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November 27, 2013

A Thanksgiving Fathers Message

A Thanksgiving Fathers Message:
Can Your Shoulders Handle Your Title




This Thanksgiving fathers should make sure they re-evaluate their
relationships with their children and families. This is a time for giving
thanks and appreciation for the Blessings they have. Not how much money
they have, not what they can buy on Black Friday, but their love, devotion
and dedication to their children. This will carry their children through the
challenges life will take them through.

As I prepare to drive and pickup my son from #FAMU, my thoughts are on
my fatherly duties and responsibilities. God created fathers to be the
shoulders their children can stand on.
Maturing as a father is gained through experiences in life, mistakes made
and learned from trial and error, hard work, discipline; fathers need to
be a good support mechanism for their children.
“There is no manual on how to be a father” L. Henderson
(grandfather of three), so fathers are learning as they grow. Fathering does
not stop at planting the seed in the womb; it extends to raising the child after the
birthing process. Pastor Timothy Cole of West Friendship Bapt. in Jacksonville,
Florida has stated many times relating to fathers in the Bible that “You can’t
plant a seed and leave it alone.”

Fathers must be mindful of whose shoulders they are standing on, who
influences them both good and bad. Who in turn needs to stand on their
shoulders and is influenced by their decisions.

The collection of experiences and spiritual decisions directly influences the
chronological and parental journeys on men and being a father, maturing
as a man. No man is an island and no man is a mountain unto himself. Fathers
should not forget whose shoulders they stand on as they mature. The shoulders
of support, wisdom, guidance, discipline, love, patience and other nurturing
elements need to be a positive for fathers for their children.

As a divorced father, paying child support and accepting my responsibility to
continue to teach, mentor, guide and pray for my children, my responsibility
and that of millions of other fathers is beyond money. Even though a
professional educator I struggle at times with finances and sacrifice so my
children can have, so must “Man Up” for my children to show them by my actions
that I will not abandon them.  Money does not make nor break me, because my
faith is that strong.





My lessons of life for them are just as important as my financial responsibilities,
more fathers need to understand this.  Fathers need to see the world on a
broader scale, not just their experiences to change. As Malcolm X stated about
change and growth as a father himself, “I haven’t just changed, but see the world
on a broader scale.”
Fathers plant a seed and that seed develops and grows into a copy of them.
“You will always produce more than what you planted” Timothy Cole, Pastor.
Even though the seed grows in the womb of the mother that child will be a
genetic copy of its mother and father, but have individual variations physically,
emotionally, and even mentally.

The seeds of a male will plant others seeds, so fathers must work to have a
harvest of good children not hell raisers, vagabonds, criminals and menaces
to society.
The shoulders of a father can either support his children by elevating them,
lifting them to higher levels educationally and even spiritually. If a fathers
shoulders are strong they can set a solid foundation, even for their grandchildren,
if a fathers shoulders are weak they do not have the strength to weather
the storms of life.

An unfortunate truth in the life of children is a father’s children may suffer
because of weak shoulders of fathers, lacking knowledge, not valuing education,
embracing a spirit of rebellion, violence and even defying the Word of God. 
Each man stands on the shoulders of another man; father’s shoulders are the
foundation for a child, the underpinning of their families, homes, communities
and even religious foundations.  

In various religious doctrines the father
is the leader, the emissary between
a higher being and the family.
Fathers are the bedrock  that families need,
a true father will pray for his family,
praise his children, and participate in parenting
with his wife, partner or companion.
“A father is of service to his family and even his community.” William Jackson

Being a teacher; male teachers share their love of learning, wisdom and
is a role model, many young eyes are on him so he must be in many cases a
father figure to children not his own, these children may see him, the male
teacher as their only father figure. The responsibilities are heavy, but men
educators must rise to the calling.

Fathers have to realize who they are so they know where they can guide their
children. Honestly and Etiquette: Fathers ask your wife, partner, companion
do they trust your shoulders, occasionally look in the mirror and re-evaluate 
your shoulders to find out who you really are. Fathers your shoulders are the
foundation of stability, hope, reliability and continued growth for your children.
Be careful of what you do, where you go because if you step into darkness, chaos,
confusion, death and destruction you take the risk of carrying your children
into this as well.  

You lead by example……….
Throughout religious doctrine in writings The Qur’an and the Hadith – Islam,
The Bhagavad Gita – Hinduism, The Three Baskets (Tipitaka) – Theravada Buddhism,
The Tao-te Ching – Taoism, The Torah, Talmud and Tanakh – Jews, Old Testament &
New Testament – Christians;  fathers have a monumental responsibility for families,
communities, cultures,  societies and the world.

All fathers need to be involved in schools so children will be successful and not
struggling, all fathers need to be in churches to learn about their duties
as a father and to also learn where their help and support is. All fathers need
guidance, support and prayers to be the best they can be. This Thanksgiving
fathers look at your children and families with new eyes and stronger shoulders.
Don’t try to be perfect, but work towards being better each day..
Your shoulders are lifting generations to come..
Fathers: Can Your Shoulders Handle Your Title

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