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May 24, 2019

The Power of Blogging – Opening Dynamic Digital Doorways

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The Power of Blogging – Opening Dynamic Digital Doorways
by William Jackson @wmjackson

WordCamp Jacksonville 2019

WordCamp Jacksonville 2019

Blogging is a dynamic digital doorway to discovery and social engagements
that are continuously changing. Blog provide a voice to the voiceless and a
platform to tell a story. Traditional processes of communication have changed
from verbal exchanges to the infusion of digital tools and platforms that
allow for uninterrupted connections and enhanced exchanges of information.

The tools or platforms range from Vblogging, Podcasting, Instagraming,
Snap-chatting, Vining, Periscope, Voxing, Facebook Live and the list continues
to grow.  As a past instructor teaching Educational Technology, Social Media
and STEAM at a historically Black higher educational institution –
HBCU Edward Waters College. The opportunity to teach, expose and bring
to light how powerful tech can be is awesome and a little intimidating.

There is a need for instruction that is tailored not to specific platforms,
but an open discussion of the why Social Media should be implemented
and how to effectively to get students to understand that their career
success is dependent on their gaining knowledge, acquiring resources
and networking. As shared by a previous student Crystal Sanders, attending
the class on blogging and technology; “as a future educational leader
you maybe required to conduct training’s on a platform or formats using
productivity tools and digital tools.” Educators must be able to apply real
learning to real relevancy so students know how to apply their thinking.
Understanding how to use these tools is very important, each lesson in
Educational Technology was designed for you to “think and apply” “in
a particular way concerning your area of study.”

Prof Jackson and Students

Prof Jackson and Students

The Educational Technology and Social Media course is project based
and develops thought leadership and critical and higher order thinking
that students will need as they begin their new careers. Our society is
a knowledge based society. There is a need for the skills of acquiring
information, applying information and understanding the relevancy of
information. Students need to understand the application of applying
knowledge, especially to career choices and learning situations.

Blogging is not dead as some people imply. It is transforming to embrace
a digital lifestyle. The growing social engagements that allow for direct
communication, local  connections that allow for community activism,
mobile ability to communicate on the move and community interaction
that brings people closer together and allows for diversity to unite instead
of divide people.

If students are not taught the power of blogging, building digital platforms
and growing into digital innovators, the ability to be authentic storytellers
could be lost, their voices could be drowned in the commercial manipulation
of media and our diverse cultures could be lost in the overall digital Matrix.

The power of blogging strong when words define a Blog, words create a
Niche and word are characteristically adaptable to all situations and
circumstances for communication. Sharing stories was once only done
by storyteller, blogging is now the storyteller format for digital
communication and allows anyone, everywhere, from all walks of life to
have a voice and bring a voice to the voiceless.

Blogging is not dead, nor will it ever die, it will adapt, re-invent itself and
even become scalable to new tools and platforms to share information
that is transformational and empowering.

Bloggers, Content Creators, Digital Innovators

Bloggers, Content Creators, Digital Innovators


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