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April 6, 2019

Floral Innovations at The Garden Club of Jacksonville Florida


Aida and Karen Barakat

Aida Correa is seen here with Karen Baraket, Coordinator of the Fun with Flowers Event at the Garden Club of Jacksonville.

Floral Innovations at The Garden Club of Jacksonville Florida
by William Jackson
“Fun With Flowers Featuring Guest Designer Aida Correa
of Love Built Life, LLC”
The Garden Club of Jacksonville, Florida served a
workshop that guided the women attending on a journey
filled with floral brilliance, design creativity and artistic
expression with the dynamic brilliance and creative
expression that flowers can bring.
Aida Correa, LoveBuilt Life, LLC provided a workshop
that inspired the creativity of the women in attendance,
to design, build, create and bring forth passionate
brilliance in their floral development
during this workshop.
Ms. Correa a florist of over 30 years, artist, advocate
for STEAM and community activism provides workshops
in a wide range of areas and generational interests.
From her background as a recognized and respected
florist she has provided workshops for youth, teens,
young adults and the young at heart.
Her energy and excitement is shared with those smart
creatives and compassionate innovators that love the
spark of creativity and the zeal of design, creation
and building.
Even those that find some creativity challenging they
learn what their strengths are and how to use this as
motivation in other areas of learning.
She is changing the paradigm of floral design and the
image of women that are over 50 and as mothers and
Fearless of the challenges of running a company, sharing
her words as a poet, spoken word artist and web designer,
her talents allow her to blend the narrative of women
over 50 from traditional stereotypes to women who are
embracing new challenges, new adventures and braking
new ground as business owners and as
Floral design can be challenging mentally and
emotionally because it requires accessing mind, body
and spirit to create and share that creativity at a high
level of engagement.
Ms. Correa a mother and grandmother titles herself as
a “true renaissance woman” planting the seeds of
creativity and innovation of being a multi-talented
artist and having a unique sense of style and grace.
Blending of colors, hues and shades when working
with the beauty of  flowers, when using the medium
of soil, applied to paints, canvas or other materials
Ms. Correa represents that “The Arts” influences
how the mind works and the development and
application of creativity and expression.
This talent has lead to being sought after for unique
workshops from floral arrangements to STEAM
workshops, web development and paintings.
To see her works access her Instagram and
Facebook sites:
The multi-talents of Ms. Correa can be seen as a
speaker, advocate, and volunteer at national and
international WordCamp conferences.
She blends STEAM and Web Design to provide an
interactive and engaging workshop for youth,
teens and young adults.
She is also a FordVIP Blogger for the Ford Motor
Company displaying that for those over 50 life is
great and learning never stops.
LoveBuilt Life, LLC is making a powerful statement
to the faith, resiliency, growth and powerful purpose
of women over 50 that are artist, poets and embracing
their new place in life as influencers in a digital age
and when embracing passions and discovering new
purposes in life.
The Garden Club of Jacksonville


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