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March 20, 2017

Your Selfies, DP and Taco Picts Can Hurt You

Your Selfies, DP and Taco Picts Can Hurt You
by William Jackson, My Quest To Teach @wmjackson

children 3

The more I speak at conferences, churches and with
youth groups the more I see that information needs
to be shared with parents and their children. Too many
parents are clueless that their children are involved in
Sexting, Cyberbullying, and even digital Pimping. Yes
I said digital Pimping.
The use of Social Media to post personal pictures,
tantalizing videos, stimulating sexual photos and
sensuous party picts may be fun and exciting, but they
can hurt a teen and young adults e-reputation,
e-personality and potentially their credit score and
being hired.

You can forget being involved in politics and in some
cases community service. If you “equipment” is
posted for everyone to see that is almost and death
sentences for any political dreams.
Employers, educational institutions and even the
military have the capability to check Social Media
platforms to look for and find potentially harmful
information that can stop college entrance,
put a stop on receiving scholarships and internships,
even prevent starting a promising career in a
dream job making millions.

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Parents should learn the terminology their children
are using online to stop potential problems before
they happen, giving their children a Smartphone is
not very bright without talking about expectations
for behaviors and actions. It is almost like giving
the keys of their car to a unlicensed driver with no
experience, no insurance and no limits.
The Internet contains the worst and the best of
human information, but youth, teens and young
adults will ultimately find or be attracted to the
parts that are unhealthy and potentially dangerous.
The lure of excitement is more exciting than common

Sexting is a dangerous activity that children are
participating in, they lack the maturity to understand
that as a boy sending a (DP) “dick pic” or a girl sending
a (Taco) or vagina pict has consequences that may
involve law enforcement and being involved in child
porn. Their reputations can be destroyed and that
DP or Taco will never go away because information
is backed up, archived and stored on servers someplace.
DP’s are part of Sexting and even for girls thinking just
showing some breast, some genital area or even more
is not a big deal.
Tell that to the girls that have been harassed, bullied
both cyber and physically and even the ones that have
committed suicide because of a wrong choice that
will not go away.

Traditional laws years ago did not have to address the
Sexting and child porn of the last 10 to 15 years,
because of the Internet Congress has passed legislation
to cover these issues and jails contain men and women
caught in child porn and prostitution rings. Laws and
the execution of  them demanded law enforcement
using online Apps, platforms and tools to track down
those that seek to have sex with children. Pretending to
want sex as a child and “baiting” both men and women
is seen on the news as they travel sometimes hundreds
of miles to engage in sex with a minor.

Parents need to understand they have a moral and
ethical responsibility to talk to their children no
matter the age to set expectations, to reinforce personal
values and morals about their conduct and actions online.
The online world does have dangers and tragedies can
be seen when kids are kidnapped, sexually assaulted or
sold as sex slaves when enticed to meet strangers away
from home.

chldren 7

Sexting; is the sending and receiving of sexually explicit
photos and/or text using cell phones with digital cameras.
USA Today has reported in past issues that the percentage
of men admitted to sending a DP is increasing:
those surveyed because they were asked for one, others
they wanted to turn the other person on. Other reasons
flirting and to get the other person to send one back.
Teen girls have reported it is important to “checking out
the junk” to see how real it is because the imagination
can be deceptive and wrong and all boys lie about the
size they have.
“It is the imagination part of sexting that mainly attracts
women to it,” and the thrill for guys.

*Warning adult content and information.

The percentages are that women are more prone to send
images that stir excitement, create the allure of romance,
not just sex and the invitation to “hookup” mostly with
a male they are attracted to. Sexting can be seen as the
new love note, similar to the notes that use to be passed
around in class, “do you love me yes or no.” Now photos
and video are seen as the tools to get noticed and get into
a relationship. Used by kids even in elementary schools
to get boys and girls to like them.

children 6

Studies conducted by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana
University, published in the journal Sexual Health, 5,805
single adults between the ages of 21 and 77; 23 percent
reported sharing the sexts they received with an average
of more than three different friends. This translates into
No Privacy exists in cyberspace and that those that
Sext have no idea who is looking at them in the world
and have their personal information.
During my presentations over the years with community
groups, youth, teens and young adult groups and even
at the international Preventing Crime In The Black
Community I speak realistically to youth, teens, and
young adults about the potential dangers and future
affects of Sexting. It is not romantic, it is not sexy,
it is not what they think when the image is spread to
a whole school or the football team, or basketball team.

Too many young people still are under the idea that
their pictures will be deleted when they break up with
that boy or girl they are dating, but the hospitals and
even cemeteries show that is not the case when youth,
teens and young adults try to or successfully commit
suicide because their sexting pictures or video are
spread to others and they are harassed and
embarrassed at school, in church and in their

On the Internet there is no place to hide and no
where to run. Parents talk to your children, Google them
to see what is out there in photos, videos and sharing
sites, be friends with them online and if necessary
contact your cell phone provider and see who they are
texting and sending and receiving
photos and videos with. Be proactive not reactive…..

It is important to be proactive before an incident happens
and law enforcement comes knocking on your door and
takes everyone’s devices for an investigation that will
be embarrassing for you at work, in church and in
your community.
Youth, teens and young adults convicted of child porn
must register as a sex offender and this will destroy
their freedoms for a long time and bring social changes
that will affect the whole family for years to come.

Dick Picts
The Art of Seductive Texting
Parents Learn the New Emoji Terms

Talk to your children, teens and young adults.


October 7, 2016

Stop Bullying with My Quest To Teach

Stop Bullying with My Quest To Teach 
Video via William Jackson
My Quest To Teach

Brownsville Church of Christ Prevent Bullying
Brownsville Church of Christ
Back to School – Preventing Bullying 

I have been speaking and presenting on the prevention of Bullying,
Cyberbullying, Sexting and the inappropriate use of texting for
several years.

Through the use of incorporating traditional blogging, video blogging,
Social Media platforms, and other platforms and tools I try to share
the reasons and realistic concerns why children, youth, teens and young
adults bully.

Each incident no matter how small creates an atmosphere of fear and
uncertainty in a young persons perception(s) of safety and even belonging.
Bullying is not a rite of passage to manhood or womanhood, it does not
build character or bonding.

Bullying is hurtful, mean, sad and creates long-term psychological
damage.  Emotional trauma and even the inability to trust and love
has resulted in some cases.

Students from ACD – Arlington Country Day School
Prevent Bullying Workshop for Middle and High School
via William Jackson  #MyQuestToTeach

Below is a video that was created and produced by myself to show
that bullying should not be tolerated, but it should be treated with
compassion and care.

Links to my bullying blogs over the years are provided.
Feel free to use the resources to empower children, teens and young
adults and even to educate parents. Parents are usually the last to
know that their child is the bully or that their child is being bullied.

Education is important and observation. Parents unfortunately do
not know their children as well as they think they do so the
accumulation and engagement in relationships is important to
establish and maintain between child and parent.

Bullying Presentations

Building Character and Resources

Bullying Blogs

Video via William Jackson
My Quest To Teach
Parent, Educator, Blogger
Community Activist

February 25, 2016

Parents Google and Hashtag Your Kids


Parents Google and Hashtag Your Kids
by William Jackson, M.Edu.
Educational Technology
Edward Waters College

The increase of youth, teens and young adults having
un-monitored access to the Internet is creating
situations where youth, teens and young adults
are being cyberstalked, cyberbullied and cybersexted.
Just as in cities and towns there are good parts and
there are parts you do not want your children going.
The Internet is wide open and is a reflection of our
society. It is global, diverse, cultural, alternative
lifestyle, entertaining, educational, enter and edu
/tainment resource. There is so much eye candy that
teens and young adults are being hypnotized by the
glitz and glamour of having their content either
picture/video going viral.
Going viral has the potential of making the person
instant superstars. Parents must be very cautious
of their children’s access to online content because
it can literally cost them their lives.


There are laws available like COPPA and others, but
it comes down to parents establishing rules and
realistic behavior expectations when it comes to
Internet access and using the platforms and tools
that are easily available.


15 Online safety measures to keep kids safe
1.Parents monitor your child’s online activities.
You should be aware of where they are going just
as if they are walking their neighborhoods.
a. Children’s psychological safety is just as
important as their physical safety.
b. Have conversations about their favorite sites,
who their online friends are, what social media
platforms they are using.
c. are your children using video to share information,
are they using Google maps to tell their friends where
they live? These are questions parents need the
answers too.
d. Talk to educators and other parents about
sharing educational, and edutainment resources.
2. “Know safety, No injury. No safety, Know injury.”
Parents should be involved in determining how much
tech is being used by their children in their homes.
3. Help your child build a positive relationship
and respect for their online activities.
This respect decreases bullying, cyberbullying,
and sexting.
4. Parents must model good online behaviors.
If your child sees you acting ignorant and
disrespectful they will do the same.
Your children are also influenced by peer
pressure and modeling realistic expectations
for behavior by you.
5. Set a time limit for being online, more
emphasis on reading and other activities that
challenge thinking, reasoning and higher order


6. Don’t be naive, consider the source when your
child is trying to blow smoke as to why they
need extra time online. Check the taskbar to see
if multiple windows are open.
7. Teach your children to know how advertisers
work. No to click ads that say free games, candy,
toys, etc.
8. Sometimes ask your children to teach you something
new online. Test their intelligence and intellect
with technology.
9. Google your child or children, Hashtag
your child, YouTube your child once a month
Google:  First Name Last Name + City, State
Hashtag: ”                                 ”
in Twitter
10. Even though it should not have to be said,
teach your children not to put personal information
Identity theft is a major problem in this digital age.


11.Check parental controls in your browser and learn
how to check your browsers history to see where the
kids and teens have gone online.
12 If your children play online games monitor the
language and conversations. You can’t control others
and their actions and language, but you should
be able to control your child to a certain degree
and talk to them about behaviors of others.
13. Each Social Media site has an age restriction.
I have talked to 10 and 11 year old students with
Facebook, SnapChat and Vine accounts. Some are too
young to handle the language and adult situations
they are exposed to.
14. Be friends with your kids until they are 16 at
least. Don’t stalk them, but monitor behaviors and
15. The online experience should help to build social
skills. “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”


Teach your children about online pornography, teach
them about the realistic work in establishing
relationships not through the use of porn and sex.
The internet can be like the wild wild west, parents
must use caution, common sense and intuition to
understand what is happening with their children and
their online experiences.

Online Resources for Children and Parents
Childrens Online Privacy – A Resource Guide for Parents
Childrens Internet Protection Act
Childrens’ Online Privacy Protection Act

An Introduction to the Child Protection Act 1999
Protecting Children’s Privacy Under COPPA
Think Time: Teens and Social Networks
Dos and Don’ts when using social networks
Social Media 2014

October 18, 2013

Parents: Who Is Trying to Sex and Bully Your Children

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Internet Caution

Internet Caution


Parents: Who Is Trying to
Sex and Bully Your Children

The recent sex stings in Clay
County Florida and Colorado Springs,
Colorado are showing that sex is
a potent influence; online Social
Media environments are dangerous
for minors.

Cases of children committing suicide from Bullying and Cyberbullying,
intoxicated girls of minor age being raped and videotaped, Sexting
and CyberStalking shows how dangerous and violent online behaviors
can be and posted pictures and videos are showing violent acts.
Every parent needs to know what their children; teens and young
adults are doing online, who they are Friending, Chatting with and
sharing online content.
This could literally mean the difference between life and death for
boys and girls. As a youth consultant and educator on Social Media,
 teens and young adults on Social Media platforms are becoming more
dangerous and exposed to unforeseen dangers.












I often hear students in fourth and fifth grades talking about their
online activities. If parents were to hear these discussions they would
be terrified and potentially turn-off their Internet access or monitor
their children more.  Youth and teens are involved in Social Media
discussions that are very graphic and sexual in nature. The reality is
too many parents are either in denial, ignorant, trying to be their
children’s friend or just don’t care about what goes on in online
environments.  The reality of the dangers of Social Media
platforms and the far reaching affects can be seen in Operation Wrong
Destination where men as far away as Pennsylvania, Alabama and as
close as neighborhoods in Northeast Florida were arrested trying to
have sexual relations with minor girls.
Even though the young girls were not real (undercover detectives) the
threat was real. In this situation 13 men were arrested ranging in
multiple ages and careers fields. The Internet is a dangerous place
for youth; girls and boys, it is unfiltered, unmonitored and unsupervised.

William Jackson Speaker and Consultant

Hip Hop Summit in Orlando, Florida














The story of online predators is typical, using friendship, coercions,
suggestions, attention, and affection. These are the tools that predators
use to befriend and eventually try to seduce young girls. As the predator
befriends a child they convince the child to send partially to totally nude
photos and videos. This is not a quick deal, but a gradual process to gain
the trust of the child and eventually a relationship develops.
Parents need to know who is potentially Sexting, Stalking, Catfishing,
Chatting, and Friending  their child or children online before the events
turn tragic. Even family members can contribute to Social Media
challenges by setting up the child an account despite the parent saying
NO. Child sex stings show that men involved are calculating, know what
they want and have a “specific profile” the look for online. Parents need
to know their children’s online profile and personal information that
is posted. My suggestion is to Tag their children’s photos, Google their
names, nicknames, photos and other personal information. Fathers spend
more time with your daughters; attend events like the Daddy Daughter
Dance and have a more trusting relationship that is built on communication


Wm Jackson Learn2Earn Experience

Wm Jackson Learn2Earn Experience












During a recent presentation to high school students participating in
Mayor Alvin Brown’s Learn2Earn Experience I suggested students do a
search on themselves online, a few criticized my idea until they actually
did it and found some amazing and even scary information that was
available in photos, videos and what others had posted about them. Too
many parents are in denial about their children stating their children would
never do this or that or don’t even use the Internet only for research for

The death of Rebecca Sedwick is tragic enough, but when her attackers
and stalkers seemingly don’t care that their actions caused Rebecca to
commit suicide, even one of the girls stating, “IDGAF” and 30 Likes
were posted to this comment online. What morals and values are these
youth being taught about the value of human life? Social Media is opening
a Pandora’s Box of actions and involvement that will have lasting
affects for years to come. Parents and youth, teens and young adults must
understand that online content when posted never goes away. It will affect
scholarships, internships, employments, careers and lifestyles in the future.
Even Sheriff Judd shares his opinions about the parents and Social Media.

Dangers are not just through laptops, all digital connective devices:
Smartphones, Tablets and even gaming systems that allow interactive features.
Using Blogging, Microblogging through Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine,
Youtube, Vimeo and other platforms parents must have a dialogue with
their children.  The dangers online are not conducive to parents being
“friends” with their children. Parents need to be parents!!!!!

Sheriff Judd in several interviews emphasizes that parents check their
children’s Social Media accounts, phone and other devices, for parents to
be responsible and accountable for their children’s actions and not to put
anything past their children. As an educator teaching Engineering and
Technology I agree, hearing the discussions of children and talking to
them it will scare parents and these are no Halloween stories they are
true and realistic.

Video of Parents and Online Bullying
Video of Legal Implications for Bullying
Polk Sheriff Grady Judd
14 Year Old Commits Suicide After Bullying/Cyberbullying
Girl Offers to Perform Sex Act in School
Child Sex Cases

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