My Quest To Teach

Video, Radio and Blog Talk Radio Interviews

Listing of radio interviews that I have participated in .

Wm Jackson

Wm Jackson’s Radio Interviews


My Youtube Channel:
Featured various videos from my teaching and interaction
in the community.
These videos have been taken either by my cell phone camera
or another digital device.


2009 National Black Teen Radio

Sean Jackson and William Jackson
National Black Teen Radio


Introduction of William Jackson
E3 Business Group


2009 Black Talk Radio Network

Profile of WilliamJackson


2009 Can African Americans Afford Not To Blog
Guest on Blog Talk Radio

Can African Americans Afford Not To Blog


Dedication to my Pastor
My Sermon to the dedication of Pastor Timothy Cole, Sr.


2009 Real Talk Real Change 2
RTRC – What About Teen Mothers?
William Jackson, an educator within Duval County Public Schools,
hits home with a question about young parents and “how do you get
a 15 year old parent… to do what we are talking about”.
The dialogue comes from Ronnie Cage, Norman Simon, and
Dr. John Montgomery, but the quote of the night comes from moderator
Lisa Buggs! Worth watching.


2010 Guest speaker on IMPACT Radio Talk Show

with Clara McClaughlin
Discussion: Social Media Safety and Internet Safety
Jacksonville, Florida


2011 Real Talk Real Change

Youth Rights Now
Panelists and Public Speaker – William Jackson


Guest speaker on Dr. Mike Robinson Show
Parent Talk Live: The Value of Education


Jacksonville Public Education Fund Interview
This interview was taken at Andrew Robinson Elementary
by Rachael Tutwiler of Jacksonville Public Education Fund.
Views of education reform, parental involvement,
integrating technology and social importance of education.


*Courageous Conversations about Education
Hosted by: By Hafeeza B Majeed


First Coast Scholars for DCPS 2013
Professional Development for DCPS Educators


The Gist of Freedom
Raising and Encouraging Blerds


2012 Coach Terrance
Next Level Living Controversial Thursdays: The Trayvon Martin Saga!
Next Level Living Crew weighs in on the Trayvon Martin case and issues of Racial Profiling, Media Perception vs Reality and positive ways to talk to our youth about this story.


2012 Huffington Post – HBCU’s and Diversity
Discussion on the diversity of HBCU’s and their continued
need in society.–whites-at-black-colleges-517435773


2012 Damien Morgan
The Morgan Report
Education, Technology and Social Media
Interview with William D. Jackson, teacher at Andrew Robinson Elementary in Jacksonville, Florida. We discuss his experience as a teacher and the importance of having more male teachers in education. We also talk about cyber bullying and how parents and children can stay protected.


2012 Life Full Circle
Hosted by Miguel Lloyd
This week on #LFCRadio we will be talking about Education. Our guest is
William Jackson, teacher in Duval County (FL) school system and blogger.


Real Talk Real Change
Forum: Youth Rights Right Now
A Dialogue On The Fair Representation And Equitable Treatment of
16 – 24 year olds.
Youth Rights Right Now


Real Talk Real Change
It Takes Two To Raise Children
Jacksonville Public Radio
It Takes Two To Raise Children


E3 Business Group Interview
My partnership with E3 Business Group and the growth of my
writing / blogging. Community and civic responsibility to
Jacksonville, Florida and My Quest To Teach as a public
school teacher.
My Quest To Teach Interview


Scotty Reed
Blog Talk Radio January 2009
With the advent of new media technology, African Americans have a new tool to empower, inform and educate themselves yet many only use these tools for entertainment. Join Black Talk Radio member and my guest William Jackson, M.Ed to discuss the question “Can African American’s Afford Not To Blog?”.
Can African Americans Afford Not To Blog


SSTESOL Presentation

SSTESOL Presentation


If you are interested in having me speak on your radio program,
television show or other venue please contact me as far in advance
as possible.
If there is a need for a professional and expert opinion on:
Cyberbullying, Bullying, Texting, Sexting, Social Media Safety,
Internet Safety and other educational subjects related to children
and teens.
I enjoy sharing my 25 years experience as a educator, parent,
blogger/writer, community activist, mentor, public speaker on
various subjects. I’m a third generation educator with experience
in inner city school environments.
Voice Mail: 904 701-4957
Please leave a message and call back number



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