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October 19, 2018

Edward Waters College Student Shines at FlBlogCon

Dennis Jackson - Primal Instinct

EWC Student – Dennis Jackson – Primal Instinct

Edward Waters College Student Shines at FlBlogCon
William Jackson, My Quest To Teach
Dennis Jackson, no relation to this author, has been
honored with recognition at the recent Impact Biz
Jax Business Expo winning finances to help him in
starting his business “Primal Instinct.” A clothing
line he has dreamed about for years. He will soon
not only graduate with his degree, but with a well
established business.  It is hopeful that business
majors at other HBCUs follow suit. One of the
testaments to a successful business program is
how many students before graduation actually
have a business. The application of years of school
work put to the test and realized.
Mr. Jackson has also had the opportunity to attend
and participate in the recent Florida Blogging and
Social Media Conference in Orlando, Florida held
at the internationally known and respected
Full Sail University.
The 8th annual conference is attended by business
owners, bloggers, social media experts, Podcasters
and entrepreneurs. In a digital world where content
is King and engagement is Queen HBCU students are
learning that their online presence defines their
ability to be hired or put on a waiting list. That list
being the waste basket or recycle bin of computers.
Opportunities like FlBlogCon are important for HBCU
students to create, build and establish their Brands
and creating an online presence based on a foundation
of business, collaboration and relationship building.
Business opportunities are important because they
open doors for increased networking, business mentorship,
collaboration and future educational and business
Technology conferences for HBCU students are valuable
even in some cases more than classroom engagement
because they allow for real and relevant interaction
with business professionals. Real people not videos or
Classroom instruction is great, as a past professor at
Edward Waters College teaching Educational Technology,
Social Media and STEAM, the lack of exposure can mean
the difference in being able to “code switch,” engage
in conversations related to business and technology.
Lacking communication skills could deny HBCU students
the chance to sit at the tables of industry, business,
commerce and even to be employed.
HBCU students have opportunities today to participate in
unique and blended learning chances that can provide
employment before the student graduates with a degree.
Mr. Jackson being involved with Impact Biz Jax, and
networking with technology business owners like
Aida Correa (Love Built Life), William Jackson (My Quest
To Teach) and Sharon Johnson (The Madisel Group).
Aida Correa, business mentor, small business owners on
Social Media, web development and the artistic side of
tech (STEAM). She is a speaker at national and international
WordCamp conferences. With exposure, networking and
connections HBCU students like Mr. Jackson can build their
PLN – Professional Learning Networks and participate in
many more conferences.
The growth potential allows for scalable development and
increased visual exposure for future investments and expansion.
HBCU students when the opportunity presents itself should
acquire business mentors, advisers and expand their business
partnerships. Each business student should obtain their business
licence before graduation to begin the process of being a thought
leader and digital visionary.
The next technology event in Florida is WordCamp Orlando,
Florida where William Jackson (My Quest To Teach) and
Aida Correa (Love Built Life) are speakers and organizers for
the KIDSCAMP. It is hoped that more HBCU students participate
in events that HBCU institutions sponsor, invest and pay for
their students to attend. Preparing them for the real world of
business, technology, commerce, STEM and STREAM.
WordCamp Orlando
Impact Biz Jax

Video Presentation:

December 1, 2016

Students speaking at “TIGERTALKS EXPERIENCE” in Class


Students speaking at “TIGERTALKS EXPERIENCE” in Class
Each students in the Educational Technology class was given
ten to fifteen minutes to share something they are passionate
in their life, school, relationships, family, careers, politics or
an area they wanted to share with the class.
This project based on TEDx allowed the students to
exercise their presentation skills and allowed us to see them
outside of the educational environment.
The students coordinated their “TIGERTALK” with their blogging.
Prof. Wm Jackson
@wmjackson Twitter





Designed by Professor William Jackson, M.Ed.
Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM
Library Services Emma Kent
Edward Waters College (HBCU)
@wmjackson Twitter
Blogging at EWC Educational Technology |

“Every Tiger has a passionate and important story that needs to be
respected and shared.” Prof. William Jackson
being held nationally and internationally. The goal is to provide a
platform so students at Edward Waters College in the Educational
Technology course within the Education and Urban Studies Department
at Edward Waters College. Other academic disciplines of learning are
encouraged to participate and display their growing skills and talents
in storytelling, poetry, spoken word, and blogging; taking audiences
on a lyrical and intellectual journey.

Students in the Educational Technology class have been blogging about
several TEDTALKS and TEDx events, in the course. As a national,
international blogger and speaker my intentions as an instructor, to
provide my students a true experience with them as the creators and
presenters of content. The exposure provides students an
opportunity to share their passions, interests, skills and abilities in
a semi-professional, intellectually stimulating and academic

Many students are experiencing this platform for the first time on a
stage of intellectual engagement combined with technology. The
exposure provides students an opportunity to develop and produce
content instead of just being consumers. Students attending
HBCUs must understand and learn the process of producing, to be
“thought leaders,” content creators, and innovators in tech
and oration.

Students can share their Social Media platforms to present their
content on: Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Instagram,
Tumblr and other Social Media sites that encourage interaction
and engagement. This provides a platform to share content that
is motivational and inspiring. It promotes intellectualism on a
level of engagement and proficient articulation.

It is hoped that other HBCU’s will work with Prof. Jackson and
Emma Kent of the Library Services at Edward Waters College to
expand these dynamic opportunities for engagement
and content creation taken to another level of intellectualism
and creative innovation.

The first “TIGERTALKS EXPERIENCE” was an opportunity to
begin the process of preparing students to speak, to share
information verbally that many have not had the opportunity
to perform.

“TIGERTALKS EXPERIENCE” are a sharing of ideas, in the form
of powerful talks, discussions, dialogues that are 15 minutes or
less. The exchange is an opportunity to share life experiences
to further encourage discussions on academic, social, business,
cultural and economic issues that because of time restraints
cannot be shared in a classroom setting.
To better understand what TIGERTALKS are a definition below
developed by Prof. Wm Jackson, this wonderful opportunity
of oratory engagement are shared.

TIGERTALKS” are short, engaging and intellectual talks
(15 minutes or less) where students speak on their passions,
talents, course of study, community engagement,
future aspirations, importance of HBCUs and other relevant
conversations from their experiences in life and interaction
with others.” Prof. William Jackson

Edward Waters College “TIGERTALKS EXPERIENCE” is just
the beginning and will seek to expand on the campus and
inspire others on a speaking format: Poetry, Spoken
Word, Storytelling, and Personal Experiences.

Edward Waters College “TIGERTALKS EXPERIENCE” is just
the beginning of this endeavor to expose HBCU students to
blogging, speaking and the engagement that technology provides.
The goal is to expand and inspire other HBCUs to create their
own model and collaborate with others in academia, business,
medicine, commerce, finance and other areas.

The first speakers were:
Mr. Charles-Eddie Smith of Varnville, SC
Blog for Mr. Smith –

Mr. Prince Braynen of the Bahamas.
Blog for Mr. Braynen –

These two young men are both academically and athletically
talented. What a great start to the goal of a foundation of
“TIGERTALKS EXPERIENCE” setting the foundation
for excellence.

More information can be found Educational Technology
and Social Media Blog Site:


April 22, 2016

Why Jacksonville Needs WordCamp Jax #WCJAX

Why Jacksonville Needs WordCamp Jax #WCJAX
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Edward Waters College @wmjackson


The recent 2 day WordCamp at Florida State College
Jacksonville, held at the Advanced Technology
Center shows the value of content creation,
innovative uses in web development and the growing
numbers of bloggers in Jacksonville and surrounding

Jacksonville is gradually becoming recognized as
a city that incorporates diverse technologies in
the area of content creation in blogging (writing),
web development, computer programming, computer
coding, and other areas of integrated technologies.
The movement from hands on industries for in labor
to cognitive content creation has expanded the need
for people that are critical thinkers, analytical
interpreters, managers and higher order thinkers.
The landscape for the “type” of workers has changed
and the skill levels, not just in Jacksonville, but
in the southern regions of the nation.

The infusion of cross platform and integrated
technologies that allow for the creation, manipulation,
and sharing of information is important in several
aspects of life in Jacksonville. Technology has grown
beyond just industry use, the level of technologies
used in schools today are preparing students to have
the necessary skills to start careers even before
entering into higher education or the work force.
Students in Duval County Public Schools are learning
to be entrepreneurs even before they fully understand
what the word means or the opportunities as a business


Higher education has and continues to integrate
technology with curriculum’s because their “clients,”
students need the skills to become employed after
graduation. Graduations are a determining factor if
higher educational institutions are actually
working, if students cannot find jobs that means
there needs to be changes made in the educational process
at this level and in high schools.

WordCamp Jacksonville is providing exposure to diverse
Social Media, Social Marketing, Branding, Content Creation
and business startups to provide expertise to inspire
others in diverse technology fields.
Jacksonville Business Landscape is adapting from a
fear of Social Media and Social Marketing to embracing
platforms and tools. The world is a global market,
if Jacksonville, Florida cannot effectively and
efficiently communicate and compete with the world of
commerce, business, industry and education it will miss
out on the potential of new business collaborations.

DCPS student

WordCamp Jax offered the opportunity for networking,
collaboration and exposure. Even students from
Duval County Public Schools, Putnam and Clay
counties attended to learn how they can step to the
next level. Educators such as myself in public education
and Edward Waters College attended so we can share
with our students new and growing initiatives.
Exposure is vital for students even from elementary
up to higher education because it connects them with the
experts and those growing in the diverse fields that
are constantly changing, relevancy for learning is
important to make the connections WHY do I need!!1

Schools such as Raines, Ribault, First Coast and
others are changing curriculums because of the changes
in industries that are requiring their employees to have
higher order and critical thinking skills, students
must possess the ability to create presentations using
productivity software that is used in business and industry.
Writing is vital because that is how students will be
judged and evaluated. Students must possess foundational
skills in writing, blogging helps to build writing skills
that complements reading, literacy and comprehension


Parents need to understand that the manual labor jobs
of the past in factories and fields are not available
and technology skills combined with the ability to
read, comprehend, apply and integrate are the skills
necessary to enter into higher education, military
service, law enforcement careers and other careers that
will be demanding its employees to “think critically”
and to solve complex problems in the STEM / STEAM /
STREAM / STEM2 careers.

The WordCamp Jax provided content creators like myself
with diverse backgrounds in programming, web
development, advertising, e-authors, e- educators and
even how to integrate tech in ministry. Blogging is
typically what is thought of at a WordCamp because of
the application WordPress used to create web sites;
integrating plug-ins, widgets, themes and a host of
other multimedia elements WordPress is more than
writing stories, it is creating dynamic content and
put on a dynamic platform that shares information,
incorporates data, interactive opportunities to share
and collaborate and can be transformative when people
work as teams on projects locally and globally.


Words such as Content creation, Innovation, Branding,
Marketing, e-Reputation, e-Presonalities, Thought Leaders,
and more are showing how technology expands the roles
and responsibilities of people working in industries that
are evolving approximately every 7 to 9 months as new
applications, Apps, tools, and platforms are created.

Technology has created a dynamic learning curve of
continuous educational necessity to stay abreast and
aware. WordCamps, Bar Camps, EdCamps and other
professional development opportunities are expanding
to allow people the most important element to share
their knowledge and experiences.


My WordCamp Story in Pictures

Blogger Week in Washington D.C.

Blogging While Brown:

Orlando Tech Week:

WordCamp Central:

WordCamp Jacksonville:


Bar Camp:

For Educators:




March 23, 2012

Nikki Giovanni at Edward Waters College 2018 Reflection

Nikki G


Nikki Giovanni at Edward Waters College
by William Jackson, M.Ed.

The 66 year old Nikki Giovanni;

is honest and solid in her opinions about
Black people (Negros) as she announces,
education (every child needs a computer),
gays, politics, technology (Negros must
learn computers especially inner city youth),
women’s rights, men’s responsibilities to
their families, sex (teach kids to be responsible
about sex), slavery, Hip Hop, Dr. King,
(greatly influenced by his father),
Malcolm X (a great speaker), President Obama
(awesome role model), Whitney Houston(no one
really helped her) and other subjects.

She runs a gambit of ideologies and her beliefs
that are both strict and based on the actions
and choices a person makes. Ms. Giovanni does
not hold back how she feels or what she thinks
about past and current events.

She was more than happy to share with the
several hundred in attendance at Milne Aud-
itorium on the campus of Edward Waters College;
the oldest HBCU in Florida; the responsibility
of students today to prepare to lead as adults
in a technological world. EWC students were told
that, “You go to college for a career, not a job.

Education is more important now than ever before.
”Commenting about the value of HBCU’s Historically
Black Colleges and Universities in the 21st century,
Ms. Giovanni stated that, “anyone that questions
the validity of HBCU’s is stupid, they provide a
quality and realistic education. Many White
schools would not admit Negros because of
their backgrounds, financials and family
responsibilities.” Mentioning White schools
won’t take a chance on most Negros, but HBCU’s
have been doing that for years and
successfully teaching. Negros cannot afford to
be unprepared to meet the challenges of
educating their children and providing financial
security in a world where a White
mentality has ruled with devastating results
for people of color.

Ms. Giovanni speaks that Negros should not expect
anyone to give them anything, they
must work for achievement and many children are
being taught the wrong lessons of life by giving
children shoes and clothes worth hundreds of dollars,
but cannot read on grade level or perform simple
math functions. All children have a right to a
quality education, but too many parents are not
taking responsibility for providing for their
child’s education when education starts home

The dialogue was animated, passionate, humorous,
serious, and at times controversial in
Ms. Giovanni’s remarks. According to Ms. Giovanni
she has a right to express her viewpoints about
many subjects living to the age of 66 years young.
As she stated youth need to listen to seniors
(parents and grandparents) in their lives because
seniors have learned from their mistakes and know
more about life than youth. That youth should not
feel they are owed anything because they have not
earned anything yet or sacrificed for anything like
those that participated in the civil rights movement
of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s or World Wars.

This is my first opportunity to listen and
learn from the iconic poet, writer, educator
(Virginia Tech Professor), civil rights participant,
mentor and role model. There were several refer-
ences that Ms. Giovanni made about the struggles
of Negros in America and how Negros helped to build
this country through slavery, how  Negros were
treated as less than second class citizens in
what is still the greatest free country in the world.

Ms. Giovanni’s focus on education is empowering and
honest in the discussion that if Negros do not take
responsibility for education and promote learning
in their homes they will continue to be economically
left behind in poverty and lack political power.
Her observations that Negros could have more political
power like Jews or other cultures if they worked
together, and not allow their minds to be manipulated
by the entertainment industry and false advertising.

Promoting education instead of the entertainment
industry, Ms. Giovanni, stated everyone cannot be
an entertainer as a rapper, football player,
basketball player, dancer or other artist in enter-
tainment. On the opposite end more Negro youth can
be doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, scientist
and other professionals if parents would change
their mentalities and teach their children about
how these careers benefit them more.

Ms. Giovanni discussed her passion for youth and
education by sharing with the students
of EWC that they are just as talented and gifted
as any other student even Ivy League students.

DCPS students from several middle and high schools
that attended were told to be responsible for their
lives and the choices that they make. To find a role
model of someone that is extraordinary, successful
and supportive. Reminding youth that extraordinary
people accept their responsibilities in life and
strive to improve themselves and their communities.
Television has created a bad image of successful
people especially Negros, once they are successful
they should come back to their neighbourhoods and
help others not leave and never return.

She stated, “Don’t be selfish, there should not be
a mentality of I’m looking out for number
one, but a mentality of working together.” Other
cultures support each other, that is why their
cultures are successful, more Negros need to do
the same to lift up Negro youth from
poverty, lack of education and help establish career
goals. The mention of more responsible
Negro men who are role models is needed and fathers
who help create a child should stay in that child’s
life and help raise them, that is why so many youth
are in our prison systems and live in poverty, too
many men make children, but do not want to support them.

As Ms. Giovanni coming close to her conclusion read
several of her poems that the audience applauded
and cheered.

“Ego Tripping”
this was a treat to the youth that have aspirations of
writing and poetic abilities. At the conclusion
of her discussion Ms. Giovanni reminded the women
present of their roles as mothers, nurturers,
educators, role models and the strength that sustained
them through slavery, wars, civil rights and other
events throughout history. Firmly stating with strong
conviction that, ”if Black women did not exists they
would have to be invented.”

The applause and cheers echoed for several minutes
especially from young women and seniors some even
cried to her prophetic statements about women of color
and their continued strength to raise families and
take care of a home without a husband.

As a child raised by a single mother, I reflected
on the strength of my mother in raising myself
and two younger siblings with the help of my
grandmother. A father not being a part of our life,
agreeing with Ms. Giovanni’s comments and inwardly
thanking my mother for her strength, her prayers and
perseverance through good times and hard times.

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