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April 1, 2016

HBCU Students: Can Your Brand and SWAG Can Get You Employed

HBCU Students: Can Your Brand and SWAG Can Get You Employed
by William Jackson, M.Edu.
Instructor at Edward Waters College
Educational Technology and Social Media


The competition for earning internship opportunities and employment
is a work of Branding, Marketing, Networking and strategically
being placed. Creating a strong Brand that has SWAG and draws positive
attention to abilities, talents and skills. Being recognized, respected,
in demand by employment recruits cannot happen the senior year of college,
it is a process that is built from the freshmen year to graduation day
and beyond.

Employment recruiters have changed the way they recruit and hire
because many college students do not posses the necessary employment
skills.To many HBCU students still don’t understand, that they need
serious tech skills and certifications. Employers are not looking for
people who can just do a job, they are looking for people that excel
and have marketable skills that are beyond academic excellence and
technology wizardry.

Today’s corporate and academic world a bachelor’s degree is
just a step up from a high school diploma. The need is for advanced
diplomas and multiple certifications. Skills in Social Media, Digital
Media, Literacy Media and the list continues to grow when manipulating
digital tools. Young corporate talent must Brand themselves with
multi-talented skills that are marketable, scalable,
and bring value to their “Human Capital.”


To see the skill sets needed HBCU students need to view the
employment resources and view the skills necessary
before they can even get invited to an interview. To prove this
point high school students must understand how to create more than a
PowerPoint presentation, they must be able to make web sites with
Blogger or WordPress, they must understand coding and articulate
during their presentations with bullet points, integrate animated
graphics, have active sound bites and active web links that connect
to resources they used to build their presentations.

HBCU students must know these skills out of high school or use
YouTube resources to teach themselves. HBCU students cannot afford
to wait on classes to learn new skill sets, they must be proactive
in teaching themselves necessary tools that allow them to
be competitive in a global economy. They can’t blame “the man,”
“the system,” nor “their parents if lacking. HBCU students have
access to the Internet which has global access to information,
resources that can build a personal Brand and Market to global
networking resources.


As an HBCU graduate (South Carolina State University) and
an instructor at Edward Waters College, the oldest HBCU
in Florida HBCU students will compete against thousand of others
for high tech, high salary positions.
Resources like LinkedIn, HBCU Connect and even GCF Learn Free
can provide a heads-up on what to do to enhance skills.

Speaking at conferences  I try to get people to understand that
their Smart phones, Smart tablets and even Smart watches,
“can be their best digital friend or worse enemy,” by the content
they create and broadcast. HBCU students need to understand how
valuable their content is.Caution and common sense are important,
HBCU students risk loosing chances at internships, scholarships,
fellowships, studying overseas and even being put out of school
because of Sexting, Cyberbullying, and Cyberstalking.


Proving You Have SWAG and Your Brand is Crunk
HBCU students cannot just sit on their assets and “wait” on information,
they must research, read, comprehend, digest information and regurgitate
it in understandable ways that provide value and worth. HBCU students
must be willing to learn and grow at a fast pace depending on their
career aspirations and life long goals. Comprehension is a skill that
leads to understanding and practice in applying methods to improve it.
Proving you have what it takes means being involved in networking
events, community activism, and volunteering.


Your SWAG and Brand
HBCU students need to be connected to resources like LinkedIn that
allow them to share and expand their Brand and E-Reputations.
The world is a smaller place because of technology, creativity and
innovation. HBCU students need to exercise their gifts, talents and
abilities to strengthen their SWAG. Use technology to tell your story
not allow others to do it for you.

November 10, 2015

Social Media: Parents vs Teens

Social Media: Parents vs Teens

The holiday seasons are coming quickly, new high tech devices
are allowing teens to increase their Social Media connections
with friends. Social Media networks like; Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Vine, SnapChat, Youtube and others allow for the
exchange of all types of social information both positive and
SM by teens are their primary means of sharing information and
posting personal content. Parents should be prepared for the
increase in digital connections, Smartphones, tablets and even
watches open diverse challenges to managing personal information
in which some type does not need to be share.

Wireless technologies have allowed for unprecedented access
to people and data. Because of the easy access to online resources
there should always be open communication between youth/teens
with their parents. The distractions and dangers of life can quickly
bring tragedy and second guessing of parental responsibilities
and accountability for young lives when there is death or injury
from Cyberbullying and misunderstood intentions.

Parents cannot allow Social Media to be a baby sitter for their children
just as television should not be a substitute for parental engagement
and teaching social skills. Parents may find it difficult to start a
conversation about the use of technology and Social Media; start
the conversation about the inclusion of Social Media in a teen’s life,
parents should understand that their children may know more about
technology, but parent knows more about life and survival skills.
This fact alone can strengthen the conversation on safety and survival
in a world of diversity in ideologies, economic status and educational
access. Social Media is a snapshot of our society, being connected to
multiple people with diverse backgrounds.
There are growing numbers of youth and teens being lured and seduced
into prostitution, sexual torture and murdered from online meetups.
Technology is necessary, an important part life, the bond between
families cannot afford to be disrupted by electronic devices.

Communication is in a digital arena not verbal so Social Media, texting
and digital interaction is common with teens. This interaction is not
always sexual, but the sharing of social information can lead to situations
of personal invasion. Because of the intrusiveness of technology parents
need to set boundaries just as they would if their child or children were
at a playground or a swimming pool.
Parents need to monitor what is being shared online, some information
may be dangerous or lead to future problems in developing relationships
or potential child stalkers becoming friends with unguided and
unmonitored youth and teens.

As a Teacher of the Year, STEAM educator, a national/international
Blogger and presenter of Social Media Safety, with over 25 years in
public education and higher education, many teens lack the appropriate
processing skills to manage their Social Media content. What they put
online can be used as a benefit when they become adults or a hazard
during the developing teen years.
A quick comment, a moment of frustration, the thrust of jealousy and a
period of anger can cause teens to post comments that have profanity,
potential slanderous statements or even threats of physical or property

Parents cannot afford to be negligent, ignorant or complacent in their
child or children’s social media activities. “Parents need to be involved
and engaged even checking phones, tablets, laptops and desktops”
William Jackson 2012.
Stages of development for online behavior are a gradual process
requiring parental supervision and parental communication. Schools
cannot be responsible to totally teaching technology literacy. Canada,
France, Britain and Australia all have national media literacy standards
for students in their educational curriculum; the United States because
the educational system is decentralized does not have a national model.
Parents must be the guiding force of reason and education outside of
the school. Parents set the tone for Social Media morals and ethics
in Social Media conduct.

A very important reminder anything that is put online stays online and
never goes away. Even if a student tries to delete their online content
it is backed-up on a server someplace and can be accessed.

Social Media: Parents vs Teens
Parents should spend more time with their kids and teens, parental
involvement is important and contact not through the Internet or cell
phones. Communication is becoming a lost art between parents and
their children. Children and teens will post personal information online
faster than thinking that they should not. This presents potential
dangers that are broad and can influence future safety of the family.
Talking can save your child’s life or the families from Internet and the
dangers that are a real and present danger.

October 25, 2015

What Should You Take Away from the Black Expo 2015

What Should You Take Away from the Black Expo 2015
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Teacher of the Year, Instructor at Edward Waters College
Social Media Visionary with Reader Theater and
Empowerment Resources, Mentor in 5000 Role Models
and Supporter of E3 Business Group North Florida Chapter
Blogger, Social Media Presenter, Community Activist

The Black Expo of 2015 can be seen as a success in many
ways not just economically, although that is important in its
significance to show the value of Black dollars. The cultural
influences of businesses, entrepreneurs, ministries, educational
entities, community based groups that work with youth, teens,
young adults and even the seniors of the community can be
seen as a polarizing force for community unification, cultural
pride and social influence. #BlackBusinessesDoMatter

The Black Expo should be seen that in order for Blacks to see
economic change in their communities they must make the changes
themselves by investing in their own communities, investing in their
youth, investing in the educational system, investing in STEM/STEAM
community projects; not waiting for outside entities or government to
tell Blacks what to do, how to do it and when to do it, then turn around and
take Black dollars from Black communities to re-invest in other areas that
do not help Black families. #IndenturedServitudedHasEnded

The Adventures of Moxie Girl

The presence of businesses like Angie Nixon and her daughter Natalie
(The Adventures of Moxie Girl), to the educational and community
volunteerism of young people like Taylor Richardson, “An Agent of STEAM,”
to the Teen Leaders of America (Marcia Brown, Executive Director), and
even new groups that are servicing the teens of Jacksonville, Florida,
there is new growth for teens.

Taylor Richardson “An Agent of STEAM”

Youth, teens and young adults do have outlets to express their creative
abilities, there are things to do in Jacksonville just for youth, teens and our
young adults like the Jax Youth Poetry Slam, Inc. that opens doors for
youth to use poetry, spoken word and even dramatizations to express their
experiences in life, Creating New Directions is working with youth to excel in
life through education and mentoring. Reader Theater and the Black Superheroes
highlights the historic successes of ex-slaves and the historical contributions
of Blacks through theatrical reading and acting. There are more……….

Elisha Taylor of Westside Church of Christ working
with Readers Theater in technology and Social Media

There can be no doubt that African Americans / Blacks / People of Color
or whatever new terms are being used for this, and in this new generation
are being applied are showing that there is still economic power and influence
within the Black / African American communities.

Business mentorship and educational mentorship is vital to keep Black
businesses running and contributing to the community. “The Black community
cannot afford to criticize each other, talk down to each other or stab each
other in the back because the consequences affect us all.”  William Jackson, M.Ed.

Blacks in government should not cheat the Black communities from investments
to send to other parts of Jacksonville for personal gain, they are accountable to
multiple generations of Blacks and their success and value.
The mental influence to Black youth when they see Black businesses at the Black
Expo carries enormous pride and dignity and shows the value of education,
mentoring, hard work, and participation/contribution in their communities. To take
pride in their abilities and to learn how to Market and Brand themselves in
positive directions, not what is seen in the media with negativity.

The pride of Black business owners can be seen in their professional
mannerisms, attention to professional dress and speech, and application
of diverse technologies. The importance of having a 30 to 60 second “pitch”
is seen as you hear enthusiastic presentations not just to sell something,
but to inform, educate and encourage. Passing out business cards, flyers,
DVD’s, posters and taking selfies to post online. These are all tools to share
content that creates interests, forms valuable relationships and helps to build
clients, customers and even volunteers for community projects.

What Should You Take Away from the Black Expo 2015;
1.cultural pride, 2. gender growth (there are increased businesses run by
women), 3. increased cultural and self-esteem, 4. being prepared at all times
to share information, 5. proper planning to prepare for potential partnerships,
6.building sound business sense, 7.having a business plan, 8. always have business
cards handy, 9. awareness to effectively use technology and Social Media in
positive ways, 10.involving youth/teens to teach them business etiquette,
11. involve teens in activities that teach business management, 12. the value
of education and being a life-long learner, 13. how to properly network,
14. no room for being shy, scared or complacent in life, 15. the power of a
handshake, a smile and direct eye contact. 16. stay in contact with clients and
customers, 17. use free services from the Better Business Bureau, Small Business
Association and other groups. 18. attend workshops and conferences,
19. know your value, 20. plan monthly and yearly to manage your budget and take
business classes.

Two key points, the Black community will only grow as its youth, teens and
young adults grow. They need community and school mentors in programs
like 5000 Role Models of Duval County Public Schools, E3 Business Group
program (So You Want to be an Entrepreneur) given by Anthony Butler, and
even the Call Me Mister program of Edward Waters College that helps build
young men to become educators.

The Black Expo of 2015 should not end with business as usual, there should
be transformative growth, increased networking events in the Black community,
increased re-investment/investment opportunities, educational support in
schools and sharing of resources to increase the strength of community initiatives
that build Black businesses.

Don’t let next year’s Black Expo 2016 be the only place where you meet the
same people and make the same promise to do the same thing with the same results.

Coming in February 2016 – Real Talk Real Change “Who Da Man?!”
Time for men to standup and speak up and man up!!!!!

August 10, 2015

Ways to Be An Involved and Engaged Father This School Year

Ways to Be An Involved and Engaged Father This School Year

A new school year is quickly approaching; the excitement for
some students is building and the dread of another year of rigor
and regularity for others.

Families are finishing up vacations, promised adventures,
and fun family activities. Fathers are excited about the school
year and with changing parental responsibilities an increasing
number of fathers are taking responsibilities for the needs of
their children.
News reports in some cases have society thinking that fathers
cannot match the intrinsic and instinctual abilities of mothers,
fathers are doing awesome jobs in raising their children either
as single parents, married, with partners, or even the reality
of alternative lifestyles. Fathers are very important in helping
to raise children and laying a foundation for the importance
of education.

As a parent and educator here are some ways that fathers can
be engaged in the new school year, many have already been
doing these and more. The first step is wanting to be a father
and accepting the responsibility to be a responsible, active,
engaged, loving and dedicated father.
Fathers are learning that they are enjoying the role and
accountability of being a father. It is not just a job, but a life
of joy, happiness, bonding and recognitions that they are part
of something bigger than they are.

Being a father leaves no room for selfishness, it requires
continuous giving, generosity, kindness, compassion, empathy,
love and dedication to another life besides their own. Fathers
are doing this every day without recognition praise,
acknowledgement and thanks, but they
continue to perform because they love their children.

“Fathers can and do change the world one child at a time.”
William Jackson, M.Edu.

William Jackson and Shae Jackson, graduate of
Palatka High School

Suggestions from a father, educator, mentor and community activist.
1. Fathers respect your child’s teacher(s)
One way to support education is to model respect for teachers and
administrators. Fathers speak more by their actions than words, so
visit schools and praise teachers and administrators.

2. Fathers spend time in the school
Even though it might be tough to visit schools at least once a month it
makes a world of difference in a child’s behavior and academic success.
Spending time means sacrificing a lunch time, overtime or buddy time.
The rewards are great, just look in your child’s eyes and see.

3. Fathers listen to teachers not talk at them
Sometimes it is more valuable to listen than to speak. Fathers must
trust teachers to tell them the truth about their children even if the
truth hurts or challenges making changes to discipline, doing homework,
requiring tutors or not participating in sports or after school activities.
The priority of school is education.

4. Fathers discipline with Love
Many of us have humorous stories of being disciplined when we were
of youthful vigor and energy. We understood later we were wrong in
some of our actions and choices and that discipline was done with love.
So fathers must continue to have love in their hearts and minds and
discipline fairly and with love.

5. Fathers are Role Models
Fathers are the first role models, even when we don’t think our kids are
watching, they are and other kids do too. So our actions speak louder
than words. We can’t say “do as I say and not do as I do” because we
send the wrong messages and set our actions and words up to be
hypocritical and without meaning.

6. Fathers are Teachers
When a father teaches it is by his actions not always by his words.
The first teacher should be the child’s parents. They establish the
foundation for future success. Even is not a great student in school
fathers can teach their children from their mistakes to help their
children to be better academically and behaviors.

7. Fathers should share meals
A great time to share is when eating together. This is a relaxing time
to joke, share, encourage, engage in fun conversation. Sharing meals
should not be serious times, but memorable ones starting with prayer.

8. Fathers Read to their Children
When my children where toddlers until middle school their mother
and I read to them at various times during the day and when it was
bed time. This created an atmosphere where reading was fun. When
they were able to we allowed them to read to us. Even though we
divorced I still read to my children to keep the consistency and fun
of it. Fathers that are not strong readers should read to their level
and build as their children build. Learning together should not be
an embarrassment it should be a cooperative effort to show
comprehension and literacy are vital.

9. Fathers Show Affection
Fathers cannot afford to be “hard” and unemotional, this creates
unstable emotional behaviors in children that cause confusion and
conflicting emotions for stability and expression. Fathers have to
model love, proper affection, sensitivity, common sense, compassion,
tenderness. These are what children need to learn to function in

10. Fathers Job is Never Done
At the time of this writing 2015 both my children are in college,
working, driving and in some capacity they are still dependent on
me. Fathering is a lifelong responsibility even when children are
maturing into adults themselves. Fathers are the cushions, the barriers
that God has placed to make the world less scary, less threatening and
less depressing when the challenges of life attack our children.

Children need to know that daddy will be there not just for money,
but for encouragement, advice, praise, love, prayers and sometimes
just a silent shoulder to listen and arms for reassuring hugs.
Fathers you must decide what kind of father you want to be, it is
a choice and personal decision.

Sean – Shae – William
Attending World of Nations in Jacksonville, Florida

Sean attending Florida State University
Shae attending University of Central Florida
William teaching with Duval County Public Schools
and Instructor with Edward Waters College teaching
Educational Technology / STEAM / Social Media

Mentoring Children in my community…

Supporting the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014
Mentoring is a great way to get kids involved in positive

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