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May 12, 2016

Finding Your Voice on TED Talks

Finding Your Voice on TED Talks
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TED – Technology – Entertainment – Design

“TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas,
usually in the form of short, powerful talks.”

This is where Technology, Entertainment and
Design converge in dynamic conversations that
have grown globally.

Speaking at TED or TEDx; independently run TEDx
provides an opportunity for people of all cultures,
genders, life styles and educational backgrounds to
share their stories and empower their voices.

The value of storytelling, the importance of a
personal story is seen as speakers share their passions,
loves, fears, dreams, humor and life experiences.
Even the personal action of a contribution
that could contribute to global change. A paradigm
of conversation of cultural and historical value.


TED Talks allows for innovative and personal dialogues,
providing unique and transformative content that grabs,
caresses, massages and even attacks the senses and in
some cases the sensibilities of those listening.
Capturing the visual, auditory and multi-dimentional
gateways to a persons psyche to grab the attention
of the listener and allow for an exchange beyond cognitive.

The voices in TED – TEDx are authoritative, commanding,
passionate, and engaging. Combined with the emotional
displays of the human experience that allows for bridging
differences, to shed light on personal similarities,
cultural blending and building connections that show
we – the human race are a race of people united by more
than just blood, skin, tissue, and other physical
attributes. We each have a soul, shared by the ether
of the universe.

Our minds cannot be limited by the amount of melanin
that dictates the shades, hues, and color variations
of our skins. As human beings we are more than this,
by way of TED Talks there is a connection that borders
on a matrix of inter-connective energies. Our skin, Our
voice helps define our individuality and amplifies our
connection to the diversity of the human
race and the human experience.


It is impossible to list all the TED – TEDx Talks so my
connections are from several that have connected beyond
my mental interpretations, one of the most powerful is
the “The Danger of A Single Story,” by Chimamanda Ngoze
Adidchie, I introduced this to my students in my
Educational Technology class and had them write a blog
about their interpretations and connections to it.

Nigerian authors such as Adidchie, Chinua Achebe,
Wole Solinka can be thought to share similar
experiences across cultures. Each of us has a single
story, but our stories are interconnected with broad
intersections either by personal meetings or the
engagement through Social Media platforms.
Blogging and the Connection with Achebe and Soyinka

The beauty of Adidchies presentation shows the
magnificent use of connecting the dynamics
of race, color, social order and societal expectations.
One of the lessons shared is that no one should allow
one person, one group, one entity to tell their stories.
Each of us has a responsibility to tell our own story.
Adidchie’s ability to share her personal story to allow
connections to others is truly a work of artistic expression.

Each of us has a story that is important. Each of our lives
are filled with lessons of value, and each of us has a
purpose driven life if we only embrace it and charge after it.

TED Talks allows the human experience to be shared, unfiltered,
unashamed and undeniably needed to bridge gaps that try to
keep us (humans) separated as a race of human beings. Our
diversity is powerful and can solidify unification and provide
solidarity beyond the differences that make us unique.
We are not a collection of random beings, but a complete
organism that cannot survive alone. We need our collective
cultures, communities and human environments to survive.


TED – TEDx is creating historical documentation of the human
experiences that unite us and bring enlightenment and
illumination to the power of the human spirit. The
conversations continue to change the traditional cognitive
structure of reasoning and perception of people of color
and culture.

Globally we must embrace these talks in order to strengthen
humanity as a global community. Take the time to engage
in TED Talks to learn about the stories that make the human
life important.



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