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March 12, 2016

Introducing the Black Superheroes

Reader Theater Group
Conjure Con – Orlando, Florida 2016

Young Minds Building Success Charities, Inc.
The Stetson Kennedy Foundation

Young Minds Building Success
The Stetson Kennedy Foundation
Stetson Kennedy Legacy:
“Introducing the Black Superheroes”

The Black Superheroes
*Roy Sold His Car to God
*Uncle Monday
*Big Mama was a Superhero Too
*Nine Second Man
*John The Conqueror
*Princess Kitaka
*Turpentine Sam
*Abada the Warrior
*Mama Duck
*Daddy Mention


Tangela Floyd
Executive Director for Young Minds Building Success
Author of “Can I Speak,” “Eve of a New Nation,” and “Jump Manya”
Tangela is a poet, storyteller, and lecturer. She excels in creativity
and innovative thinking in an artistic media.

Ari Turner
Business entrepreneur, spoken word artist and fan of the Arts.
Her youthful energy is invigorating and infectious and her
professionalism defies her youthful appearance.

Aida Correa
A Brooklyn, New York native of Puerto Rican descent, her passion
and cultural diversity is to empower individuals from all walks of
life through her paintings and poetry.

Roxann Hilbert
Has appeared in several Stage Aurora plays and displays an artistic
maturity that displays confidence and patience. Having appeared in
To Kill A Mockingbird, Frathouse, and The Wiz her theatrical experiences
brings a theatrical dynamic to Reader Theater.
William Jackson
A teacher with Duval County Public Schools and Edward Waters
College. He is the 2015 – 2016 Teacher of the Year with Venetia
Elementary School. William is usually handling the Social Media
platforms, photos and PowerPoint/Music transitions during
Reader Theater, he performs when needed.

Elisha Taylor
Student with Duval County Public Schools, he is an “Agent of
STEAM” who loves technology and comic books. Elisha maybe
a future reader using his youthful exuberance and growing
theatrical abilities.

Tommy Bridgewater
Audio Equipment Specialist

Producers are:
Tangela Floyd, Sandra Parks, (widow of Stetson Kennedy)
and Nancy McLucas

Performing at Florida State College Jacksonville 2016
Rahman Johnson, Ari Turner, Tangela Floyd,
Roxann Hilbert, Aida Correa, Earl Kitchings
William Jackson, Social Media, PowerPoint and Music Transition

The Stetson Kennedy Foundation
Young Minds Building Success Charities
904 635-6167

Video of Reader Theater at Conjure Con in Orlando, Florida
Tangela Floyd, Ari Turner, Aida Correa, Roxann Hilbert
William Jackson, Elisha Taylor: Videographer

Video of Reader Theater at Florida State College Jacksonville
Performers: Tangela Floyd, Ari Turner, Aida Correa, Roxann Hilbert
Rahman Johnson, Earl Kitchings
William Jackson, Social Media, PowerPoint and Music Transition

YouTube Videos of Reader Theater
The Black Superheroes
Introduction of Reader Theater – October 2, 2014

Reading and explanation of Anne Frank’s novel
What does banned books say
The Before Email: Reader Theater – Readers of the Evening
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
Readers Theater performing at Hope Chapel

Media Moments:
Folio Weekly,13262
eu Jacksonville
Reader Theater Celebrates Poetry Month
Do You Believe In Black Superheroes
Readers Theater puts the ‘super’ in African-American folklore heroes
Readers Theater Celebrates Poetry Month

Group SuperHeros
Performing at Jacksonville Public Library 2015

Sandra Parker (widow of Stetson Kennedy) and William Jackson

Performance at Jacksonville Public Library 2015



August 9, 2015



Teaching in Duval County Public Schools STEAM

The new school year will bring new curriculum’s, guidelines, educational
strategies, differential instruction, reading and math initiatives, etc, one
of the focuses will be STEAM – STEM and its associated disciplines.

Many parents are still unsure what that is and how it works, listed below
are my accumulated blogs over the years about these unique and
engaging learning adventures with STEM / STEAM.

Teaching from elementary level to higher education and speaking
at workshops, seminars and conferences, working to share the
transformative value and engagement of STEM / STEAM and
associated disciplines.

Girls Rock in STEAM in my classroom.

Blacks in Technology CSTREAMing…/blacks-in-technolog…/

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HBCU’s are Vital to Education and STEAM Careers…/hbcus-are-vital-to-…/

Engineering in STEAM for Girls
STEAM includes the Arts, so I included dynamic
Art projects to.

‪#‎STEAM‬, ‪#‎STEM‬, ‪#‎STREAM‬, ‪#‎Education‬, ‪#‎SocialMedia‬,
‪#‎TechnologyEducation‬ ‪#‎HBCU‬‪ #‎HBCUNews‬ ‪#‎HBCUNation‬
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‪#‎HigherEducation‬, ‪#‎EWC‬‪#‎BlackandStem‬‪ #‎BlackandSteam‬

Allowing student to expand their
imaginations with Legos

Integrating technology so students have some
“me” time..

Celebrating teaching Engineering and Technology

Black Male Explorers at Edward Waters College
Building Rockets………

Admiring my students creations with

We have to encourage boys just as much as girls.

The diversity of my Educational Technology class
at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, Fl

Taylor Richardson “An Agent of STEAM”

Computer Instructin with DCPS
Early technology instruction at an elementary school

Presentation for Learn2Earn Experience
STEAM Careers and why they are important.

STEAM and Students

STEAM Awards from Completion of Projects

Visiting the Tuskegee Airmen memorial in SC
Educational Technology / STEAM / Social Media
instruction at Edward Waters College
Alton Yates and Taylor Richardson
Alton Yates and Taylor Richardson
Mr. Yates one of the first African American
astronauts in America

July 28, 2015

Blacks in Technology – CSTREAMing

Blacks in Technology – CSTREAMing
by William Jackson
Edward Waters College – Educational Technology Instructor

Computers Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Mathematics
“The development of content, creation of Apps, software development,
and the integration of technology for reading, science, engineering, math
and other areas of academia for African Americans is only part of the battle
to create an employable high tech workforce.”
William Jackson, Edward Waters College, Educational Technology Instructor

The African American participants of One SPARK (each year grows) in
One Spark and Ed Spark ranging from educational software, to reading
initiatives like Reader Theater (Tangela Floyd and Emanuel Washington),
the implementation of robotics in learning GEERS, a focus on the growing
academic initiatives of STEM/STEAM.
The encouraging trend is more participants are African American showing
that even in Crowd Funding African Americans have viable and competitive
Several of the highlights of One Spark and Ed Spark that is still being
celebrated on a national scale, the winner of the Education Division
“The Adventures of Moxie Girl,” whose comic book concept is an inspiration
to African American girls in the very sensitive subject of hair and self-esteem.

Literacy, comprehension, imagination and reading are vital for African Americans
to be competitive in a world that has embraced technological advances. Too
many African American children are struggling in a nation that is leading globally
in technological evolution. One Spark and Ed Spark have shown that African
Americans have to be able to build Apps, write with power, imagination, and
creativity, involved in project management, STREAM initiatives on a grass roots
basis in the community. STEM provides an opportunity to enhance the future
life of children through futuristic careers, inspiring them to dream and
imagine their future careers even at early years of age.

In a BET survey (2010) African Americans spent about 39 billion dollars that
went towards purchasing technology. The purchase of computers, cell phones,
tablets, watches and other digital equipment shows that African Americans are
connected and plugged in when purchasing, but what about the economic
development from concept to development? African American children must
be taught how to be developers, programmers and even teachers of tech not
just consumers.

Schools can encourage the building of foundations of re-investment to build
children of color into future developers. STEAM, STREAM, STEM, CSTEAM,
STEM3 are based on the integration of Computers Science Technology Reading
Engineering Arts Mathematics (R=Reading – C=Computers -M3 =Medicine).
AA youth need the power of education through math, literacy, comprehension
and reading to compete.
AA children need the foundation in education to apply their intellectual powers to
be involved in the growing technological changes happening today.
African Americans in Jacksonville, Florida and across the nation cannot afford to
be left out and left behind in opportunities like Crowd Funding.
The potential financial prospects are unimaginable and have an economic potential
to influence youth, teens, and young adults that have dreams and aspirations
in fields like CSTREAM3.

African American parents need to consider the realities do they want their children
involved in CSTREAM3 or the potential of being underemployed or unemployable?
Too many families are slaves to EBT and public assistance because of the lack
and respect for and of education. This is a decision that African American families
are making as they see unemployment rise for African Americans especially youth
in a high tech society. Too many African Americans are not tech qualified because
they are not qualified, skilled, have degrees or certifications.

Education in CSTREAM3 can prepare beyond traditional careers, but education
is needed.

June 27, 2015

Learn2Earn Experience and Social Media SWAGPC

William Jackson, Learn2Earn Instructor

Speaking to Students about their Social Media Content

Learn2Earn Experience and Social Media SWAGPC

The students of the Learn2Earn Experience and their collective peers
are interacting and engaging on Social Media platforms that were not
in existence years before. Speaking at Preventing Crime in the Black
Community and the Learn2Earn Experience this year shows that teens
are similar, they have similar dreams, goals, aspirations and even

The Internet opens doors that allow for access to information not even
dreamed of ten years before, so students progressively have the
ability, using the right platform and the right tool and have an interactive
encyclopedia at their disposal. Several millions Tetrabytes of information
that can aid in research and discover to a student’s wildest imagination.
Opening the universe to those who will take us there in the future.

The interaction of students has changed as well, from the past traditional
firm handshakes, to the eye to eye contact that allows a person to
read body language, to friendly embraces that represent companionship,
friendship and brotherly/sisterly love. The Internet bypasses these
human traits and allows students to find out information that leads
to a neutral and sometimes detached and impersonal connection.

The verbal exchanges that bring incite to new friendships to digital
collaboration and interpretation of sharing information that builds
relationships. Students are finding that a personal relationship is still
needed to humanize their friendships and build on their network of
friends and associates.

Speaking how Social Media can influence their
future employment and educational options.
Speaking at conferences, workshops, summits and even in small group
sessions there is more teaching that needs to be done. Students need
professional development just like teachers. Students need to
understand the potential to build great works of science that once was
science fiction, students need to be able to use technology to explore
not just this universe, but distant universes. The student of today more
than in the past needs Social Media mentors, taught how to be Agents
of STEAM, and properly integrate, instigate and collaborate technology.

More needs to be done to prepare students starting from elementary
school to college about the value and empowerment of Social Media
platforms and associated tools. Many school districts are now seeing
that classes need to be available to teach Social Media skill sets,
preparing students how to manage their content, prevent bullying,
Cyberbullying, Sexting, keeping students safe from stalkers and even
the growing threats of terrorists and gangs that seek to recruit students.
The Internet is a representation of our national and international
societies. Students in this nation need to be aware and educated
how to use the tools of the current online environment and those
of the future to continue to be competitive for careers and jobs that
are embracing tech.

“Education is the key to continued global competitiveness.”
William Jackson, instructor with Edward Waters College

Twitter Hashtag at: #SWAGPC for sharing information
and photos of SWAG Social Media photos and videos.

Photobucket Photos of 2015 Learn2Earn Experience

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