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December 9, 2016

EWC and DCPS Student to Speak at TEDxFSCJ Salon


EWC and DCPS Students to Speak at TEDxFSCJ Salon

The opportunity to speak at a TEDx event is a great
honor and an awesome opportunity to share learning
that changes the paradigm of the intellectualism of teens
and young adults when talking about technology and applying
tech to influence changes in society.
TEDxFSCJ has been ongoing, providing great content
for discussions and actual application.

The national and global discussions provided by
diverse speakers enable those selected to share
their experiences, knowledge and passion in diverse
disciplines in fields such as medicine, science,
technology, religion, politics and engaging in the
area of thought leadership, unexplored creativity and

TEDTALKS and TEDx are different entities, the
opportunity to share information and establish
connections are powerful. Selection is highly
respected and offers the chance to grow intellectually
because of the platform of engagement and collaboration
on multiple levels. TEDx are independently run


Johnathan Gregory a student at Edward Waters College
majoring in  Elementary Education and a proud member
of “Call Me Mister” program and Elisha Taylor a student
attending  Kirby Smith Middle School are both provided
the honor of being presenters at the upcoming

Each showing leadership abilities in their academic,
community service and application of the use and
integration of technology.

Mr. Gregory is not just a student at the historic
Edward Waters College, the oldest HBCU in Florida,
he is employed with TEAM UP at Pickett Elementary
School where he is involved in teaching, mentoring
and helping to build young minds for the future.
He has participated in several tech conferences in
Florida sharing his growing experience and skills
as a future educator and thought leader.
EdCampNABSE (Tampa, Florida,)  “TIGERTALKS
Experience” at Edward Waters College (Jacksonville,
Florida), WordCamp Conference (Philadelphia, Pa)
and other tech conferences.
Mr. Gregory is a proud graduate of The Bolles School
and attended Duval County Public Schools in his
elementary and middle school years.


Elisha Taylor III an honor student at Kirby Smith
Middle, a Magnet School focusing on
STEM – Science Technology Engineering Mathematics.

Mr. Taylor has participated in several technology
conferences as well and attended TEDxFSCJ. Gaining
experience in speaking about and applying his
passion for technology that he has gained from school
and attending conferences like Florida Heritage
Book Festival (St. Augustine, Fl), EdCampMagic
(Orlando, Fl), WordCamp (Jacksonville, Fl.) and
technology Meetups.
Mr. Taylor is influenced by the speaking and presentation
abilities by his father the Senior Minister of Northbound
Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Florida.

Mr. Gregory and Mr. Taylor are
mentored by educator , blogger and professor
William Jackson a teacher with Duval County Public
Schools and professor at the historic Edward Waters College.
Prof. Jackson a blogger and speaker himself travels
nationally to tech conferences and involved in his
Professor Jackson takes students on field trips
encouraging them to not only attend, but to
contribute to the discussions at conferences,
workshops and meetups. Learning, contributing and
applying the integration of technology as students
grow in knowledge and abilities.

This creates changes from teacher centered to student
centered learning and providing increased hands-on
opportunities for collaboration and application
to real world experiences and future careers.
TEDxFSCJ Salon theme is
“Our Digital Leaders of Tomorrow”


Jon Gregory:
Instagram @indo_jon
Twitter @Indo__Jon
William Jackson:
Twitter @wmjackson
Dr. Jose Lepervanche
Florida State College



June 20, 2016

What I Learned from #EdCampMagic 2016

What I Learned from #EdCampMagic 2016

Sarah Thomas, Tammy G. Neil, William Jackson

“It’s about sharing.” @sandramc59
as stated by Sandra McConnell about the
recent @EdCampMagic, this statement
can be applied to all EdCamp across the
globe, sharing resources, sharing
knowledge, sharing best practices and
sharing the love of teaching.

The involvement of teachers in professional
development opportunities drastically
improves the teaching ability of teachers.
Teachers learning from teachers helps to
solidify the value of teacher to teacher
sharing of best practices, applying creativity
and innovative uses of technology and
understanding better the cultural dynamics
of the diversity in our schools and classrooms.
The goal is to “share” with each other,
sharing knowledge whether it is one year of
teaching  or over 30 years, everyone can
contribute, everyone is respected and everyone
is valued.

#EduMatch meets at #EdCampMagic

Attending #EdCampMagic allows for teachers
of diverse experiences, generations, cultures and
demographics to  learn from each other. Everyone
is valuable in their contributions because there is
no one way to teach children. The curriculum may
be the same but, the presentations and applications
are diverse depending on the availability of
technology and teaching resources.

The educational curriculum’s of this nation are
embracing more technology, but districts are
struggling with the implementation of the
combining of diverse teaching abilities with
the complexity of integration  of tools, platforms,
differential instruction and
the diverse learning styles of children.

#EdCampMagic sessions provided a snapshot of the
experiences of teachers and their application of
tools, platforms and instructional materials that
help to teach students. Teachers helping teachers
in the learning of how to be a better teacher for
their students.

Elisha from Jacksonville, Florida and
Sarah Thomas of @Edu_Match #EduMatch

Attending and presenting at #EdCAmpMagic allowed
me to share my teaching experiences and application
of Social Media, STEAM (Science Technology
Engineering Arts and Mathematics and the social
responsibilities of digital content. Several times it
was stated that if school districts are not
implementing some type of Social Media
instruction they are missing out on
unique teaching opportunities. Social Media is so
ingrained in our students lives that they (students)
are being done a disservice if they are not talking
about the morality and ethics of Sexting,
Cyberbullying, Cyberporn and Cyberstalking.
These are the new and much needed areas that fit
into a STEAM / STEM
environment because it involves technology and

As I stated, I had the attending teachers respond
to me during our discussions about Social Media,
“our digital devices can be our best friend or
worst enemy depending on the type of content
that is developed and posted.” Thus leading into….

Elisha student with Duval County
Public Schools and William Jackson
@wmjackson educator, blogger, speaker
and community activist

What I Learned from #EdCampMagic

1. Teachers are “smart creatives”
adapting diverse instructional elements
to apply in the instructional environment
of their schools and classrooms.
*because our students are diverse in so many
ways, teachers should have diverse strategies
to apply to make learning relevant and applying
to the students cultural, economic and societal
*no one said it would be easy that is why teachers
need to know their students so they can apply
the correct teaching style to their class and
modify it when necessary.

2. Teachers are “innovators”
*teachers are given digital devices to
integrate in their classrooms, but are not
taught how to implement in teaching and
learning for students.
*with innovation comes integration and
modification to fit the classroom environment.

3. Teachers are “models for learning”
*if teachers are not excited about learning
their students will not be excited.
*setting the atmosphere is important, if the
students see the teacher excited the students
will be also.

4. Teachers are “thought leaders”
*teachers inspire life long learning and how
to apply learning to real life situation.
*the art of thinking is related to rational
understanding and how to apply new learning
to relevancy and relevancy to combining
previous knowledge with new knowledge and

5. Teachers show the connections between
“generational learning”
*teachers guide learning from the past to the
current and the future.
*how learning is connected across generations
and demographics.

6. Teachers model how interaction is done
for students
*When teachers teach teachers their is an
embracing of strategies that can
be applied to dynamic classrooms.
*students must be provided time to teach
each other and promote peer to peer
instructional opportunities.

7. Teachers talk to each other
* how they talk about each other and the
interaction between teachers serves as a
role for students to model.
*teachers should share as a means to build
professional development opportunities and
as a support system.
*students should understand that teachers
talk and share information on everything
that affects learning.

8. Teachers learn how to apply standards to lessons.
*the elements of learning objectives
*instructional resources and even assessments
must be applied to effectively create a
holistic learning environment for students.

9. EdCamp is growing across the nation to
encourage teacher to teacher professional
*sharing best practices
*educational networking
*applying standards to the learning environment
* increased diverse learners in the ever changing

10. EdCamp allows teachers to inspire each other
* all teachers need inspiration
*continued training
*building of self-confidence and self-awareness
of what students can accomplish.

William Jackson, Kanteasa Rowell,
Dene E. Gainey

EdCamp communities are growing and
expanding across the nation. There is a new
paradigm shift for professional development
where the focus is on the educator and the
student. EdCamp Rocks!!!!!

Resources on Twitter:


June 3, 2016

A Testimony To Teachers in 2016

A Testimony To Teachers in 2016
William Jackson, M.Edu.
Edward Waters College

The background music in graduations can
appropriately use Marvin Sapps:
Never Would Have Made It Without You…

“Never would have made it, never could have
made it, without you. I would have lost it all,
but now I see how you were there for me.”
Marvin Sapp

Graduation ceremonies across the country
a true testament to professional educators.
The model of “College Preparation”
is questioned and will continue to be studied,
examined and statistical data accumulated.
Incorporating a frame of mind for college,
higher academic performance, and future
acceptance in college is the goal for many
students. Vocational studies are available for
those with talents in other areas of study,
in it’s own right many Vocational Schools contain
higher educational models. The high level of
academic performance and ownership of learning
is initiative for many school districts nationally.

The sentiment shared by Trey Csar of the
Jacksonville Public Education Fund states that,
“we must commit to treating public education
as an important investment.” Learning is
continuous, a continuous process and does not
end at graduation, but continues beyond. Education
and Learning are Investments of the highest order.
Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “What lies behind
us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us.”

Teacher’s collectively
work to inspire and empower the talents that
lay dormant in students. Encouraging, nurturing
talents and magnifying hidden abilities to spring
forth so that graduates will be a benefit to
society not a burden in the juvenile or adult
justice systems, a hindrance or an embarrassment
to their families or society.

my sons college education

Teachers work to make sure students graduate from
elementary, middle and high.Educators understand
the importance of promotion, so work
begins in the elementary levels as a foundation to
build on. Graduation is a time for celebration of
the achievement of academic success and growth in
Looking at the road traveled and the accomplishments
earned. Recognition of the hard work of students;
the commitment and sacrifice of parents and
professionalism that teachers put forth to
prepare students for challenges they (students)
will face, not just academically during their
journey, but socially, intellectually, morally and
ethically. Many will argue the teaching of morals
and values by educators, but education is a moral

Socrates (469-399BC) stated, “Education can make
people moral.” The moral strength of a society can
be judged by the educational level of a society.
Even Aristotle (384-322BC) stated the importance of
education and educators to the world. “The highest
form of human existence is when man exercises his
rational faculties to the fullest extent.”

Shaq (Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal) thought so highly
of education and respect for teachers that he earned
his Ed.D. in Education. It was a challenging journey
to earning it, he promised his mother he would
eventually return to school after
leaving college to play pro basketball. He returned
to complete his bachelor’s degree, then Masters
and finally Doctorial degree.
Shaq commented about his work for education that,
“I put in four and a half hard years staying up late
at night, studying, reading, rewriting papers to earn
my degree.” “Of all the things I’ve done in my life,
this probably is my No. 1 accomplishment, I
respect teachers and education and would like to
give back to kids.”

attending my daughters high school graduation

Teaching is not just a five day a week job, working
only eight hours a day or a 40 hour work week.
Teaching is a birthing process; the labour of teaching
with strategies, standard, rituals and routines that
must be observed to meet the objectives of standards
and benchmarks, the preparation
of teachers through lesson plans guided by state
standards, assessment data, administrative input,
differential instruction strategies and the integration
and implementation of technology.

Never Would Have Made It Without You.. Has a new meaning
for youth from gradations across this nation. Teachers
have completed another year of instruction and are reminded
that the struggles are worth the efforts they put in.
That the hard work, long hours and sacrifices are
justified. Robert Louis Stevenson statement to teachers,
“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you
reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Gain strength and
comfort in knowing that teachers are planting seeds for
the future of doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers,
preachers, Presidents, Mayors, engineers, and for
careers that have not been discovered yet.

Teachers guide the way to building economic stability
in all societies through education.
In a blog by @AletaTurner explains the level of
Bachelor Degrees in Jacksonville, Florida where we live.
teachers are needed and education is valuable it is a
moral responsibility to obtain as much education as
possible for all citizens.

Dr John Goodlad’s assertion that education is a “moral
endeavor,” “A moral foundation for education is essential,”
“teaching is a moral action because other humans are
involved and within teaching there are meaningful
contributions to humans.”

There are many studnets that can sing the praises of their
teachers by singing “Never would have made it without you,”
a testimony to educators and are passionate to prepare our

Even comments from the 1960’s still apply in the 21st century,
“Without education, you’re not going anywhere in this world.”
Malcolm X

Listen to this awesome and motivational graduation speech.

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