are not perfect, but mess with their daughters and there is
hell to pay.

I’m smart enough to know it takes two to make a
baby, as a father of a son and daughter, it is
hoped and prayed that both parties are responsible
in their choices for life time mates and companions.
Sex does not last forever, but the value of
companionship, conversation and compatibility is vital.
I can’t tell my children not to have sex because as
Nikki Giovanni once said, “that’s what young people do,
have sex.” Edward Waters College 2012
Interviewing Nikki Giovanni at Edward Waters College 2012
Parents have to teach their children the consequences
of sexual intercourse not just the potential for STD’s
or pregnancy, but the emotional and psychological
consequences also.

Nikki and William

Looking at the patterns of teens and college students
and even from my observations from my college experiences
babies happen from sex. I cannot count how many girls
went home during my college years pregnant and no man,
no husband and an uncertain future to struggle it alone
with a child that the father was happy to help create
even if unintentional, but did not want anything to
do with it after finding out his seed fertilized an egg.

As a divorced parent, I stayed in my children’s life,
not because of court orders, because I love my children
and even though divorced from their mother I did not
divorce my kids. I stayed in their lives, supporting
beyond child support and ignoring my so called peers
to show my ex-wife who is boss and leave the kids also.
I’m not perfect, no parent is, as a parent my fears
sometimes as many fathers leave me awake late at night,
in prayer about the future of my son and daughter.
My son for different reasons being African
American male and a college student.
A blog for another time.


This past Women History’s Month there were programs,
ceremonies, workshops,entertainment and special events.
My contribution as a father is daughters, girls and young women
don’t be swayed by smooth talking brothers of any color into making
a decision based on physical pleasure that is temporary, but
could result in life long consequences from pregnancy,
a STD, abortion, or other events that may lead to emotional,
physical or psychological distress.
The older you become the more your past may begin to
haunt you and your reliance on salvation turns back
to the church and saving your soul, also a blog for
another time.

Visiting the local library in Jacksonville, Florida
a thought came to mind..
“The Importance to Build Up Your Mind”
to emphasis that before a man gets into bed, women need
to get into their heads to understand the relationships
and commitment levels. Since the maturity level is
sometimes light years separate both need to make sure they
are consensual and mature enough to be in agreement.

NO means NO and a maybe still means NO unless willingly
changed to a YES without alcohol, drugs or smooth talking…
even then protection needs to be agreed on because as I
have taught my son and especially my daughter you don’t
know how many others that person has claimed or lied
that they slept with, but once you do all of you are
connected in a physical, emotional and psychological
connection that lasts a life time. Sex is a bonding
physical action of trading bodily fluids that are
absorbed into the body and the meshing of souls in a
emotional, physical and psychological embrace. Like the
old folks saying, if you lay with dogs long enough
you get fleas and ticks. Now you can get more than
that, because death maybe laying there waiting on you.

There is nothing wrong with being smart, intelligent,
creative, innovative and adventurous for girls and women.
There is nothing wrong with wanting the best in life
and working for it as a women.
Don’t ever sell yourself, sell yourself short and use
your body for profit, personal or professional gain.
People have lost their morality, ethics and personal
value because of decisions based on momentary decisions
they are struggling with into adulthood.

“The Importance to Build Up Your Mind”
is a way for a dialogue of talking about life and the
journey all of us must take. Fathers value their daughters,
but in that value must also come the understanding that
daughters must find their way in life as well. There will
be happiness, heartache, loves, un-loves, peace, strife
and the continuation of living in a world that can
chew you up and spit you out or try to turn you away from
the morality of humanity.

Fathers be in prayer, stay in prayer and share those prayers
with your daughters and sons. We have to take advantage of
the youthfulness of our children to teach them when
they are young and before we are old. It is easier to
shape a young sapling when it can bend with the wind than
when it becomes a tree and the roots are dug in and the
trunk un-movable.

Fathers teach your daughters their mind and their bodies
are the most valuable assets they have and to never allow
anyone to take advantage of them and use them for someone
else pleasure and purpose. The books below are a
journey in lives, a wealth of hidden information
and resources.

Take the time to visit your local library and even get
a library card to check out books for your reading
and literacy pleasure. Put something between your legs
that will bring value to your life.

Knowledge from Nikki Giovanni and her outlook on life and living.

Pictures of books located on Photobucket of books by
and for women of color.
Placed in a story line

Lunch and Learn with
Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni at
Edward Waters College

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