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June 1, 2018

Fathers Continue To Teach Your Children

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Fathers Continue To Teach Your Children
William Jackson, #MyQuestToTeach
Father, Mentor, Community Activist, Educator

Fathers, as the school year comes to a close continue to
teach your children to apply what they learned in school
so they can make learning relevant. Help them to apply the
academic lessons to think for themselves and make personal
choices that are positive. Even if their friends are opposite
and oppose them, one mistake can ruin and change a life for
a life time.

Fathers, teach your children to be accountable and responsible,
teach them to be independent thinkers and understand how
important their dreams are. There are many lessons to learn
so be patient and purposeful, be aware that sometimes your
children think different than you do and react different
depending on the situation and the stress.

Not all children learn to tie their shoes at the same time,
not all children stop sucking their fingers at the same
time. Patience, purpose and prayer do work even in the 21st

Your presence as a parent, father guardian, mentor and
prayer do matter. Never forget that your children look to you
for guidance even if they do not say anything.
Actions speak louder than words, so guard not just your
mouth, but your actions and interactions in the community.

Some personal observations as a parent…….
1.Fathers don’t allow yourself and your children to grow stale
or stagnant, always embrace learning opportunities. Attend
community, civic and even political events to teach your
children civic duty and community activism.
2. Fathers teach your children to stay away from people who
hate on others, gossip, conspire against, plot and plan to
embarrass or even destroy. Those that hate on others often
have low self esteem and unhappy emotionally.
3. Fathers teach your children that sex is not a conquest
or a quick one sided pleasure. There are consequences and
reactions to having multiple sexual partners.
4. Father teach your children that sex is not a tool to get
what you want in life. That the mind and emotions are changed
forever when involved in sexual encounters with multiple
people. Not everyone is emotionally ready for sex at the
same time.
5. Fathers teach your children what comes out of their
mouths defines them and Brands them. The mouth can speak
life or death.
6. Fathers teach your daughters they don’t need a sugar
daddy, pimp daddy or friend with benefits to make it in life.
Teach them early that they are smart, creative, innovative
and brilliant.
7. Fathers teach your sons and daughters that before they get
into someone’s bed, be sure to get into their head. They must
have some common grounds for growth and life.
There is a personal responsibility when having sex and not
building a relationship.
8. Fathers teach your sons not to use women for sex, drugs,
money or create illegitimate children that they have no
plans to support and love. The children created will grow
to be angry, uncertain about who they are and where in life
they are going.
9. Fathers teach your children how to love, how to respect and
the value of morals and values. Teach your children the
empowerment of education not just in the classroom, but to
be life-long learners.
10. Fathers teach your children the dangers of “playing” with
drugs and alcohol. Not everyone can tolerate getting drunk
and getting high.
11. Fathers show up at your children’s school several times a
year, show them better than you can tell them you value
their education, respect teachers, eating lunch with them
and going on field trips.
12. Fathers if “Lives Matter” they should learn that from
birth and through your involvement and actions.
13. Fathers teach your children about the true meaning of
hate, racism, bigotry, prejudice and bias. Do not sugarcoat it.
Raise your child to be a benefit to society not a danger or
future media sacrifice.
14. Fathers teach your children they will not stay children
forever, as they grow to enjoy life and living. To learn
skills that build their character and value for life.
15. Fathers watch the news with your children
and explain events around the world. Get them to talk
about what they think and feel.
16. Fathers even if your not in the home plan to make time
and make time to plan what your doing.
17. Fathers even if you start with 10.00 start a bank account
for your child. Teach them to invest in themselves.
18. Fathers create a mindset of growth and progress.
Show your kids that you have dreams and aspirations
beyond where you are now. No matter your past you’re
reaching for a better life.
19. Fathers the future is not predictable, but have a plan
for the future for your kids. Start a college fund or a business
fund. Put money aside even if it is 5.00 per month because your
children will need to continue their education past high school.
20. Fathers visit a doctor if not regularly, occassionally. Be
proactive in your health because not knowing if you have
high blood pressur, diabetes, or any other life challenges may
create burdens on your family. Medical issues can keep you from
being the dad you want to be and the dad your kids need you
to be.
21. Fathers reflect on the hard lessons you learned and
share them with you children. Teach them that lessons can help
them to grow even if they stuggle.
22. Fathers teach your children that struggles and challenges
are a part of life and that they can survive and grow from
23. Fathers teach your children the value of prayer, why
prayer is helpful. Guide their learning in ministry not
just attending church.
24. Fathers join a support group, mentoring group for yourself.

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  1. Amazing life lessons here! While this entire list is moving, I was struck by #5 (being aware of what comes out of our mouths) the most. Perhaps because we teach our children about the people we are in this way, and kids learn much through example. Love this!

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    Comment by TheTacoMom — June 1, 2018 @ 13:57

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