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December 14, 2016

What TIGER TALKS Experience Tries to Teach Students of HBCU’s

Emma Kent, Library Services
Prof. Wm Jackson, Educational Technology and
Social Media

What TIGER TALKS Experience Tries to Teach Students of HBCU’s
The motto, “every tiger has a story that needs to be told,”
is shared by Professor William Jackson, instructor and
Emma Kent of Library Services at Edward Waters College.
The Tiger Talks Experience is designed to encourage EWC
students to speak at an informal venue about their passions
as students, share their dreams of future success in their career
choices, speak on life experiences that can help others overcome
challenges and what their talents, skills and abilities are.

The importance of diversity and engagement to prepare for their
future professions and travels.  Modeled after the TEDTALKS and
TEDx that have been ongoing for several years, the TIGER TALKS
Experience is a platform for HBCU students –
Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Started in Professor Jackson’s Educational Technology and
Social Media class in the Education and Urban Studies Department.
Professor Jackson wanted a way to expose EWC students to the
dynamic discussions taking place on TEDx and TEDTALKS. The
result is TIGER TALKS Experiences.
There is the hope that this will expand through a collaboration with
other Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) across
the country and it grows into a national model to teach presentation
skills, the importance of articulation when speaking, research and
writing, blogging, content creation, how to establish a Brand and
even increase the opportunities for HBCU students to network for
jobs, internships and starting careers.

Participants in the first Tiger Talks Experience
Mr. D. Smith Mr. P. Braynen, Mr. W. Heckstall
Mr. J. Gregory  and Prof. Jackson

Blogging is important in the Educational Technology course, students
are required to establish a blog on #WordPress and connect their
Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. This is not for entertainment, but to
teach how influential Social Media and content creation are, to build
a positive dynamic digital presence and manage it like a professional.

The skills of writing, presentation and articulation are what is lacking
in graduating students across the nation as industry leaders claim.
Writing is vital as a major communication tool in the majority
of business, medicine, commerce and educational careers.
Inside Higher Education

In to many cases students do not have the opportunity to learn how
to speak to large groups, how to present a PowerPoint in a formal
setting and understand the need to be published as they build their

Mr. Heckstall aspiring pilot

HBCU institutions must be diligent in making sure that their students
are able to compete in global markets that may take them to foreign
nations where the opportunities may become professionally and
financially stable. HBCU institutions must make sure their students
are proficient in writing, presentation skills, blogging online is an
option to teach writing, critical thinking and higher order thinking
skills. Students of color and culture needs to be prepared because
competition for jobs is fierce.

Mr. D. Smith

NPR Reporting

This semester’s event has several students and a host of interested
students and faculty in attendance who look forward to speaking
in the spring semester. The students were congratulated by provided
door prizes and educational resources directed to scholarships and

Jon Gregory, WordCamp veteran, EdCamp NASBE
and speaker at TEDxFSCJ Salon

More information can be found by contacting
Prof. William Jackson @wmjackson Twitter
Emma Kent, Library Services  Twitter @librariantiger
Edward Waters College
The oldest HBCU in the state of
Florida Twitter @ewctigers


September 19, 2016

Want To Be A Cool Blogger, Then Attend FlBlogCon

Want To Be A Cool Blogger, Then Attend FlBlogCon
by William Jackson, M.Ed @wmjackson
Daddy Blogger – Social Media Safety and SWAG Blogger
Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention Blogger
Mental Health Blogger Community Activist Blogger


FlBlogCon –

Blogging allows you to be your own
Editor – Publisher – Writer – Content Creator
Thought Leader – Influencer – Brand

Want to grow in your blogging skills and knowledge,
the opportunity is here at the upcoming
Florida Blogging Conference in Orlando, Florida
at Full Sail University
Saturday, September 24th

So much  to learn and the networking is great.
Come prepared to learn, share, and network;
connect with experts, creatives and innovators that
share energy and passions for building and creating
diverse content. The FlBlogCon is a great opportunity
to put aside your fears, apprehension and self-esteem
issues with your Blogging and Social Media journey.
Want to know how to do it in Social Media?
The FlBlogCon will teach you not only how, but

In the 21st century you cannot question your ability
to create meaningful content, you do yourself damage
if you doubt that you are a “thought leader” or even an
“influencer.” You must have the passion, determination
and confidence in “your” ability to attract an audience
to share your ideas, dreams, talents, abilities and
apply your skills as a creator.

What better way to magnify and quantify your ability
to share information across dynamic Social Media
platforms than to attend and be engaged at the
Florida Blogging Conference

As a veteran in attendance and participation in
conversations, discussions and dialogues make sure
you’re bringing your business cards.
Update your Social Media platforms with working
email addresses, active hashtags, web sites that are
not “404 in your face.” Renew that domain name and
be prepared to pick up plenty of tips, tricks, cues,
shortcuts, strategies, tools and Apps.

Make sure you bring that power strip to share an
outlet with a potential customer or collaboration.
Charge that Tablet, Smartphone, Watch, Recorder and
other digital devices to capture those million dollar ideas
that you will be exposed to.


Wm Jackson 

Be prepared to take those “selfies” with business
leaders, and those special people you have seen on
television, YouTube, SnapChat and other sites that
digital celebrity’s hangout on. Rub elbows with
the creator Bess Auer and her awesome team.

Blogging suggestions that I share with my Educational
Technology and Social Media class at Edward Waters
College provide the encouragement and vision to stay
engaged and active in the ever changing world of Social
Media and Technology. These can be applied to the
Florida Blogging Conference


William’s suggestions to grow in your journey
as a “content creator” and “thought leader.”

  1. Write as if the world is going to read your blogs,
    view your videos and download your Podcast.
    When people hear, read or view your content they
    should see, feel, hear or taste the passion for what
    your creating content about.
    2. When blogging take the time to review, rewrite,
    revise, what you have written, sometimes you have to
    come back to what you started to see a new direction.
    Don’t be afraid to re-record a Podcast or a Video Blog.
    Your content represents you!!!!
    3. Don’t trust anyone that tells you your blogs are
    “great” all the time. Have a critical eye and humility
    about your content. Ask diverse people to read your
    blogs you’re going to get different opinions, ideas,
    likes and even dislikes and perspectives.
    4. Have a hard skin and look at certain criticisms
    as room to grow. One bad opinion should not stop
    you from writing.
    5. Embrace the diversity of the world. Your blogs should
    be able to reach out to diverse audiences unless you are
    specific about who or whom you’re writing to.

    6. Don’t always write about sunshine, branch off and
    challenge your abilities to write outside your box of
    understanding and expertise. What is perplexing,
    what is disturbing, what is scary. Expand your
    abilities and challenge your skill level.
    7. When writing, write as if telling a story to a friend,
    relationships are important, building a relationship
    brings connectivity and long standing.
    8. Read other writers that you respect and admire,
    this inspires your creativity and literary growth.
    9. Storytelling paints a picture, so use words that
    encourage the imagination and tickle the senses.
    10. When writing determine if there are characters,
    challenges, conflicts that need to be overcome.
    Learn from situations and circumstances that toss
    you on your literary butt. That promotes growth.

    11. Don’t be afraid to submit your blogs to
    multiple sites. You never know who will publish
    your works. Even if you are rejected 100 times
    101 might be the one that gets you an awesome gig.
    12. Keep your passion and excitement about your
    writing, it is an extension of who you are. Don’t stress
    or over extend your writing. Some people plan,
    others just take flight. Find out what works for you.
    13. Figure out who or whom you’re writing to, leave
    opportunities to receive feedback and comments.
    14. Your writing is an important part of who you are,
    what you are growing into and how to expand  your voice.
    15. Bloggers must continue to grow in their fields, you
    may start off in a traditional blog, but be willing to
    incorporate Microblogging, Podcasting, Vblogging and
    other technologies that reach diverse audiences.

    16. Watch YouTube videos to learn, attend conferences,
    Meetups, and EdCamps, if you’re in education. Even if
    you’re not an educator attend EdCamps to learn from
    experienced educators who may own businesses and
    work as entrepreneurs.
    17. Be mindful of your content, your Brand is a
    representation of your promise for what you’re working
    to accomplish.
    18. Never assume you’re invisible, just because no one
    leaves a comment, provides feedback does not mean no
    one is watching, reading, listening or studying who
    you are.
    19. Expand your Brand by volunteering to speak at
    schools, churches, community centers to expand your
    circle and take the chance to mentor others.
    20. Blogging is a life-long journey and should be a
    life-long adventure, have fun with it.


    Resources on:
    FlBlogCon Facebook

    What I Learned from the Florida Blogging Conference 2015

    What You Need for the FlBlogCon

    William Jackson Social Media Platforms
    Twitter: @Wmjackson
    About Me:


September 1, 2016

Tropical Storm Information for Jacksonville, Florida

Tropical Storm Information for Jacksonville, Florida

Shoutout to George Winterling
WJXT4 retired… your professionalism and humanity
is missed.


Take the time to talk to your children about
weather changes. Children are not like adults,
they may not have the language development
to share information about how they feel and
their fears. Sometimes in all the activity
children need to be reassured they are safe
and support.

Parents talk to your children and use technology
like Twitter to communicate with weather people
with up to date information.
@FCNTim – Tim Deegan at First Coast News
@Katie_Jeffries Katie Jeffries First Coast News



The coming tropical storm is an opportunity to talk
to children about the weather. To integrate STEM and
STEAM knowledge and learn about the environment and
the importance of understanding the weather.

There are many avenues of learning that can be done
at home. Parents should recognize “teachable
moments” for their children and the family.

Parents can influence sometimes the direction
of their children’s interest into areas not
formally thought of and involve STEM and STEAM
initiatives. Make learning fun and memorable.

Watching videos of the approaching storm can
provide an opportunity to bring the family
together using technology.


intellecast – The Authority in Expert Weather
Map 1

The Weather Channel
Map 2

Parents use  your technology to track storm
related information, safety information, evacuation
and flooding information. Help your children
to understand the dynamics of their
community as it relates to the weather.

Use this time to teach your child about natural
events that can affect how they live in their
communities, their cities, their state and nationally.

Watch the news as a family and use your phone,
tablets, computers and other digital devices to
share and even role model careers in meteorology.

Allow your children to take pictures of property
to teach them to be proactive and mindful of property.
If there are seniors near by, check on them and teach
accountability, responsibility and community activism.



State of Emergency

Florida Getting Ready

WJXT Weather

First Coast News

Jax Sheriff’s Office ‏@JSOPIO
#Hermine tip – Have access to cash just in case.
If power goes out, ATM’s and credit cards won’t work.
#JAX #JSO #Jacksonville

National Hurricane Center


Governor Rick Scott

May 23, 2016

HBCU Students Brand Yourself Past SWAG

HBCU Students Brand Yourself Past SWAG
William Jackson, M.Edu.
Edwards Waters College
Educational Technology and Social Media
Department of Education and Urban Studies
@wmjackson #MyQuestToTeach


The college years seem to move along at a snails
pace, each semester drags on at its own leisurely
pace until you notice graduation is right around
the corner. Juniors are starting to feel  the
excitement even as the summer
progresses and another academic years starts in
several months.

At the writing of this blog May 21st 2016 Edward
Waters College like other HBCUs are evaluating their
curriculum’s to determine if changes need to be made.
Schools are preparing for the future to prepare
graduates to compete in a global economy.

My college prepared me to plan for my future,
from the teachers, to the coaches as I ran track and
even the cafeteria workers they encouraged us as
students to look at our abilities as investments to
be cultivated and groomed for success.
South Carolina State University @SCSTATE1896


HBCU students need a strategy, a unique plan catered
to their specific situation. The economy is not
favorable to African Americans when there is economic
volatility so HBCU students must plan and execute
their plan. It takes more than what you know
academically, who you pledged with as a Greek, what
your GPA is and even the status of your parents.
HBCU students must have an exit strategy from higher
education for their particular career options.

The terms: Branding, Marketing, Marketability,
Networking, Thought Leader, Innovator, Content Creator,
Global Analysis, Human Capital, Strategically Positioned
should not continue to be foreign terms.
In my Educational Technology and Social Media class at
Edward Waters College these terms are taught, discussed,
and implemented in blogs.

Prevent Having A Tunsil Moment

In too many cases HBCU students because of their limited
exposure and background knowledge do not know nor
understand the importance of career talent, soft skills
and marketable abilities needed to grind out a career
that is transformative and stable.
Exposure and association, collaboration and cooperation,
terms that should be familiar. HBCU students need to
start seeing themselves as their own CEO, CFO, CVO and
other terms of industry leadership.
If HBCU students are not aware of these terms they
should google them to start a mindset of structural
Branding and Marketing. How can HBCU students climb
the corporate ladder if they do not know what the
name of each step is.

Strategic planning is through networking at
community events, “mixers,” being involved in the
Chamber of Commerce, and volunteering in civic,
political and educational organizations. One of the
best places to start is LinkedIn to see what is going
on locally and “Meetups” of all levels of professional
careers. The growth in Meetup, EdCamps, Seminars,
and even online discussions like @Edu_Match on

what 3

Strategic planning for HBCU students consists of:
1. Researching a career that accesses your talents, skills,
and abilities. Allows you to grow, learn and contribute.
2. Planning your education while attending an HBCU to build
your knowledge base in the path you want to take.
3. Participate in networking opportunities, even if you
don’t know anyone show up and show out by working the
4. Find mentors that share your passions and think of you
not as a friend or ticket for them, but as an investment
to a better life for you.
5. Look at each class as a paycheck to refinance your
growth and expanding career options.

6. Interact with instructors to learn as much as they do,
to learn the benefits of experiences through life.
7. Join clubs at HBCUs that provide opportunities to
apply, practice and learn new skills. Clubs provide
leadership opportunities and collaboration for projects
around campus and the community.
8. Create a calendar of priorities for academic career
pathways that lead to building a Curriculum Vitae or
Resume with more than just grades, GPA and academics.
9. Dress for success
10. Your online platforms should mature just as you do.

11. Ask a seasoned instructor to be a mentor and someone
to bounce ideas off of.
12. Use Social Media to build a following in either
traditional blogging, or expand to
Vblogging (video), Podcasting (audio),
Microblogging (Twitter)
13. Take advantage of Internships paid and unpaid.
14. Take advantage of career and academic counselors.
15. Be early to meetings, interviews.

16. When you receive emails – reply no more than a day.
17. If you make a mistake apologize and keep it moving.
18. Learn, Learn, and Learn some more.
19. Don’t worry about where you came from, focus on
where your going and where you want to be.
20. No every man or woman is compatible for you.
Not every man or woman has the same goals as you.

21. Before you get in a persons bed, get into their head
to see what their direction and goals are in life.
22. Manage your bank accounts, manage your credit,
manage your finances.
23. Plan to get your degrees while you are still young.
24. You can’t take your friends with you every where you go.
25. Take time to travel and be exposed to the world not
just your neighborhood.

Starting your career is increasing strategically
planned in this digital and technology driven world.
HBCU students must let the world know ahead of
graduation who you are and what your about.

These are just a few steps that need to be accomplished
that are listed to help establish yourself, to help in
building your Brand while building your SWAG.
When people look for you, you can have more flexibility
in what your want to negotiate in salary, benefits
and other options.

HBCU students using Social Media platforms
and tools, networking, marketing, volunteering
and even mentoring lift themselves up to be noticed
and in demand before graduation. Learning to
strategically position yourself is a planned process.
“Strategically Brand and Market Yourself”


Twitter Resource:
1. TED Talks Twitter @TEDTalks
2. Blogger Week Twitter @BloggerWeek

3. Orlando Tech Twitter @OrlandoTech
4. TEDx FSCJ Twitter @TEDxFSCJ

5. WordCamp Jax Twitter @WordCampJax
6. Smithsonian NMAAHC Twitter @NMAAHC

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8. EduColor Movement Twitter @EduColorMVMT

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12. Central Florida Association of Black Journalist Orlando Twitter @CFLABJ

13. GotteGetBloggin @GottaGetBloggin
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15. Scholarships @prepforcollege #CollegeChat


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