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January 4, 2019

What is Metrotown-In-A-Day? MIAD

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What is Metrotown-In-A-Day? MIAD

Metrotown-In-A-Day is an interactive experiential
learning lab. Selected delegates will come together
to explore options for living successfully in an
increasingly diverse and interdependent world.
At Metrotown-In-A-Day, students explore their
personal values and perceptions. Delegates also
experience a variety of perspectives on diversity
issues, multicultural communication, and unconscious
biases. Participants create strategies for these event
living and working with a multitude of differences.

The goal of Metrotown-In-A-Day is to promote respect
and understanding among all people. This goal is
achieved through small group discussions and workshops,
creative and artistic expression, recreation, outdoor
experiences and personal reflection on our diverse
community. Be prepared! When you’ve completed
Metrotown-In-A-Day, you’ll see the world through
different eyes and you will have made a lasting
and positive difference in your own life, and in
the lives of your friends.

As a volunteer of Metrotown In A Day events and the
longer Metrotown In A Week are great opportunities
for teens to learn about the value of diversity in
culture, thinking, gender and that differences are

When young people attend and participate in a
Metrotown event they have the opportunity to
meet others of similar age, but different on so
many levels.

Photos are from Metrotown In A Day at Ponte Vedra
High School in Jacksonville, Florida


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