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October 18, 2013

Parents: Who Is Trying to Sex and Bully Your Children

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Internet Caution

Internet Caution


Parents: Who Is Trying to
Sex and Bully Your Children

The recent sex stings in Clay
County Florida and Colorado Springs,
Colorado are showing that sex is
a potent influence; online Social
Media environments are dangerous
for minors.

Cases of children committing suicide from Bullying and Cyberbullying,
intoxicated girls of minor age being raped and videotaped, Sexting
and CyberStalking shows how dangerous and violent online behaviors
can be and posted pictures and videos are showing violent acts.
Every parent needs to know what their children; teens and young
adults are doing online, who they are Friending, Chatting with and
sharing online content.
This could literally mean the difference between life and death for
boys and girls. As a youth consultant and educator on Social Media,
 teens and young adults on Social Media platforms are becoming more
dangerous and exposed to unforeseen dangers.












I often hear students in fourth and fifth grades talking about their
online activities. If parents were to hear these discussions they would
be terrified and potentially turn-off their Internet access or monitor
their children more.  Youth and teens are involved in Social Media
discussions that are very graphic and sexual in nature. The reality is
too many parents are either in denial, ignorant, trying to be their
children’s friend or just don’t care about what goes on in online
environments.  The reality of the dangers of Social Media
platforms and the far reaching affects can be seen in Operation Wrong
Destination where men as far away as Pennsylvania, Alabama and as
close as neighborhoods in Northeast Florida were arrested trying to
have sexual relations with minor girls.
Even though the young girls were not real (undercover detectives) the
threat was real. In this situation 13 men were arrested ranging in
multiple ages and careers fields. The Internet is a dangerous place
for youth; girls and boys, it is unfiltered, unmonitored and unsupervised.

William Jackson Speaker and Consultant

Hip Hop Summit in Orlando, Florida














The story of online predators is typical, using friendship, coercions,
suggestions, attention, and affection. These are the tools that predators
use to befriend and eventually try to seduce young girls. As the predator
befriends a child they convince the child to send partially to totally nude
photos and videos. This is not a quick deal, but a gradual process to gain
the trust of the child and eventually a relationship develops.
Parents need to know who is potentially Sexting, Stalking, Catfishing,
Chatting, and Friending  their child or children online before the events
turn tragic. Even family members can contribute to Social Media
challenges by setting up the child an account despite the parent saying
NO. Child sex stings show that men involved are calculating, know what
they want and have a “specific profile” the look for online. Parents need
to know their children’s online profile and personal information that
is posted. My suggestion is to Tag their children’s photos, Google their
names, nicknames, photos and other personal information. Fathers spend
more time with your daughters; attend events like the Daddy Daughter
Dance and have a more trusting relationship that is built on communication


Wm Jackson Learn2Earn Experience

Wm Jackson Learn2Earn Experience












During a recent presentation to high school students participating in
Mayor Alvin Brown’s Learn2Earn Experience I suggested students do a
search on themselves online, a few criticized my idea until they actually
did it and found some amazing and even scary information that was
available in photos, videos and what others had posted about them. Too
many parents are in denial about their children stating their children would
never do this or that or don’t even use the Internet only for research for

The death of Rebecca Sedwick is tragic enough, but when her attackers
and stalkers seemingly don’t care that their actions caused Rebecca to
commit suicide, even one of the girls stating, “IDGAF” and 30 Likes
were posted to this comment online. What morals and values are these
youth being taught about the value of human life? Social Media is opening
a Pandora’s Box of actions and involvement that will have lasting
affects for years to come. Parents and youth, teens and young adults must
understand that online content when posted never goes away. It will affect
scholarships, internships, employments, careers and lifestyles in the future.
Even Sheriff Judd shares his opinions about the parents and Social Media.

Dangers are not just through laptops, all digital connective devices:
Smartphones, Tablets and even gaming systems that allow interactive features.
Using Blogging, Microblogging through Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine,
Youtube, Vimeo and other platforms parents must have a dialogue with
their children.  The dangers online are not conducive to parents being
“friends” with their children. Parents need to be parents!!!!!

Sheriff Judd in several interviews emphasizes that parents check their
children’s Social Media accounts, phone and other devices, for parents to
be responsible and accountable for their children’s actions and not to put
anything past their children. As an educator teaching Engineering and
Technology I agree, hearing the discussions of children and talking to
them it will scare parents and these are no Halloween stories they are
true and realistic.

Video of Parents and Online Bullying
Video of Legal Implications for Bullying
Polk Sheriff Grady Judd
14 Year Old Commits Suicide After Bullying/Cyberbullying
Girl Offers to Perform Sex Act in School
Child Sex Cases

September 27, 2013

Suicide Is Not An Option for Bullying

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Suicide Is Not An Option for Bullying
Parents must be proactive and communicate with their children,
observe behaviors, mannerisms, changes in eating habits, mood
swings and children not wanting to go certain places.

Signs that parents need to observe and question, are there
changes in behavior, increasing fear, irritation and defiance.
These indicate a problem that needs to be addressed,
monitored and possibly counseling.


The Stop Bullying Now event includes a 1 Mile Fun Walk &
Anti-Bully Boot Camp. The mission is to empower, engage and
unify our city against the ravages of Bullying/Cyberbullying and
Harassment that students have and are experiencing in schools,
their communities, aboard buses and other areas where kids,
children, youth, teens and young adults should be safe.

Contributors to this community event include:
First Coast News, MOSH, Holland & Knight, Duval County
Schools, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Nemours, MHA,
I’m A Star Foundation, Bradford County Sheriff’s Office,
Radio NOW 97.9, 93.3 the BEAT, Jacksonville Firefighter’s Assoc.,
Chamblin’s Uptown and many more.

For more information and to register to participate go to
Eventbrite and register to participate.

Stop Bullying Now! 1- Mile Fun Walk & Anti-Bully Boot Camp
Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013
Time: 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM (EDT)
Location: Museum of Science and History, Jacksonville, FL

September 14, 2013

STOP Bullying Before The School Year Starts

No Bullying

No Bullying

STOP Bullying
Before the
School Year

The effort to Stop Bullying
has increased over the years
as more children, youth and teens
understand that they
have a right not to be bullied,
to feel safe in their schools,
communities, churches and homes.

Youth and teens are learning that
it is OK to notify their parents, teachers
and administrators at school that

they are being harassed, tormented and
embarrassed by other
students, Bullying is not fun, it is not a “rite of passage.”
Bullying is a violation of  Human Rights.

The stigma of snitching about Bullying is disappearing
because more parents are seeing from the attempted
suicides and suicides of a growing number of young
people that bullying is violating youth and teens
Human Rights, the rights to a life of happiness and
security. Teachers and administrators have learned that
they have an ethical and moral responsibility as educators
to take Bullying seriously because their involvement
may keep a young person from killing themselves.
No action by educators and administrators can
create an atmosphere of fear, helplessness and despair.

Youth like the 12-year-old Polk, Florida girl that committed
suicide, she was bullied online by more than a dozen girls.
Polk County investigators stated the girl was despondent
after hate messages about her where posted online.
Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd stated that the
young  lady, “was absolutely terrorized on Social Media.”

The threats and harassment on Social Media platforms,
Cyberbullying is increasing that the CDC refers
to it as “Electronic Aggression.”
There are too many youth that feel scared at school,
freighted because they feel alone and helpless, “Electronic
Aggression” is a terrorist act that is creating terror, fear,
and even contributes to PTSS/D
Post Traumatic Stress  Syndrome or Disorder

There maybe conflicting statistics and data may not
show the exact numbers, Bullying, Cyberbullying,
Harassment and Teasing are real issues that should be
and need to be addressed because youth are dying.
The Center for Disease Control has shown data that
Bullying and Suicide are beyond frightening for youth.
Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young
people resulting in 4,400 deaths per year according to
CDC data and numbers are increasing.

Efforts such as anonymous reporting of Bullying is
provided by school districts, access to Social Media to
report Bullying is available, in public schools there is a
phone number that parents and students can use to
report suspected and potential Bullying and remain

New laws have been passed that address physical and
Cyber-bullying in an effort to protect students at school
and home.
Cyberbullying/Cyberstalking is now a felony if a person
is found to guilty and convicted of these actions.
Community cooperation and collaboration has created
partnerships, strengthened the bonds between community
organizations and schools. Even religious organizations are
vested in teaching and preaching about the dangers of Bullying
and Cyberbullying.

 Human Rights

Human Rights

The LGBT community has
experienced Bullying actions
individually and collectively
in their communities,
those in our LGBT
community are contributing
and proud citizens of cities
across this nation.

No one should be exposed to,
endangered with and threatened

by any type or method of Bullying that degrades and demeans a person
and violates their human and civil rights.

As a parent, educator, blogger and speaker on Bullying
and Cyberbullying I encourage all
communities to support STOP Bullying Now.

So serious is this issue, churches are having conferences,
lectures, workshops and seminars so youth, teens, and
young adults understand the prevention, consequences
and legal issues that can result.

I’m proud to be speaking at the Lectureship to over
500 youth and teens about the seriousness of
Bullying, Harassment, Violence,  and Threatening
behaviors that have transitioned to #SociaMedia

Churches are even involved like the Churches of Christ

Southeastern Lectureship of the
Churches of Christ.

Need a Bullying Presentation – Check out my past speaking engagements.

Resources on Bullying and Cyberbullying
a. Bullying Will Not Destroy Me
b. Florida Department of Education
c. Stop Bullying
d. Bullying Laws In Florida
e. Deaths from Bullying
f. No Super Heroes for Bullies
g. Bullying An Explanation

#Bullying   #Cyberbullying
peak to a school representative; Teachers, Administrators or
Guidance Counselors, they are there to help.

Wm Jackson, Speaker and Presenter

Wm Jackson, Speaker and Presenter

August 17, 2013

Parents and the 180 Day School Year

Power In Education

Power In Education

Parents and the 180 Day School Year

“Education is the great engine of personal
development. It is through education that
the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor,
that a son of a mine worker can become the
head of the mine, that a child of farm workers
can become the president of a nation.”
Nelson Mandela

The new school year is upon us, 180 days of
educational growth, clarity, maturity, engagement
and the realization that all students are valuable.
180 days of parent and teacher team work
and collaboration.

Teachers have been preparing for their students
even as the past school year came to a close. The
profession of education is not just 180 days:
it expands across weeks, months and years.
Professional educators and administrators understand
that the process of teaching is built on a foundation
that uses accumulated data from formative and
summative assessments throughout the school year.
These assessments measure, track, gauge and create
a trail of learning that is progressive and representative
of the abilities of students to grow and excel academically.
AYP – Annual Yearly Progress is important because
it justifiably shows that children are learning or if
there are challenges.

Parents should ask to see their child’s test scores to
understand how their children are progressing through
the school year. Communication is very important for
the success of the student.

Learning is Engaging

Learning is Engaging

Teaching children is a profession that requires training,
certification, dedication, patience and a passion to assist
children to grow beyond their current levels. Education
does starts at home: when a child is born, that child is
dependent upon its parents to make the best decisions
to set the foundation for life-long learning.
A parent’s educational level is an important predictor
of children’s educational and behavioral outcomes.
If a parent loves learning their children will model
their parents.

A parent can set the foundation of a child’s future by their
emphasis on the value of learning and importance they place on
reading, literacy and comprehension. Stated on
“The Role of Parents” “we (parents) are our children’s learning
models. Our attitudes about education can inspire theirs and
show them how to take charge of their own educational journey.”
What more important role can a parent play than “teaching”
their children to love learning?

American children must understand the opportunities they have
when compared to other children globally. Yes they will be
competing for careers nationally, but when you read stories
from children from Nepal and other nations American parents
must make education a priority in their homes.

Stated by Bibhuti from Nepal about education, “Most children
in rural Nepal don’t have enough time to spend on books
because they have to help their struggling families with work
around the house and fields. These moments are far too rare
for most underprivileged children, especially girls.”

Appreciate the educational resources that are available and
instill in children not just the how valuable education is
but the why. America despite its critics has one of
the best educational systems in the free world. Those that
disagree I challenge them to send their children to
another nation to obtain an elementary, middle or
high school education.

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember.
Involve me and I’ll understand.” Confucius
These tips are a guide to help parents, help their children
embrace learning. To love learning and build a culture in
their homes for learning.

Parents the key to student success

Parents the key to student success Cheryl Jackson and Darryl McClenton – #FAMU Honors Graduate 2010

Suggestions for parents to stay engaged with their children

Parents be a role model for learning.
Parents are their children’s first teacher.
A parent’s responsibility both moral and ethical is to show
how school can extend the learning you began together at
home, and how exciting and meaningful this learning can be.

Parents pay attention to what your child loves.
Find out what your child’s interests are and build on them.
This will show you the parent how your child likes to learn.
Their learning style is developing.

Parents learn how your child learns.
Children use combination of modalities to learn:
visually, tactile, auditory and combinations.
Parents learn how your child learns so you can meet their
learning styles and share with their teacher. Teachers use
DI or Differentiated Instruction in the classroom so compare

Parents set aside time to read together.
Parents read aloud regularly even to your older kids and
allow them to read to you. Reading early creates a platform
to share literacy and creates higher levels of comprehension
if what is read is discussed. Start a reading club in your
home, community and even in your child’s school.

Parents connect what your child learns to
everyday life.

Allow learning to reflect real life situations. Whether
shopping, traveling, and exploring your world of learning
can come along as being fun. The skills of mathematics,
reading, social studies and even science can be discovered.

Parents help your child take charge of their learning.
Parents help your child have ownership of their learning.
Allow them time to choose what they want to read and
how they want to learn. Use available resources like
the library and museums. Allow children to celebrate
successes and learn from failures.

Parents keep TV, Technology and Social Media to
a minimum.

These interactive entertainment sources can be distractions
and hindrances to learning. Watching TV diminishes creativity,
imagination and learning exploration depending on the
programming and theme of what you are watching.
Use toys, books and even crafts to create a learning center
instead of TV and Technology.

Parents learn something new yourself.
Parents if you share your love for learning your children
will love to learn. Demonstrate your willingness to learn new
things and even if you struggle this is good for growth.
Showing how to overcome adversity and learning challenges.

180 Days of Learning is important to take advantage of
if you do not take advantage of each day you can never
get the day or that opportunity back.

Wm Jackson, M.Edu
@wmjackson – Twitter
Parent, Educator, Blogger
Speaker, Mentor and Adopted Granddaddy

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

August 13, 2013

Parents What Are Your Expectations for Your Child

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Malcolm and Einstein

Malcolm and Einstein

Parents What Are Your Expectations for Your Child

The school year draws close, parents are concerned about
the outward appearance of their children; rightly so,
children represent their respective families and
generational lineage(family history).

No parent wants their children to look scruffy especially
the first week of school. The concerns of parents in
their dressing of their child or children is a representation
of the physical appearance that creates the initial impressions
that are temporary and quickly fleeting during the school year.
The question:
“What kind of child are you raising?” is thought provoking and
a serious discussion that inquires are parents preparing their
children mentally and emotionally for school?

Have parents encouraged excellence using positive words and
positive expectations? Are parents purchasing educational
materials; dictionaries, reference guides, educational DVD’s
library cards and museum memberships?
Are parents talking too, not yelling at their children
about their high expectations for proper behaviors and
scholarly participation(being a good student)?

I have heard in the past too many parents verbally threaten,
demean, dress down, embarrass and curse out their children
as the school year approaches and during the school year.
Their (parents) excuse or reason children need to know
that they mean business.

Comments such as these shape and mold a child’s mind.
It potentially creates a personality that the perception
is they deserve to be beat, they deserve to be yelled at
and cursed at. These actions only reinforce in a child’s
mind that violence should be accepted and maybe even
welcomed to be a good student.

As a parent, an educator, and a mentor I urge parents to
think about and seriously consider two statements by two
well known men. Both are parents and known globally for
their wisdom in their respective professions.

The Power of Education

The Power of Education

Einstein stated, ”Way of thinking should be taught to
all children, to be tenacious in the way they think, to
solve problems even though they may take years.”
Einstein 2007
This is related to the elements of STEAM
Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics
This progressive and multi-integrated way to teach
empowers students for 21st century careers. Opening
doors to careers of “Content Creators”
(Bill Gates), the value of being human capital in a global
economy based on a foundation of knowledge. Malcolm X stated
simply that, “Education is the passport to the future.
Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
Malcolm X promoted learning and understanding. He is known
to read ferociously and regularly sharing his knowledge
when applying it to Blacks and people of color. Even Whites
in some cases when directed at education shared Malcolm X
views on the importance of education on a global foundation.

It is a parents responsibility to help TRAIN a child’s
mind not to beat it and curse it into submission. Even the
bible states to train up a child as they should go.
Einstein also stated that, “The value of education is the
training of the mind to think.” What a profound statement
from a man from humble beginnings.
He faced prejudice, racism and death from his Jewish
heritage, living in the time of Nazi Germany. He became a
successful professor, scholar, and Nobel Peace Prize winner
for his theory of Relativity and other successes.
This did not happen overnight it took years of
dedication, collaboration, research and using the
elements of STEAM.
This being said, parents prepare your children for
potential careers. Read to you children, provide
positive educational experiences and expose them to
positive people that will lead them in the right direct.

Parents must train up their children the way they should
go, valuing education and those who are progressive,
educated and doing good things in their community. Parents
should ask themselves who would they want their child to
follow; who would they want their children to be like.
Children soak up their environmental residue. If you
constantly beat a child physically and verbally something
will break. Too many children are becoming broken, this
is seen painfully through the comments from
students that they can’t do math and science is too hard.
Students are closing their minds because they are scared
to be challenged, scared to learn from being wrong and
scared to be recognized at being intellectual
in their learning levels.

Teachers are preparing their classrooms to teach.
To encourage learning, building literacy and comprehension
skills. Creating foundational levels for higher order and
critical thinking skills. Parents need to be the
first model for educational value, parents think about
the kind of child or children you are raising. Do you
want them be better than you in life: do you want them
to be better financially, educationally,
socially and even spiritually?

The keys are involvement, attending Open House,
participating in PTA and even going to a School Board
meeting. Being proactive in scheduling Parent / Teacher
conferences before there are problems.
Parents, think about what type of child/children are you
raising for the 2013-2014 school year and beyond.
Albert Einstein encouraged curiosity. Believing there
is a purpose for curiosity and exploration in all of
us no matter our color or culture.

Reading several books, Einstein (Walter Isaacson)
and Malcolm X A Life of Reinvention (Manning Marable),
shows that education overcomes cultural divides, economic
challenges and removal of the denial to learning.
Parents should teach their children to embrace learning,
enjoy learning and create learning environments in
their homes.

“The ceasing of the school to prison pipeline starts
at home, parents create atmospheres of educational
imprisonment or educational enlightenment”
William Jackson 2013

Fathers this school year take your children to school.
Start a positive tradition of educational excellence
based on love, trust and high expectations.

Fathers Are Important

Fathers Are Important

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