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January 27, 2017

What’s Next for Hidden Figures In The Future

What’s Next for Hidden Figures In  The Future
by William Jackson


Congratulations to Latanya Richardson and her daughter
Taylor Richardson for the success of showing Hidden
Figures in Jacksonville, Florida to over 200 girls.
The awesome story of how African American women
helped NASA to put astronauts into space and bring
them back to earth.
Girls and women from around Jacksonville, Florida
attended representing groups and schools from
around the city. As a teacher I had the honor to bring
several students from Venetia Elementary School a
Medical Magnet STEM that teaches grade K to 5th 
a Lee High School student. My only regret is
that I could not bring more.


The emotional and psychological inspiration of
this movie demands to ask what is next to keep
the seriousness and the historical value of this
movie moving forward. STEM and STEAM that
are being applied in the educational cultures of
schools is seen as not only career necessary, but
has scientific, business and commerce influences
in this country and on a global scale.
The movie brilliantly showed not just the struggles
of women in the NASA Space Program, but showed
the value and application of their education.
The reason why educational degrees are important,
the value of visiting the library to learn new things
and applying them to real world situations, and the
personal responsibility to prepare for the future.


There were many scenes where the women were called
“computers” as their analytical abilities where recognized,
but only later were they respected after showing and
demanding equality through leadership opportunities and
promotions that were withheld only because of their color.
Working with many types of math and integrating
mathematical equations that sometimes had to be created.
This shows that girls and women have the skill sets and
analytical abilities to function in complex and STEAM
areas that demand creativity and innovation.

Hidden Figures addressed several civil rights issues in the
areas of political and educational equality that in some cases
are still being addressed for Black
s, Hispanics and others of
the struggle still continues and there
have been many successes.


Girls and women will take away many lessons from the
movie and see how history was changed not just by
protests, by going to school to earn advanced degrees,
learning the laws of the nation, how to speak properly
without using profanity, the importance of family unity
and support and setting goals that everyone works towards.

Another important key is to carry or act like there is
self-pride, cultural respect and intelligence.
 A key lesson
shared is that children  
learned early that education is
the ticket to a better life even when there are
challenges to be overcome.

Even seeing the implementation of “new” technologies
at the time when early computers where not as easy to
use, but there was continued learning in programming
languages that demanded studying and forward thinking.
The movement to gaining educational parity and equality
is a great value for boys and girls of color, this movie is
worth seeing again and applied to the learning initiatives
in all schools to allow students to see the why they
need to be serious about their education and the vision
for their dreams of success.


Seeing the new IBM computers being used, but it
took a woman to learn the programming language to
make it work sends a message that women are as smart
and intelligent as men, even if those men are Black
or white.
There are no barriers than can stop girls and women
from gaining l
eadership skill-sets and applying the
intelligence to make positive and historical changes.
Parents, mothers, fathers, and grandparents if you
have not seen Hidden Figures take your children and
other children if possible to see this movie that not
only shows the historical application of education
and cultural  pride and respect, that gender is not
a liability
, color is not a curse, there is a blending of
historical successes and  global influence.


Hidden Figures opens the mind’s eye that anything is
possible, t
hat dreams can be achieved, and intelligence
is Dope and Lit.
What is next is up to parents, schools, churches and
communities to support children, youth and teens.
Time will tell, graduations rates from high school
and college will tell and the growing number of girls
and boys of co
lor in  STEM careers will tell.


May 19, 2016

Influenced by Malcolm X

How Not To Get Your Child Killed In The Streets


The blog is dedicated to Malcolm X whose
wisdom and knowledge resonate even in the
21st century…..
Happy Birthday Malcolm X May 19th…..

“Education is our passport to the future, for
tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for
it today.” Malcolm X

The continuous murders of young people have
families, citizens and communities demanding
that the killings stop. The senseless taking
of lives and the gun violence that seems to
have no end.
The tradegy is that this will continue unless
parents not police start taking responsibility
for their responsibilities to be parents, not
friends, buddies, BFF’s or any other name that
is not associated with parenting.

EVeryone is wondering what has happened to the
morality of our youth, teens and young adults,
but too many are not looking in the parental
mirrors or accountablity and responsibility as
a parentm that parents should have.
Children learn from their parents, if a parent
allows their children to go out at night
after a “resonable” time then what do you expect to
happen. If a parent allows their 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
year old to talk to them any way and thinks that
is cute, what will happen when the child turns
into a pre-teen, a teen and then a young adult?
If the parent allows profanity, complacency and
irresponsibility into their
homes what do they think will happen to the lives
of their children?

This is not to say that there are perfect parents,
this is to say there should be common sense and
parenting learned from the elders. No one listens to
the elders, the grandparents the “Big Mamas” and
the wise gran dads that have learned the lessons of
life and have tried to “teach,” “preach,” and guide
during the challenges of life. Have African
Americans discarded their elders and the knowledge
they have and ready to share?

The travesty is that too many young parents do not
have the skills to raise babies because they are still
babies too. Too many African American parents are not
encouraging their children in the area education,
public service, intellectual engagement in libraries,
museums and other places of learning. Parents that
Want to keep their children, teens, youth and young
adults alive, keep them learning in the libraries,
museums and learning centers of their communities
and cities.
Parents do not encourage family time because too many
want party time, play time and other times not dedicated
to bonding in the family, sharing positive things in the
family and the value of education in the family. When
grandmother talks girls should listen, when grandfather
is sharing stories of value, honesty, decency,
unity and cultural achievement boys and young men
should listen.

Technology allows for the wonders of the world to be exposed
in many academic disciplines, youth, teens and young
adults can learn science, medicine, arts, engineering, space
exploration, examining of the world’s oceans, robotics, these
create career opportunities for African American children
that were unseen 10 years ago. African American children
are learning the wrong things and applying the wrong skills
from mass media.
African American boys and young men should be in libraries,
cultural centers studying, learning and engaging with positive
men and women, too many are getting high, having sex,
playing games of death and destruction and disrespecting
themselfs, their parents and their culture doing stupid
stuff that kills time they will never get back.

There are so many careers that allow a African American child
to witness the genetic structure of human beings (DNA). The
ability to clone plants to feed thousand, use a telescope
to expore the universe, using a microscope to study
germs and viruses to learn how to battle cancer, and other things
that kill the human body from infection and invasion.
I have blogged previously “the engagement of technology allows
African American children and children of color to expand their
intellectual, innovative and creative abilities beyond sports,
entertainment and the stereotypical elements that society deems
appropriate for African American children.” How can this change
if parents are happy with letting their chidren get by, get
over, get laid and get high?

People celebrate great men like Malcolm X, seen here speaking
on Economics in this YouTube video, but how many really apply
the learning to actual practice to make serious changes for their
lives and the lives of their children?

African American teens are missing the mark in networking for
jobs, preparing for higher education and searching for
internships and scholarships that open educational and employment
doors. Employers are becoming fearful to hire African American
youth because their online content is smeared with unethical
behaviors and questionable actions. Showing drugs, guns,
engaging in sex with multiple partners and disrespecting
authority. Violence is seen as more enjoying than learning.

The media shows the “bad” sides of many African American youth
as violent, educationally challenged and African American girls
involved in entertainment agendas that show them as sexually
promiscuous, no morals or values, that no business will want
to hire them except the pornography business.Truth be told
this does not apply to most but the media portrays African
American girls do not help themselves when they show the
elements of Sexting to impress others that only see them
as a sexual object.

African Americans only apply what the media lets them witness,
too many African American youth and teens do not know how
to grow a business, if you do not think so, then listen
to children and understand how they wanna be like the “stars”
they see on television and not business owners.
Each “reality televison” show is a reminder that you have
to use the F word, the N word, the B word to your freinds.
It is ok to call them out of their
names, disrespect them and try to destroy them.

In far to many cases intellegence, intellectualism, ethics,
morals and values are being destroyed right before our eyes,
look at the recent murders over the past several months of
young people bearly starting their lives, but having their
lives ended in violence that touches infants, babies, toddlers
and children that either witness it or directly exposed to
family members being involved in some way.


“My alma mater was books, a good library….
I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying
my curiosity.” Malcolm X

More African American children need to have the idea to own
a business, the passion for learning, reading, literacy
and being life long learners.

Parents have to lay the foundation for success, instead of
purchasing entertainment systems, they will have to change
from entertainment to education.
Purchasing educational software for their children that struggle
with reading and math. Access online tutorial sites where most
are free to use so their children can learn how to use
Microsoft Productivity tools such as Word to create resumes,
write introductory letters to employers, and complete online
employment applications with Browsers.
Youth need to understand the dynamics of PowerPoint, where
they will have to design presentations allowing them to speak
to groups to Market their talents and abilities as future

Educational programs such as STEM and STEAM need
to be supported and encouraged in schools by parents. Using
these models to encourage learning and foster a thirst for
educational preparation. To show African American youth the
options that really are real for careers they can have.

The critical part of any successful educational endeavor is
the involvement of parents. Critical to valuing education,
the empowerment of learning and the direction of continued
educational success are from parents and their collaboration
with teachers and schools. Reading, literacy, comprehension
have not changed in how important they are.
The difference is that too many African American parents are too
busy with their lives to create a learning atmosphere for their
children and participate as well to better themselves.

If African Americans are silent about their educational
thirst they will be ignored and moved from sight. The new jobs
coming to Jacksonville, Detriot, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia,
etc. will not even consider people of color and culture because
they will see only a people that have criminal records, children
without a daddy that mommies have to take care of with two jobs,
or fathers that struggle to take care of their children selling
drugs because they did not apply themselves in school so they
have to sell drugs to make money to feed themselves and their
families. The jails are the new universities that are
advertising for new residents.

This blog may seem harsh, but how harsh is seeing blood on the
streets, how harsh is it to see mothers crying over their children,
how harsh is it to see infants and children watching as they lower
their parents in a dark, cold pit and how harsh is it
that children, parents and families cannot read on a basic
foundational level to gain literacy and understanding?

How not to get your child killed in the streets relies on the
value parents have on education each and every day. To keep
them away from those situations that create death.

The words by Malcolm X ring true even in the 21st century,
“People don’t realize how a man’s (woman’s) whole life can
be changed by one book.” Malcolm X

“The diversity of an uncomplicated man.”
Wm Jackson about Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Biography of Malcolm X

Malcolm X Biography

May 5, 2016

High School Athletes – Having A Tunsil Moment

Having A Tunsil Moment
William Jackson, M.Ed.

Prevent Having A Tunsil Moment

Our behaviors are influenced by youthful
exuberance, ignorance to the consequences
of our actions and just plain stupidity. Many
of us have done things, participated in
activities that when we look back on we
resent and regret. Maturity is a great thing
to have, but it is gained from experiences
from life lessons.

Behaviors when mixed with alcohol, drugs and other substances
blur the lines between common sense and irrational behaviors.
When combined with technology we display a side of ourselves
that we normally would not. We act and react differently because
our thoughts are either clouded irrational actions and our youthful
excitement of the moment.

The National Football League Draft of 2016 will be seen as a lesson
in Social Media  caution and accountability. The lessons
learned are not just for athletes, but for everyone seeking to
achieve their goals, dreams and career aspirations.


Laremy Tunsil’s high school mistake is a wakeup call for
high school and middle school students that use Social Media.
The events that happened no matter how they took place
shows several things, people will try to use Social Media
content to hurt others, you are accountable and responsible
for your content that you post from videos, to photos
and we cannot predict our futures.

This lesson in a way was experienced by Vanessa Williams
years ago when she was the first African American
to win Miss. America, but her crown was taken back
because of photos from her past. She survived with
the support of family and friends and her determined
will to be successful.

The term, hind sight is 20/20, I’m sure if she knew she
was going to be Miss America she would not have taken
those photos and chosen another course of action to support
herself. Tunsil, I’m sure would not have participated in the
events shown online and not recorded them. The actions of
youth mixed with substances that take control of the
mind are a dangerous combination.

Social Media is not a crystal ball into the future, but a
window to the past, it can show positive and productive
events or behaviors that show lack of  thought and
maturity. As I have stated in many conversations at
conferences, seminars and workshops:
“Your digital devices can be your best friends or
worse enemies, depending on the type of content you
create and post, share and associate with.” William Jackson

Social Media platforms are growing and allow unprecedented
opportunities to share content that shares our lives,
parents must be sure to talk to their children to
get them to understand that everything they do does
not have to go online and their behaviors, actions
and associations can be a curse for the future.

“Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.”
Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO Tweet This!

Internet Caution

Internet Caution

As I have blogged parents need to “Google and Hash Tag,”
their children from time to time to protect them from
themselves. To talk to their children, set ground rules
and have expectations for behaviors. Along with this if
the rules are broken consequences for actions that can
ultimately be detrimental to future careers.

Social Media is a reflection of society, there are wonderful
resources that allow for personal growth, educational
access, networking and social interactions that build
dynamic and global relationships, but the other end
are areas that promote chaos, confusion and even death;
physical, moral, psychological and spiritual defecation to
logic and common sense.
Parents are their children’s first line of defense to
protect their children from physical and digital mistakes.

The Internet has created an atmosphere where children,
youth, teens and young adults feel they cannot live without
access, they have to be connected to friends and resources
that can influence behaviors outside of their “normal”
influences. Tuncil is not the only one that has been
exposed, there are others, some were lucky, but there
are others that have heartbreaking stories resulting in
unemployment, shame and embarrassment. The issue with
Social Media is that others are influenced because of the
“connected communities.” Everyone else can see
your business and if you allow only a select few,
this does not stop the spreading of rumors and innuendos.

Caution in the actions and reactions of situations and
circumstances is important. Think about how or if what
you post can or will affect you and your family. It only
takes a few seconds to change to course of your future
when posting on Social Media.

“Social media is changing the way we communicate and the
way we are perceived, both positively and negatively.
Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you
are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal
Brand.” Amy Jo Martin

The dangers are not just employment and social stability,
the dangers are destroying your Brand that you have worked
hard to build. From your E-Brand to your e-Reputation
and even your e-Personality all are affected. In some cases
it is easier to destroy your personal Brand and almost
impossible to rebuild it after a mistaken posting.

“How valuable your e-Brand, e-Personality, e-Reputation and
e-Value are cannot be determined until you do something to
damage it on Social Media.” William Jackson


May 3, 2016

Night Out With Stetson Kennedy, MaVynee “Beach Lady”



Night Out With Stetson Kennedy,
MaVynee “Beach Lady”
& The Black Superheroes
A Reader’s Theater Performance

Saturday, May 14, 2016
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

at Historic American Beach
Burney Park
95496 Burney Road
Fernandina, FL 32034

The Readers Theater performance
will be followed by a reflection
on the relationship between
Stetson Kennedy and
MaVynee Betsch,
“The Beach Lady”.

Young Minds Building Success and the Stetson Kennedy
Foundation present “Night Out With Stetson Kennedy,
MaVynee “Beach Lady”, & The Black Superheroes”
in honor of the Annual Nightsands at American Beach 2016.

Join Young Minds Readers Theater cast members as they
give life to “Black Superheroes” derived from folklorist
and Jacksonville author Stetson Kennedy’s “Palmetto Country”;
Library of Congress American ex-slaves archives gathered by
the Federal Writer’s Project during the 1930s,
and the commemorative comic book.

“Introducing The Black
Superheroes”, written and
edited by Tangela Floyd and
illustrated by Brian Oakley.
Kennedy, Library of Congress,
and Floyd’s collections
include African-American
superheroes who used strength,
intelligence, and endurance
to accomplish unexpected results.

Then, the readers theater performance will be followed by
a reflection on the relationship between Stetson Kennedy
and MaVynee Betsch, “The Beach Lady”.

For more information, contact Young Minds Readers Theater
at (904) 635-6167, or,

Sandra Kennedy, widow of Stetson Kennedy
Sandra Kennedy, widow of
Stetson Kennedy and
William Jackson, Teacher
of the Year of
Venetia Elementary School
2015 – 2016
Official Social Media and
IT Consultant of
Readers Theater

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