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June 16, 2016

A Spiritual Guide for Fathers Raising Children Part II

A Spiritual Guide for Fathers Raising Children Part II


In the spirit of fatherhood, unity and solidarity for parenting,
suggestions  for fathers to be better fathers.

1. Fathers, as children grow they become less dependent
on parents, starting to make decisions for themselves,
men/fathers must stay active as models and advisors.
Often just listening and being patient providing support
and encouragement is what children need as they mature.

2. Fathers, during adolescence and teen years there is a
minimal tendency to ask parents for their opinions, it is
important to ask questions and openly communicate
not criticize. Fathers are prone to be impatient, learn
to wait and guide talks not force them.

3. Fathers, be direct with your decisions and be Fair,
a “No” means “No”. You send conflicting signals when
you change your mind and don’t backup your words
with loving and consistent direction and decisions.

4. Fathers , teens speak in different languages,
don’t be surprised to hear, “Everyone else is doing it”
or “There parents are cool” or “I wish you were like
such and such parents”. Fathers should not be angry
with their children, remember they just want their
way just like we did at their age or still do now.
Learn your children’s language so you can
communicate better.

5. Fathers, parents must stand united. Not trying
to be your children’s friend. Don’t let your child
pit you and your spouse or girl-friend, partner
against each other.
Always be in accord with your children’s decisions.
It is harder for step-parents and those not married,
both need to work hard to keep peace and unity.
Communication is important, it is not about
winning, it is about solidarity and
what is best for the children.

6. Fathers, don’t argue with your children. You
are the parent, the adult, not their equal or
their peer. Remember who is in accountable.
Fathers must at times be firm and unmovable
in their decisions, but show love and wisdom
in their decisions.

7. Fathers, try to initiate a discussion and not
interrogate, use opportunities to talk about
everyday things, how was their school day,
how are their friends, what has
been on their minds. Being proactive is better
than reactive.

8. Fathers should be positive, think positive
and reinforce good behavior and always be in
prayer. Setting realistic and positive expectations
for their children and helping them to make
good decisions.

9. Fathers, remember we all make mistakes.
Children learn by their experiences and
mistakes. Fathers at times need to “tell stories”
to relate information.
Bill Cosby was very effective in doing this.
Men can guide and make suggestions
or provide solutions through stories. Jesus
used parables and our elders
told stories that share ideas and explain relationships.

10. Fathers should not be scared to admit
they make mistakes and apologize for them.
If you want your sons to “man up” you need
to “man up” too.

11. Mothers sometimes need to back off if they
want the father to be consistent.
Remember a nagging woman can kill a spirit
and create dissension in the spirit
of the man and their sons. Nothing spoils trust
faster than embarrassing or going
against a fathers decisions or criticizing the
father in front of the children.

12. Fathers should Pray and not Faint. Have a
mentor that is in-line with God’s Word.
Your mentor does not have to agree with you
all the time, they should be honest all the time.

13. Fathers, attend Church, Bible Study, Prayer
Breakfasts, etc. as a family or
with dad. There are many churches that invite
dads and their children. Fathers
take advantage of this and get involved.

14. Fathers,, have family time at least once a week.

15. Mothers need to pray for their children’s
father even if they are not in the home.
A praying mother is powerful and purposeful
in strengthening her family and
creating calm and peace. A woman that has
a serpents tongue creates chaos,
confusion and division. .

16. Fathers be patient and discipline with
love not anger. Remember how you
were at your children’s and guide your
discipline with peaceful wisdom,
.calm demeanor and a listening ear.


William Jackson, M.Ed. can be reached at the
following email address:     on Twitter @wmjackson

Fatherhood Inspirational Video via @wmjackson #MyQuestToTeach

GetConnectedDad online resources

Great resource for fathers online

National Fatherhood Initiative
Twitter @thefatherfactor

May 26, 2016

Girls and Bullying: Pain and Potential PTSD

Girls and Bullying: Pain and Potential PTSD
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Edward Waters College
@wmjackson –


Girls of all ages are involved in online
communication that has exceeded face to face
communication. They are sharing photos, videos,
emoji’s and other graphical displays of emotions
and friendships. BFF is a new word in the English
The increase of a girl’s social life has transitioned
to digital relationships that travel across the
digital languages of Social Media sites.

Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and other
forms of digital communications are dominated by
the chatter of digital words, phrases, acronyms
and the occasional use of profanity and sexual
dialogue. A girl or young ladies digital life is
different than how they are in real life situations.

Direct interaction creates opportunities for
dialogue that can be respectful and caring. Technology
has opened a Pandora’s Box to potential vicious Bullying,
Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking and Sexting. These actions
have created a change in digital interactions and
etiquette. It is dangerous not to know what
Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking are.

Girls must be taught how to “talk” digitally to each
other and not to bully, or in the case of technology
Cyberbully. Brooklyn a student says that, “Parents
need to observe their child’s accounts to see what
they are doing to keep their children especially girls
safe from predators and others that would do them harm.”


The end of each school year is creating fear,
apprehension and even causing parents pulling their
children out of school early because of fear from
violence as retribution of past offenses even if it is
a minor verbal altercation or a digital misunderstanding.
Too many children and teens do not value life as it
should be valued and their natures are more violent and
less compassionate. Communication with wireless devices
has created a paradigm shift for parents, educators, and
even law enforcement in the attempts to monitor, educate
and prevent bullying actions by girls and women.

Statistics show that girls will bully using technology
more than boys and a girl’s online activity is more
vicious. Even television media has shown true to life
movies about girls bullying in the traditional sense in
the school environment and also through digital means.
The unfortunate deaths by suicide and attempted suicides
are reported weekly on national news stations that bullying
and cyberbullying creates havoc emotionally and
psychologically for girls. Girls as they mature into
women have stated that they suffer from PTSD because of
the stress resulting from bullying through middle and high

Speaking at national conferences to teens and young adults,
I have spoken with women in their 30’s and 40’s that carry
the emotional scars of bullying from middle and high school.
The reality that many parents do not understand or are in
denial, girls are more likely than boys to participate in
cyberbullying, (cyber-bullying via text messages or online
via Internet).


Sharing information to empower and engage parents as the
school year comes to a close, parents need to check their
children’s Social Media accounts and their digital devices.
Parents need to understand their children, who their friends
are and even associates. The recent deaths of girls from
fights have made national attention and a warning sign to
parents. It cannot be said that this is a surprise because
there are signs, parents need to recognize them.

Schools cannot be fully blamed for bullying, because at
the end of the day, students go home to their parents,
seclude themselves in their rooms and use their digital
devices to make the lives of other girls and even boys hell
on Social Media. Parents are accountable and responsible
because they are paying for the very devices their children
are using to bully with.

The consequences of bullying do have serious emotional
and psychological consequences that can last a lifetime.
Girls who are bullied have a greater risk for depression
which can lead to drug dependency, alcohol and other
substances. As a teacher in elementary and higher education
here are some tips that may help protect kids from
cyberbullying, but it takes parents being active, engaged
and involved.


Reinforce in your children not to give out personal
information online, when engaged in online don’t fill in
personal information. In online profiles, chat rooms, blogs,
or on web site surveys be careful what personal information
you provide. Not all sites are honest and beneficial.Don’t
ever tell anyone your email or instant messaging passwords,
even your friends or BFF’s.

If someone sends a mean or threatening message, don’t
respond, get a screen capture and save it to report to
school administration or law enforcement. Don’t be a
cyberbully, because you may find yourself on the other
end of being investigated by law enforcement and school
officials. Laws are enforced where all digital devices can
be taken from the home and searched for “evidence” for

Knowing the definition of bullying and cyberbullying is not
enough, knowing that anyone can be a bully or can be bullied
is important. Prevention and protection is the goal of my
blog, to empower and educate parents. Parents need to read
student policy and procedure books, they need to read
Internet policies for the school district.
The end of the school year should be a calm transition,
not one filled with dread for the summer,
fearing being bullied, harassed and stalked.


February 11, 2014

A Journey Into Womanhood and Social Media

A Journey Into Womanhood
and Social Media

by William Jackson
Parent, Educator, Blogger, Presenter

Speaking to the young ladies of “Journey Into Womanhood”
during a Social Media and Cyberbullying workshop.
My goal was to share information that empowers and
educates these young ladies on the influence of their
Social Media content. Through discussion,
dialogue, exchanging information, skits and experiences, this
discussion of 90 minutes allowed for understanding in the use and
influence of Social Media platforms.
Having blogged about previous presentations to youth, my goal is
to engage youth and teens in serious and humorous discussions
about their online presence and how their content influences their
opportunities for scholarships and employment.

Young ladies are realizing their social media content is
establishing an online culture. A high school and even college
student’s digital creation and exchange of content has important
affects on the digital perceptions that build their Brands and
personal/digital associations (shared in a previous blog).
Creating content that allows for preconception in behaviors and
influences the personal relationships they create. This can be
seen in the Social Media sites of Trayvon Martin and now Jordan
Davis, how people perceive them as young Black youth.
Social influences have an effect on personality decisions that are
displayed on social media platforms. The social media look of a
young lady is not always complimentary, is not directed by goals,
visions and missions of future educational and career objectives.
Too many girls are trying to impress peers or fit in with groups and
negatively influenced by entertainment icons and models.

Rise of Social Media
The rise of social media creates a blueprint
when it comes to developing and embracing
diverse social media platforms.
This influences how girls and young ladies
Brand themselves
and Markets these Brands. The young ladies of “Journey Into
Womanhood” are mentored in academics, social graces, possible
career choices and higher educational options. Knowledge of
digital tools can mean earning a scholarship or having one taken away.
Girls need to consider the social, emotional, spiritual and even
intellectual content they create from social interactions. Parents
need to be aware to guide and offer advice because of future
complications from content, online statements, cyberbullying,
profanity and inappropriate video or pictures.
A girls Brand is connected to their online activities; the behaviors,
actions and even associations influence perceptions and future

Building Relationships
Building relationships is important
even in a digital age, it extends
beyond the digital connection.
Providing the choices needed to
attend colleges and universities,
obtaining scholarships and grants
and building Brands for collaborative
projects. Doors open in
diverse careers in STEM and STEAM
for girls and women as their
technical skills grow. Girls of color are
learning that they are not locked into social skill sets any longer.
Whether using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Google +
or a Youtube channel, Branding is an individual story that
should generate interest based on similar passions that girls and
woman share. Social Media provides no better tool to position
yourself for opportunities. JIW is working to build and enhance
the self-esteem of young ladies through interactive workshops
that speakers like William Jackson provide (My Quest To Teach).

Speaking and Presentations
Youth, teens and young adults need additional
exposure to technology professionals to learn from
experts in the fields of IT. How can children
set higher academic and professional goals if they are
not exposed to those involved in the careers.
Having had the opportunity to speak at major conferences, churches,
youth groups and other venues. I share my excitement and experiences
with technology, social media, STEM and STEAM. Hoping to motivate
youth in those areas for future careers.

Collaboration and Content are Important
As I share with the young ladies of
“Journey Into Womanhood”; collaboration and
content creation is important to expand and
accentuate the unique personal abilities and talents
that girls are learning to develop. Through skits and
play acting these young ladies share what they are
learning about Social Media and Cyberbullying.
Access in the digital age has a foundation based on
relationship building first, then cooperation and
collaboration next.
Girls and boys in schools need to be mentored and counseled
on their postings, just as they are counseled on career choices.
They need to be counseled on Social Media content, Bullying and
Cyberbullying. Guidance counselors will need professional
development on how to help students with Social Media tools.
As I’m being asked to speak nationally on Social Media and
Bullying/Cyberbullying I’m convinced more than ever each high
schools and middle schools needs a Social Media counselor
to guide and teacher students how they should direct their content
in Marketing and Branding themselves, Cyberbullying prevention
and the social responsibilities of online use.
A young ladies postings create a following with their culture;
that culture is integrated and broadcast digitally that
influences Branding. The digital age is forcing students to sell
their talents and abilities to the world to be competitive in global
markets not just for local and community jobs.

Master of Your Brand
The young ladies of “Journey Into Womanhood”
are learning to Master their Brand because their
Brand is their culture and
online reputation. Girls and young woman must
understand the long range consequences of their
digital culture, too many guidance counselors are
concerned with testing
and other issues to understand about Social Media and
cannot provide sound and experienced advice.
Social media content can open doors to social and professional
opportunities or can close doors of educational and professional
acceptance for students. Guidance counselors should be teaching
students that once a month if not more to Google their content,
pictures, video and reputations.
Just as there are strategies to prevent identity theft there should be
strategies for Social Media content and online reputation enhancement.

The Journey
“Journey Into Womanhood”
is an organization designed in its mission to empower,
educate and encourage young ladies from 10 and above to
be the best they can be. A rites of passage program, designed
for girls ages 9-17.
This unique and inspiring program cultivates young ladies in their
“Journey into Womanhood”
Twitter:@ journeyn2woman

February 3, 2014

High School Students Social Media Brand and Culture

High School Students
Social Media Brand and Culture
by Wm Jackson

High school students are learning
that their social media content
is creating an online culture of their
personalities that influence
their Branding and Marketing of themselves.
Personalities change with growth and maturity, influenced by
many diverse factors. A high school and even college student’s
digital creation and exchange of user-generated content has
important and long range affects on the digital perceptions that
build their Brands.
The factors that influence a Brand range in personal heredity,
social environment, interpersonal and peer relationships, family
influences and even how high school and college students are
influenced by media Brands and Marketing.

A high school student’s personality can be as diverse as the genetic
background of their families and influence from friends. Creating
online content that allows for prejudgment in behaviors and influences
the personal relationships they build.
The community a high school student lives in has an influence on
their social media content, this may not be recognized, but the
developed content is influenced and directed in multiply ways.
The impact of musical interests, food choices, clothing decisions,
social interactions and even entertainment choices has an emotional
and psychological relevancy.
These choices have an effect on personality decisions that are
displayed on social media platforms. The social media look of a
high school student is not predictable because of influences that
guide decisions and choices that transform and influence personality

Personality Matters
High school students are in a flux of personality
changes, it’s often hard to nail down just what
their personality is.
These youth are living, breathing humans who
live very public
lives and are social animals. Their social connections are just as
important as breathing and eating. To doubt this just try to take
a high school or college students wireless devices away for any
length of time. Brands do drive personal engagement and
have an influence on developing “personalities,” this is overlooked
by parents, but not by the media. The influence is strong just look
at the shoes on a high school students feet or the choice of wireless
devices plugged into or riding their ears and pockets.

Digital Culture of
High School Students

Culture is like meetings and memos:
it’s an inescapable avenue of
social interactions and experiences.
The rise of social media
creates a new paradigm when it comes to developing cultures
and the embracing of diverse personalities of high schoolers.
High school students should consider their social, political, emotional,
spiritual and even intellectual content and cultural they create from
social interactions. Parents need to be aware also to guide and
offer advice not to be critics.
A high school students Brand is connected to their culture. That Brand
can create a foothold to career and employment aspirations and
decisions for higher educational goals. Brands are influenced by
personalities and personalities are influencing Brands.

Transparency Should Be Seamless
How transparent a Brand is and the
sharing of information is important to make
personal connections and building relationships
that extend beyond the digital connection.
Brands must be inviting,
engaging and to a certain degree interactive.
High school students are telling a story; their
story, the existence
of their culture and growing Brands. Sharing
their culture in a digital
environment that absorbs their personalities as their content is
shared across digital landscapes that will never go away. Digital
information is hosted, housed, integrated, and stored on servers,
hard-drives, and in digital clouds, it will be a permanent fixture
in online environments so must be thought-out and constructive.
The seamless integration of a personal personality is important to
create a positive and inviting connection. High school students
not only must show their academic sides, but their community
connections and involvement in social issues.
Whether using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a Youtube channel,
the culture of social media Branding is an individual
story that should generate interest. There is no better tool to
position yourself for opportunities that promote and encourage
academic and professional growth.

Collaboration and Cooperation are Important
As I share with my students in my Educational Technology
class that I teach at a local HBCU. Sharing in collaboration
and cooperation is important to build relationships that
expand and accentuate the
unique personal abilities and talents that students are learning to
Success in the digital age has a foundation based on relationships.
High school and college students need to be mentored and counseled
on their postings, just as they are counseled on career choices now
they need to be counseled on Social Media content, Bullying and
As I’m being asked to speak more in Florida on Social Media and
Bullying/Cyberbullying I’m convinced more than ever each high school
needs a Social Media counselor to guide and teacher students how they
should direct their content and Market and Brand themselves.
High school students postings create a culture; that culture is
integrated in social media platforms and broadcast digitally that
influences Branding, that Branding is being judged and categorized
by future employers, educational institutions and even by law enforcement.

The power of transparency is witnessed in communication; poor
communication has the potential to damage perceptions, the value of
a Brand. Organized and purposeful communication strengthens and
solidifies a Brand allowing for consistent and stronger Marketing of that
Brand. The digital age is forcing high school students to Market and
sell their talents and abilities to the world to be competitive in global
markets not just for local and community jobs.

Be the Master of Your Brand
High school students must be the
master of their Brand because their
Brand is their culture. The digital
content will last for years and continue
to create perceptions past the life span
of the early years of development
of the creator of digital content.
High school students must understand
the long range consequences of their digital culture. Long before they
transition to adulthood their social media culture will follow them and
extend into the broader areas of adulthood and career expansion.
Social media content can open doors to social and professional
opportunities or can close doors of educational and professional

Social Media Suggestions
A high school students online culture
will be created accidentally or on
purpose with planning and skill. The decisions
in what to post and what
not to post influence the perceptions of viewers
of that content and the
development of potential beneficial relationships.

1. Empower Yourself and Your Social Media Content
Use your wording carefully, create a positive environment to share
positive information and resist the pressure to defame, gossip
and stretch the truth. Honesty and integrity still matter.
2. Conduct a Social Media Culture Audit
Google your words, your pictures, video and other content. Make sure
your information is positive, productive and opens doors for collaboration
and cooperation. Guide your personality to be a respected and informative
person in the area you are interested and good in.
Make beneficial connections on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media
sites with people who value your opinion and ideas.
3. Guilt by Association
Be careful who and what you are associated with online. In this age of
digital connections you must establish a criteria of who you “friend.”
Just  because you can friend everyone in your high school does not mean
you should. Their associations may not be beneficial for you. So choose
wisely who you allow to friend and share content.
4. Have a Conversation
High school students must learn to have conversations with their followers.
Not to have verbal attacks or confrontations. Conversations lead to sharing
ideas, building positive relationships and establishing long term commitments
to share and embrace diversity.
5. Guard Your Brand
Your Brand represents who you are, guard it and protect it. Be proactive
in creating content that is intellectually sound, engaging and provide a
reason for people to follow and friend you. Learn about the people that are
interested in who you are. As  you grow they will grow with you and when
you diversify or move on to other areas they will follow you because they
trust you.

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Wm Jackson and Anthony Butler

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