My Quest To Teach

Bio of Wm Jackson

BIO of William Jackson, M.Ed.

South Carolina State University – Bachelor’s in Education
Webster University – Masters of Arts in Teaching – Focus on Educational Technology.

University of Central Florida and University of South Florida
focus on Social Media integration, content development and
curriculum development for Educational Technology

Digital Signatures:
My Quest To Teach

Church of Christ and Social Media

Online About Me:
Twitter: @wmjackson
Voice Male: (904) 701 4957
My YouTube Channel:

William is a father of two, son attends Florida State University
daughter attends University of Central Florida

A Fathers Role

A Fathers Role

Ministry Affiliation:
Member of Northbound Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Florida.
Lead by Evangelist and Minister Elisha Taylor, Jr.

Employed with:
Duval County Public Schools- Jacksonville, Florida 2000 to Present

Teaching Physical Education and Technology – Venetia Elementary
2015 – 2016 Teacher of the Year

STEAM Educator teaching Technology and Engineering in a
STEAM / STEM environment.
Also School Technology Contact – William is the “go to person”
for all things technology in the Windows environment and training.
and employed with

Edward Waters College – Educational Technology/STEAM/Social Media
with the Department of Education and Urban Studies.

Former Employment:
*TEAM UP Academic After School Program
The Bridge of Jacksonville, Florida
After school academic enrichment program teaching academics
*Teach First Coast – TIP with Florida State College
teaching pre-intern teachers how to integrate technology in
the classroom.
Diversity in The Classroom – Educational Technology
teaching how to promote and accept diversity in the classroom.
Florida State College of Jacksonville
*Florida Department of Education
FIRNTEC – Internet training for Northeast Florida
*Edward Waters College – Jacksonville, Florida Adjunct
2000 to 2011 Teaching educational technology and Social Media
NASA – Internet Training for the State of Florida
Educational Technology Consultant

Community Involvement:
The community involvement ranges from 2000 to the present.
* First Timothy Baptist Church
“Beyond Becky and Teddy” Sex, Lies, and Consequences
Presenting on Social Media Safety and Internet Etiquette
Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention.
* Cyber-bullying/Bullying Presentation
Boys and Girls Club Keystone Leadership Conference
Jacksonville, Florida and Orlando, Florida
Presenting on Social Media Safety and Internet Etiquette
* Mayor Alvin Brown’s Education Summit 2012
Educational Forum discussing the importance of parental involvement
and community collaboration to improve education.
Forum: Energizing community and Parental Involvement
* Mayor Alvin Brown and City of Jacksonville 2012 – 2015
Providing training to youth in Mayor Alvin Brown’s Learn2Earn Experience
-conducting workshops on Social Media Accountability, Bullying
and Cyberbullying responsibility, Internet Safety, Cell Phone safety.
* Served on City of Jacksonville’s Mayor Brown’s Education Summit
“Increasing Parental Involvement” 2012/2013
* Committee: Energizing Community and Faith Based Organizations
as a Catalyst for Parental Involvement City of Jacksonville, Florida
* Bullying and Cyberbullying Presentations 2013
Conducting workshops for Best of Bold Program at Eugene Butler MS
Working with War On Poverty in Jacksonville, Florida
The two day event focused on Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention
* STOP Bullying Now in Jacksonville
Working with Channel 12 television station on Bullying and Cyberbullying
prevention from ages 10 to adults. Presenting and speaking at the
Museum of Science and History to youth and adults.
* Mentoring Programs – Volunteering with:
Impact Jax – MyJax Chamber of Commerce
* Impact Jax Chamber of Commerce Mentors in Education Program
* Real Men Wear PINK – Andrew Robinson Elementary
* Northeast Florida Suicide Prevention Advisory Board
attended seminars and workshops to help youth dealing with
personal issues.
* The Inspirational Praise 2013 Youth Advocacy Initiative
Ministry and Presenting on Social Media Safety and Internet Etiquette
Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention.
*Preventing Crime in the Black Community Conference
2014 and 2015
Presenting on Social Media Safety and Internet Etiquette
Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention.
*Empowering Young Minds, Inc. and Journey Into Womanhood
Presenting on Social Media Safety and Internet Etiquette
Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention.
*Jacksonville Urban League Leadership Workshop
Presenting on Social Media Safety and Internet Etiquette
*Understanding Youth Teens and Young Adults and Crime
Florida State College
Presenting on Social Media Safety and Internet Etiquette

Board Memberships:
2010 to 2013
*JCCI Forward Young Professionals
*Impact Jax Chamber of Commerce Mentors in Education Program
*Northeast Florida Suicide Prevention Advisory Board
*The Inspirational Praise Youth Advocacy Initiative
2013 to Present
*Reader Theater – Building Young Minds,Inc
working with Social Media postings, PowerPoint presentations
and sound.
*Empowerment Resources, Inc.
-working with At-Risk youth and teens

Blogger over 10 years for traditional print and online media.
The focus of writings: technology in education/higher education,
Bullying, Sexting, Internet Safety, Social Media, Suicide
Prevention, Fathers/Parenting issues.

Traditional Print and Online Media:
Spotlighted and Featured on:
Your Black World – Ourlegaci – BlerdNation – ThyBlackMan
BlackBloggerConnect – The Gist of Freedom – Black America Web

Featured in:
Arbus Magazine, The Florida/Georgia Star, Florida Times Union,
Jacksonville Free Press, Onyx Magazine, The Florida Courier,
Duval Urban Metro, Entrepreneurial Anchor Magazine, Florida Courier,
First Coast Register in Ponte Vedra, Program for Success,
Florida Advocate, Folio Weekly, Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post.

Online Presence:
Blogging on online sites and is requested for interviews on
Education, Technology, Social Media and Bullying., First Coast,,,,
OVT (Volusia County),,,,,,,,,,
Black Bloggers Connect City Representative

William Jackson, M.Ed.

Blog Talk Radio Participant:
Audio Resource on Integration of Technology.
Leslie Gist Etheridge: The Gist of Freedom:
“Underground Railroad & The History of Social Media”
Guest William Jackson,
*Courageous Conversations about Education
Hosted by: By Hafeeza B Majeed
* The Gist of Freedom
Raising and encouraging Blerds
* Huffington Post – HBCU’s and DiversityVideo–whites-at-black-colleges-517435773
*First Coast Scholars for DCPS

*Guest speaker on The Morgan Report
*Guest speaker on Dr. Mike Robinson Show
*Guest speaker on Life Full Circle
E3 Business Group Panel Discussion
Real Talk Real Change
Teen Mothers –
Expectations for Parents
*Guest speaker on IMPACT Radio Talk Show Jacksonville, Florida
*Past Co-host on Black Teen Empowerment Radio

Nikki Giovanni and William Jackson

Presentations: 2013 to 2000
*Peer Education for the Soul
Duval County Health Department
*Northside Chuch of Christ
Bullying Prevention Workshop
*First Timothy Baptist Church
Bullying Prevention and Social Media Content
Jacksonville, Florida
*Mayor Alvin Brown’s Learn2Earn Experience
Speaking on Social Media
*Crossing Bridges, the Hip Hop Health Summit.”
Black Men’s Health Summit workshop on Cyber Bullying.
Orlando, Florida
*AME Church Youth Leadership Conference
Speaking on Marketing and Branding with Social Media Platforms.
*Man Up for Health Summit
Florida State College Jacksonville
Speaking on Marketing and Branding yourself with Social Media
*Jacksonville Urban League
Educational Leadership Summit
Social Media and Your Life
*Real Fathers Real Men
Best of Bold Parents
Presenting on Bullying and Social Media
*Empowerment Resources-Journey Into Womanhood
Bullying and Cyberbullying Girls and Self-esteem
*Girls With Goals, Inc. – Traci Irvin
Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville, Florida
Presentation: Social Media and Internet Safety
*Florida State Legislator Mia Jones
Teen Dating And Violence Summit: Empower Yourself!
Presentation: Strategies to keep violence from happening
Florida Community College at Jacksonville North Campus Auditorium
Jacksonville , FL
*Mayor Alvin Brown’s Learn2Earn Experience
Youtube Video
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, Florida
Presentation: Social Media Safety, Bullying, Sexting/Texting
*Man Up Health Summit
Social Media Dangers and Cautions in a Digital World
Florida State College at Jacksonville Advanced Technology Center
Jacksonville, Florida
*Teen Health Summit – Real Truth of Becky and Teddy
First Timothy Baptist Church
Presentation: Social Media Safety, Bullying, Sexting/Texting
*Jacksonville Urban League
Jacksonville, Florida
*Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit
*Social Media and Technology Empowerment
Jacksonville, Florida
*2014/2015 Prevent Crime In The Black Community
Jacksonville / Tampa Florida
*2015 Boselli Foundation
Bullying Prevention workshop
*2015 War On Poverty workshop at Eugene Butler Middle School
workshop for parents on preventing bullying and cyberbullying

2016 Coming Soon……………..
Mayor Brown and The Crew

Speaking at Preventing Crime In The Black Community
Miami, Florida 3rd year
Speaking on Social Media and Your Digital Swag

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