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Elisha Taylor

Elisha Taylor attends EdCampStAug
EdCamp St. Augustine


EdCamp St. Augustine What An Adventure in Learning
by Elisha Taylor and William Jackson
Jacksonville, Florida

Welcome from William and Elisha

Give students the tech and see them fly

Elisha had the honor of speaking and attending
EdCamp Magic, TEDxFSCJ and blogs with Professor
William Jackson about STEM, STEAM, Robotics and
other areas. Elisha aspires to attend MIT to be part
of the growing climate of technology
integration and innovation in the country and the world.

Bio for Elisha Taylor III
Elisha Taylor III is a 13 year old eight grade student
currently attending Kirby-Smith Middle School in
Jacksonville Florida.

He is the son of proud parents Elisha Taylor Jr. and
Natalie Taylor.

Elisha is an A/B Honor Roll student with a special interest
in Video Game Design, his hopes for the future are to attend
Massachusetts Institute of Technology in order to advance
his career in cutting edge technology technologies.

Elisha uses technology in a leadership role:
1. He attends workshops and conferences to learn how to
integrate technology to collaborate on projects in school
and online.
2. He works with My Quest To Teach posting blogs about
technology, social media and preventing bullying.
3. He has been featured online and in newspaper articles,
he has attended conferences that strengthen his technology
passion and skills.
4. He networks at conferences:
EdCamps, Bar Camps (technology camps), WordCamps,
and WordPress, BlackExpo, Literacy events events.

Recent events in 2016:
TEDxFSCJ Salon – Jacksonville, Florida
Edcamp Magic – Orlando, Florida
BlackExpo South – Jacksonville, Florida
Florida Blogging and Technology Conference – Full Sail University

Published in:
Jacksonville Free Press

HBCU Connect


Florida Heritage Book Festival

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What I Learned from TEDxFSCJ,28179.0.html


Hello its me Elisha Taylor.
I just want to say thank you for helping me be successful.
Well, let me introduce myself. I’m a huge anime geek. My favorite anime is Naruto.
I also, like to read. I have been on an college reading level ever since I was in the 3rd grade. I don’t have many friends, but if you are wondering they are all nerds, just like me.
Trying to be proactive and being a positive influence in the vast world.
When I grow up I want to be a preacher just like my dad and involved in
all aspects of technology and robotics.

More information is coming….



Welcome to Elisha Taylor’s page 
Student in Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville, Florida
Member of the Body at Northbound Church of Christ
Jacksonville, Florida
Film and video for Readers Theater

The future is bright for Elisha, visit soon to see more about
this awesome young man that enjoys reading comics,
learning about robotics and everything tech..

Proud parents are:
Mr and Mrs Elisha Taylor
Jacksonville, Florida

“The journey of a thousand voyages start with just one step.”
Wm Jackson, M.Ed.
Parent, Blogger, Writer, Thought Leader
Community Activist


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