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February 26, 2017

A Girls Journey Into Social Media

A Girls Journey Into Social Media
by William Jackson and Breyonna Fox
My Quest to Teach

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Journey Into Womanhood a wonderful collaboration of
young ladies from elementary age to high school held a
workshop  dedicated to teaching about Social Media
safety and responsibility, the prevention of Cyberbullying
and the problems Sexting causes in destroying a girls
reputation and potentially their future career choices.

Elexia Coleman the director and visionary of the program
provides educational,  intellectual, culturally bonding and
community experiences that help girls and young  ladies
grow and blossom in an environment that is encouraging
and engaging.

JIW is an opportunity for girls and young ladies to experience
presentations on multiple levels of activity; professionals like
William Jackson and his intern Breyonna Fox talked to the
ladies on serious subjects that potentially influence decisions
that can have social and career influences.

Asya and Breyonna Fox

Ms. Fox spoke on her experiences on being bullied and how
Sexting can destroy lives and involve law enforcement.
Ms. Fox shared how girls in high school are under the false
ideas that Sexting is glamorous until their photos are shared
with others that where not intended to see them because of
breaking up with friends and trying to impress a boy or girl.

Boys are involved in Sexting as well and can suffer social and
criminal investigation. There are legal issues that could result
in charges of pornography and child endangerment that may
follow a boy or girl through their life. Ms. Fox shared that  each
girl present  should have personal self-confidence and
self-respect. “The unfortunate reality is that  girls and women
have committed suicide because of Bullying and Sexting.”
Breyonna Fox


William Jackson a teacher in the public school system and a
Professor at Edward Waters College shares with the young
ladies that there is nothing a boy or man can provide that is
more important than personal respect and pride. Through
education a young lady and woman can achieve great things
above and beyond the material things a person like a boy or
girl can give them.

The title of the workshop, “How to be Dope and Responsible
on Social Media,” is available to other organizations that work
with youth, teens and young  adults.  Mr. Jackson speaks at the
international conference Preventing Crime in the Black
Community on preventing bullying, cyberbullying, the power
of incorporating STEM in  education and many aspects of
Social Media.

Volunteers are key to the success of JIW program that will be
celebrating the end of another program year on
Sunday, April 9th  2017 at their annual banquet. JIW is a 501c3
program and accepts donations to provide services to the
participants that will have life-long influence to help the
young ladies grow into future leaders in business, finance,
commerce, education and other careers that fulfill dreams.

The rewarding results of JIW can be seen in the community
involvement of girls and young ladies like Taylor Richardson
#AstronautStarBright, she is working to become an astronaut
and travel to Mars and back,  Taylor and her mom are working
to help girls and women in Jacksonville to see the movie
“Hidden Figures.” They were both invited by the Obama
administration to the White House premiere. Sitting with
current and past NASA astronauts, the actors of Hidden
Figures, First Lady Michelle Obama and other dignitaries.


Taylor along with other young ladies are doing extraordinary
things in the community and bringing awesome media and news
reports of the great contributions young ladies are providing in
Jacksonville, Florida.

Sponsorship’s and donations are welcomed by JIW to help
continue the works they do in the community that influence
positive directions and accomplishments.

Journey Into Womanhood –
JIW Facebook –
The Program

Additional Photos from 2017 -2016 – 2015 Workshops on
STEAM – Cyberbullying – Social Media – Sexting – Education

February 25, 2014

Empowering Girls Empowers The World

Empowering Girls Empowers The World

Girls are becoming engaged in areas they would not
have dreamed of exploring 10 to 20 years ago. Schools,
businesses, industries, technology and the opportunity
to be successful entrepreneurs have opened doors to
girls and women as never before seen or experienced.

History is laced with women that are trailblazers in
fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and
Mathematics: STEAM. The successes for women
and their influences are inspired by role models that
range from; Sojourner Truth (Isabella Baumfree),
Barbara Charline Jordan, Sarah Jane Woodson
Early (first African American College Professor)
and numerous others in career fields that were
once dominated by men are now being challenged
by women that are intelligent, talented and creative.

The sky is the limit for girls and women as educational
resources and access to higher educational schools,
vocational opportunities and even advancement in
military service is accelerating the learning curve of
girls and women. The expectations for success are
higher and more demanding in a global economy that
is laced with technology innovation and emerging
technologies, women mentioned in Internet sites
are shown making valuable and long lasting contributions
to their cultures, the nation and the world.

There are still gaps in achievement for girls and boys,
parents working with educators and administrators
can make significant changes in behaviors and perceptions
that play a part in a girls inner vision of their abilities
and promotion of their talents. Stated by Professor Else-Quest,
University of Maryland “Despite gender similarities in
math and science achievement, female adolescents
tend to believe their science, technology, engineering,
and mathematics (STEM) abilities are just not as strong
as those of their male classmates.”

Expectation continue to rise for girls and woman,
Jenny Parkes, senior lecturer in education at the Institute
of Education, University of London, said there are marked
changes in girls’ achievement in the latter half of the
20th century, in part thanks to successful influence of
the way girls view themselves from successful women
like Mae Jamison and Stephanie Wilson Black
astronauts with NASA.

The upcoming summit in Jacksonville, Florida:
Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) Summit (Empowering Our
Youth for a Brighter Future Summit), is an opportunity in
Jacksonville, Florida for middle school students to gain
valuable tools that help in understanding and mastering
their abilities and talents.
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Gamma Rho Omega Chapter, Inc.
is inviting parents and their children to spend a few hours meeting
new friends and developing leadership skills, all while having fun.
This one day event will take place at Matthew W. Gilbert Middle
School on Saturday, March 8, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.,
located at 1424 Franklin St, Jacksonville, FL 32206.

The theme is: Building a Foundation for Tomorrow’s Leaders.
The Emerging Young Leaders Program, is a national initiative of
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and has four core components,
Leadership Development; Character Building; Educational Enrichment;
and Civic Engagement.

The EYL Empowering Our Youth for a Brighter Future Summit is
open to 6th, 7th, and 8th, grade Middle School girls, and parents,
in the Jacksonville, Florida area and neighboring cities. A morning
snack and lunch will be provided.

This event is FREE and registration is required. All middle school
students and parents must COMPLETE and RETURN the
Registration Form and Health History Release Form to be selected.
Selected middle school students must commit to attending
The Emerging Young Leaders Community
Summit and participating in the day’s events.

Transportation to and from the event will not be provided.
Our participants will engage in workshops on character building,
health and wellness, educational choices, leadership, civic engagement,
and other fun events and activities! Also, there will be three informative
and helpful workshops for parents/guardians.

Please complete the Registration Form and return with your child’s
To register online go to –
Questions or need additional information, contact
Ms. Chanteya Lawrence or Ms. Shola Smith at


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Gamma Rho Omega Chapter, Inc.
EYL Youth Summit Registration
1011 West 8th Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209
South Atlantic Region Meeting Information

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