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January 20, 2016

Atlanta Georgia 2016

William Jackson and Darryl Cooper
Members of Westside Church of Christ
Jacksonville, Florida Visiting Camp Creek Church of Christ
Atlanta, Georgia

This trip started out as a trip to speak at the Youth Xplosion in
Atlanta, Georgia, but our Lord had other plans. He provided
my brother in Christ and I a memorable adventure during
this Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday.
Please enjoy our pictures and video.

Photo links and video links from Atlanta, Georgia trip January 2016
Atlanta Georgia Photos 2016

Books about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr from the Center for Nonviolence

Ebenezer Baptist Church where Dr. King preached and taught

Dr. Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolence

20160116_161718 (2)
Trinity Community AME Church Graduation Photos

HOTEP by the Graduates of the Trinity Community Ministries

Awesome chant and brotherhood…………..

Atlanta Georgia Video 2016

Keith Jones
Inspirational Speaker Keith Jones
Video of Keith Jones……………………………

Keynote speaker Tim Worley
Keith Jones Mrs. Worley Tim Worley

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade in Atlanta, Georgia
Fellowship, Brotherhood, Unity, Collaboration and
Friendship with the Nation of Islam and the Church
of Christ


Sightseeing In Atlanta Georgia


June 25, 2015

Preventing Crime In The Black Community

William Jackson, Blogger and Speaker

William Jackson, Blogger and Speaker

Preventing Crime In The Black Community
by William Jackson, Instructor with Edward Waters College
“Preventing Crime In The Black Community Conference”

Speaking at the PCBC conference in Tampa, Florida over 1200 middle and high schools
students attended from Urban Leagues throughout the state of Florida, attending the
30th Annual Conference of this educational and motivational conference. Attended by law
enforcement personnel from across the state as well, provided students an opportunity to
meet and interact with law enforcement men and women. Developing an understanding
of how to interact and engage with each other on a level of mutual respect and trust.
Speaking on Social Media Safety and SWAG, the potential of being recruited by extremist
organizations both foreign and domestic is real, the students are learning that their digital
content can keep them from employment, educational, and military opportunities.

Educational Implications:
Access to online resources provides knowledge, education and empowerment beneficial to
students, knowledge base and development of a Brand they can Market. Students must be
taught to value knowledge and how to use it to increase the ability of virtually apply for jobs
and attend virtual educational opportunities. Youth may have the highest scores in Grand
Theft Auto, Madden, defeat aliens in Halo or can mimic the moves better than Michael
Jackson in “Michael Jackson, The Experience” (Wii), how many can create a PowerPoint
presentation, modify a Word document, send an email attachment and write a blog with
correct spelling, grammar and literary comprehension? These are employment skills that
are needed to survive in today’s high tech world.

Employers are Wise to Social Media:
Employers are involved in social networking; they are researching students content, looking
to see if potential employees have questionable social patterns and lifestyles. Mike Hargis
of, “Twenty-two percent of employers say they use social networking
sites when evaluating job candidates”, this should say to youth of today stop putting pictures
that attract attention to them as being “sexy, down, gangsta, thugs, and even gay in some
cases. ” Students may hurt their chances of employment, military service or admission to
higher educational institutions. Danger is further felt for those employed run the risk of being
“let go” because of questionable behavior online, content on their sites and lying about their
backgrounds. Social sites can be used to highlight skills with technology, management of
information and finance, the ability to navigate web sites that build professionalism and
connectivity to the business world.

Preventing Crime In The Black Community

William Jackson, Blogger and Speaker

William Jackson, Blogger and Speaker

September 10, 2013

Sesame Street Endorses STEAM and STEM

Teaching STEM

Teaching STEM

Sesame Street Endorses STEAM and STEM

The transition from traditional instructional
methods of teaching to the integration of

STEAM and STEM has grown from sporadic
implementation in the classrooms across
the nation to a growing movement that
influences classroom curriculums and
organizational change of personnel and

The planning that teachers are conducting
for classroom instruction and lesson plan
design is changing from the conventional
lecture model that has dominated historically
to the modifications that encourage and demand
STEAM and STEM integration teaching
methodologies.  Focusing on a student
centered method of focus. Nikolai P.
Vitti, Ed.D of Duval County Public Schools
strives to maintain a safe, respectful and
inclusive student-centered learning environment
that is focused on equitable.

Teachers use multiple resources to develop
and enhance the sharing of information with
their students, making learning relevant, equitable
and connecting to past and current levels of
understanding that is the foundation for new
and future learning. STEAM and STEM matter
for the future especially for Children of Color.
If America is to stay competitive Children of
Color must be involved in STEAM and STEM careers.

The advancements of technology, demand for
more math and science exposure and research
that has shown how the Arts affects right and left
brain thinking, requires a revolutionized method
to change from a teacher centered method of
teaching to a student centered area of exposure
to the dynamic elements of STEAM.

STEAM Learning

STEAM Learning

Teachers this new school year have been trained
during pre-planning how to modify their teaching
to include Differential Instruction, Common Core
Standards and how to individually and collectively
use STEAM to enhance their teaching.

Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics are
21st century instructional elements that have real
world significance in students choosing careers that
are currently present and the potential of new careers
that are not even thought of yet.  Viewing videos
like, “Did You Know 2013”
are showing how technology is changing and the
importance of STEAM and STEM.

Information such as careers in 2010 were not available
in 2004 and schools should be preparing students
for careers not even present yet. Information is changing
so fast that it only took 4 years for the Internet to reach
a market audience of 50 million while television took
13 years. The storage capacity of computers has
changed from gigabytes to Exabytes of information

Reading is Important

Reading is Important

Sesame Street’s involvement was just a matter of time
because children as young as 2 are using tablets and
other digital tools. These youth are the future if a
parent does not introduce their child to digital
technologies at an early age they are putting their
children at a disadvantage and putting them behind
in the world, creating a digital divide even before
school age.

The Arts is an important element: Sesame Street for
years in its own right has integrated multiple disciplines
in entertaining, instructional, musical, comical and
futuristic ways.
Stated by early photographer Charles Nègre (1820–1880),
“Where science ends, art begins,”  “When the chemist
has prepared the sheet, the artist directs the lens and the
three torches of observation, feeling and reasoning guide
the study of nature; photography invokes effects that
make us dream, simple patterns excite us, powerful and
bold silhouettes that surprise and frighten us…”
Truer words boom forth from the 1800’s way before
the first computer was even a thought.

STEM to STEAM is a cycle that cannot be ignored because
it affects the learning of children who will be future
creators, designers, discoverers, builders, problem solvers,
innovators, along with critical and higher order thinkers.
Sesame Street is proving a foundation that parents must
recognize as important to the development of their children.

As an Engineering and Technology teacher at a Title One and
Magnet School; exposing students to STEAM elements
is important to their future success. Educators of STEAM
and STEM must know how to integrate each element to
create not just a multi-curriculum, inter-relational teaching
strategy, but show how the elements can be taught
individually or collectively.

Sesame Street is showing parents that Science, Technology,
Engineering Arts Math (STEAM) is unleashing entrepreneurial
innovation and future developments that will allow America to
stay competitive and innovative.

Engineering and the Arts

Engineering and the Arts

These resources are used in schools and learning centers.
These are just resources and there is not guarantee to
make your child smarter or more intelligent. These
are tools to supplement what you do at home as a parent.

Sesame Street

E is for Explore

Brain Pop Jr



Cool Math Games

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