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January 25, 2019

What Is Metrotown in A Day In Jacksonville Florida

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What Is Metrotown in A Day In Jacksonville Florida
William Jackson, M.Ed. and Aida Correa
Facilitator with Metrotown and OneJax
Teens recognized as community leaders through their
volunteering in the Jacksonville community were invited
to the JSCA/Nelson Mandela Youth Ambassadors and
4-H Metrotown In A Day.
The Metrotown In A Day (MIAD) is a unique
opportunity to participate in a one day diversity leadership
program which explores the ways teens and  young adults
view the community around them. The teens and young
adults attend public, private, charter and home schooling
in Jacksonville, Florida.
Metrotown welcomes young people without any bias,
stereotypes or prejudice and engages them in discussion
about their community.
The diversity of the students allows for diversity in age,
gender, culture and community that truly represents
the community that the students may and may not live in.
Exposure is key for the acceptance of diversity of
people, ideas, religions and life styles.
Metrotown-In-A-Day, an experiential teen diversity program
specially designed for future leaders to elevate levels of
awareness and understanding, thus bridging gaps across
differences. The interactive leadership program includes
a day-long concentrated adaptation of Metrotown Institute,
which is a four-day OneJax program for high school
students held each summer that promotes respect and
understanding across the differences of race, religion,
sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic
status and ability.
During the workshops, students will participate in group
experiences/activities, facilitated discussion sessions and
individual reflection. Metrotown is a powerful experience
that lights a spark and impacts all.
Those selected will come together to explore diversity
for living successfully in an increasingly diverse and
interdependent world. The ability to work, live and grow
in rapidly growing diverse communities is important.
The world is a global community that requires building
professional and personal learning networks and
engaged future community members in
our young people.
At Metrotown In A Day, students explore their personal
values, perceptions and even biases and learned stereotypes.
They are encouraged to voice their opinions, views, challenges,
triumphs in a nurturing, encouraging and welcoming
This enables dialogue not to change minds, but to provide
a chance to build tolerance, understanding and
acceptance. Respectful and non-judgemental dialogue is
important to see others view points and
understand how these were developed. Understanding
the community a young person lives in helps build a
stronger community and acceptance.
There are opportunities to experience a variety of
perspectives on diversity issues, multicultural
communication, and unconscious biases.
Participants create strategies for living and working
with a multitude of differences.
The goal of Metrotown In A Day is to promote respect
and understanding among all people. This goal is
achieved through small group discussions and
workshops, creative and artistic expression, recreation,
outdoor experiences and personal reflection on our
diverse community.
For more information about
Metrotown In  A Day or other programs contact:
Deidre Lane
Director of Youth Programs
OneJax Institute



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