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June 10, 2016

180 Day School Year What’s Your ‘Xcuse

180 Day School Year What’s Your ‘Xcuse
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Edward Waters College


“Education is the great engine of personal
development. It is through education that
the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor,
that a son of a mine worker can become the
head of the mine, that a child of farm workers
can become the president of a nation.”
Nelson Mandela

The school year is 180 days of
educational growth, clarity, maturity, engagement
and the realization that all students are valuable.
180 days of parent and teacher team work
and collaboration.

The profession of education is not just 180 days
for teachers nor for students:
it expands across weeks and months.
Professional educators and administrators understand
that the process of teaching is built on a foundation
that uses accumulated data from formative and
summative assessments throughout the school year.
These assessments measure, track, gauge and create
a trail of learning that is progressive and representative
of the abilities of students to grow and excel academically.
AYP – Annual Yearly Progress is important because
it justifiably shows that children are learning or if
there are challenges.

Parents should ask to see their child’s test scores to
understand how their children are progressing through
the school year. Communication is very important for
the success of the student. All parents should have a
parent teacher conference to make sure they are sure
they understand their children’s learning.

A parent’s personal educational level is an important
predictor of children’s educational and behavioral
outcomes. If a parent loves learning their children
will model their parents. Parents must not wait for
the school year to encourage learning it must be
every day.
A parent can set the foundation of a child’s future
by their emphasis on the value of learning and
importance they place on reading, literacy and

Stated on “The Role of Parents”
“we (parents) are our children’s learning models.
Our attitudes about education can inspire theirs and
show them how to take charge of their own educational
journey.” What more important role can a parent play
than “teaching” their children to love learning?

Another school year is almost over and parents know if
their children will be promoted or retained. 180 day
school year and every parent should know before the
end of the school year their child’s academic status.
There is no Xcuse why parents do not know……

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember.
Involve me and I’ll understand.” Confucius


These tips are a guide to help parents, help their children
embrace learning. To love learning and build a culture in
their homes for learning. Parents need to be involved
in their child’s learning 365…

  1. Parents be a role model for learning.
    Parents are their children’s first teacher.
    A parents responsibility both moral and ethical is to show
    how school can extend the learning you began together at
    home, and how exciting and meaningful this learning can be.
    2. Parents pay attention to what your child loves.
    Find out what your child’s interests are and build on them.
    This will show the parent how your child likes to learn.
    Their learning style…………
    3. Parents learn how your child learns.
    Children use a combination of modalities to learn:
    visually, tactile, and auditory.
    Parents learn how your child learns so you can meet their
    learning styles.
    4. Parents set aside time to read together.
    Parents read aloud regularly even to your older kids and
    allow them to read to you. Reading early creates a platform
    to share literacy and creates higher levels of comprehension
    if what is read is discussed. Start a reading club in your
    home, community and even in your child’s school.
    5. Parents connect what your child learns to everyday life.

    Allow learning to reflect real life situations. Whether
    shopping, traveling, and exploring your world of learning
    can come along as being fun. The skills of mathematics,
    reading, social studies and even science can be discovered.
    6. Parents help your child take charge of their learning.
    Parents help your child have ownership of their learning.
    Allow them time to choose what they want to read and
    how they want to learn. Use available resources like
    the library and museums. Allow children to celebrate
    successes and learn from failures.
    7. Parents keep TV, Technology and Social Media to a minimum.
    These interactive entertainment sources can be distractions
    and hindrances to learning.
     Watching TV diminishes creativity,
    imagination and learning exploration depending on the
    programming and theme of what you are watching.
    Use toys, books and even crafts to create a learning center
    instead of TV and Technology.
    8. Parents learn something new yourself.
    Parents if you share your love for learning your children
    love to learn. Demonstrate your willingness to learn new
    things and even if you struggle this is good for growth.
    Showing how to overcome adversity and learning challenges.

    180 Days School Year What’s Your ‘Xcuse is important to
    take advantage of each day for your children. You can never
    get the day or that opportunity back. 180 day school year to
    gain the knowledge you need to be promoted each year.
    There should be no excuses.


June 8, 2016

My Quest To Teach Presentations

“My Quest To Teach”
Providing Presentations

My educational journey through parenthood, teaching,
mentoring, volunteering and community activism.
“My Quest” to provide valuable and transformative
opportunities to youth, teens and young adults.


Willliam Jackson
Florida State Attorney’s Office
Preventing Crime In The Black
Community Conference
May 2016

Need a speaker on #SocialMedia Safety,
Preventing Bullying and Cyberbullying
The value and empowerment of STEAM / STEM


June 3, 2016

A Testimony To Teachers in 2016

A Testimony To Teachers in 2016
William Jackson, M.Edu.
Edward Waters College

The background music in graduations can
appropriately use Marvin Sapps:
Never Would Have Made It Without You…

“Never would have made it, never could have
made it, without you. I would have lost it all,
but now I see how you were there for me.”
Marvin Sapp

Graduation ceremonies across the country
a true testament to professional educators.
The model of “College Preparation”
is questioned and will continue to be studied,
examined and statistical data accumulated.
Incorporating a frame of mind for college,
higher academic performance, and future
acceptance in college is the goal for many
students. Vocational studies are available for
those with talents in other areas of study,
in it’s own right many Vocational Schools contain
higher educational models. The high level of
academic performance and ownership of learning
is initiative for many school districts nationally.

The sentiment shared by Trey Csar of the
Jacksonville Public Education Fund states that,
“we must commit to treating public education
as an important investment.” Learning is
continuous, a continuous process and does not
end at graduation, but continues beyond. Education
and Learning are Investments of the highest order.
Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “What lies behind
us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us.”

Teacher’s collectively
work to inspire and empower the talents that
lay dormant in students. Encouraging, nurturing
talents and magnifying hidden abilities to spring
forth so that graduates will be a benefit to
society not a burden in the juvenile or adult
justice systems, a hindrance or an embarrassment
to their families or society.

my sons college education

Teachers work to make sure students graduate from
elementary, middle and high.Educators understand
the importance of promotion, so work
begins in the elementary levels as a foundation to
build on. Graduation is a time for celebration of
the achievement of academic success and growth in
Looking at the road traveled and the accomplishments
earned. Recognition of the hard work of students;
the commitment and sacrifice of parents and
professionalism that teachers put forth to
prepare students for challenges they (students)
will face, not just academically during their
journey, but socially, intellectually, morally and
ethically. Many will argue the teaching of morals
and values by educators, but education is a moral

Socrates (469-399BC) stated, “Education can make
people moral.” The moral strength of a society can
be judged by the educational level of a society.
Even Aristotle (384-322BC) stated the importance of
education and educators to the world. “The highest
form of human existence is when man exercises his
rational faculties to the fullest extent.”

Shaq (Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal) thought so highly
of education and respect for teachers that he earned
his Ed.D. in Education. It was a challenging journey
to earning it, he promised his mother he would
eventually return to school after
leaving college to play pro basketball. He returned
to complete his bachelor’s degree, then Masters
and finally Doctorial degree.
Shaq commented about his work for education that,
“I put in four and a half hard years staying up late
at night, studying, reading, rewriting papers to earn
my degree.” “Of all the things I’ve done in my life,
this probably is my No. 1 accomplishment, I
respect teachers and education and would like to
give back to kids.”

attending my daughters high school graduation

Teaching is not just a five day a week job, working
only eight hours a day or a 40 hour work week.
Teaching is a birthing process; the labour of teaching
with strategies, standard, rituals and routines that
must be observed to meet the objectives of standards
and benchmarks, the preparation
of teachers through lesson plans guided by state
standards, assessment data, administrative input,
differential instruction strategies and the integration
and implementation of technology.

Never Would Have Made It Without You.. Has a new meaning
for youth from gradations across this nation. Teachers
have completed another year of instruction and are reminded
that the struggles are worth the efforts they put in.
That the hard work, long hours and sacrifices are
justified. Robert Louis Stevenson statement to teachers,
“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you
reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Gain strength and
comfort in knowing that teachers are planting seeds for
the future of doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers,
preachers, Presidents, Mayors, engineers, and for
careers that have not been discovered yet.

Teachers guide the way to building economic stability
in all societies through education.
In a blog by @AletaTurner explains the level of
Bachelor Degrees in Jacksonville, Florida where we live.
teachers are needed and education is valuable it is a
moral responsibility to obtain as much education as
possible for all citizens.

Dr John Goodlad’s assertion that education is a “moral
endeavor,” “A moral foundation for education is essential,”
“teaching is a moral action because other humans are
involved and within teaching there are meaningful
contributions to humans.”

There are many studnets that can sing the praises of their
teachers by singing “Never would have made it without you,”
a testimony to educators and are passionate to prepare our

Even comments from the 1960’s still apply in the 21st century,
“Without education, you’re not going anywhere in this world.”
Malcolm X

Listen to this awesome and motivational graduation speech.

April 22, 2016

Why Jacksonville Needs WordCamp Jax #WCJAX

Why Jacksonville Needs WordCamp Jax #WCJAX
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Edward Waters College @wmjackson


The recent 2 day WordCamp at Florida State College
Jacksonville, held at the Advanced Technology
Center shows the value of content creation,
innovative uses in web development and the growing
numbers of bloggers in Jacksonville and surrounding

Jacksonville is gradually becoming recognized as
a city that incorporates diverse technologies in
the area of content creation in blogging (writing),
web development, computer programming, computer
coding, and other areas of integrated technologies.
The movement from hands on industries for in labor
to cognitive content creation has expanded the need
for people that are critical thinkers, analytical
interpreters, managers and higher order thinkers.
The landscape for the “type” of workers has changed
and the skill levels, not just in Jacksonville, but
in the southern regions of the nation.

The infusion of cross platform and integrated
technologies that allow for the creation, manipulation,
and sharing of information is important in several
aspects of life in Jacksonville. Technology has grown
beyond just industry use, the level of technologies
used in schools today are preparing students to have
the necessary skills to start careers even before
entering into higher education or the work force.
Students in Duval County Public Schools are learning
to be entrepreneurs even before they fully understand
what the word means or the opportunities as a business


Higher education has and continues to integrate
technology with curriculum’s because their “clients,”
students need the skills to become employed after
graduation. Graduations are a determining factor if
higher educational institutions are actually
working, if students cannot find jobs that means
there needs to be changes made in the educational process
at this level and in high schools.

WordCamp Jacksonville is providing exposure to diverse
Social Media, Social Marketing, Branding, Content Creation
and business startups to provide expertise to inspire
others in diverse technology fields.
Jacksonville Business Landscape is adapting from a
fear of Social Media and Social Marketing to embracing
platforms and tools. The world is a global market,
if Jacksonville, Florida cannot effectively and
efficiently communicate and compete with the world of
commerce, business, industry and education it will miss
out on the potential of new business collaborations.

DCPS student

WordCamp Jax offered the opportunity for networking,
collaboration and exposure. Even students from
Duval County Public Schools, Putnam and Clay
counties attended to learn how they can step to the
next level. Educators such as myself in public education
and Edward Waters College attended so we can share
with our students new and growing initiatives.
Exposure is vital for students even from elementary
up to higher education because it connects them with the
experts and those growing in the diverse fields that
are constantly changing, relevancy for learning is
important to make the connections WHY do I need!!1

Schools such as Raines, Ribault, First Coast and
others are changing curriculums because of the changes
in industries that are requiring their employees to have
higher order and critical thinking skills, students
must possess the ability to create presentations using
productivity software that is used in business and industry.
Writing is vital because that is how students will be
judged and evaluated. Students must possess foundational
skills in writing, blogging helps to build writing skills
that complements reading, literacy and comprehension


Parents need to understand that the manual labor jobs
of the past in factories and fields are not available
and technology skills combined with the ability to
read, comprehend, apply and integrate are the skills
necessary to enter into higher education, military
service, law enforcement careers and other careers that
will be demanding its employees to “think critically”
and to solve complex problems in the STEM / STEAM /
STREAM / STEM2 careers.

The WordCamp Jax provided content creators like myself
with diverse backgrounds in programming, web
development, advertising, e-authors, e- educators and
even how to integrate tech in ministry. Blogging is
typically what is thought of at a WordCamp because of
the application WordPress used to create web sites;
integrating plug-ins, widgets, themes and a host of
other multimedia elements WordPress is more than
writing stories, it is creating dynamic content and
put on a dynamic platform that shares information,
incorporates data, interactive opportunities to share
and collaborate and can be transformative when people
work as teams on projects locally and globally.


Words such as Content creation, Innovation, Branding,
Marketing, e-Reputation, e-Presonalities, Thought Leaders,
and more are showing how technology expands the roles
and responsibilities of people working in industries that
are evolving approximately every 7 to 9 months as new
applications, Apps, tools, and platforms are created.

Technology has created a dynamic learning curve of
continuous educational necessity to stay abreast and
aware. WordCamps, Bar Camps, EdCamps and other
professional development opportunities are expanding
to allow people the most important element to share
their knowledge and experiences.


My WordCamp Story in Pictures

Blogger Week in Washington D.C.

Blogging While Brown:

Orlando Tech Week:

WordCamp Central:

WordCamp Jacksonville:


Bar Camp:

For Educators:




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