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October 5, 2018

Parents are Your Children Dangerously Flirting Online

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Parents are Your Children Dangerously Flirting Online
by William Jackson, M.Ed.

I was asked to repost this blog by some mothers in Jacksonville
to prove a point to their daughters about the dangers of the
Internet. This blogs influence came from the news story on the
12 year old girl situation and Facebook. Girl lured into sex trade
through Facebook Invite.

The access to online sites that promote innocent Flirting is
drawing attention by law enforcement because of the growing
incidents of rape on minor age boys and girls. This is scary as
a parent and elementary school teacher. Presenting at conferences
and seminars I hope to teach youth the dangers of online content
that they post and the dangers of making unseen friendships in
chatroom’s. Many sites entice and encourage young girls and boys
to flirt to gain a larger and older audience, but it is being found that
older men are enticing young girls and even boys to meet face
to face with dangerous results.

News reports have shown a dangerous trend with online contact with
older men and minor young teen girls. Flirting is seen as innocent and
playful; high school girls and boys flirting, even elementary school age
kids experimenting with who they like. This ”greenness” form of
flirting is perceived as cute and harmless in most cases. Skating
the edges of emotional connectivity to see if there is a potential for
a relationship either as friends or a more serious relationship.
The Internet has created a dangerous opportunity for sexual encounters
for girls and even boys and opened the door for Sexting, sexual luring,
and Cyberbullying using sexually explicit content.

Parents need to be aware and involved in their children’s Internet activities.
The seriousness of this can be seen from NY Times reports that shows
growing incidents of rapes. There are Internet Apps that aid in flirting,
the danger is so sever that mobile apps help users connect with others.
The challenge that technology has allowed an open and unregulated
connection that parents must be concerned. Unfortunately pedophiles,
stalkers and child molesters visit sites and pretend to be teens.
They study conversations, styles, words, slang and the best times to be
online to make contact. Teens also will lie about their ages to gain access
to adult sites. Even though there are dangers, teens discount the dangers
for the chance to act as adults and engage in adult conversations and
sometimes behaviors.

As an elementary school teacher I hear students in fourth and fifth grade
talking and their conversations are adult in nature, discussing their online
activities using profanity, color does not matter it happens with Caucasian
and Blacks. The results potentially dangerous as seen from information
that cases have been shown on news reports from 2017:
15 year old Ohio girl said she had been raped by a 37 year old man, a 24
year old man has been accused of raping a 12 year old girl in California
and a 21 year old man from Wisconsin is facing charges that he sexually
assaulted a 13-year-old boy.

Parents need to make sure that even if they allow their minor children or teens to
access sites that promote social contact that their children understand not to post
their address, phone numbers, or other personal information that can be used online
to find them. Online maps are so accurate that just a small amount of information a
stalker can find a child’s school, home, hangout areas. Vint Cerf, considered one of
the “Fathers of the Internet” stated, “The Internet is a reflection of our society and
that mirror is going to be reflecting what we see. Children do not see any reflections,
they just see what they want and what excites them.”

Parents if you have not done so talk to your children or you may wish you had later
and don’t have the mentality of some parents that the Internet is totally safe, “I had
no clue this was even going on in Central Texas (online stalking).
I thought it was a third world country situation” as an Austin, Texas woman claimed
after finding her niece that was abducted and sold into prostitution after she met
someone online and decided to meet that person even after told not to by her mother.
We are not a third world country and most third world countries do not have open and
uncensored Internet access in their homes for children to use un-monitored and
uncensored by their parents.

Parents take your responsibility as a parent seriously. Computers and the Internet
are not 21st century TV’s, monitor your child’s activities and friends.

William Jackson, M.Edu.
Parent, Educator, Community Activist
#NewTownSuccessZone #VisionKeepers


August 27, 2018

Preventing Bullying in Schools – Preparing Parents and Students

B.O.N.D. Back To School Bash in Partnership
with The i.W.A.N.N.A. Project and My Quest To Teach

Organizers and Speakers of BOND

Organizers and Speakers of BOND








Prevent Bullying in Schools –
Empowering Students
and Parents
by William Jackson, Edited by Ale’ta Turner

The issue of bullying is a danger that influences
the physical, mental and emotional security that
disrupts the culture of learning and inclusiveness
in schools. Bullying, harassment, violence, teasing
and other ways to take away the feelings of
acceptance, disrupts the culture of equality for
boys and girls and the stability of a learning culture
where everyone can be successful. Bullying destroys
the atmosphere of a classroom, of a school and even
influences the culture of community where students

Bullying takes these away and creates an underlying
level of fear, lowering of students’ self-esteem and
personal well-being. There is bullying unfortunately
happening in schools and students need to understand
they have rights that protect them and parents have
rights to information.
Hear the story of bullying….

The vision of The Turners with their son who
experienced bullying during the 2017 – 2018 school
year was to provide an opportunity with partnerships
to teach youth how to prevent bullying and embrace
learning. There are unfortunately too many students
that feel teachers do not care, administrators turn a
blind eye to bullying and some parents encourage it
as a badge of honor.

At the bash, Dr. Christina Williamson of
“The i.W.A.N.N.A Project” and William Jackson of
“My Quest To Teach” provided an interactive workshop
for young men and parents to help provide resources,
teach about the laws, documentation and personal
growth models to empower the young men attending.
To encourage the young men, they were provided lunch
boxes, book bags and other instructional materials to
prepare them to have a successful school year.
The ABC’s of Advocacy, Bully Prevention and
Community Resources set a foundation to talk to
the parents, ask questions and be engaged in
role playing, hands-on project based learning
and a Bully Pledge.

Ale’ta and Allan along with their son that experienced
bullying at their past school did not allow these
unfortunate events to keep them down. They turned
the situation around to empower, educate and encourage
others. There is more that can be done by parents,
continued community partnerships, empathy and prayer.
It will take a village to make the needed changes, if
there is not a serious effort that models Ale’ta and Allen,
kids will continue to fear going to the “safe place” that
schools should be.

More information can be obtained by contacting:
Web site:
Past Bullying Blog:
Bullying Will Not Destroy Me
Duval Schools Prevent Bullying Resources:


June 1, 2018

Fathers Continue To Teach Your Children

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Shae Graduation

Fathers Continue To Teach Your Children
William Jackson, #MyQuestToTeach
Father, Mentor, Community Activist, Educator

Fathers, as the school year comes to a close continue to
teach your children to apply what they learned in school
so they can make learning relevant. Help them to apply the
academic lessons to think for themselves and make personal
choices that are positive. Even if their friends are opposite
and oppose them, one mistake can ruin and change a life for
a life time.

Fathers, teach your children to be accountable and responsible,
teach them to be independent thinkers and understand how
important their dreams are. There are many lessons to learn
so be patient and purposeful, be aware that sometimes your
children think different than you do and react different
depending on the situation and the stress.

Not all children learn to tie their shoes at the same time,
not all children stop sucking their fingers at the same
time. Patience, purpose and prayer do work even in the 21st

Your presence as a parent, father guardian, mentor and
prayer do matter. Never forget that your children look to you
for guidance even if they do not say anything.
Actions speak louder than words, so guard not just your
mouth, but your actions and interactions in the community.

Some personal observations as a parent…….
1.Fathers don’t allow yourself and your children to grow stale
or stagnant, always embrace learning opportunities. Attend
community, civic and even political events to teach your
children civic duty and community activism.
2. Fathers teach your children to stay away from people who
hate on others, gossip, conspire against, plot and plan to
embarrass or even destroy. Those that hate on others often
have low self esteem and unhappy emotionally.
3. Fathers teach your children that sex is not a conquest
or a quick one sided pleasure. There are consequences and
reactions to having multiple sexual partners.
4. Father teach your children that sex is not a tool to get
what you want in life. That the mind and emotions are changed
forever when involved in sexual encounters with multiple
people. Not everyone is emotionally ready for sex at the
same time.
5. Fathers teach your children what comes out of their
mouths defines them and Brands them. The mouth can speak
life or death.
6. Fathers teach your daughters they don’t need a sugar
daddy, pimp daddy or friend with benefits to make it in life.
Teach them early that they are smart, creative, innovative
and brilliant.
7. Fathers teach your sons and daughters that before they get
into someone’s bed, be sure to get into their head. They must
have some common grounds for growth and life.
There is a personal responsibility when having sex and not
building a relationship.
8. Fathers teach your sons not to use women for sex, drugs,
money or create illegitimate children that they have no
plans to support and love. The children created will grow
to be angry, uncertain about who they are and where in life
they are going.
9. Fathers teach your children how to love, how to respect and
the value of morals and values. Teach your children the
empowerment of education not just in the classroom, but to
be life-long learners.
10. Fathers teach your children the dangers of “playing” with
drugs and alcohol. Not everyone can tolerate getting drunk
and getting high.
11. Fathers show up at your children’s school several times a
year, show them better than you can tell them you value
their education, respect teachers, eating lunch with them
and going on field trips.
12. Fathers if “Lives Matter” they should learn that from
birth and through your involvement and actions.
13. Fathers teach your children about the true meaning of
hate, racism, bigotry, prejudice and bias. Do not sugarcoat it.
Raise your child to be a benefit to society not a danger or
future media sacrifice.
14. Fathers teach your children they will not stay children
forever, as they grow to enjoy life and living. To learn
skills that build their character and value for life.
15. Fathers watch the news with your children
and explain events around the world. Get them to talk
about what they think and feel.
16. Fathers even if your not in the home plan to make time
and make time to plan what your doing.
17. Fathers even if you start with 10.00 start a bank account
for your child. Teach them to invest in themselves.
18. Fathers create a mindset of growth and progress.
Show your kids that you have dreams and aspirations
beyond where you are now. No matter your past you’re
reaching for a better life.
19. Fathers the future is not predictable, but have a plan
for the future for your kids. Start a college fund or a business
fund. Put money aside even if it is 5.00 per month because your
children will need to continue their education past high school.
20. Fathers visit a doctor if not regularly, occassionally. Be
proactive in your health because not knowing if you have
high blood pressur, diabetes, or any other life challenges may
create burdens on your family. Medical issues can keep you from
being the dad you want to be and the dad your kids need you
to be.
21. Fathers reflect on the hard lessons you learned and
share them with you children. Teach them that lessons can help
them to grow even if they stuggle.
22. Fathers teach your children that struggles and challenges
are a part of life and that they can survive and grow from
23. Fathers teach your children the value of prayer, why
prayer is helpful. Guide their learning in ministry not
just attending church.
24. Fathers join a support group, mentoring group for yourself.

Blogging at: My Quest To Teach   #MyQuestToTeach
Twitter: wmjackson

William and Sean Jackson


March 2, 2018

What I Learned From The Black Panther Movie

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What I Learned From The Black Panther Movie
by William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach

The Black Panther movie sets a continuous tone for the awareness of
behaviors and learning the value of personal accountability, self-pride,
self-awareness, responsibility to cultural strength and even generational

Each Black community is only as strong as the Black men that take
ownership and responsibility for it. Case in point, what Black man would
allow a child of any age to be killed and not assist in apprehending the
killer or killers that live in the community. This is happending across this
nation with Black children.
What Black man that is hyped about a movie like the Black Panther that
speaks of community and family love, but can stand by and see children
molested and mentally as well as physically raped?
What Black man watching the movie Black Panther can see even in a
movie the value of technological innovation, but only praise their children
for sports and entertainment?

Black fathers that are serious are involved in their children’s lives academically,
socially and culturally. There are already models for these behaviors, but
more should be done.

What I Learned From Black Panther as a Black Man and Father
is my interpretation to the responsibilities, purpose and
the blessings from being a Black man and Black father.
Whether intentional or not Black Panther has highlighted the
importance of Black fathers as parental foundations,
educatioanl leadership, spiritual conduits and cultural icons.

The uniqueness in thought leadership, innovation, creativity
and wealth is not unique to Africa which is the cradle of
human civilization. Long before Europeans where “civilized”
African ( which a continent) had universities, hospitals and
even conducted scientific research.

What I learn is listed below to encourage growth after a movie
that creates emotional hypeness and should inspire intellectual

1. Black fathers have a responsibility to raise their
children and provide for their families, even sacrificing
their comfort for the children they helped create.
2. The sins of the father sometimes do fall on future
generations, but forgiveness is imporant. No one is perfect.
3. Black men and boys must be prayed for, mentored and
guided. How can Black boys grow to be Black men if men do
not take the time to teach?
4. Black fathers must consider their legacy they
will leave behind. What words will people say about a
father, what words will children hear when the father
5. Black men must always remember they live on the
shoulders of past Black men. The hard work, sacrifice
and deligence that was exchanged for growth and success.
6. Black fathers must build to create and maintain a
foundation for their families based on education
(scholarly or vocational), economics (good stewards in money
and investments) and culturally positive (know thy history).
7. Being a father does not stop when children reach a
certain age, fathers must provide praise, positive
affirmations and continued mentorship while alive.
8. Black fathers must prepare their children for
living without their fathers, when the father dies.
Black children must have installed in them the will power
and knowledge to continue on with life when parents die.
9. Black fathers must always respect the mothers,
grandmothers and women in and out of their families.
The foundation for respect starts and is sustained
with Black fathers. Being a role model is valuable.
10. When Black men do not do what they are supposed
to do the Black woman will at great sacrifice take
the lead.
11. Black fathers and Black men must unite or they
will remain divided, weak, self-destructive and
12. Black men must support their building and
strengthening of their communities. Not waiting
for others to come in and “make things better.”
13. Black investment must be investments that
results in visible results. Planning for the now
and the future is valuable to generational success.
14. Black fathers cannot afford to only look
at sports as a way out of challenges in society.
They need to celebrate their scholars, dreamers,
innovators and smart creatives. Black children
must learn what white children are learning to
be employable and functionable in this world.
15. Black fathers need to put in just as much
work with their sons as they do with their
16. Black fathers need to hold each other
accountable. Support with love and brotherhood.
17. Black fathers need to teach each other
how to be compassionate and prayerful.
18. “Evangelism should be reinforced by men to
other men.” C. McClendon; Northside Church
of Christ
19. Black men should be supportive and
good stewards of finances. Teach their
children how to save, spend and invest money.
20.Black men should study the greatness of
their past, share it with their present
and prepare for their future.
21.Black fathers should participate in
leadership roles within the community and
within their children’s schools.
22. Educational leadership is important in
the homes of Black families. Black men should
have libraries of books and even books on DVD.
23. The voices of Black fathers should have
the resonation of pride of lions for truth,
justice and unity.
24. Black men and fathers should not need
law enforcement to stop violence in their
25. Black men should be surrounded with
Black children whether they are theirs
or not. Teaching, mentoring, praying and
supporting them.
26. Black men should be speaking power and
purpose into their children’s lives. The
power of the tongue is generational.
27. Black fathers should be seen with their
and other Black children in libraries,
museums and cultural centers teaching and
showing the fun and value of learning.
28. Black men and Black fathers should
not lean on their own understanding, but
a unit of spiritual and intellectual
29. Black fathers should allow knowledge
to help solve problems and issues not
emotional violence.
30.The love of each other as Black fathers
and Black men should unite and never divide.

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