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February 14, 2016

Part 2“How to Create A Menace To Society “


Part 2 How To Create A Menace To Society:
for parents, law enforcement, educators and others that
see children as investments and not commodities.
Collectively we cannot allow our children to be lead the
wrong way. Communities must unit and unify to help
guide children away from crime and towards educational
opportunities early in life.

The road to academic success is paved with academic
challenges, struggles, successes and transformative changes.
Parents are key to their children’s success and growth into
lifelong learners. Educational preparation begins in the womb
of mothers. Teaching the right way to go cannot wait until
age 4 or 5, it must start at birth.
The world is changing at the speed of thought
and parents cannot wait until their children are ready to
start school to begin teaching their children the foundations
of reading, writing and arithmetic.
Learning is a continuous process and it is easier to teach a
young child that can be guided and nurtured than trying
to teach an older child or young adult already set in their
ways and habits.
These suggestions are measures that parents should
look out for to prevent children from going the wrong way.
Usually how to suggestions are full of inspirational messages,
these are references to things parents should not be involved
in any way.

  1. Parents, don’t allow any academic foundation in your home.
    a. no reading from infancy to toddler stage.
    b. if parents want an uneducated and illiterate child don’t
    allow any type of reading or literacy practice.
  2. Mothers don’t allow the father to teach.
    a. destroy your sons and daughters perception of their father
    by talking badly about their father and being negative about
    his life and teaching ability.
    b. allow only information that shows men being irresponsible,
    lazy, ruthless, and having criminal behaviors.
    c. if the father is paying support and contributing to the children
    make it harder for him to be actively involved.
    d. allow another man or woman to talk about the father using
    profanity (bad words) in front of the children.
    e. as your son or daughter gets older let them hang with the
    neighborhood drug dealer, known criminals or other potential
    trouble makers to model bad behaviors and reinforce disrespect
    and defiance.
  3. Parents dress your daughters 3 to 4 years older.
    a. teach girls to act older and how to attract men.
    b. teach girls to have multiple boyfriends to show girls how to shop
    for a sweet daddy, baby daddy or thug.
    c. teach girls that babies equal EBT cards and public assistance
    (free money).
    d. teach girls how to barter and trade for favors with food stamps
    and sex.
    e. teach sons to only date girls that allow them to disrespect them,
    beat them, sexually and mentally abuse them.

    4. Teach children early that disrespect is cute and funny.
    a. allow your child to talk back to you at home and public.
    b. allow your child to throw fits of rage when they are
    encouraged to read.
    c. teach your child to curse instead of thinking intelligently and
    speaking intellectually and articulately.
    d. allow children to watch R, PG, and even X rated movies.
    e. allow children to imitate adults that are bad influences.
    f. encourage your child to beat up the good kids in school.

  4. Teach children to disrespect authority. One of the important
    lessons a child can learn is what respect and how to earn it
    and give it.
    a. teach children they deserve respect even if they don’t show it.
    b. teach children they are owed something even if they have not
    worked for anything and have not achieved anything.
    c. teach children not to respect their teachers, law enforcement,
    and other adults whose career is to help them.
  5. Invite children to get in adult conversations and situations.
    a. encourage your child to imitate TV personalities that they see
    on Empire and other programs for adults.
    b. teach children that they can learn about all life’s answers from
    television and the Internet.
    e. teach children that women need to be beaten and disrespected
    by being called Hoes, Sl**s, Bi***es and other words.
    f. teach children that men need to be disrespected by being called
    Thugs, Dogs, Gangsta, Inmate, Ni**a and other words.
  6. Teach your children about police and jail.
    a. teach your children that law enforcement likes to use them as
    target practice and they should run when they see the police.
    b. teach your children that it is fashionable to have a criminal
    record and dress like they should be stopped and frisked.
    c. teach your children that judges, prosecutors and law enforcement
    hate Black children and the poor.
    d. teach your children that the best sex is jail sex.
    e. teach your children that there is a jail cell waiting for them
    and the boys will have a boyfriends and the girls will have
    girlfriends in jail.
  7. Parents be an Un-Enabler and destroy your child’s confidence.
    a. parents always take your child’s side even if they are wrong.
    b. parents make your child believe that mom can fix anything and
    dad is weak and impotent.
    c. baby your child and reinforce the “I can’t attitude” especially
    in boys.
    d. teach your children that they will be just like the other parent
    in all the wrong ways. Enable a spirit of hate, low self-esteem,
    no cultural identification and reinforce colorism of self and
    cultural racism.
    e. teach your child the ghetto is where they will always be.
    f. teach your child that gangs are their extended family members.
    g. teach your child to lie to teachers, law enforcement and ministers.
    h. teach children that their fathers are just sperm donors or the
    mothers eggs were spoiled and rotten and so are they.

It takes a village to raise a child, but what happens when the
village is dysfunctional and its family morals, family values, and
family ethics are dysfunctional?
Too many African American communities are growing increasingly
violent, less forgiving of diversity, and authority is being challenged
in schools and even churches. Children are not being taught the soft
people skills that encourage empathy, kindness, patience, forgiveness
and acceptance. Lacking these skills creates a perception of not only
conforming to the societal expectations, it creates a barrier to being
able to adapt and work in a diverse cultural global community.

This is not only happening in the Black or African American society it is
with others. Parenting is about teaching children to be better than their
parents, not to stay in the same place and face the same challenges.
How can the African American culture grow if all that happens is to
consume what is “eye candy” and name brand items that do not
contribute to academic growth, financial stability and political connectivity?

The information “How to Create A Menace To Society” is not a blue print
to any realistic individual or group, but cautious words resulting from
seeing elements displayed in children that are not nurtured, valued,
loved and prayed for as they should be.

It is hard to encourage cultural pride and family unity when African
Americans have been beaten, and even killed to deny who and what
they are. To destroy family unity and cultural pride. What will happen
after 50 more years, will African Americans still struggle with the same
issues or will they finally wake up?

Here is historical information about how African Americans were treated
and programed. This must be reversed in the African American community
in order for cultural unity and growth. The late Dr. Edward Robinson
used the correct term “prisoners of war, not slaves,” in his discussion on
why African Americans do not know their history and being denied
knowledge that could free their minds.



Part 1 “How to Create A Menace To Society “
“Education is only a ladder to gather fruit
from the tree of knowledge, not the fruit itself.”
A. Einstein

The struggle of leading our children in the right direction
seems to be lost in this world of instant gratification,
disrespect for parental and spiritual authority and even
challenging the authority of human rights of people
as they are killed with no remorse or conviction by
children, teens and young adults. When someone is
murdered their human rights are extinguished.
Even education does not hold the same value as it did
decades ago when African Americans were denied,
beaten, and killed for wanting to be educated.
This transcends generations of colorism, each generation
is challenged with the distractions and enticements of the
world. Sex, drugs, violence, instant gratification, and
glamification by girls and even women to outdo in style
and fashion their sisters in shows like Atlanta Housewife’s
teaching and modeling young girls and women that are
gullible enough to think this is how to behave in the
real world.


The materialization of children plays a role in manipulating
the thinking of children, youth, teens and young adults.
There are so many distractions for our youth and influences
that children, teens and young adults seem lost in trying to
satisfy the world instead of following what is right and good.
The music that is broadcast encouraging girls to “find the bad
boys,” to love the thugs and live a thug life and “boys to git
wit hoes and bit****,” to make as many babies as possible to
please their sexual urges is what our children are exposed and
listening too. I may receive criticism, but look at the academic
and societal challenges too many children are having. Look at
their values for life and rebellious behaviors.

Looking at the media that falsely accuses parents of not teaching
and raising children, teachers being too hard on students and not
caring about them are false messages, but are heard by youth, teens
and even young adults through the media.
This raises serious questions about the values that are being
taught through the media to children that are still developing
their own personalities, establishing morals and ethics. Parents
must be careful in what their children are exposed to, who
their role models are and what is being projected as cool, hip,
right and sexy.

what 2

Listening to “The Souls of Black Folks,” “Up from Slavery” and
“The Mis-education of the Negro,” African Americans are
running fast towards assimilation and acceptance of
cultural practices that are not their own. Too many African
Americans have forgotten where they came from culturally
and the continuous struggles for equality. There is confusion
in African American youth, teens and young adults in what is
equality, acceptance, tolerance, respect and assimilation in
this nation.

As Black history is celebrated I challenge parents to have their
children, teens and young adults listen too:
“The Souls of Black Folks,” “Up from Slavery” and
“The Mis-education of the Negro,” to get a library card in the
process to show how important learning is. Parents be that
positive role model that your children need.

what 3

“How To Create A Menace to Society”
this is not an attempt to suggest these can contribute
to the corruption, mis-education or misleading of youth,
but an attempt to show that youth and teens need attention,
love, encouragement, fair and loving discipline. The first educators
are parents and even other family members, family can contribute
to the success of boys and girls. Parents must be responsible,
held accountable and dedicated about the business and love in
raising their children. Parents should aspire for their children to
pass them in educational success, financial stability and
having stability in their careers, in today’s society.


Parents even though they may not have a degree, must encourage
their children that the best way to be successful in life is to be a
lifelong learner. This does not start in high school it starts when
the child is born. Reading to infants and as they develop to toddler
stage introducing them to books, having a library at home where
children can put their hands on books, not just tablets or computers.
There is power in holding a book, there is ownership and a sense
of responsibility when children can carry their books and read to
empower their thinking and perceptions of the world around them.
Teaching a child to read, allowing them to be a part of the learning
experience and showing them how to take ownership of their
reading by taking them to libraries, museums and cultural events.
The world will lead a child in the direction of self-destruction and
cultural denial, if a child is not taught, mentored, provided good
role models. Parents need to be on point with their commitment
to be actively involved and stay involved so their children can have
a foundation that will build independence and growth.

How To Create A Menace To Society
Parental responsibilities are real and the pressures of
society create unrealistic goals for parents to follow
and youth to act on. These resources are available for free
at your local libraries. Take advantage of them.
The Soul of Black Folk 1
The Soul of Black Folk 2
The Soul of Black Folk 3
The Soul of Black Folk 4
The Soul of Black Folk 5

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October 21, 2015

Prevent Bullying with Education and Personal Accountability

Prevent Bullying with Education and Personal Accountability

by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Speaker on Bullying Prevention, Sexting
and Cyberbullying Prevention
Speaking at Churches to prevent Bullying
in their youth, teens and young adults

Be A Buddy and Not A Bully – William Jackson and Taylor Richardson

“Your David and Goliath Moment” How to fight Bullying with scripture and prayer.

There are tragic stories of young people like 15
year old Phoebe Prince who have taken their lives
because of bullying. Even Iain Steele a 15 year
old that lived in Chicago and had a promising
future in high school and Carl Walker-Hoover
11 years old, even though he was a Boy Scout and football player.

The Springfield, Mass., young man was ruthlessly
teased and harassed, he was even active in his
church, but was affected by bullying to the point
where he committed suicide. Bullying crosses race,
gender and cultural lines. Carl was African American,
the list tragically grows for teens and young
people that are attempting suicide and even tragic
the ones that are successful.

Enduring the torment, embarrassment of being harassed
in an atmosphere where Phoebe should have been protected,
nurtured and safe. She was a high school student in
South Hadley, Mass. Instead of expectations of a
great year in high school she was tormented verbally
and online (cyberbullying).
Her’s is not the only story; there are growing stories
of students from elementary, middle and high school who
experience various levels of bullying, harassment and
torment at the amusement of others. The most notable is
that of Jeffrey Johnston, who took his life in
2004 after being bullied. Jeffery a 15-year-old boy
committed suicide after being bullied, including Internet
bullying (cyberbullying). There are laws now named after
His tragic story has resulted in the “Jeffrey Johnston
Stand Up for All Students Act” (Fla. Stat. section 1006.147).

Statistics from Health Resources and Services Administration
estimates that up to 25 percent of American students are
bullied and the numbers are rising. School is supposed to
be a safe haven, but according to Jonathan Cohen, President
of the Center for Social and Emotional Education
(, more than 160,000 American
students stay home from school on any given day because
they’re afraid of being bullied.

Jonathan Cohen, “Bullying undermines the ability for children
in grades K-12 to learn and develop in healthy ways.” Bullying
has been noticed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and
will for the first time include a section on bullying in its
official policy statement on the pediatrician’s role in
preventing youth violence.

What is bullying?
Many parents do not understand the complexity of bullying.
Florida state statutes defines bullying as systematically
and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological
distress through teasing, social exclusion, threats,
intimidation; stalking, physical violence, theft, sexual,
religious or racial harassment, public humiliation, or
destruction of property. This includes harassment of LGBT
students who face even death threats.
These just like any other group of young people have dreams
and aspirations of contributing to their communities, having
families, careers and enjoying life.

These expectations of life are sometimes questioned when they
are bullied and tormented by those who are ignorant to the
lives of others. “From Teasing to Torment: School Climate in
America” (2010) students across the country said their peers
were most often bullied because of their
appearance, but the next top reason was because of actual or
perceived sexual orientation and gender expression.

Even some churches which claim to accept all of God’s children
bully LGBT students by creating atmospheres where young people
feel un-welcomed by verbal nuances and subliminal messages which
demean, embarrass and ostracize. The issue of bullying has grown
to where “Sesame Street” has even created a bullying prevention
program, “Reading Rainbow” has addressed this issue.

Laws and Law Enforcement
Because of the increases in bullying behaviors schools districts, law
enforcement and legislatures of various states have enacted Acts and Laws
as protection against these actions. Mentioned above; the “Jeffrey Johnston
Stand Up for All Students Act” (Fla. Stat. section 1006.147). Debbie Johnston
the mother of Jeffrey stated, “Everybody is recognizing that bullying
isn’t a rite of passage, it’s not a part of childhood, and it doesn’t
build character.”
As a result of Jefferies death the Act “Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All
Students Act” was created. The Act requires districts to adopt new anti-bullying
policies and spells out that those policies must address “cyberbullying“ and the
growing Sexting cases; taunts and harassing messages delivered by computer,
cell phone or other technologies. Schools are taking serious bullying after
several instances that were reported in local and national media outlets of violence.

Schools are required to investigate any reports of bullying, including
cyberbullying and notify all parents to be more involved. There are even forms
that are created to report bullying, by name or anonymously. Parents should
check with school guidance counselors for more information about intervention,
prevention and proactive strategies.
The unfortunate truth is that only a small number of incidents are reported to
school officials, teachers, administrators and even parents. Many schools have
their own police force, but still there is a great hesitancy to report cases of
bullying or harassment. Students are scared because of retribution from increased
bullying and the torment of other family members that may be drawn into these actions.

“Because of the “culture,” it is now a matter of life and death that students get
past “snitching” and alert parents, teachers, and even law enforcement officials.”
William Jackson, M.Ed. Speaker and Blogger on Bullying/Cyberbullying Prevention

Empowering Families and Ministries
Working with ministries and speaking to youth groups to share information about
bullying and cyberbullying prevention, as an educator and parent, I’m doing my part
to talk to students, families and churches about bullying and cyberbullying through
community groups, PSA’s and speaking at churches using the story of
David and Goliath 1Samuel 17:1-58
It is important for parents, grandparents and other family members to talk to
the youth, teens and young adults in their families and communities to stop
bullying and take a unified stand. Not with violence, but with education, prayer
and compassion.

Parents need to be more informed, involved and proactive. Checking their children’s
online activities, cell phone records and talk to teachers, guidance counselors, and
administrators. The unfortunate reality is children and teens will not tell their
parents about being bullied especially boys because they do not want to be labeled
as “soft“. There is a “code” among young people that they abide by because they
feel no one is listening to them or taking them seriously.
“the underlying stress and anxiety from bullying lasts a lifetime. It can lead to
personality disorders, emotional instability, drug/substance abuse, unhealthy dietary
changes and to the extreme suicidal thoughts and actions.” William Jackson

Parents start listening and watching for unspoken signs of behavioral change and emotional
instability. Be proactive to the issue of bullying and harassment, talk to your
children every day about their day, their friends, and their emotional and mental
stability. Importantly follow your instincts as a parent.

“When we stand together no one stand alone!”
PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center
Bullying Resources: Sesame Street
Stop Bullying Now – Interactive Cartoons for Kids
See, read, and hear the impact that bullying has had on people’s lives.

PBS Parents Information – Bullying Education –  This is an interactive quiz on bullying
Youth Violence Statistics
Bully Police
Sexting – A Brief Guide for Educators and Parents
Sexting Policies in Schools

June 5, 2015

Black Fathers are the “Gap in the Bookshelf”

Black Fathers are the “Gap in the Bookshelf”
by William Jackson, Prof. Edward Waters College

The importance of reading and comprehension can never be
diminished, the power of independent thought, imagination and
vision is a powerful quality of personal growth and development.
The memories of sacrifices from beatings, torture and even
death has vanished from the minds of too many Blacks that through
generations are lead in the wrong direction by and of assimilation
and association that are literally killing generations of Black youth.

The “Bookshelf of Life” is important because Black children need to
learn who they are, their great potential, and where they come from
to guide where they are going.
The importance of Black fathers to teach this is so valuable that each
generation that does not have a connection with their fathers is being
lost in a world of assimilation and association that is leading Black
children to places they should not go. Fathers are the “Gap in the
Bookshelf” for their children when fathers are not present.
Fathers fill a gap that only a father can.

Chinua Achege

The words of Chinua Achebe ring true in 2015 stated, “adults and
children are forgetting the continuity of the generations remember the
past sacrifices so you can grow beyond just surviving.”
Black parents must teach their children and their grandchildren
the power of education, this education must come from home first if
Black children are too respect learning and the architects which are
the teachers of schools.
Blacks must understand as was stated by Achebe; “Blacks cannot
put themselves in white’s shoes and live their lives. There will be no
change unless Blacks put themselves in positions to learn and gain
education that allows them to compete even on an uneven playing field.”
Chinua Achebe is a Nigerian author that was known and honored as the
foundation of Nigerian literature from his books, poems and diverse
writings. As a parent, educator, and Black man I see many of the similarities
that Blacks have and are experiencing that have happened in Nigeria,
South Africa and other areas of Africa from colonization and Apartied.

Blacks that deny the cultural heritage and acceptance of African ancestry
are destroying their foundation as a people and are slowly being assimilated
into a culture that is still racist and refuses in many ways to truly accept people
of color. Yes there is a Black President, look at the attacks he faces from those
who do not even honor the position of President of the United States of America.

“Every generation must recognize and embrace the task it is peculiarly
designed by history and by providence to perform.” Chinua Achebe

Black homes should be cradling and setting their homes on a foundation
of reading and comprehension. Not the accumulation of things that diminish
in time and have no value after several months. These commodities are
temporary and will be used and destroyed or replaced over time by the newest
model that is put on the shelves of stores. Black homes should be filled with
books and Black children as Achebe states “children should be fascinated by
books.” Even Malcolm X as controversial as he still is exclaimed the value of
learning, reading and cultural respect and understanding.

The power of reading allows children to see themselves as human beings and
not the fodder of violence, hopelessness and self-destruction that the media
and entertainment industry project them as. There are two ways that Blacks
can change their direction in life from my opinion; living in this multicultural
society change will only come when Blacks accept education as the foundation
of cultural growth in this society. Sharing the successes of past and current
Blacks; Black communities should sit down with each other first to solve their
cultural and community problems. Achebe having lived through colonization and
the fight for independence through wars and upheaval wisely states that
“we should not carry the baggage of race and racism into the 21st century.”

The issue of race and racism is rampant in the Black community itself, it is
being denied and ignored, termed “Colorism.” These feelings and self destructive
actions must stop because it will continue to destroy Blacks from within,
like a cancer that festers and grows to a point where even surgery will not save
a people. Just as there are in life many types of cancers the same applies to the
ills of Blacks. Blacks must change their thinking on a wide scale, not allowing
jealousy and fear to aid in the growth of cultural hate. Parents in Black
communities must understand that they are the foundation for their Black
children so must examine their foundations and change them in order to help
their children to be better than they are.

Blacks cannot wait for a President to make changes for them, they cannot
wait for the government to make changes and they cannot wait for churches
to make changes. The change must be a priority through the value of learning,
growth and unity. Too many Black children believe they are not important and
feel they are intellectually inferior. One reason is because they lack the
knowledge of past successes of Blacks throughout history. Achebe has stated
in a quote that when people control what you think they control who you are
and what you may become.
Chinua Achebe “…mediocrity destroys the very fabric of a country as surely
as a war — ushering in all sorts of banality, ineptitude, corruption and debauchery,”
and Black parents in this age of technology and learning cannot accept mediocrity
in their children. What story will be told of their lives and their children, will it be
of academic success or societal dependence on welfare, EBT cards and food
handouts and how many times our Black boys and men have been in jail.

Achebe states: “Storytellers are a threat. They threaten all champions of control,
they frighten usurpers of the right-to-freedom of the human spirit — in state,
in church or mosque, in party congress, in the university or wherever.”
There need to be more Black bloggers especially men to tell their stories
and share their experiences.

Parents must provide an atmosphere of greatness, high self-esteem and
self worth. Who else can on a daily mission tell their beautiful and intelligent
children that they are important, they are intelligent and can be successful!!
As an educator having struggled myself with reading at a young age, I now
embrace books, I try to share the empowerment of learning and the importance
of reading with all my students both in elementary and the college environment.
Parents need to look carefully at the stories; content their children are reading
and exposed too. Encourage literature that ignites a fire to learn in their babies.
Black children’s minds are like blank parchments or blank paper waiting for
the colors, texts, photos that guide their thinking and even influence their
feelings to be placed on the paper of memories. Poverty has and continues to
embrace Black communities, not because there are no jobs, but because Blacks
are not prepared for new jobs in areas like STEAM / STEM Science Technology
Engineering Arts Mathematics this must change in the Black community.

Assimilation and association cannot be continued because those being assimilated
loose their attempt to be something they are not. Black fathers are a foundation,
they are role models, they should be held accountable. Blacks must learn other
cultures cannot put value on their lives or their children’s lives. So Blacks must
empower themselves to grow out of poverty, oppression, political weakness and
economic despair.
Blacks must be able to learn from the society they live in, but cannot afford to lose
their cultural traditions that engage reading and comprehension. Many will
disagree with me, but truth be told #BlackLivesMatter and education makes
Black Lives Matter More…..

The power of literature:
Toni Morrison Reads “English and the African Writer” by Chinua Achebe

Books Black Children Should Read
This is a growing picture listing of books that I find in libraries,
book stores, and other places that I travel. I hope you find some
titles that will inspire your children no matter what color or culture
they are………..
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April 8, 2015

Parents Can ISIS Manipulate Your Children On Social Media

Parents Can ISIS Manipulate Your Children On Social Media
by William Jackson – Instructor Edward Waters College

The United States of America has the most sophisticated and
technological armed forces in the world, the integration of
Social Media has created another danger to our safety as a
nation. Missiles, bombs, Smart-weapons and bullets are
ineffective to keystrokes and Social Media protocols that are
digitally created.
The growing battlefield between the United States and the
Islamic State (ISIS). American’s are being recruited, threatened,
and stalked by extremists outside of our borders and maybe within
waiting to attack. American service men and women are being
identified by their Social Media content creating a potential
physical and digital battlefield.

Social Media platforms are dynamic tools that allow for
instantaneous connectivity using high speed data lines that
connect networks, the use of satellites, fiber optics serves as
the backbone to the Internet, homes and apartments are using
DSL – digital subscriber line technology, and other technical
pieces are digitally making the world smaller.
Because of the power of these transformative tools, world
events arrive quickly to our homes, offices, businesses,
educational institutions and even places of worship that have
Internet access and wireless digital devices.

The practice of spreading propaganda, misinformation, counter
intelligence and even recruitment has changed from the decades
of old leaflets dropped from airplanes and radio programs that
encourage defection to Social Media platforms that are interactive
and engaging. These efforts are not new, data has shown these
recruitment efforts have been dated back to 2013.
It is hard to say how effective Social Media is, there are over 100
Americans engaged in Syria and Iraq conflicts. In 2014 there were
five (5) Americans arrested on terrorist charges, those caught
were attempting to join ISIS or other groups. The broad spectrum
of places from Colorado, Texas, California and North Carolina
shows that Social Media has some success in recruiting.

The sophistication of these organizations and intelligence
of implementation of Social Media must be a reminder that terrorists
can spread their doctrine globally. That being made a fact parents
must examine the content their children are downloading:
magazines, videos, brochures, and podcasts, need to be
examined for potential dangerous content.

William Jackson, Instructor – Educational Technology

As an Educational Technology instructor at an HBCU, more foreign
students are attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
This is not to say HBCU’s are targeted, all higher educational institutions
need to be cautious about who is seeking to enroll in their schools
from foreign lands. Twitter serves as a flexible platform because
accounts can be quickly erected even after one is shutdown. Twitter
can be troublesome to identify users, they are able to conceal their
identities more effectively than on other social networking sites.
Languages is not a deterrent because Twitter is in Arabic and other
languages. Media outlets of Al-Hayat, Al-Medrar, Al-Battar and others
spread messages in a variety of languages (“Hashtag Terror 2014”).

“ISIS’s sophisticated use of social media – a blueprint that will likely be
copied and expanded upon by other terrorist groups as well – serves
as a stark reminder of the role social media plays for terrorists around
the world” (“Hashtag Terror 2014”). Media supporters are often active
in a variety of languages and on a variety of platforms, including Twitter,
Facebook, Instagram, and the question and answer services that
teens and young adults access like Ask.FM.
Resources have been known to connect people to questionable groups.
Smartphone users can sign up for an app for Android through Google
Play as a way of receiving information from ISIS. Obviously I’m not
going to share the name because I support American interests and
love my country.

The integration of HashTags is found to be effective in sharing information,
overwhelming and invasive at times, technology is being manipulated
in directions not thought of when the Internet became a visual element.
ISIS encourages tweets of “active hashtags,” or hashtags that are trending.
Tweeting ISIS messages with popular hashtags so that people searching
for those hashtags will inadvertently come across pro-ISIS posts.
Parents are the first deterrents to radical or violent groups, monitor your
child’s access. Talk to them about potential threats and share with them
information that could save lives. The threats are real: parents reinforce
your expectations for the safety of your families. The boldness of groups
like ISIS is that disseminated information has various other statements
attacking the U.S. via social media.

In conclusion one of the attempts is to clarify the honor and search for
“shahada” or martyrdom. This erroneously gives glory to death, altering
the sense of morality and humanity for young people desiring to join
ISIS looking for recognition and notoriety. This propaganda shows
graphic imagery and a willingness to take life based on religious or
political doctrine. The Islamic State and other groups have been around
before 2003, the U.S. State Department was aware of these groups
even under the Bush administration, no efforts were made to stop their
growth. Social Media is being used as a tool to expand the works of chaos,
death, and violence. Parents be aware of what is coming into your homes
through Social Media platforms your children or family members maybe using.

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