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March 6, 2019

KidsCamp, Building The Next Generation of Web Developers Through STEAM Projects


KidsCamp, Building The Next Generation of Web Developers
Through STEAM Projects
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
KidsCamp Organizers for WordCamp Orlando and Jacksonville
Co-Organizer Aida Correa

The 2018 WordCamp Orlando conference has drawn hundreds
each year to learn about what is new in technology. Attendees
from across the country and even from foreign nations attend
to learn business tips, SEO – Search Engine Optimization
strategies, applying eCommerce tools, business law, web
development, new coding integration, Gutenburg and building
PLNs Professional Learning Networks.

The year’s #WCORL and #KidsCamp has seen presentations
by teens expressing their understanding of where the web is
going and suggestions on the direction the web should take.
Sharing their concerns, visions, innovative ideas for business
development, marketing, building Brands and creating Niches.

Youth, teens and young adults are building businesses and
willing to share their ideas about how the web can help
in Branding and Marketing. These are skills youth, teens
and young adults are learning.

KidsCamp Orlando 2018 theme “SPACE,” directed by
Organizer William Jackson and Co-Organizer Aida Correa
the youth attending from 7yrs old to 14 yrs old were involved in
STEAM related projects that prepared and created their first web
site on the platform. Using the free hosting service
option, the youth attending created a dynamic web presence that
will grow as they grow in their skills and abilities.

The focus on elements of STEAM – Science Technology Engineering
Arts Math/Music to engage youth in learning that is fun, creative and
begs for innovation. Project based learning is a powerful tool for youth
that are autistic and creative thinkers.

STEAM has helped hundreds of youth, teens and young adults see
the value and benefits of using tech to grow in business as an
entrepreneur, sole-preneur and in thought leadership.
KidsCamp are a growing part of every WordCamp conference
because youth, teens and young adults are demanding equal
access to knowledge and developing their skills just as adults are
in an nurturing and networking environment.

As youth grow so does the need for them to be taught how to be
producers of content not just consumers and to start new businesses
for the 21st and 22nd century. Parents can register for both and have
a wonderful experience building, designing, engaging and creating
great memories together while learning from STEAM and STEM

Welcome to Kids Camp Miami 2019
William Jackson – Twitter
Aida Correa – Twitter
WordCamp Miami will be Saturday and Sunday, March 16 and 17,
2019 at Florida International University. The kids camp from 6 to 12
will be run again by William Jackson and Aida Correa and the
youth portion, 13 to 17 managed by Sandy Edwards.
WordCamp Jacksonville will be Friday and Saturday, June 29 – 30,

Resources and Organizers:
WordCamp Central

WordCamp Orlando 2018



November 14, 2018

What is STEAM and Why Parents Should Care

What is STEAM and Why Parents Should Care
By William Jackson, M.Edu
Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics/Music

The world is changing, the incorporation of technology will
not stop in our society, integration of technology is changing
how we function in this world. Educational initiatives use to
train children for the future is ever progressing and creating
a transformative paradigm shift in how teachers teach even
the basics of educational foundation.

Children must be prepared for careers not even available
now and they must be able to solve complex problems that
will challenge our ability to function in an ever shifting world.
The earth is much smaller because of digital communication,
satellites that use infrared, radar and microwave technologies
to survey millions of miles of land, sonar technologies that can
“see” in the deepest of oceans and seas. The same satellites
that have their digital “eyes” aimed at deep space and even
new technology that can detect movement of animals and
intricate weather patterns. Providing accurate weather
predictions for weeks and months in advance.

All provided by the growth and integration of academic elements
being taught in schools across this country. Because technology
has advanced it is important for the engagement of tools to be
fused into educational initiatives like STEM/STEAM/STREAM/CSTREAM
and STEMsquared, they are all connected, but each has a powerful
individual effect in our world.

The goal is to engage the whole child and foster high achievement
in all areas, “as defined by STE[+a]M, which is a website created
to share information about the blending of arts and sciences. The
past error in thinking was that each of these elements were separate
and unequal. The new thinking is that STEAM creates a curriculum
that embraces all these elements which allow students to hone their
personal skills and advance in areas that are new, but just as
important. Project based learning where there is a end result that
is not based on data, but based on evidence of a finished product.

There is a new way of thinking, grounded in research on the brain
shows creativity helps students to learn. The artistic development
and the scientific techniques are complimentary than once first
believed. The blending of these skills require students to engage
in creative, critical and higher order thinking that supports
collaborative and cooperative learning. Learning that pushes and
challenges, and brings about success that is transferable in advanced
areas of appliance and application. In a layman’s explanation, kids
are encourage to do something, given the tools and the parents
are facilitators and get out of the way.

Parents need to understand many careers are now influenced
by STEM curriculum’s and should be more involved in schools
that are preparing students to be future leaders Educators, artists,
and scientists recognize the importance of blending the arts and
sciences and believe that this can lead to richer student learning.
STEAM is complimentary with 21st artistic, scientific and
technological century skills. There is much more than just teacher
centered instruction, the student must be the center of learning
and involve the “4 Cs”:
Creativity, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Communication.
So important are these elements and how instruction is performed
that the organizations of  the National Science Foundation, the
National Endowment for the Arts, and the U.S. Department of
Education are joining to make sure current and future models
of learning properly prepare students to be the skilled laborers
this nation needs to lead in the 21st 22nd and 23rd centuries.

William Jackson is an educator over 30 years experience.
Teaching Physical Education, STEAM/STEM/STREAM
Past Professor with Edward Waters College teaching
Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM
A national and international blogger and advocate
for WordCamp as a blogger, volunteer, speaker and
Hashtag #MyQuestToTeach

July 30, 2018

Higher Education Students – Build Your Brand and Build Your Impressions

Higher Education Students – Build Your Brand and Build Your Impressions
by William Jackson, My Quest To Teach #MyQuestToTeach #MQTT

Before higher education students can start their careers the
reality is they cannot wait until graduation week or even after
graduation to build a Brand or create favorable impressions.
The process of building a Brand must be started years earlier.
The unfortunate reality is that students are building their Brand
creating impressions when they start posting content online.
That can mean when a child in elementary school is provided a
phone, tablet, gaming system, watch or even a toaster (just kidding),
once content is posted there is an impression of that content by

The Internet is a vast reservoir of information, the ability to
tap into and communicate on a global scale comes with being
responsible. Many students in higher education still are not mature
enough to manage not just their Social Media content, other
personal things that can influence their behaviors.
Young adults in higher education are influenced by peers,
the media, families, personal interests, hormones and passions.
What goes on the Internet does not stay on the Internet, it is
viewed, watched, read, consumed, even downloaded and
screen captured. A person’s whole life, literally is being posted
from birth to death on platforms that are endless in digital

A time line of events can be created as the infant develops
into a toddler, the toddler develops into a youth and the
continuous growth and development of life. There are now
ways to track and chart growing life cycles of people.
Children must be taught to manage their Brands, because their
Brand represents them, just as in the “Old School” way of thinking
your “name” was valuable because it represented your word.
In the digital age your digital content represents your Brand and
that is who you are identified as.

Global history is written by those in power and influence. The
ability to influence thinking with content and collaborate on levels
of intellect and intelligence. Brands can be keys to open doors and
allow connections with like-minded people.
Teaching higher education students the value and visibility of a
Brand is not a complex issue, it does take the ability to “see” how
a persons’ Brand influences others and makes an impression
that can last a life-time.

The summer months prove challenging because of the amount of
relaxation and vacation time. Higher education students are
more prone to post something because they are in relaxed modes
of comfort and not thinking about the impressions a photo or
a video will have. Being diligent can save a student from embarrassing
photos and videos from parties, gatherings, vacation destinations and
summer hookups that last a few weeks, but may have future

Social Media is a tool that can either be used for good or used
for bad, proper decisions should be made to determine how and when
content will be posted and where.
A Brand should be treated with care, respect, and safe guarded.
A Brand is your word that identifies you and your potential direction in life.

Higher Education Students – Build Your Brand Build Your Impressions
manage your Brand and manage the content that you post associated
with it and who you are associated with. It could mean the difference
between employment and unemployment.
WordCamp Speaker, Volunteer, Blogger, Organizer, Advocate
WordCamp Central


March 23, 2012

Nikki Giovanni at Edward Waters College 2018 Reflection

Nikki G


Nikki Giovanni at Edward Waters College
by William Jackson, M.Ed.

The 66 year old Nikki Giovanni;

is honest and solid in her opinions about
Black people (Negros) as she announces,
education (every child needs a computer),
gays, politics, technology (Negros must
learn computers especially inner city youth),
women’s rights, men’s responsibilities to
their families, sex (teach kids to be responsible
about sex), slavery, Hip Hop, Dr. King,
(greatly influenced by his father),
Malcolm X (a great speaker), President Obama
(awesome role model), Whitney Houston(no one
really helped her) and other subjects.

She runs a gambit of ideologies and her beliefs
that are both strict and based on the actions
and choices a person makes. Ms. Giovanni does
not hold back how she feels or what she thinks
about past and current events.

She was more than happy to share with the
several hundred in attendance at Milne Aud-
itorium on the campus of Edward Waters College;
the oldest HBCU in Florida; the responsibility
of students today to prepare to lead as adults
in a technological world. EWC students were told
that, “You go to college for a career, not a job.

Education is more important now than ever before.
”Commenting about the value of HBCU’s Historically
Black Colleges and Universities in the 21st century,
Ms. Giovanni stated that, “anyone that questions
the validity of HBCU’s is stupid, they provide a
quality and realistic education. Many White
schools would not admit Negros because of
their backgrounds, financials and family
responsibilities.” Mentioning White schools
won’t take a chance on most Negros, but HBCU’s
have been doing that for years and
successfully teaching. Negros cannot afford to
be unprepared to meet the challenges of
educating their children and providing financial
security in a world where a White
mentality has ruled with devastating results
for people of color.

Ms. Giovanni speaks that Negros should not expect
anyone to give them anything, they
must work for achievement and many children are
being taught the wrong lessons of life by giving
children shoes and clothes worth hundreds of dollars,
but cannot read on grade level or perform simple
math functions. All children have a right to a
quality education, but too many parents are not
taking responsibility for providing for their
child’s education when education starts home

The dialogue was animated, passionate, humorous,
serious, and at times controversial in
Ms. Giovanni’s remarks. According to Ms. Giovanni
she has a right to express her viewpoints about
many subjects living to the age of 66 years young.
As she stated youth need to listen to seniors
(parents and grandparents) in their lives because
seniors have learned from their mistakes and know
more about life than youth. That youth should not
feel they are owed anything because they have not
earned anything yet or sacrificed for anything like
those that participated in the civil rights movement
of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s or World Wars.

This is my first opportunity to listen and
learn from the iconic poet, writer, educator
(Virginia Tech Professor), civil rights participant,
mentor and role model. There were several refer-
ences that Ms. Giovanni made about the struggles
of Negros in America and how Negros helped to build
this country through slavery, how  Negros were
treated as less than second class citizens in
what is still the greatest free country in the world.

Ms. Giovanni’s focus on education is empowering and
honest in the discussion that if Negros do not take
responsibility for education and promote learning
in their homes they will continue to be economically
left behind in poverty and lack political power.
Her observations that Negros could have more political
power like Jews or other cultures if they worked
together, and not allow their minds to be manipulated
by the entertainment industry and false advertising.

Promoting education instead of the entertainment
industry, Ms. Giovanni, stated everyone cannot be
an entertainer as a rapper, football player,
basketball player, dancer or other artist in enter-
tainment. On the opposite end more Negro youth can
be doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, scientist
and other professionals if parents would change
their mentalities and teach their children about
how these careers benefit them more.

Ms. Giovanni discussed her passion for youth and
education by sharing with the students
of EWC that they are just as talented and gifted
as any other student even Ivy League students.

DCPS students from several middle and high schools
that attended were told to be responsible for their
lives and the choices that they make. To find a role
model of someone that is extraordinary, successful
and supportive. Reminding youth that extraordinary
people accept their responsibilities in life and
strive to improve themselves and their communities.
Television has created a bad image of successful
people especially Negros, once they are successful
they should come back to their neighbourhoods and
help others not leave and never return.

She stated, “Don’t be selfish, there should not be
a mentality of I’m looking out for number
one, but a mentality of working together.” Other
cultures support each other, that is why their
cultures are successful, more Negros need to do
the same to lift up Negro youth from
poverty, lack of education and help establish career
goals. The mention of more responsible
Negro men who are role models is needed and fathers
who help create a child should stay in that child’s
life and help raise them, that is why so many youth
are in our prison systems and live in poverty, too
many men make children, but do not want to support them.

As Ms. Giovanni coming close to her conclusion read
several of her poems that the audience applauded
and cheered.

“Ego Tripping”
this was a treat to the youth that have aspirations of
writing and poetic abilities. At the conclusion
of her discussion Ms. Giovanni reminded the women
present of their roles as mothers, nurturers,
educators, role models and the strength that sustained
them through slavery, wars, civil rights and other
events throughout history. Firmly stating with strong
conviction that, ”if Black women did not exists they
would have to be invented.”

The applause and cheers echoed for several minutes
especially from young women and seniors some even
cried to her prophetic statements about women of color
and their continued strength to raise families and
take care of a home without a husband.

As a child raised by a single mother, I reflected
on the strength of my mother in raising myself
and two younger siblings with the help of my
grandmother. A father not being a part of our life,
agreeing with Ms. Giovanni’s comments and inwardly
thanking my mother for her strength, her prayers and
perseverance through good times and hard times.

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