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October 12, 2016

Social Media Sex and Daughters

Social Media Sex and Daughters
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Parent, Educator, Speaker
Community Activist  #MyQuestToTeach

“Fathers if you fail to teach your daughters
the value of their bodies, the awesome
mental capabilities that make them smart
creatives and thought leaders, helping your
daughters to understand their personal sexuality
and seeing their value based on their talents and
abilities not sex. If you fail to teach as fathers,
you may be committing a travesty with life-long
consequences.” William Jackson

As a parent, educator and heavily involved in
Social Media I see the elements of Social Media
Sexting, mental and sexual manipulation, sexual
bullying and self-destruction. Girls and women
must understand that just because you can post
hundreds of “selfies” and “sexties” does not
mean you do so.

Telling your story through your digital content should
come with the knowledge that people will see what
you create and judge you based on the creativity and
innovation you show. This creativity should be done
with wisdom, purpose and common sense.  Parents
make dangerous mistakes by letting their children
have free reign of the Internet without behavioral
expectations and rules. The World Wide Web
can be the Wild Wild West with content that can
range free either on the extreme Left or Right.

There are communities that are represented on
platforms that allow the diversity of the human
mind create places that are comforting and at
the same time can cause the soul to shiver.
Girls especially are attracted to the chance to
“show” themselves beyond their “personalities.”
“I’ am, was always will be a catalyst for change”
but that change must be positive and productive.

This blog “Social Media Sex and Daughters” shares
the value of parenting when girls are young and
impressionable, they do not understand the value
to share that they are more than their bodies. There
is more to girls than a size, color, a shape, cleavage,
or how sexy they can look. Perceptions are dangerous
in the digital age. Fathers must be sure to teach their
daughters the “tricks” of the game boys will use to get
into their daughters __________.

A father has a responsibility not to scare their daughters,
but to educate them on sex and sexuality. Mothers count,
but they are not men.  Daughters cannot afford to learn
from their friends either boys or girls to protect their
“pocketbooks” as the senior women like to reference.
What is private, is private and should be protected….

Social Media provides wonderful networking, and
communication opportunities, girls and women are
participating in coding – Black Girls Code, learning
how to use tech to be entrepreneurs while attending
conferences like Blogging While Brown, networking
in groups like Black Girls Rock, learning socialization
skills in groups like  Girls Inc, Journey Into Womanhood
Empowerment Resources (Jacksonville, Florida) and
Black Girls Book Club.

The online development of collaboration and connectivity
grows to help girls grow cognitively and raise their
self-esteems and self-respect. No longer do girls and
women say tech is just for boys and men, girls
and women are coding, creating dynamic content,
writing books, managing publishing companies. Girls
are thought leaders, and entrepreneurs, Black girls
can proudly claim their BLERD and Geek profiles.
African girls and women are growing into AfiBlerds
and AfriGeeks proudly earning degrees, they are
owning businesses like Anie Akpe, CEO/Publisher

My Black Matters ‏@MyBlackMatters “All Black girls
matter whether they’re dark skin, light skin, brown
skin, mixed, hood, nerdy, preppy, loud, quiet or ratchet.”

Business opportunities are increasing so girls and
women should not focus on their body image they
should focus on their Brand and the Marketing aspects.
Women are networking, they are serving on boards,
in committees, forming nonprofits, and educational
Their Brands are worth more than gold, it is the
foundation of their existence and should always be
treated respectfully.
Girls like Jacksonville’s Taylor Richardson and
Natalie McGriff and others are inspiring other
girls to grasp hold of their dreams and grow wings
to fly beyond societal limitations and
exceed expectations no matter color and culture.

nat and taylor 2

Fathers must have those conversations about
pride, hard work, dignity, trust, ethics, morals
and values. Parents must monitor their daughter’s
online activities, not out of fear, but to preserve
reputations and the developing Brands of the
future. It must be taught that, ”sex is a
temporary physical manifestation of temporary
pleasure that if unchecked can be dangerous and

Social Media is shaping the way girls and women
are viewing themselves and interacting with
each other. “There are generations coming up
that will not know a time without being connected.
” William Jackson, Edward Waters College 2016

Advertisers know this and will market “sexulization
of girls” through advertising. Talking about sex
and sexuality should be a discussion not a scare
tactic. Parents should share
the reality of pornography, it is not the sensual
event of dreams; it can be violent, degrading and
Girls and women will not get cultural and educational
validation by having multiple sexual partners. The
marketing aspect too look hot, be popular, risque,
sexy, vulnerable/aggressive, girls of color and
culture are not presented in positive situations
when it comes to sex like their white counterparts.

Parents of all colors and culture start early and
have conversations so girls feel comfortable,
confident in who they are and where
they are going in life. Parents talk to your daughters
as they mature, have honest and tough discussions.
Before any girl or young woman gets into bed with
anyone, even in alternative lifestyle’s they need
to get into that persons head first to make sure
they are not making a mistake that will curse them
through adult life.
A girl’s reputation can be destroyed with a single
video, a single picture posted online and even a flash
of experimentation. Put your value ahead of being
popular, being seen as sexy and been just seen as
who you are and what your aspiring to be.

Girls are growing into not just Black Girl Magic or
Women Magic, but Awesome Women of Magic.

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dad and shae
My daughter and I years ago in Palatka, Florida

December 31, 2014

HBCU’s and Social Media

HBCU’s and Social Media

#2015 Be That Person Your Brand Can Expand
Part 6

Marva Collins, Clark College (Clark Atlanta University).
“Determination and perseverance move the world; thinking
that others will do it for you is a sure way to fail.”

HBCU students should take the time to think, What do I want to do
with my life? How do I want others to see me and what makes me
unique? Personal Branding is important because that will help
determine how to market you to the world.
HBCU students should be involved in many types of technology
integration in higher education. The true test comes in real world
application and interaction with those in technology, medicine,
science, education and other industries. STEAM and STREAM
is the new career choice for Blacks and minorities. It is important
not to play a false or pretend role, be the person your Brand says
you are.

HBCU students exposed to the empowerment of building their
Brand should not take chances with others building their personal
Brand that the world will see. This blog focuses on the Roles of
Brands and contributions that HBCU students should have in
networking experiences and exposure to vital skills in multiple
disciplines to build and expand their Brand.
There are no limits as to what HBCU students can achieve with tech
and with the proper exposure, having a purpose, plan and execution
for their Brand. Being involved in technology and Social Media is
being held in acclaim as a Blerd (Black Nerds) and Bleek
(Black Geeks), having a passion to create content, take advantage
of learning opportunities and sharing that knowledge on a social,
cultural, gender and community levels. Social media allows HBCU
students to address social issues that are integrated in their Brands.
There comes a point in higher education where students think about
developing their personal Brand online and offline. Their Brand
will proceed them in employment, social interaction and other avenues.

Walter Kimbrough, 46, the seventh President of Dillard University
has stated that, “Our colleges (HBCU) are repositories of Black
knowledge, which some would like to ignore. We prepare students
for graduate and professional school, and we do our best to provide
what the parents can’t.” Because of this Branding is important and
vital to promote the intellectualism of HBCU students to the world
and show the world that HBCU students are receiving a quality

The application of personal Branding is important because it is how
you present yourself to others. Your Brand shows how different,
unique, skilled, intelligent, and marketable you are. Whether it is in
the form of Twitter to Micro-blog about community events, Instagram
to show events through photos and video; Podcasting in real-time or
delayed, Blog Talk Radio for a global or local exposure on
specific areas of concern and Vblogging showing the power of video.
Social media platforms allow for the communication and sharing of
dynamic content, your Brand is an authentic expression. The world
is adapting and changing with the use of Social Media tools that provide
people of diverse cultural backgrounds a voice in the world. HBCU
students have a voice that has the potential to be influential, but must
have a foundation based on experiences, maturity and exposure to
community and world issues. The foundation is the Brand, the
objective is to connect with others to share that Brand, share that
voice and build through dialogue and action.

The more HBCU students use social technology platforms they are
Building their Brands, they are becoming experts in an assortment of
ways, the climb to being involved in an industry that is expanding
and diversifying skill-sets. HBCU students must understand that they
should control how they are perceived with limitless boundaries.
Technology provides a communication foundation that encourages
the ability to connect, collaborate and consummate relationships
that can traverse distances. HBCU students should be able to share
and grow their Brands with diverse audiences. Not just groups that
look like them. A Brand is flexible and overcomes cultural differences,
relationships are built to grow and expand.
Digital platforms can actually build a relationship that allows humanistic
bonding to extend over a Matrix like quantum field of broadband,
fiber optics, satellite and microwave technologies. The power of
these technologies should be enough for HBCU students to understand,
“Be That Person Your Brand Expands.” William Jackson

Digital content allows a freedom to express ideologies and make the
connections with others that share like minds. The power of one is increased
exponentially when minds are connected and share a common goal. In the
case of HBCU students research, exploration and building a network of
similar minds helps build that personal Brand. The competitive nature of
business and industry can be unforgiving especially if HBCU students
network is non-existent. Sharing information and establishing a relationship
is important. Networking, Collaboration, Cooperation, Sharing, and
Contribution are key for HBCU students to get their physical and digital
foot(s) in the door for careers and joint multiple ventures. Never
underestimate the networking power to Brand using Social Media
platforms and tools.

Writing/Blogging/Networking are important and HBCU students
must use these abilities to Brand themselves to compete. HBCU
students are consumers of technology, but there should be a transition
to being a producer of content, creating a digital voice, developing
Apps and a Brand that is Marketable. “No one will know how smart
you are unless you do something with your talents and abilities.”
William Jackson

As a graduate of South Carolina State University (‘85) some of the
best advice I received from my instructors was to be passionate about
something, be involved in your community and be a part of something
bigger than you are. To share your passion, take the opportunity to
volunteer even if you’re the only Black, male or female, etc. follow
a different path and direction than everyone else.
I encourage HBCU students to use your own voice to share your own
story, create a positive legacy. I hearten HBCU students to use
their voice to build their Brands and execute a marketing strategy
that is engaging and exciting.

More employers are relying on Social Media to research the backgrounds
of potential employees, a strong online presence that is managed and
positive helps set a good global foundation. Develop your Brand to
show you are a valuable investment.

Tom Joyner, chairman of the Tom Joyner Foundation stated,
“My goal is to help grow zealous, educated and world-changing
graduates. Not only will a quote invest in a student’s life and career,
but it will also help ensure the future of the entire HBCU community.”
Mr. Joyner’s Brand is helping to strengthen HBCU’s nationally.

Social Networking: The Good the Bad and the Funky, American Teachers
September 2009
Personal Branding 101

December 13, 2014

Is Your Child An ISIS or Extremist Target

Is Your Child An ISIS or Extremist Target
by William Jackson

The use of Social Media has grown from a communications tool used
in text format with the ability to interact with anyone through email,
growing to a digitally and interactive platform to an entertainment
platform that has no limits on multimedia interaction, music and movies
can be viewed with ease from a multitude of software’s that are
available for free, and now Social Media has the potential to be a
recruitment tool with dangerous results.

The recent news report on NPR of ISIS and other extremist groups
recruiting youth, teens and young adults should be another wakeup
call for parents to monitor their children’s Social Media activity. Parents
need to understand the dynamics and connectivity of Social Media
allowing the ability to connect with individuals and groups globally.
There was safety with distance at one time, but now with the Internet
and the integration of Social Media platforms that have powerful tools,
distance is not a protective measure.
Distance, time zones, geographic locations and even differences in language
are not a hindrance to connecting with potentially dangerous groups.
There are tools, Apps, translation software, devices, programs and direct
interaction that can circumvent any challenge to communication. Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Vimeo, SnapChat, Youtube are just a small part
of the interactive abilities of the Internet. Each month there seems to be
a new App or program that allows unlimited access to people and information.

Parents need to be educated on the interactivity and the platforms of
Social Media, not just to battle foreign terrorists, but domestic terrorism
in the form of Bullying, Cyberbullying, Sexting and even Catfishing.
Groups are applying the knowledge of technology in desktop and laptop
computers, also the mobility of tablets and Smartphones. These devices
have the ability in a mobile platform to allow groups to recruit and influence
mentally and emotionally the decisions that youth, teens and young adults
make. The Internet connections can be 24 hours a day thus opening
constant dialogue and engagement.

Individuals and groups can develop relationships that can potentially influence
the behaviors of youth, teens and young adults to disobey their parents and
guardians, to go against their moral, ethical and even religious teachings
and participate in potential activities of terrorism. If a parent thinks that
their child will never do this they are foolish and ignorant to the power of
technology and engagement through Social Media. The Social aspect of
social media encourages connecting and the ability to have unlimited
connectivity to anyone around the globe. The infusion of Social Media tools
opens doors to levels of communication that are uncontrolled and unmonitored
by the government. If the government does not monitor the content being
created, parents need to monitor what comes into their homes, physically
and electronically.

As an elementary school, higher education teacher and Social Media
blogger I have blogged and spoken about the responsibility and accountability
of parents to monitor their children’s online social life. Talking to elementary
students, they present a picture that is frightening. Their parents are unaware
of their actions and behaviors in an online environment. Girls and boys in fourth
and fifth grade pretending to be in middle and high school, using language that
would make a seasoned sailor blush or a porn star envy. Social Media is a mirror
of our society; there are information sites, entertainment sites, interactive sites
that promote education, intellectualism and the diversity of sexual lifestyles.

There are sites dedicated exclusively to illegal drugs, pedophile sites that teach
how to lure children away from their parents and the site that was
used by three girls from Denver, Colorado and were recruited by ISIS. Parents
must understand that sites are managed by individuals that study children, teens
and young adults and employ tactics and strategies that entice and lure them
to a sense of safety and openness.
The ease of the Internet and WIFI connections allows youth and teens to go
online without guidance or training, opening digital doors to multiple influences
that at one time parents would say, “my child would never do that” or “my children
knows better” and even “there are no people like that where I live.”
This dangerous and ignorant way of thinking is being tested as youth, teens and
young adults in the United States and other nations are influenced by elements
of ISIS, religious extremists and other organizations that may glamorize violence,
racism, hate, gender bias or even romanticize the efforts of projected images
of liberation of people or culture through violence.

Journey Into Womanhood – Empowerment Resources – Social Media Workshop

The minds and emotions of youth and teens are impulsive and easily influenced
especially if youth and teens feel neglected by family. If children feel they are not
important, valued, contributing to the family and even treated as important
they will knowingly or unknowingly search for the things they feel or think they are
missing. These are the same elements when youth, teens and young adults
enter the world of gangs. Groups know how to build a relationship with teens
and young adults, this may happen over months or years, but they do build
trust and friendships. These friendships / relationships blossom into a
connection that is hard to break and creates in teens a bond that may grow
to be stronger than the bond they have with their parents and family members.

The disturbing ease of access to groups that promote violence shows how the
Internet can enter into homes and the lives of American families. The Internet
can be absorbed into homes where the might of the American military cannot
have an influence; this is the battlefield for parents and guardians. They must
be vigilant and instinctive of their and other children’s access to Internet resources
and Social Media platforms.

Parents must on a regular timeline check Smartphones, Internet sites on laptops,
tablets and other devices to see where their children are going. Parents should
Google their children and their friends to keep abreast of potential activities and
importantly have conversations and express parental expectations of behavior.
If a parent does not take steps they may be faced with dire consequences and
circumstances as the recent NPR story shares or worse.
The NPR story by Dina Temple-Raston – “ISIS Used Predatory Tools And
Tactics To Convince U.S. Teens To Join” shows the ease and the complexity in
recruiting teens. Parents must have conversations with their children about
their online activities because their lives are literally in danger using
Social Media.

NPR story can be found at:

WJXT Social Media Tips Video

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