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December 30, 2016

Building African Bloggers and Innovators in 2017


Building African Bloggers and Innovators in 2017
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Twitter @wmjackson – #MyQuestToTeach

“What should we be doing going forward?”
Africans can save Africa: Arnold Ekpe at TEDxEuston
There are millions of potential brother and sister bloggers
in Africa, diverse people of color and culture, yearning to
tell their stories, developing and waiting to share their
Brands and expand their opportunities to collaborate in
education, business,commerce, finance and global
This writing is a contribution of knowledge to share and
hopefully motivate and inspire Africans desiring to Blog,
Microblog,  Videoblog, Podcast and create dynamic content
within their communities. Their (African) voices and stories
are important and should be shared on a global platform of
respect and collaboration on dynamic Social Media platforms.
To represent the African diaspora and historical significance
of the art of storytelling.
What better way than to share with the world, to create unique
content that is just as diverse as the most culturally rich
continent in the world, Africa. I encourage Africans of all ages
to write their stories, to use their creativity to share innovative
ideas and create content that bridges generations and cultures.
The ability to create unique and transformative content that
can connect and unify their continent.

Following the literary talents of Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa
Thiong’o, Wole Soyinka, Ben Okri, Buchi Emecheta, Ama
Ata Aidoo, Dinaw Mengestu, Africans are historic creators
of stories’, poets, and diverse content creators.
African children are learning that through education
they can contribute to the world in ways not available
decades ago.
Colonialism attempted to silence the voices of Africans,
it failed because the voices of Africans can be heard
whispered on the flowing waters and in the air currents,
stories that travel through the trees, and the paths both
dirt and paved across the continent.
Social Media platforms and tools are allowing African
boys and girls to share their stories with the global
community, bringing attention to their lives right from
their mouths and to the ears of billions globally.


As an educator and parent I want to encourage African
children, teens, youth and young adults to share their
stories through the diverse tools that blogging has to
offer and enhance their language abilities, “language
is the way to memory.”
Prof. Wm Jackson #MyQuestToTeach
Do not allow others to tell your stories as was done
during the centuries of slavery, oppression and
In the spirit of Chinua Achebe share your stories and
let the world hear you. Chinua Achebe the “Father of
African Literature” has stated many times that the
minds of the people were influenced by the
colonization of Europeans.
That African writers need to be activist in their
writing, to challenge the thinking of Africans, to
encourage intellectualism and activism even still
The thinking and the writing of Africans are
challenging the “emperors” way of thinking,
“because the storyteller has a different agenda”
than the emperor, “Conversation with
Chinua Achebe 2012.”


In many ways Africans have a responsibility to
share their stories and share their voices, what
better way to tell truth to life what Europeans have
tried to deny for decades. There was a denial
of building of thought leaders and intellectuals in
Africa during colonial rule. The independence of
Ghana in 1957 and subsequently other African
countries allowed for the potential of building new
intellectuals that in turn will teach others. Sharing
the value of their voices just as Achebe, Soyinka
and others have done, storytelling is a powerful
tool to build cultural pride and dignity.
The 20th and 21st century have opened new ways
for Africans to soar, to embrace the winds of
change that allow for the chains of colonialism to
dissipate. Achebe shares that Africans have the
right to share their expressions. No matter the
medium, the tools, or the platform.
The encouragement of children is important because
as Achebe says that “children can fly,” and should
be encouraged to.
Achebe states that he writes because he likes to
write, I feel the same passion. To share not just
stories, but information to encourage people to think,
contemplate, dream, consider the possibilities to grow
beyond the limited imaginations of those that
do not respect the diversity and the heritage of African
nations or the diaspora.
Africans must tell their stories, share their voices and
build a new dynamic identity for the 21st century.
Africans are more than a people to be colonized and ruled.
They are a people that have passions, expectations, and
dreams, this should be shared with the world.
African voices can influence geopolitical decisions that
will take Africa into the 22nd century and beyond.
Africans as a collective can influence the gaps in education,
in commerce, in the innovation of technology and the
opportunities to achieve more to the benefits of Africa and
African people, not just people from other countries.
54 countries united to solve their own problems can
achieve great things if they unite and speak united. Africa
united as a strong united force to make positive and
transformative change.
These powerful words from stated that, “no foreigners
have ever developed a country, the nationals have developed
their own country.”
Africans can save Africa: Arnold Ekpe at TEDxEuston


Bridging the Diaspora Divide – Teresa H. Clarke at TEDxEuston

South African Bloggers

Africans can save Africa: Arnold Ekpe at TEDxEuston

African on the Blog


November 10, 2016

The African Story Must Be Told To African Americans

The African Story Must Be Told To African Americans
by William Jackson @wmjackson


Promoting unity among Africans and African Americans
in the growing digital age.
The African Diaspora, an interconnected bloodline of
history, legacy, new families, lost families, rapes
of the body and of the mind. Endangered unification
and associations. The fight to balance assimilation and
self destiny.
The connection between African Americans and Africa
is connected with blood and tears. There is no
denying that slavery spread the lives of millions of
Africans to impregnate America with free labor,
slavery on a generational scale, colonization and
lost identity.


History and legacy has shown that Africa is the cradle
of civilization and the history of the world started
with Africa. Even the bible states this.
The story is factual, the evidence seen in the
faces of millions of African Americans that are
decedents of the slaves that were force-ably
brought to this nation. It can be seen from
South America, the Caribbean Islands and other
sites that where in possession of slaves.
The struggle for levels of freedom are still being
sought ironically resulting from slavery in America
and colonialism in Africa. The history being taught
in schools in too many cases is a travesty, filled
with false truths, misconceptions, lies and
information that is intended to be safe and easily
manipulated to create a level of understanding
and thinking that does not encourage cultural growth
or continued investigation by children.

African American students are not interested in
a continent they do not see their connection to,
African children only see what the media wants
them to see of America whether it is music, videos,
movies and the sports athletes and entertainment
powerhouses that lack historical or cultural relevancy.
The intellectual understanding of the importance of
Africa is sometimes lost in the haze and misdirection
that people perceived from “nature” shows.
Africans are in to many cases fodder for discriminatory
shows that show bare chested women in desert sands,
children whose protruding bellies are from malnourished,
starvation and war.

Men who with yellow eyes sit around fires with spears,
glazed looks and missing yellowed teeth.
The media shapes and molds these stories and are
sometimes the only story that has been shown for
decades or half centuries. There is another side of
Africa that is rarely shown.
“The Africa You Rarely See”
This is why “The Danger of a Single Story”
by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is important to
share as I have in my classes.

No one person or group should be allowed to talk
about, mold the conversation around, or dominate
the discussion of another culture.
All parts of the African diaspora are of
historical and cultural significance.
Soyinka and Achebe “Africans Have a Story Inside to Tell”
#MyQuestToTeach an additional blog created to show the
power of African storytellers that in history by colonization
were systematically silenced because foreigners learned
that storytelling shared messages that provided hope,
courage and unity.
Blogging by Africans is critical to share the stories
that influence education, business, commerce and impact
collaborative efforts that transcend race, religion,
gender and alternative lifestyles.
” blogging is critical today more than ever.” Anthea Adams


The stories of Africa must be shared with African Americans
to open dialogues of collaboration and content sharing.
The damage by slavery and colonization must be put aside
and the damage repaired by connections that embrace
brotherhood and sisterhood. Moving African Americans
and Africans to new opportunities in education, business,
commerce and infrastructure of re-connection and respect.

August 9, 2015



Teaching in Duval County Public Schools STEAM

The new school year will bring new curriculum’s, guidelines, educational
strategies, differential instruction, reading and math initiatives, etc, one
of the focuses will be STEAM – STEM and its associated disciplines.

Many parents are still unsure what that is and how it works, listed below
are my accumulated blogs over the years about these unique and
engaging learning adventures with STEM / STEAM.

Teaching from elementary level to higher education and speaking
at workshops, seminars and conferences, working to share the
transformative value and engagement of STEM / STEAM and
associated disciplines.

Girls Rock in STEAM in my classroom.

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Engineering in STEAM for Girls
STEAM includes the Arts, so I included dynamic
Art projects to.

‪#‎STEAM‬, ‪#‎STEM‬, ‪#‎STREAM‬, ‪#‎Education‬, ‪#‎SocialMedia‬,
‪#‎TechnologyEducation‬ ‪#‎HBCU‬‪ #‎HBCUNews‬ ‪#‎HBCUNation‬
‪#‎CSTEAM‬, ‪#‎Jax_Florida‬, ‪#‎Northforida‬‪ #‎ILoveJax‬, ‪#‎BlackEducation‬,
‪#‎HigherEducation‬, ‪#‎EWC‬‪#‎BlackandStem‬‪ #‎BlackandSteam‬

Allowing student to expand their
imaginations with Legos

Integrating technology so students have some
“me” time..

Celebrating teaching Engineering and Technology

Black Male Explorers at Edward Waters College
Building Rockets………

Admiring my students creations with

We have to encourage boys just as much as girls.

The diversity of my Educational Technology class
at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, Fl

Taylor Richardson “An Agent of STEAM”

Computer Instructin with DCPS
Early technology instruction at an elementary school

Presentation for Learn2Earn Experience
STEAM Careers and why they are important.

STEAM and Students

STEAM Awards from Completion of Projects

Visiting the Tuskegee Airmen memorial in SC
Educational Technology / STEAM / Social Media
instruction at Edward Waters College
Alton Yates and Taylor Richardson
Alton Yates and Taylor Richardson
Mr. Yates one of the first African American
astronauts in America

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