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February 2, 2015

Black On Black Love and Respect

Black On Black Love and Respect
2015 Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival

The Black Heritage Festival was culturally rewarding and musically
fun. There was a mixture of Old School musical history blended
with current musical Hip Hop and Old School beats.
The festival was attended by several thousand that were feed by
a variety of food vendors and food trucks that provided a multicultural
blend of food and drinks. This provided an opportunity to get a taste of
Jamaican foods and traditional Southern delicacies and the unique
tastes of fried, baked and stewed meats and vegetables.

The weather cooperated magnificently as the temperatures rose to
comfortable levels and at times a slight breeze swept through to keep
the temperatures comfortable and the smells of Bar B Que, roasted,
and stewed foods permeated the air.

The Mistress of Ceremonies: Lexi Lewis kept the Black Heritage Festival
moving smoothly as musical acts, dancers, and other entertainers
performed on stage to the roaring applause of the growing crowds as
the day progressed seemingly embraced by the Children’s Museum
and the Tampa Museum of Art, the diversity of entertainment and
intellectual pursuits showed that Blacks have a diversification second
to no other culture; but a unique cultural heritage embracing love and
respect with other cultures.

Celebrating Black Heritage for over 15 years, a 10 day celebration that
includes not only live entertainment, the lineup included Atlantic Star,
Ledisi, Dynasty (Ambition and Purpose), Wayne Stoddart, and more.
There were cultural events, business seminars, intellectual speakers,
kid’s areas; vendor tents where published authors spoke and
shared their craft(s) and the passion of writing and blogging.
Across the generational lines were talented men and women that
tell the stories that people need to hear about historical events of
great significance. From the intellectual levels of Black culture to the
diversity of entertainment even providing resources to children on
STEAM Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics.
The 2015 Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival showed the power
of Black On Black Love and Respect.

The festival, definitely a family oriented event provided a kids’
corner dedicated to allow children to participate in physical exercises
and resources in technology and STEAM that help promote:
Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics.
African American children are learning that they too can be scientist,
explorers, biologists, researchers, engineers, and chemists. Those
careers once were dominated by whites, now see growing numbers
of Blacks and Hispanics.

The beauty of the festival is the diversity of the focus on Black culture,
from T-shirts, to jewelry, to facial and hair products, to entertainment,
to foods, to discussion on cultural affairs and current events.
Family participation is the ultimate expression of love and respect;
the festival is well planned and of high energy.

Brandon and William – A Collaboration in STEAM

Having the honor to meet educators that are teaching STEAM
who travel the country talking to youth, teens and young adults about
future careers. Having the honor again to meet authors that are respected
in their areas of expertise, this encourages me and others that had the
chance to speak to seasoned authors to grow in our writing/blogging.
Networking at conferences, festivals, workshops and seminars is important
to share ideas, grow in collaboration and gain experiences that would not
have been possible. Festivals like this are a gold mind of historical collaboration,
cultural growth and family unity.

Dr. Samuel L. Wright, Sr.(founding member) and William D. Jackson Educator

I had the opportunity to meet one of the founding members of the
Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival, a view into the passion to promote
Black culture in a positive light and positive/productive cultural
expression and experience.

Borrowed from the 2015 brochure:
“We hope you’ll join us as we strive to grow awareness, increase pride
and build appreciation for our African Heritage.
Com e out and Experience Culture, Excitement, Music and Fun!”

Looking forward to the 2016 Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival in
January 14th – 24th 2016.
#TBBHF15 –

Barbara J. SoreyLove
Publisher – Author – Mentor

Children’s Book Author


January 30, 2015

Church of Christ and Social Media

Leadership Flyer 2015 for Westside Church of Christ
Westside Church of Christ – “Leadership Workshop”
Sunday, February 1 – 5, 2015, to Thursday at 7:00 pm nightly
Bro. Charlie McClendon – Facilitator- Northside Church of Christ
Workshop being held at Westside Church of Christ
Corner of 8th and Main Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Church of Christ and Social Media
Part One
by Bro. William Jackson
Westside Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Florida

If you’re in leadership in the Church of Christ, you should be
involved in multiple types of engagement to teach and share
scriptures. Inspiring, teaching and saving souls does not just
happen on Sunday or Wednesday, it is continuous and consistant.

Leadership has many diverse responsibilities, to teach through
leadership. Open communication and transparency between
leadership and the Body is very important. One of the most
damaging things in the Church of Christ is lack of communication
between the members of the Body and the leaders. Assumptions
make asses out of everyone.

The leadership should take the opportunity to recognize the Body,
reinforcing solidarity to the doctrine of Saving Souls and Keeping
Souls Saved; unity through scripture and teaching that does not
modify or change the Word of God.
Leaders through communication should be able to use their gifts
to continue to work in the church, showing and doing, serving as
role models that are effective. They do not tell what they are doing
they show from their works. In their works there is joy, excitement
and a passion to please God and the uplifting of his Kingdom. There
is no room for personal agendas which go against the will of God.
As leaders are working there is engagement that can be posted
online through Social Media platforms marketed by tools that
display a Brand. The only Brand that is of important is the Brand
of God.

The Brand of the Church of Christ goes beyond just being a member
of the Body; it embraces the full spectrum of Saving Souls and
Keeping Souls Saved. Knowing and understanding that none of us
is perfect, but perfection is a target to stay on the right path.

King James Bible
“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by
the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good,
and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
As leaders engage more with members of the Body, generational
barriers must be destroyed, this keeps open the flowing of teaching
and sharing of spiritual wisdom. Each generation must know that
they have access to those elders, deacons and senior leaders of the
Body. How will wisdom be shared if there is not open communication?
No one part of the Body is more important than the other. In the 21st
century digital tools must be used to share knowledge that crosses
generations. Ministers, elders, deacons, and others have great tools
to share content that allows their wisdom to be shared and available
for years to come. Those in leadership must be able to teach the
language of the doctrine that crosses generational lines and
integrates technology. The world will try to spread false
doctrine and create distractions. The Church of Christ must remain
steadfast and determined to “keep it real” while keeping up with
technologies that can expand and expound on its doctrines.

Social Media Platforms
Twitter: @wcocjax
Tuesday Text by Senior Minister Elisha Taylor every Tuesday
Westside Church of Christ Youtube Channel

Part Two…………. Coming soon

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