My Quest To Teach

Character Education and Bullying

Teacher and Mentor


William Jackson, M.Ed.

“Bullies come in all ages, sizes, races, religions, and in both genders. “

Objective: To empower teachers in the understanding of the causes,
affect, distraction and of bullying in school and its affects in society.
How to deal with and prevent bullying with the application of
character development.

Bullying Workshop at S.A. Livingston with
Ciara Watson formerly of JPEF….

Workshop Consist of Sessions:
1. Bullying
What is bullying
Florida statute defines bullying as systematically and
chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological
distress through teasing; social exclusion; threats;
intimidation; stalking; physical violence; theft; sexual,
religious or racial harassment; public humiliation; or
destruction of property.

Kids understand it as:
“Getting the crap beat out of me physically or making me feel like crap”
How to recognize bullying
Teasing; Social exclusion; Threat; Intimidation; Stalking;
Physical violence; Theft; Sexual or racial harassment;
Public humiliation; Destruction of personal property

Kids show it as:
Withdrawal, failing grades, behavior changes, absenteeism,
weight loss, depression, aggressiveness

How to talk to your students about Bullying
Don’t embarrass, Don’t call names, Don’t make promises you can’t keep
Role Play, Dramatization, Student Interaction, Student Facilitation
How to protect students from Bullying
Display self confidence, Show flexibility in accepting others,
Try not to judge, Be empathetic, Stand up for yourself

Should we have empathy for the bullies as adults and teachers
Why or why not

Bullying and Social Media workshop at
First Timothy Baptist Church in Jacksonville,

2. Benefits of understanding:
understanding and interpretation of bullying
clarification of who is bullying and why
why kids are bullied at all and why kids bully

Bullying Workshop at Northside Church of Christ

3. Materials:
materials provided worksheets and puzzles
Youtube Videos

Bullying Workshop at:
James Weldon Johnson Advanced Studies School

4. Online Resources:
ABS Kids
Grab A Bully By The Horns
Free for Kids
Stop Bullying

Learn2Earn Experience 2013 UNF

1. Bulling in School Physical and Cyber
2. Bullying A Violation of Human Rights
3. Jacksonville Stop Bullying
4. Bullying Continues to Grow


william Jackson, M.Ed.


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