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July 10, 2018

BOND – Back To School Bash in Jacksonville, Florida

BOND – Back To School Bash in Jacksonville, Florida



February 26, 2017

A Girls Journey Into Social Media

A Girls Journey Into Social Media
by William Jackson and Breyonna Fox
My Quest to Teach

JIW Group Photo.jpg

Journey Into Womanhood a wonderful collaboration of
young ladies from elementary age to high school held a
workshop  dedicated to teaching about Social Media
safety and responsibility, the prevention of Cyberbullying
and the problems Sexting causes in destroying a girls
reputation and potentially their future career choices.

Elexia Coleman the director and visionary of the program
provides educational,  intellectual, culturally bonding and
community experiences that help girls and young  ladies
grow and blossom in an environment that is encouraging
and engaging.

JIW is an opportunity for girls and young ladies to experience
presentations on multiple levels of activity; professionals like
William Jackson and his intern Breyonna Fox talked to the
ladies on serious subjects that potentially influence decisions
that can have social and career influences.

Asya and Breyonna Fox

Ms. Fox spoke on her experiences on being bullied and how
Sexting can destroy lives and involve law enforcement.
Ms. Fox shared how girls in high school are under the false
ideas that Sexting is glamorous until their photos are shared
with others that where not intended to see them because of
breaking up with friends and trying to impress a boy or girl.

Boys are involved in Sexting as well and can suffer social and
criminal investigation. There are legal issues that could result
in charges of pornography and child endangerment that may
follow a boy or girl through their life. Ms. Fox shared that  each
girl present  should have personal self-confidence and
self-respect. “The unfortunate reality is that  girls and women
have committed suicide because of Bullying and Sexting.”
Breyonna Fox


William Jackson a teacher in the public school system and a
Professor at Edward Waters College shares with the young
ladies that there is nothing a boy or man can provide that is
more important than personal respect and pride. Through
education a young lady and woman can achieve great things
above and beyond the material things a person like a boy or
girl can give them.

The title of the workshop, “How to be Dope and Responsible
on Social Media,” is available to other organizations that work
with youth, teens and young  adults.  Mr. Jackson speaks at the
international conference Preventing Crime in the Black
Community on preventing bullying, cyberbullying, the power
of incorporating STEM in  education and many aspects of
Social Media.

Volunteers are key to the success of JIW program that will be
celebrating the end of another program year on
Sunday, April 9th  2017 at their annual banquet. JIW is a 501c3
program and accepts donations to provide services to the
participants that will have life-long influence to help the
young ladies grow into future leaders in business, finance,
commerce, education and other careers that fulfill dreams.

The rewarding results of JIW can be seen in the community
involvement of girls and young ladies like Taylor Richardson
#AstronautStarBright, she is working to become an astronaut
and travel to Mars and back,  Taylor and her mom are working
to help girls and women in Jacksonville to see the movie
“Hidden Figures.” They were both invited by the Obama
administration to the White House premiere. Sitting with
current and past NASA astronauts, the actors of Hidden
Figures, First Lady Michelle Obama and other dignitaries.


Taylor along with other young ladies are doing extraordinary
things in the community and bringing awesome media and news
reports of the great contributions young ladies are providing in
Jacksonville, Florida.

Sponsorship’s and donations are welcomed by JIW to help
continue the works they do in the community that influence
positive directions and accomplishments.

Journey Into Womanhood –
JIW Facebook –
The Program

Additional Photos from 2017 -2016 – 2015 Workshops on
STEAM – Cyberbullying – Social Media – Sexting – Education

October 9, 2016

October is Bullying Prevention Month

October is Bullying Prevention Month






Bully Prevention Month kicked
off on Saturday, October 1.

The Center for Disease Control states that students who
are bullied are more likely to experience low self-esteem
and isolation, perform poorly in school, have fewer friends
in school, have a negative view of school, and experience
physical symptoms (such as headaches, stomachaches, or
problems sleeping) including mental health issues
(depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety).

Find out more about preventing bullying and regarding
Bully Prevention Month by visiting DCPS Bullying
Prevention webpage and resources provided by
My Quest To Teach








Duval County Public Schools

Bullying Prevention Links

Duval County Public School Links and Resources

The Official Anti-Bullying Video Collaboration
with Responsible ARTistry & Cut-n-Edge Cartoons

Whitehouse Conference on Bullying

Stop Bullying

Stop Bullying with My Quest To Teach





Prevent Bullying session at:
Arlington Country Day School
Jacksonville, Florida

October 7, 2016

Stop Bullying with My Quest To Teach

Stop Bullying with My Quest To Teach 
Video via William Jackson
My Quest To Teach

Brownsville Church of Christ Prevent Bullying
Brownsville Church of Christ
Back to School – Preventing Bullying 

I have been speaking and presenting on the prevention of Bullying,
Cyberbullying, Sexting and the inappropriate use of texting for
several years.

Through the use of incorporating traditional blogging, video blogging,
Social Media platforms, and other platforms and tools I try to share
the reasons and realistic concerns why children, youth, teens and young
adults bully.

Each incident no matter how small creates an atmosphere of fear and
uncertainty in a young persons perception(s) of safety and even belonging.
Bullying is not a rite of passage to manhood or womanhood, it does not
build character or bonding.

Bullying is hurtful, mean, sad and creates long-term psychological
damage.  Emotional trauma and even the inability to trust and love
has resulted in some cases.

Students from ACD – Arlington Country Day School
Prevent Bullying Workshop for Middle and High School
via William Jackson  #MyQuestToTeach

Below is a video that was created and produced by myself to show
that bullying should not be tolerated, but it should be treated with
compassion and care.

Links to my bullying blogs over the years are provided.
Feel free to use the resources to empower children, teens and young
adults and even to educate parents. Parents are usually the last to
know that their child is the bully or that their child is being bullied.

Education is important and observation. Parents unfortunately do
not know their children as well as they think they do so the
accumulation and engagement in relationships is important to
establish and maintain between child and parent.

Bullying Presentations

Building Character and Resources

Bullying Blogs

Video via William Jackson
My Quest To Teach
Parent, Educator, Blogger
Community Activist

October 8, 2015

Social Media and Bullying within the Church of Christ

Social Media and Bullying within the Church of Christ

An interactive discussion and focus on God’s Word with
youth teens and young adults.

The recent 42nd Southeastern Regional Lectureship of the
Church of Christ was an opportunity to share the brotherhood
and sisterhood of the Body of Christ. Held in St. Petersburg,
Florida and attended by adults of various Church of Christ
ministries and for the first time youth and teens in their
1st Annual Youth Series.

Workshops, discussion groups and panel discussions that
focused on “Saving Souls and Keeping Souls Saved” as it
related to the reading, interpretation, application, teaching
and relevancy of the gospel were involved in the Lectureship.
The gospel is the tool or the platform to share the message of
God as Jesus did in his travels shared with the disciples as
they traveled, taught and healed.

A new series to the Lectureship was the 1st Annual Youth Series
by Lester McCou the Youth Pastor of Fifth Avenue Church of
Christ, the theme: “Keep Calm and Stop Bullying” Roman 15:1.
The speaker William Jackson from Jacksonville, Florida a
member of Westside Church of Christ interacted with the youth
and teens on their understanding of what bullying is, how it can
affect their self-esteem and strategies on getting out of bullying
situations without violence. William Jackson 2015 Teacher of
the Year, a parent and educator of over 25 years in public and
higher education; speaker on Social Media Safety, Internet
Etiquette, preventing Bullying and Cyberbullying.

group photo
Group Photo at Youth Series

The youth and teens spoke of bullying situations they faced, their
concerns on their safety and how they can help their peers with
bullying actions of others. During the discussion the youth and
teens were honest about their thoughts and feelings which allowed
them to speak openly. The importance of prayer, faith and worship
were discussed as to the promise and strength of being a Christian.
The youth and teens discussed the importance of their prayer life
and how they are responsible and accountable for their actions
by God.

In addition was the theme: “Is God pleased with what’s on your
timeline?” Romans 12:1-2 the discussion focused on Social Media
content and how it relates to being a member of the Body of Christ
and living a Christian life. As the youth and teens listened and
contributed to the interactive lessons, they learned how Social
Media allows for people to judge them, and how Social Media
influences the opportunities of employment, entering into higher
education, military service, how being associated with certain
people or groups can be beneficial or hazardous.

Youth Minister Lester McCou

Technology and Social Media are pervasive in our society, youth
and teens are capable of being connected to hundreds of people
and vast amounts of information, youth and teens must respect
the capabilities of Social Media platforms and tools. Lester McCou,
the Youth Minister of Fifth Avenue Church of Christ contributed
to the discussion with real life events of Social Media realities
that damaged reputations, lost employment and even suicides
from Cyberbullying/Bullying. He shared the positive effects as
well and emphasized “walking the walk, and talking the talk” of
being saved and a member of the Body of Christ.

Social Media can be used for positive sharing of information and
collaboration. Youth and teens should be provided training about
the capabilities and dangers of participating in Social Media. The
Church of Christ is providing increased learning opportunities for
youth, teens and young adults. The value of teaching about the
gospel is vital for youth and teens and their salvation.
Continued education needs to be provided by the Churches of Christ
ministries to teach youth, teens, young adults and even adults and elders
how technology and Social Media can be beneficial in the Church of
Christ to share the gospel, equipping members of the Body with
positive and transformative tools.

William Jackson 2
Wm Jackson, M.Ed.

William Jackson is a member of Westside Church of Christ
which is lead by Minister Elisha Taylor, Jr
William is a member of the Information Technology Ministry (ITM)
and the Social Media Visionary. He is a father, blogger,
speaker/presenter and teaches in the public school system
of Duval County and an instructor at Edward Waters College
teaching in the Education and Urban Studies Department.
Blogging for the Church of Christ at:
Church of Christ and Social Media

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