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May 24, 2019

The Power of Blogging – Opening Dynamic Digital Doorways

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The Power of Blogging – Opening Dynamic Digital Doorways
by William Jackson @wmjackson

WordCamp Jacksonville 2019

WordCamp Jacksonville 2019

Blogging is a dynamic digital doorway to discovery and social engagements
that are continuously changing. Blog provide a voice to the voiceless and a
platform to tell a story. Traditional processes of communication have changed
from verbal exchanges to the infusion of digital tools and platforms that
allow for uninterrupted connections and enhanced exchanges of information.

The tools or platforms range from Vblogging, Podcasting, Instagraming,
Snap-chatting, Vining, Periscope, Voxing, Facebook Live and the list continues
to grow.  As a past instructor teaching Educational Technology, Social Media
and STEAM at a historically Black higher educational institution –
HBCU Edward Waters College. The opportunity to teach, expose and bring
to light how powerful tech can be is awesome and a little intimidating.

There is a need for instruction that is tailored not to specific platforms,
but an open discussion of the why Social Media should be implemented
and how to effectively to get students to understand that their career
success is dependent on their gaining knowledge, acquiring resources
and networking. As shared by a previous student Crystal Sanders, attending
the class on blogging and technology; “as a future educational leader
you maybe required to conduct training’s on a platform or formats using
productivity tools and digital tools.” Educators must be able to apply real
learning to real relevancy so students know how to apply their thinking.
Understanding how to use these tools is very important, each lesson in
Educational Technology was designed for you to “think and apply” “in
a particular way concerning your area of study.”

Prof Jackson and Students

Prof Jackson and Students

The Educational Technology and Social Media course is project based
and develops thought leadership and critical and higher order thinking
that students will need as they begin their new careers. Our society is
a knowledge based society. There is a need for the skills of acquiring
information, applying information and understanding the relevancy of
information. Students need to understand the application of applying
knowledge, especially to career choices and learning situations.

Blogging is not dead as some people imply. It is transforming to embrace
a digital lifestyle. The growing social engagements that allow for direct
communication, local  connections that allow for community activism,
mobile ability to communicate on the move and community interaction
that brings people closer together and allows for diversity to unite instead
of divide people.

If students are not taught the power of blogging, building digital platforms
and growing into digital innovators, the ability to be authentic storytellers
could be lost, their voices could be drowned in the commercial manipulation
of media and our diverse cultures could be lost in the overall digital Matrix.

The power of blogging strong when words define a Blog, words create a
Niche and word are characteristically adaptable to all situations and
circumstances for communication. Sharing stories was once only done
by storyteller, blogging is now the storyteller format for digital
communication and allows anyone, everywhere, from all walks of life to
have a voice and bring a voice to the voiceless.

Blogging is not dead, nor will it ever die, it will adapt, re-invent itself and
even become scalable to new tools and platforms to share information
that is transformational and empowering.

Bloggers, Content Creators, Digital Innovators

Bloggers, Content Creators, Digital Innovators


May 3, 2019

HBCU Students Manage Your Digital Content

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HBCU Students Manage Your Digital Content
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Twitter: @wmjackson

As WordCamp conferences are being held each month of 2019,
as a graduate of South Carolina State University I advocate
for my HBCU peers and family to attend, sponsor, speak,
volunteer and to be engaged in these wonderfully enriching
and rewarding conferences.

Even if HBCU students, faculty, staff and administrators
allow their children to attend the KidsCamp there is
growth potential in to digital business opportunities.
Your content creates a unique voice and digital footprint,
your voice can potentially be heard globally. Blogs can
build a following that may lead to diverse collaborations
on multiple fronts not just in education, but can transfer
to business and commerce.
Content can unite and connect people, creating community
activist and inspiring community activism in real time and on
digital platforms. Digital content can change the narrative
that the media because of its lack of connectedness will
miss understand and cannot relate to cultural conditions.

A growing area seen online is in the music industry where
young men and women that have an aptitude for music can
express themselves digitally. MySpace started years ago on the
premise that the shared passion for music of all genres can
be expressed  in one central location. MySpace, the explosion
of using this as a communication tool allowed for the expansion
beyond the foundation of just a media platform.

Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Periscope, Vimeo and the list of
interactive platforms to post audio and video is climbing.
HBCU students must be cautious that the very content they post
seeking to increase their notoriety does not take away from
future opportunities of employment, professional advancement
and economic progress.

HBCU students must remember that success in content creation is
intangible, don’t look for numbers of views or hits look for
being influencial; driving discussions, creating
opportunties to share ideas and concepts.

Competition should not be a priority to make money, collaboration
can bring sustained change. Who you can connect to in opening
doors to collaborate for projects that can potentially reach
hundreds or thousands and potentially millions.

There is no secrete to making your content go viral, much depends
on posting the right content at the right time that hits people
at that moment where they feel compelled to share and repost.
HBCU students must be passionate and committed. They cannot afford
to be lazy and complacent if they really want to be engaged and active.
They must spread their innovative and creative wings to achieve their
goals because standing still means standing still.

Tupac stated, “nothing comes to dreamers except dreams.”
HBCU students must work hard and never give up on their dreams,
even if family and friends doubt the abilities, intellect, will and
even finances to achieve those dreams. Dreaming of being a content
creator does nothing if there is not content being created.

The ability to transfer thoughts from firing synapses in the brain
to paper or keyboard is a wondrous thing. The mind creating thoughts
from electrical impulses that are based on an infrastructure
of flesh, fluid and functionality.

HBCU students must take opportunity to learn how to direct their
thinking to building and continue to rise as creators and innovators.
Graduations are just weeks away, what content has been created to
promote your ability to be an influencer, to be seen as a innovator
or thought, function and creativity.

History of HBCU
The history and importance of the HBCU experience
Elwood Robinson | TEDxAugusta

William Jackson is a past Professor at Edward Waters College
from 2004 to 2017 where he designed a curriculum that embraced
Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM.

Preparing students for future careers as thought leaders, problems
solvers, critical thinkers, innovators and content developers.
William blogs about his life experiences as he travels speaking to
youth, teens and young adults addressing issues related to
Social Media, STEAM and WordCamp conferences.

William has 31 years as a public school educator and blogger,
micro-blogger and content developer. He is the Digital Media
Innovator of his Brand – My Quest To Teach

May 1, 2019

Driving Your Kids to STEAM, WordCamp and EYH

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Driving Your Kids to STEAM, WordCamp and EYH
by William Jackson M.Ed.

Expanding Your Horizons – STEM Workshop for
elementary and middle school girls to begin the
vision for future careers. Girls are beginning  to
see themselves as leaders and access to careers
they thought only available to men.
WordCamp conferences have a similar influence
are creating a foundation for learning and engagement.
The growing opportunities to build skill-sets in youth,
teens and  young adults especially girls to build a
foundation for their futures.
Using STEAM as a foundation for learning and expanding
the learning to Web Development. Teachers like William
Jackson and Aida Correa are showing a new way to
branch-out in discovery, creativity and innovation
with hands-on learning.
Providing events that girls are celebrated, elevated
and cultivated as the leaders their communities need
to show the value of learning and applying that knowledge
to their lives.

Jacksonville is not a growing hub of technology and
innovation it IS a dynamic community for innovative and
transformative changes in STEAM, STEM and STREAM.
Schools are focusing on new ways to teach students that
have no fear of technology and making decisions about
where their learning takes them.
The push is on to integrate hands-on learning that
focuses on learning that is relevant and of real world
importance so youth, teens and young adults especially
of color see the value of learning in these areas. .
To teach youth, teens and young adults the necessary
skills to be employable, retainable and promotable to
leadership positions because representation does matter.
Children of color need to see professionals of color in
leadership careers not just sports or entertainment.
They will see professionals at the EYH conference to
be held at the University of North Florida

Today youth should be actively engaged and motivated
to learn as much as they can and apply that knowledge
to be influencers. This change can happen when the
traditional instructional models change from educators
being lectures to adapting their instruction to be enablers,
influencers and inspires to facilitate learning as the
students are tasked with solving challenges that require
higher order and critical thinking.

The influences of STEAM can be seen in television
programs that cater to children, youth and kids. From
Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow and other programs
that are based on the foundations of skills, to the
involvement in games like HALO, Fortnight and Minecraft.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Math / Music /
Mechanics are providing new learning adventures for
children of color and culture that are behind in engagement
to their white counterparts that are involved and excelling
participating in activities in school and with clubs.

Events like WordCamp Jacksonville, Expanding Your Horizons
STEM Workshop held at University of North Florida and even
with Edward Waters College and the Black Male Explorers
Program headed by the new Director, Victor Christin, Jr..

There are opportunities growing for youth, teens and young
adults to be engaged: The National Council of Negro Women
and their coming programs with Coding lead by Monica Timmons
and the 100 Black Men of Jacksonville with dynamic programs
as well across Jacksonville to promote coding, robotics and tech.

Parents “drive your kids to STEAM” is not just a moment, nor
is it a movement, but a reality to prepare youth, teens and
young adults for careers not even created yet. Parents must
prepare their children now to be educated, employable,
sustainable and scalable to flow with the changing directions
happening with technology, creativity, innovation and web

Parents get your children involved early so they can develop
excitement to learn and be life-long learners. Expose them to
networking skills and business skills so they can grow into
entrepreneurs and be able to talk the talk of business and walk
the walk of business owners.

The future is here with technology, it is not in the future,
but present. Prepare children to employable, scalable leaders
and influencers from attending conferences, workshops and

The opportunities are there, parents need to make the choices
to sacrifice the time and the energy.
WordCamp Jacksonville 2019 –
EYH – Empowering Your Horizons 2019 –
National Council of Negro Women 2019  –

100 Black Men of Jacksonville 2019 –
Black Male Explorers 2019 –


April 26, 2019

Expanding Your Horizons Girls Get Hyped for STEAM

Expanding Your Horizons Girls Get Hyped for STEAM
EYH 2019 at University of North Florida
Web Site for Expanding Your Horizons


Excited and honored once again for Aida and I to be
bloggers, micro-bloggers, vbloggers for this great
event encouraging girls to enter into STEAM careers.

An awesome STEM workshop for girls grades 5-8, provided
by Expanding Your Horizons North Florida and the Girl
Scouts Gateway Council in Jacksonville, Florida.

This event is an excellent opportunity for girls to meet
and speak with women in STEAM careers and participate in
activities that are hands-on, building, enginnering, and
engaging in team activities. This has been a successful
event in the past and promises to encourage and excite

Expanding Your Horizons North Florida and the Girl Scouts
Gateway Council are partnering to host ths annual workshop
for elementary (5th grade) and middle school girls. Girls
will be attending from many of Duval County Public Schools
and many Charter and Private Schools in Jacksonville.

They will gain exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering
and Mathematics (STEM) and be involved in Arts projects with
Aida Correa, LoveBuilt Life, LLC
Ms. Correa an artist respected and recognized as a community
advocate for STEAM engagement and a speaker, volunteer and
organizer for WordCamp Conferences nationally and internationally.

The event Saturday, April 27th, 2019 from 9am-3pm at
University of North Florida for a day of discovery, with
activities lead by researchers and scientists from the
Mayo Clinic, Professors from Jacksonville University
and engineers from England-Thims & Miller.

Registration is closed and the community is invited to follow
the social media posting on the hashtags #stemgirls #eyhstem
and #eyh.

Our sponsorship’s are greatly appreciated and this event could
not happen without them. The volunteers are a very special
part of this event because they are the life blood providing,
mentoring, instruction, counseling, technical instruction and
follow-up after the event. The Social Media team and
photographers are important to post content to show that girls
are active, engaged and important in the fields of STEM and

For information visit our website

William and Aida with Ford Innovation

William and Aida with new innovations with Ford and STEAM integration

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