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July 25, 2018

WordCamp San Jose – Costa Rica

WordCamp San Jose – Costa Rica
Girls Power Presentation

William Jackson and Aida Correa
My Quest To Teach and LoveBuilt Life
#MyQuestToTeach and #LoveBuiltLife
Twitter @wmjackson and @LoveBuiltLife

Celebrating Girl Power 
at WordCamp San Jose 2018
Even at WordCamp conferences
girls are celebrated and empowered.
Girls and women are the fastest growing
demographic that are creators, developers,
designers, entrepreneurs and
business owners.

Adriana Marquez, Speaker



July 24, 2018

WordCamp San Jose in Costa Rica

WordCamp San Jose – Costa Rica
William Jackson and Aida Correa
My Quest To Teach and LoveBuilt Life
#MyQuestToTeach and #LoveBuiltLife
Twitter @wmjackson and @LoveBuiltLife

Touring and Sightseeing


July 13, 2018

Higher Education Students – Build Your Brand Build Your Impressions

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William Jackson, Blogger and Educator

William Jackson, Blogger and Educator


Higher Education Students
Build Your Brand
Build Your Impressions
by William Jackson,
My Quest To Teach

Before higher education students can start
their careers the reality is they cannot wait
until graduation week or even after
graduation to build a Brand or create
favorable impressions.
The process of building a Brand is best started years earlier.
The unfortunate reality is that students are building their Brand
and creating impressions when they start posting content online.
That can mean when a child in elementary school is provided a
phone, tablet, gaming system, watch or even a toaster (just kidding),
once content is posted there is an impression of that content by
people that have access to it.
The Internet is a vast reservoir of information, but the ability to
tap into and communicate on a global scale comes with being
responsible and accountable. Many students in higher education
still are not mature enough to manage not just their Social Media
content, but other personal things that can influence their careers
before they actually start.
Young adults in higher education are influenced by their peers,
the media, families, personal interests, hormones, passions and
purposeful use or misuse of technology.
What goes on the Internet does not stay on the Internet, it is
viewed, watched, read, consumed and even downloaded and
screen captured. A person’s whole life, literally is being posted
from birth to death on platforms that are endless in digital
memory and access points.

Technology Jobs

Technology Jobs

A time line of events can be created
as the infant develops into a toddler,
the toddler develops into a youth and
the continuous growth and development
of life.
There are now ways to track and chart
the growing life cycle of people and
the mental and emotional affects are
not known.
Children must be taught to manage their Brands, because their
Brand represents them, just as in the “Old School” way of thinking
your “name” was valuable because it represented your word.
In the digital age your digital content represents your Brand and
that is who you are identified as.
Global history is written by those earning an education so they
can read and write, the ignorant have no say; they do not
possess the necessary skills to comprehend the value and empowerment
of language and language development. The ability to influence thinking
with content and collaborate on levels of intellect and intelligence.
Brands can be keys to open doors and allow connections with
like-minded people. Allowing growth and elevation to new levels
and directions.
Teaching higher education students the value and visibility of a
Brand is not a complex issue, it does take the ability to “see”
how a persons’ Brand influences others and makes an impression
that can last a life-time.
The summer months prove challenging because of the amount of
relaxation and vacation time. Higher education students are
more prone to post something because they are in relaxed modes
of comfort and not thinking about the impressions a photo or
a video will have. Being diligent and properly connected can
save a student from embarrassing photos and videos from
parties, gatherings, vacation destinations and summer hookups
that last a few weeks, but may have future consequences.
Social Media is a tool that can either be used for good or used
for bad, decisions should be made to determine how and when
content will be posted and where.

Prof Jackson and Students

Prof Jackson and Students

A Brand should be treated with
care, respect, honor, and safe
guarded. A Brand is your word
that identifies you and your
potential direction in life.
Higher Education Students
Build Your Brand
Build Your Impressions
manage your Brand and manage

the content that you post associated
with it and how you are associated with. It could mean the difference
between employment and unemployment.

July 5, 2018

WordCamp Miami 2018 – You Have Too Want It and Own It


WordCamp Miami 2018 – You Have Too Want It and Own It
by William Jackson, Organizer, Volunteer,
Speaker,  Blogger

The 10th anniversary of WordCamp Miami was a
pivotal point too many of those attending. It
was an opportunity to learn new value and
importance of the right Brand, the importance
of strategically applying Marketing strategies,
the value of recognizing changes in applications
that take the future and pull us forward.

The importance of diversity of cultures, respecting
the knowledge of women and engaging youth,
teens and young adults as business owners in
the Kids Camp. Seeing the wonder and beauty
of diversity that can lead to dynamic
collaboration and cooperation. Building future
smart creatives, digital innovators, problem
solvers, and entrepreneurs.

The evolution of “tracks” showed at WordCamp
Miami the diversity of the speakers in culture,
gender, demographics and their applied knowledge
base.  The understanding that as content creators
we cannot live in a vacuum or in our own
worlds because of the beauty of diversity in interests
applied to the dynamic platform of WordPress.

One of the pivotal points of WordCamp Miami was
the Kids Camp that provided a platform of
networking, education, encouragement,
empowerment and even enlightenment.
Youth, teens and young adults growing in their
business and entrepreneurial knowledge.
Creating digital platforms that will show their
passions, interests, dreams and aspirations
as thought leaders and intellectuals.

The instruction, mentoring and role modeling through
the speakers and volunteers showed that youth, teens
and young adults as the title of this blog states,
“You Have Too Want It and Own It.” Being accountable
and responsible for your content.

Teaching future content creators, bloggers,
entrepreneurs, business owners, educators,
venture capitalists and others that allow for
engagement, empowerment and elevation
for the future business leaders in technology.
From ages 7 youth, teens and young adults are
being empowered and inspired to be business
owners before they can even
drive a car.

My observation as an educator and parent are
the lessons learned from WordCamp Miami cannot
be effective if they are not properly applied and
mentoring is a part of the application. Everyone
in business needs a mentor to guide,
teach, direct and encourage them.

Learning is not conditional, it should be contagious
and continuous. There should be relevancy in
applying what is being learned to real world
situations. Applied knowledge
can create change, the WordCamp community
is not a selfish community, it is based on a
foundation of innovation,
creativity, imagination and sharing.

The title, “You Have To Want It and Own It,”
shows that globally the community “Wants It”
by the global contributions and the creativity
of “open source” allows individuals to
spread the innovation and creativity.
The extension of the conference for WordCamp
and Kids Camp into Meetups that encourage
interaction and
collaboration after the conference to continue
learning. Just as in education there is continuous
professional development.

Learning has to be applied to the crafts that
are chosen, “Own It” applies to being passionate
and consistent.  Knowledge is personal and
can be applied where it is beneficial for growth
and development.
The dynamics of tech can only show change
when effectively applied and applied strategically.
Owning your Brands is owning your vision, owning
your voice for what you see as your journey.

“You Have To Want It and Own It,” then make
sure you apply it, sharing it, magnifying it and
broadcasting it to those that
would benefit from that knowledge.





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