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Bullying Presentations

Presenter Wm Jackson

William Jackson, M.Edu.
Educator, Presenter, Blogger and Writer

“I Will Survive Bullying”
“Bullies come in all ages, sizes, races, religions, and in both genders. “

Objectives for Discussion on Antibullying Strategies:
1. Explore the meaning of bullying behaviors and reflect upon experiences with bullying.
2. Learn practical strategies to help tweens and teens deal with bullying in nonviolent ways.
3. Develop strategies to prevent bullying.
4. Understand the causes of bullying
5. Laws associated with bullying
6. Bullying is a learned behavior
7. Empathy for bullies
8. Learn the difference between asking for help and tattling or snitching
9. Solutions
10. Bystanders and their responsibilities
11. Schools and Family working together

What is Bullying?
Florida statute defines bullying as systematically and chronically inflicting
physical hurt or psychological distress through teasing; social exclusion; threats;
intimidation; stalking; physical violence; theft; sexual, religious or racial harassment;
public humiliation; or destruction of property.

Types of Bullying:
 Teasing; Social exclusion; Threat; Intimidation; Stalking;
Physical violence; Theft; Sexual or racial harassment;
Public humiliation;  Destruction of property

Prohibits bullying through the use of data or computer software that is accessed through
a computer, computer system or computer network of a public K-12 educational institution.
Can be applied to bullying off school campus as well.
(1) places in reasonable fear of harm to person or damage to property
(2) substantially interferes with a student’s educational performance
(3) substantially disrupts the orderly operation of a school, learning and academic growth.

For Antibullying presenations please contact:
William Jackson, M.Edu.
(904) 7024957
William D. Jackson


Bullying Prevention Seminar in Jacksonville, Florida
Museum of Science and History 2013 Jacksonville,
Florida #MOSH



Best of Bold Group with Middle Schools in school
system of Duval County Public Schools #DCPS
Best of Bold Group

Learn2Earn Experience – Teaching on Preventing Bullying and Cyberbullying

Antibullying program S.A. Livingston Elementary
provided by War on Poverty…

First Coast News Antibullying Program
held at the #MOSH Jacksonville, Florida

William Jackson, M.Ed.

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