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May 24, 2018

African Americans How Thirsty Are You??

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African Americans How Thirsty Are You??
by William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach
WordCamp Speaker, Blogger, Advocate,
Educator and Volunteer

The growth of WordCamp nationally and
internationally is showing that the access
to successful entrepreneurs, digital innovators,
web developers, coders, artists and graphic
designers to name a few is easier. Exposure
to these talented individuals allows for
unique networking opportunities and new career
directions for young people.

How can young people of color aspire and dream
to change the world if they do not see others
accomplishing their dreams.
Speaking at WordCamp Dayton, (since
2017 my 5th WordCamp speaking and 7th
attending). The exposure to people that
share similar passions for content creation
skill-sets can change the mental paradigm
for careers in technology for others.

I had the unique opportunity to be the ONLY
African American speaking and attending.
There were even comments about the need
for diversity to increase in technology fields
to promote changing the culture of digital
access and development.
Close proximity to business owners that
greet you with a handshake, share their
business cards and share their knowledge
shows the power and engagement of the
“open source” community.

Research data shows that minorities are
significantly trailing other cultures
in ownership of businesses that are
technology based. Visibility and engagement
is important.

The key is exposure and the value and
enjoyment of learning. The title of this
writing, “African Americans How Thirsty
Are You?” represents how thirsty do
you have to be to drink the drinks that
others do who are successful. I’m not
talking about alcoholic, but the willingness
to change the thirst of ignorance and
unskilled abilities. The change to be
drinking in knowledge and taking
advantage of learning opportunities that
satisfy the thirst for growth and a
foundation of financial stability in
economics and education.

A powerful quote from an educator,
minister, administrator and author,
William Jenkins of St. Louis that shows
truth, “Blacks need to want to learn what
whites know.” To empower them with
skills that allow for growth in new
areas and build solid careers.

Booker T. Washington shared similar
words in his book “My Larger Education,”
originally printed in 1911.
In his book Mr. Washington states on
page 102 that Blacks should understand
what service they are preparing for. That
Black boys should want to learn to read
because reading is the only way to improve
their living conditions. In his wisdom as the
learned to build the Tuskegee University,
Mr. Washington has shared that Blacks need
to do more than just define themselves, the
need to create changes in mentality to change
their positions in life to build up other Blacks
so they can obtain power in politics, education,
business, law and economics.

African Americans are massive consumers of
tech, a small percentage are producers. What
value do youth, teens and young adults of color
place on learning HTML, Java Script, PHP, CSS,
and other tech languages.
The fundamentals of graphic design, the
creativity of designing web content and the
engineering skills of cyber-security and
e-commerce. Instead of just playing games
be the architects of them.

Booker T. Washington and Frederick Douglass
at times clashed on the direction of freed slaves
and the future of Blacks, they were in agreement
with the value of education to allow Blacks to
contribute to society, to bring something to the
economic table and obtain influence so their
concerns will be heard and changes made.

Preparation starts now while children are young and
impressionable. Not when they are older and set in
their ways. Parents and their children must take
advantage of as many learning opportunities as
possible to establish generational growth and prosperity.

Ever Rising


May 22, 2018

Man Up for Health Summit 2018

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Man Up for Health 2018

April 27, 2018

2018 A Time To Blog In Africa – Develop Your Brand Part 2


2018 A Time To Blog In Africa – Develop Your Brand Part 2
Bloggers must ask certain questions to help them align their content to obtain readers.
Listed are a few guidelines to help develop content and keep on track during creation of
1. Why Do You Blog – any blogger must have a reason to do what they do.
There should be some passion, excitement and commitment when you put fingers to
keyboard. Why is a very important question and should have a definite answer. During the
blogging process it may change just as the content changes, but every Blogger should have
an answer as to Why Do You Blog.
2. What Is Your Audience – an important element to go along with Why is What is your
audience?  Is there an age group, gender, nationality, culture or specific group you want
to connect with? People enjoy having a connection with their Bloggers. Any successful
Blogger knows who their audience is and tries to give them what they need and to
keep coming back for more.
3. What Type of Content Do You Share – sharing is very important.
You want your audience to understand that you are sharing a part of yourself with them.
You’re not thrusting things down their throat, but providing something that they need or
as you grow in your writing giving your readers something they think they need. Create
the atmosphere of sharing which helps in receiving feedback from the reader. Don’t
make it a give/take relationship, but a sharing and beneficial one.
4. How Do You Support Your Brand and Content
Do you have a domain name, are you using a free site, is there a lot of advertising, is there
adult content, video, audio, and multimedia? Supporting your content requires some
research on your part to validate what you are stating. In the educational, political, and
business environments you have to backup what you have stated with links, quotes,
As I Blog I try as much as possible to obtain valid and trustworthy resources to backup
my comments/statements. I’m at times competing with traditional media
so I have to go that extra step to help my readers understand where I’m coming from,
how it can help them and where else they can go for additional help.
5. Do You Use Photos, Video, Graphics – The power of a picture, video or multimedia can
never be under estimated. If there is a video that can be used or you create your own do it.
This provides an extra element to attract and keep readers to your content. Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) does need help with text (words), but additional elements that provide
audio (podcasting), video (Youtube) and multimedia to create an engaged platform.
Never be scared to branch off into new areas to help engage and excite your readers.
6. Do You Offer A Service – What can you provide your audience?
Do you sell something, what type of services do you have? The popular Blogs
of relationship building, natural hair, nails (hands and feet) provide a service that can be
seen. There is a service that results can be seen. Think hard on what service
you can provide. Be sure that you can keep your customers happy.
7. Do You Evolve – One of the important things about Blogging is keeping your audience
No Blog stays the same, there is an evolution process that writers go through.
Just as age and maturity happens so should Bloggers content evolve
because their readers evolve. What you wrote 3 years ago may not be
of the same interest for your readers now. Their lives have evolved (changed)
so as a Blogger your content must evolve also.
8. Do You Have a Brand – Can you Brand yourself to the public?
What are you known for, what does your title of your Blog site bring thoughts and
feelings of? Branding is important because of the interest it generates in readership.
Creating a Brand allows for Marketability especially if you are trying to make money with
your Blogs. Branding makes you who you are so the public will make that connection.
9. Can You Be Marketable – to make money is only one important aspects of Blogging.
Eventually a Blogger considers how can they make money so must be wise in how they
Market their content. Who do they market too? Basically selling yourself to the world so
they can pay for your content. This may take a team to get the word out about you and
promote what you are doing. Using Social Media tools is another way, but this must be
strategic and planned.
These nine elements are worth considering and using as a guide to blogging.
Blogging content, goals, designs, planning and objectives will change the more you Blog
so be ready to make adjustments and evolve to keep pace and stay important enough
to be read.

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