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Training Proposal and Relevant Content

William Jackson Trainer, Consultant

William Jackson Trainer, Consultant

Training Proposal by:
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Jacksonville, Florida

  1. Synopsis of training(s)

    Trainings will address several relevant content areas.
    1. Social Media – understanding the positive uses of social media
    social media sites and how they can help careers creating a positive digital footprint
    the importance of social media for education and employment.
    why students in high school and college should create positive content

    2.  Internet Safety – understanding the dangers of accessing information from
    the web personal information being compromised by e-commerce
    affects on credit histories and personal finances
    stalking, cyberbullying,  sexting, texting
    searching for information with Google

    3. Bullying “I Will Survive Bullying”
    understand what is bullying how it impacts lives
    deaths from bullying types of bullying
    prevention of bullying

    4. Online Resume Creation – Portfolio
    how to make a resume, a living document
    online and link to to professional sites for
    digital hosting

    5. How to Blog online
    why is writing important content is vital
    to a digital presence  writing to get into
    college or for employment

  2.   Dates and times you would like to have training

  3. 10 question pre/post test and answers
    1. Social Media
    2. Internet Safety
    3. Bullying, Cyberbullying
    4. Online Resume Convention
    5. Blogging

  4.  Any training needs you may have
    (laptops, flipchart, etc..)
    1. Laptops / Computers
    2. Handouts
    3. Internet Access
    4. Projector

  5. Assessment

1. Social Media
what is social media
name 5 social media sites
name 5 benefits of social media
name 5 cautions of social media
what is needed to access social media sites
what type of information should not go on social media sites
who can you communicate with on social media sites
who important is your digital footprint
how can social media affect employment
how can social media affect higher education

2. Internet Safety
Why is it important to be careful of posting pictures online
Why should you be careful of posting videos of yourself
What ways do you access the Internet
What Internet search engines do you know
Name four browsers
What are these graphic extensions .jpg  .gif .bmp png
How are Internet connections speed measured
How does information travel on the Internet?
What is HTML
What is an IP address

3. Bullying, Cyberbullying
What strategies help prevent bullying
Are there laws associated with bullying
Why is Bullying a learned behavior
Should there be empathy for bullies
Why is parental communication with children important
Name 5 types of bullying
Is Cyberbullying considered bullying
How does bullying affect emotions
What age does bullying start
What grades are there no bullying in school

4. Online Resume / Professional Vita
Why is a resume important
Who needs a resume
Do resumes support getting access to jobs
How powerful are online resume sites
What should a resume contain
What should a resume not contain an online site
How often should a resume be updated
Are paper resumes still accepted
Can Facebook hurt or help your resume

5. Blogging
Why is writing important
How does writing represent you
What do employers look for in a person’s writing
What do colleges look for in a person’s writing
What pre-college assessment measures writing skill
Name three online sites to write or blog to
What is writing content
Can you combine writing and video
How does spelling, grammar and punctuation help in writing

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