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November 11, 2014

FlBlogCon Reflection: Is Your Blog SWAG Enough

FlBlogCon Reflection: Is Your Blog SWAG Enough
Wm Jackson, My Quest To Teach
Parent, Educator, Blogger

The Florida Blogging Conference (
held at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida showed that creative,
and consistent content creation is the basis for successful content
consumption by readers. Creating a blog requires more than just
selecting a fancy domain name, uploading the SWAGEST pictures
of you in interesting poses and with interesting people, there is more
to having a successful blog than having a video that you hope will go
viral. Blogs take work and creativity….

Bess Auer @Bess_Auer and her team @FLBlogCon have provided
another awesome conference with relevant content and speakers that
are Blogging and Technology visionaries, entrepreneurs, legendary
bloggers and even teachers. There was even a Mayor taking Selfies..
There is more to a powerful blog than dynamic plug-ins; a blog needs
more than vibrant pictures and video. A successful blog needs a
motivated and organized plan of execution and sustainability.
Throwing the words SWAG, SWAGGER, SWAGALIOUS, and
SWAGZILLA around does not help to promote a blog, creative talents
and writing abilities are key to building a site that has valuable content,
carefully and strategically embedded graphics, charts, photos and even
the ability to self research a Brand or product. Bloggers are unique
and important in sharing content that creates a bridge to information,
products, services and encourages collaborations that expands to
diverse audiences.

Your Blog is a promise that your information is for the reader, not to
promote your latest conquest or show off your dog unless you are a
pet blogger. When developing your blog you should have a mission,
a purpose to the content that you create, there should be more than
a fancy logo. These concepts and more were shared at the FlBlogCon.

Blogging uncovers creative passions and the purpose of why you
expose yourself in a digital environment to not only accolades, but
criticisms. The ability to write is not natural for many people and
preparation is key; bloggers must make sure they have the tools
needed to correct or eliminate errors in spelling and grammar. It is
extremely important because of the linguistical deviations of our
nation, you never know from what part of our country or world people
will read your blog, share the content and respond. A quote shared at the
conference, “You are not a blogger, you are a multimedia production
company,” shows the importance of diversifying your Social Media
tools to reach audiences on multiple platforms and devices.

In positive ways to get your blog noticed and followed find your niche,
what are you knowledgeable about, what is your motivation that you can
talk about for hours, those same hours of talking can be developed into
a great blog and even a Ebook. The developmental process of blogging
is when you find a digital version of yourself to share with the world.
People love to build relationships that is why Social Media is so popular
because of the connections, the connections of kindred spirits, similar
interests and passions on issues as diverse as the human experience.

You are sharing a part of you with strangers in the world, be ready for
diverse reactions even criticism and disapproval, sometimes it helps to
develop a thick skin on issues that are heavy with emotion, but don’t
stop, press on and create content that challenges.

As you progress in your blogging journey it will become evident that learning
continues so work to become that expert. Learn as much as possible about
your area to answer the easy and hard questions people will eventually ask.
If you are unsure then conduct research, take classes, join discussion
groups and join professional organizations help to keep you updated on
important issues.

My area is teaching Social Media to youth and teens, because the content
they produce will affect future employment, entrance into higher education
and entrance into military service. A teens life online influences their
career choices and even relationships. The realm of education is changing and
change brings about paradigm shifts. I also blog and speak on preventing
Bullying/Cyberbullying, consequences of Sexting and the integration of
STEAM / STEM in the lives of children and a Daddy Blogger about my son
and daughter both in college and the two young ladies I mentor to the
point were I’m a father in their lives and I have two additional daughters.
Daddy Daughter Dance –

These are current “hot” topics of discussion today and they influence decisions
parents make with technology, in the community and changes/challenges in education.
Having taught for over 20 years in elementary education teaching Physical Education
and STEAM as an Engineering and Technology teacher these also provide content to blog,
speak and mentor. Blogging has allowed me to speak at conferences, workshops, seminars
and mentor teens. Included in this the opportunity to be an instructor on the
college level teaching Educational Technology. I have the chance to guide
students that have not had the exposure to integrating technology in productive and
positive ways. Higher education students know “how to”access and use the technologies,
they struggle with the integration of technology in productive ways.

Bloggers, Social Media experts, Vbloggers, Microbloggers, Podcasters and technology
integration specialists and others have a story to tell, their story is important
especially if it motivates, empowers and engages others in positive directions.
Bloggers remember that you are “your first investment” so be sure to give back to
yourself, keep motivated, maintain your passion and purpose.
Be interactive and of value, learn as much as possible to be the, “Go To Guy or Gal”
when people need information or resources.

Additional Pictures from the Florida Blogging Conference 2014

Florida Blogging Conference

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