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October 1, 2018

Authors’ RoundTable – Your Books Can Change The World

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Authors’ RoundTable – Your Books Can Change The World
by William Jackson, M.Ed.

“Read absolutely everything you get your hands on because you’ll never
know where you’ll get an idea from…” Malcolm X, Malcolm X Speaks:
Authors’ RoundTable, the opportunity to fellowship, network and advocate for
literacy and the appreciation of reading diverse works of art to inspire creative
thinking and the imagination.

The Authors RoundTable held at Highlands Regional Library on Dunn Avenue in
Jacksonville, encourages authors gathering to share their passion for writing and
experiences in a world of literature that challenge the imagination and inspire
intellectual thinking and the fun of the written word. What better way to
reach-out and connect with people of color, culture, gender,
and generational differences than through books.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” … Ciero
Writers, bloggers, poets, artists and those with a zeal for literature are encouraged
to attend the Authors’ Round Table and learn from seasoned writers to the novice
and dreamers of future authors the process of writing and publication. Held at
Highlands Regional Library in Jacksonville, Florida the gathering of authors with
years of experience in various writing genres helps to inspire each
other and encourage growth in the process of writing.

The sharing for resources, experiences and
the “process” of writing a book(s) with help in the “birthing” process of
writing and publishing. Blogging, Vblogging, Podcasting, Poetry and other forms
of writing are accepted and encouraged. Share your passion and your platform
to harness your energy, build your knowledge, find your
Niche and expand your influence.

If you know of a youth, teen, young adult or adult interested in being a published
author encourage them to attend the Authors’ RoundTable. Parents must
accompany their children and teens and any young adults under 18 years of age.
“Reading … allows you to take flight toward your own dreams and aspirations.”
Taylor Richardson @astrostarbright

To participate contact for more information
on how to join and participate.



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