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October 5, 2018

Parents are Your Children Dangerously Flirting Online

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Parents are Your Children Dangerously Flirting Online
by William Jackson, M.Ed.

I was asked to repost this blog by some mothers in Jacksonville
to prove a point to their daughters about the dangers of the
Internet. This blogs influence came from the news story on the
12 year old girl situation and Facebook. Girl lured into sex trade
through Facebook Invite.

The access to online sites that promote innocent Flirting is
drawing attention by law enforcement because of the growing
incidents of rape on minor age boys and girls. This is scary as
a parent and elementary school teacher. Presenting at conferences
and seminars I hope to teach youth the dangers of online content
that they post and the dangers of making unseen friendships in
chatroom’s. Many sites entice and encourage young girls and boys
to flirt to gain a larger and older audience, but it is being found that
older men are enticing young girls and even boys to meet face
to face with dangerous results.

News reports have shown a dangerous trend with online contact with
older men and minor young teen girls. Flirting is seen as innocent and
playful; high school girls and boys flirting, even elementary school age
kids experimenting with who they like. This ”greenness” form of
flirting is perceived as cute and harmless in most cases. Skating
the edges of emotional connectivity to see if there is a potential for
a relationship either as friends or a more serious relationship.
The Internet has created a dangerous opportunity for sexual encounters
for girls and even boys and opened the door for Sexting, sexual luring,
and Cyberbullying using sexually explicit content.

Parents need to be aware and involved in their children’s Internet activities.
The seriousness of this can be seen from NY Times reports that shows
growing incidents of rapes. There are Internet Apps that aid in flirting,
the danger is so sever that mobile apps help users connect with others.
The challenge that technology has allowed an open and unregulated
connection that parents must be concerned. Unfortunately pedophiles,
stalkers and child molesters visit sites and pretend to be teens.
They study conversations, styles, words, slang and the best times to be
online to make contact. Teens also will lie about their ages to gain access
to adult sites. Even though there are dangers, teens discount the dangers
for the chance to act as adults and engage in adult conversations and
sometimes behaviors.

As an elementary school teacher I hear students in fourth and fifth grade
talking and their conversations are adult in nature, discussing their online
activities using profanity, color does not matter it happens with Caucasian
and Blacks. The results potentially dangerous as seen from information
that cases have been shown on news reports from 2017:
15 year old Ohio girl said she had been raped by a 37 year old man, a 24
year old man has been accused of raping a 12 year old girl in California
and a 21 year old man from Wisconsin is facing charges that he sexually
assaulted a 13-year-old boy.

Parents need to make sure that even if they allow their minor children or teens to
access sites that promote social contact that their children understand not to post
their address, phone numbers, or other personal information that can be used online
to find them. Online maps are so accurate that just a small amount of information a
stalker can find a child’s school, home, hangout areas. Vint Cerf, considered one of
the “Fathers of the Internet” stated, “The Internet is a reflection of our society and
that mirror is going to be reflecting what we see. Children do not see any reflections,
they just see what they want and what excites them.”

Parents if you have not done so talk to your children or you may wish you had later
and don’t have the mentality of some parents that the Internet is totally safe, “I had
no clue this was even going on in Central Texas (online stalking).
I thought it was a third world country situation” as an Austin, Texas woman claimed
after finding her niece that was abducted and sold into prostitution after she met
someone online and decided to meet that person even after told not to by her mother.
We are not a third world country and most third world countries do not have open and
uncensored Internet access in their homes for children to use un-monitored and
uncensored by their parents.

Parents take your responsibility as a parent seriously. Computers and the Internet
are not 21st century TV’s, monitor your child’s activities and friends.

William Jackson, M.Edu.
Parent, Educator, Community Activist
#NewTownSuccessZone #VisionKeepers


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