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October 7, 2016

Stop Bullying with My Quest To Teach

Stop Bullying with My Quest To Teach 
Video via William Jackson
My Quest To Teach

Brownsville Church of Christ Prevent Bullying
Brownsville Church of Christ
Back to School – Preventing Bullying 

I have been speaking and presenting on the prevention of Bullying,
Cyberbullying, Sexting and the inappropriate use of texting for
several years.

Through the use of incorporating traditional blogging, video blogging,
Social Media platforms, and other platforms and tools I try to share
the reasons and realistic concerns why children, youth, teens and young
adults bully.

Each incident no matter how small creates an atmosphere of fear and
uncertainty in a young persons perception(s) of safety and even belonging.
Bullying is not a rite of passage to manhood or womanhood, it does not
build character or bonding.

Bullying is hurtful, mean, sad and creates long-term psychological
damage.  Emotional trauma and even the inability to trust and love
has resulted in some cases.

Students from ACD – Arlington Country Day School
Prevent Bullying Workshop for Middle and High School
via William Jackson  #MyQuestToTeach

Below is a video that was created and produced by myself to show
that bullying should not be tolerated, but it should be treated with
compassion and care.

Links to my bullying blogs over the years are provided.
Feel free to use the resources to empower children, teens and young
adults and even to educate parents. Parents are usually the last to
know that their child is the bully or that their child is being bullied.

Education is important and observation. Parents unfortunately do
not know their children as well as they think they do so the
accumulation and engagement in relationships is important to
establish and maintain between child and parent.

Bullying Presentations

Building Character and Resources

Bullying Blogs

Video via William Jackson
My Quest To Teach
Parent, Educator, Blogger
Community Activist

November 20, 2014



The recent Stop Bullying Now presentation sponsored by
B.O.L.D. Parents at their monthly meeting held at Eugene Butler
Middle in the Duval County Public School system provided the opportunity
to share information to empower and engage students and parents on the
serious subjects of Bullying, Cyberbullying, Sexting and laws associated
with the issue of harassment and threatening actions by students and parents.
To increase the discussion on how to prevent Bullying through discussion, parent/
teacher / administrative collaboration and through mutual respect. To provide
students a chance to share their experiences and receive guidance that empowers
them and builds self-esteem.

The B.O.L.D. Parent Meetings are designed to provide a supportive platform
for parents and students to address student and parental concerns in the
school environment. To help the collaboration of the Parent Teacher
Association that is school based and administration in preventing challenges
like Bullying/Cyberbullying and Sexting. Too many times students are
not allowed to share their experiences and feel left out about situations that
directly affect and influence their needs. B.O.L.D. meetings allow open and
honest dialogue for parents and their children.

Present were parents and students that had concerns about defining bullying,
school policies, involvement of law enforcement, Cyberbullying, Sexting and
snitching as it relates to personal safety. Facilitated by RAISE Florida Network,
War on Poverty, My Quest To Teach (William Jackson), New Town Success
Zone (Dr. Irvin Pedro Cohen).

Mrs. Jewel Flornoy on Right

Mrs. Jewel Flornoy, of War On Poverty set the tone of the evening by introducing
Dr. Cohen with the New Town Success Zone and their mentoring and tutoring
services to challenged students, the efforts to coordinate community partnerships
with law enforcement and education. William Jackson with My Quest To Teach
“I Will Survive Bullying,” a prevention and raising self-esteem presentation
that requires active engagement and involvement by students and parents.
Some of the areas addressed were:
1. Parents and students will understand the definition of bullying according
to the Student Code of Conduct. 2. Parents and students will understand
Social Media Bullying, Sexting and Cyberbullying. 3. Parents and students
will learn how to file complaints if they are exposed to bullying and the elements
of these behaviors. 4. The importance of establishing self-esteem, pride and
determination to be successful. 5. Building self-esteem in boys and girls.

In attendance was Karen Landry, RAISE Florida Network Executive Director and
Ms. Huggins, BOLD Director Eugene Butler Leadership Schools

The War on Poverty-Florida strives to build healthy communities through
community organizing and engagement, coalition development, capacity building,
and advocacy, by increasing access and enhancing economic development.

War on Poverty:
RAISE Florida Network:
William Jackson blogs at My Quest to Teach:

September 27, 2013

Suicide Is Not An Option for Bullying

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Suicide Is Not An Option for Bullying
Parents must be proactive and communicate with their children,
observe behaviors, mannerisms, changes in eating habits, mood
swings and children not wanting to go certain places.

Signs that parents need to observe and question, are there
changes in behavior, increasing fear, irritation and defiance.
These indicate a problem that needs to be addressed,
monitored and possibly counseling.


The Stop Bullying Now event includes a 1 Mile Fun Walk &
Anti-Bully Boot Camp. The mission is to empower, engage and
unify our city against the ravages of Bullying/Cyberbullying and
Harassment that students have and are experiencing in schools,
their communities, aboard buses and other areas where kids,
children, youth, teens and young adults should be safe.

Contributors to this community event include:
First Coast News, MOSH, Holland & Knight, Duval County
Schools, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Nemours, MHA,
I’m A Star Foundation, Bradford County Sheriff’s Office,
Radio NOW 97.9, 93.3 the BEAT, Jacksonville Firefighter’s Assoc.,
Chamblin’s Uptown and many more.

For more information and to register to participate go to
Eventbrite and register to participate.

Stop Bullying Now! 1- Mile Fun Walk & Anti-Bully Boot Camp
Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013
Time: 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM (EDT)
Location: Museum of Science and History, Jacksonville, FL

September 14, 2013

STOP Bullying Before The School Year Starts

No Bullying

No Bullying

STOP Bullying
Before the
School Year

The effort to Stop Bullying
has increased over the years
as more children, youth and teens
understand that they
have a right not to be bullied,
to feel safe in their schools,
communities, churches and homes.

Youth and teens are learning that
it is OK to notify their parents, teachers
and administrators at school that

they are being harassed, tormented and
embarrassed by other
students, Bullying is not fun, it is not a “rite of passage.”
Bullying is a violation of  Human Rights.

The stigma of snitching about Bullying is disappearing
because more parents are seeing from the attempted
suicides and suicides of a growing number of young
people that bullying is violating youth and teens
Human Rights, the rights to a life of happiness and
security. Teachers and administrators have learned that
they have an ethical and moral responsibility as educators
to take Bullying seriously because their involvement
may keep a young person from killing themselves.
No action by educators and administrators can
create an atmosphere of fear, helplessness and despair.

Youth like the 12-year-old Polk, Florida girl that committed
suicide, she was bullied online by more than a dozen girls.
Polk County investigators stated the girl was despondent
after hate messages about her where posted online.
Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd stated that the
young  lady, “was absolutely terrorized on Social Media.”

The threats and harassment on Social Media platforms,
Cyberbullying is increasing that the CDC refers
to it as “Electronic Aggression.”
There are too many youth that feel scared at school,
freighted because they feel alone and helpless, “Electronic
Aggression” is a terrorist act that is creating terror, fear,
and even contributes to PTSS/D
Post Traumatic Stress  Syndrome or Disorder

There maybe conflicting statistics and data may not
show the exact numbers, Bullying, Cyberbullying,
Harassment and Teasing are real issues that should be
and need to be addressed because youth are dying.
The Center for Disease Control has shown data that
Bullying and Suicide are beyond frightening for youth.
Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young
people resulting in 4,400 deaths per year according to
CDC data and numbers are increasing.

Efforts such as anonymous reporting of Bullying is
provided by school districts, access to Social Media to
report Bullying is available, in public schools there is a
phone number that parents and students can use to
report suspected and potential Bullying and remain

New laws have been passed that address physical and
Cyber-bullying in an effort to protect students at school
and home.
Cyberbullying/Cyberstalking is now a felony if a person
is found to guilty and convicted of these actions.
Community cooperation and collaboration has created
partnerships, strengthened the bonds between community
organizations and schools. Even religious organizations are
vested in teaching and preaching about the dangers of Bullying
and Cyberbullying.

 Human Rights

Human Rights

The LGBT community has
experienced Bullying actions
individually and collectively
in their communities,
those in our LGBT
community are contributing
and proud citizens of cities
across this nation.

No one should be exposed to,
endangered with and threatened

by any type or method of Bullying that degrades and demeans a person
and violates their human and civil rights.

As a parent, educator, blogger and speaker on Bullying
and Cyberbullying I encourage all
communities to support STOP Bullying Now.

So serious is this issue, churches are having conferences,
lectures, workshops and seminars so youth, teens, and
young adults understand the prevention, consequences
and legal issues that can result.

I’m proud to be speaking at the Lectureship to over
500 youth and teens about the seriousness of
Bullying, Harassment, Violence,  and Threatening
behaviors that have transitioned to #SociaMedia

Churches are even involved like the Churches of Christ

Southeastern Lectureship of the
Churches of Christ.

Need a Bullying Presentation – Check out my past speaking engagements.

Resources on Bullying and Cyberbullying
a. Bullying Will Not Destroy Me
b. Florida Department of Education
c. Stop Bullying
d. Bullying Laws In Florida
e. Deaths from Bullying
f. No Super Heroes for Bullies
g. Bullying An Explanation

#Bullying   #Cyberbullying
peak to a school representative; Teachers, Administrators or
Guidance Counselors, they are there to help.

Wm Jackson, Speaker and Presenter

Wm Jackson, Speaker and Presenter

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