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October 7, 2016

Stop Bullying with My Quest To Teach

Stop Bullying with My Quest To Teach 
Video via William Jackson
My Quest To Teach

Brownsville Church of Christ Prevent Bullying
Brownsville Church of Christ
Back to School – Preventing Bullying 

I have been speaking and presenting on the prevention of Bullying,
Cyberbullying, Sexting and the inappropriate use of texting for
several years.

Through the use of incorporating traditional blogging, video blogging,
Social Media platforms, and other platforms and tools I try to share
the reasons and realistic concerns why children, youth, teens and young
adults bully.

Each incident no matter how small creates an atmosphere of fear and
uncertainty in a young persons perception(s) of safety and even belonging.
Bullying is not a rite of passage to manhood or womanhood, it does not
build character or bonding.

Bullying is hurtful, mean, sad and creates long-term psychological
damage.  Emotional trauma and even the inability to trust and love
has resulted in some cases.

Students from ACD – Arlington Country Day School
Prevent Bullying Workshop for Middle and High School
via William Jackson  #MyQuestToTeach

Below is a video that was created and produced by myself to show
that bullying should not be tolerated, but it should be treated with
compassion and care.

Links to my bullying blogs over the years are provided.
Feel free to use the resources to empower children, teens and young
adults and even to educate parents. Parents are usually the last to
know that their child is the bully or that their child is being bullied.

Education is important and observation. Parents unfortunately do
not know their children as well as they think they do so the
accumulation and engagement in relationships is important to
establish and maintain between child and parent.

Bullying Presentations

Building Character and Resources

Bullying Blogs

Video via William Jackson
My Quest To Teach
Parent, Educator, Blogger
Community Activist

September 18, 2015

Mental Health A Celebration of Life for AAMHI

AAMHI African American Mental Health Initiative, Inc.
Hosting a Mental Health Symposium
“Mental Illness Can Mask Who We Are”
is the topic of discussion.
Saturday, September 19th 2015

The symposium is an open dialogue on mental illness by providing
“consistent” education, support, and workshops, featuring individuals,
agencies, counselors, clergy, etc. in the mental health field; as well as
other various initiatives “aimed” at providing culturally diverse solutions
for the individual, their families and/or caregivers!!!

Professional Speakers
Dr. Richmond D. Wynn – PhD, LMHC, NCC
Assistant Professor & Director, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
University of North Florida

Dr. Mia R. Wilson – EdD, LMHC, CAP
Owner – Private Practice
Sankofa Behavioral Health Services –

Ceandar Baker – BA Psycology, MBA Project Management
“The Activist”
CEO & Founder of Inspire for Purpose
CFO & Executive Director of Extended Hands Worldwide Ministries

Anthony Landrum – Montford Point Marine
First Sergeant
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Mary Durham Anderson, Writer
“Generational Curse” – Bipolar

For more details call (904) 479-6741
(904) 899-2614

A light lunch will be served immediately after
this event and networking

We are seeking professional medical agencies that
would like to sign up as a vendor for future meetings

Share this event on Facebook and Twitter
We hope you can make it!

African American Mental Health Initiative (AAMHI)
Mental Health A Celebration of Life for AAMHI


The acronym “AAMHI” contains more than letters that spell out a
need to become excited and aiming high to overcome a challenge.
It represents the desire to educate, empower, encourage and
eradicate the misconceptions of mental illness.

Even though the governmental bodies of this state (Florida) and
nationally have chosen to turn a blind eye to stable funding and
recognizing that mental illness cannot be cured or treated by jail
cells, bus tickets to send those afflicted with challenges to
other communities and even seen on news media where law enforcement
harass and even use violence to intimidate community members that
are suffering from mental illness, it is quite clear that the true
resources and personnel are not funded like they should be to be
proactive and treating those challenged with mental afflictions.

There are day to day challenges that cause stress, aggravation,
agitation, anger, doubt, mental discomfort and even depression,
so professionals that are trained and qualified are needed more
than ever nationally. The media reports of shootings, violence,
criminal activity and suicides are an indication that the brain that
controls the body is in trouble and needs help.

Mental health is vital to perform living functions in day to day
responsibilities associated with family, employment, accomplishing
tasks that may seem mundane, but require their completion to live.

There is not an instruction manual nor a schematic that diagrams
how life should go and no amount of planning can create a mental
utopia of complete calm and lack of stress, life can be and is
at times stressful and even painful. Mental illness is real when
those in the limelight of entertainment from singers, dancers, actors,
and other performers take their lives. This shows that money is not
the cure for total happiness and fame and fortune does not leave
people immune.

To this end it should not be an embarrassment or depressive
nature to not seek assistance in coping and over-coming challenges
that arise in life.  Sometimes there needs to be counseling, a shoulder
to cry on and even the potential for medication. Family support,
responsibility and even accountability  is important in supporting
not condemning or ostracizing family members when they hit mental
bumps in life. “AAMHI” is dedicated to providing a positive platform
for supporting, encouraging, counseling, blessing and guiding those
who are afflicted with mental illness.

A letter from the CEO of “AAMHI”shows that there is a need for the
resources of “AAMHI” in Jacksonville, Florida.

Letter from CEO and President Ann Marlow

Greetings to Everyone!!!

I am sure that most of you have either read or heard of the tragedies
that have occurred over the past year throughout the world; shootings
at major Universities; major retail chains, and most notably the downing
of a plane over the French Alps that claimed the lives of 149 people.
More recently, there have been several shootings in movie theatres, schools,
college campuses and just a few days ago, a news reporter and photographer

Every time I hear of these tragedies, it is a constant reminder there is
still a lot of work to be done to BREAK the SILENCE concerning an illness
that is quickly rising to EPIDEMIC proportions!!!

For this reason, I felt the need to launch “African American Mental Health
Initiative — AAMHI, Inc. (pronounced AIM-HI).
This initiative would focus “specifically” on our local communities in greater
Jacksonville and the surrounding counties.

The “Mission” of AAMHI is to “SOW S.E.E.D.S!”  SEEDS of Support, Education,
Empowerment, Dedication, and Strength to reap a “harvest” on mental HEALTH!!!!
AAMHI’s  “Vision” is to change the way African Americans “think and perceive”
mental illness by providing “consistent” education and support via monthly
symposiums and workshops, featuring individuals, agencies, counselors, clergy,
etc. in the mental health field; as well as other various initiatives “aimed”
at providing culturally diverse solutions for the individual, their families
and/or caregivers!!!

Although we understand that the challenge is great, we are counting on YOU and
would like to leave you with a thought-provoking prayer:

God grant me the serenity to “accept” the things I CANNOT change,
The “courage” to change the things that I CAN,
And the “wisdom” to know the DIFFERENCE.

AAMHI will be hosting a Mental Health Symposium
“Mental Illness Can Mask Who We Are”
on Saturday, September 19th 2015 from 10:00am-12:00pm
Community Rehabilitation Center (CRC)
623 Beechwood
Jacksonville, Fl 32206

Light lunch being served immediately after the event.
The Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding communities are
invited to this free event.

Ann Marlow
African American Mental Health Initiative, Inc.  (AAMHI)
(904) 479-6741

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