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June 29, 2018

The Diversity and Influence of Hispanic / Latino Content Creators


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The Diversity and Influence of Hispanic / Latino Content Creators
by William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach
Inspired by the works of Aida Correa:
Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Actress, Educator, Latina,
Business Owner, Puerto Rican, Mother, Grandmother,
Community Organizer, Community Activist,
WordCamp: Speaker – Advocate – Volunteer-Sponsor

The growing Hispanic / Latino community in Northeast
Florida has begun to come into its own in political, economic,
educational and societal influences.
Involved in creating positive and productive changes that
are a needed inspiration to increase the cultural diversity
of Northeast Florida. Jacksonville has open arms encouraging
Hispanic and Latino people with business and entrepreneurial
passions to come to Jacksonville and share their skills and
talents especially in the field of technology.

Technology embraces diversity with the building of people
that are smart creatives, digital innovators and artists. This
blog is a shoutout to the growing Hispanic / Latino communities
in Jacksonville that are growing as geeks, nerds and digital

Inspired by Aida Correa and her passion to build bridges of
business, educational, cultural and entreprenrial collaborations
that promote growth, acceptance and tolerance within

The growing accessibility of content creators is having
phenomenal growth and elevation for Hispanic / Latino women.
Technology is a great force for leveling the fields of educational
access to cultural resources and for women of diversity to connect
and collaborate with each other. One of the greatest growths
can be seen in the Hispanic / Latino community and the application
of Social Media and tech to build their Brand. The fastest growing
demographic of content creators and entrepreneurs in online
environments that are building thought leaders, digital innovators
and smart creatives are Women of Color particularly Hispanic / Latino.

The growth of women that have cultural backgrounds of
diversity are finding their voices and building collaborations
with others on social, economic, educational and family issues
that affect all aspect of their lives. Women of Color are being
recognized in the roles of Influencers and “Agents of Change.”
Women are changing the paradigm of intellectualism and
thought leadership because of their content. The growing
opportunities for leadership development and even influencing
economic elevation, tech has the power to change the world
for Hispanics / Latinos.

“Content is King” (Bill Gates) and “Engagement is Queen.”
Women are great engagers, their conversations and interactions
are not just information based, but generational because when you
educate women you educate generational communities that
are seen in the Hispanic / Latino community.
The knowledge is passed down and how to apply that knowledge
to real life situations is taught, knowledge is not powerful, it is
powerful and changing when it is applied the right way.

Diversity of content creation provides a visual that extends
beyond a person to embrace learning and expansion of
intellectualism across the board of families. Women are
transporters and engagers of information.

Latina content creators like Aida Correa, LoveBuilt Life #LoveBuiltLife
are changing the digital landscapes of Social Media, business
ownership, web development, blogging and speaking at conferences.
Aida Correa an upcoming speaker at WordCamp Birmingham,
Alabama has spoken at WordCamp Miami and a sponsor of
WordCamp Jacksonville Kids Camp. WordCamp Miami as a
volunteer and speaker, the upcoming WordCamp San Jose in
Costa Rica.

Ms. Correa like other Latina women in tech are changing the
paradigm of how Women of Color are thought of as business
owners, developers of intellectual thought and digital
influencers. The engagement of Hispanic / Latino women is
growing and expanding as girls and young women of color see
content creators that look like them, sound like them and are
seen in their communities engaged and involved.

The more girls of color are seeing women of color working to
be successful this builds future women business owners.
Women are influencing changes in technology quickly and quietly,
they are changing the perceptions that have been wrongly presented
by film, movies, television and mass media.  Hispanic / Latino
content creators are changing the perceptions America and even
the world has. To improve their growth women must continue to
evolve and  their knowledge, their exposure, their access
and their environments to participate and contribute in the area
of technology and even STEM, STEAM, STREAM.
Community activist, blogger, web developer, actor, poet, spoken
word artist like Ms. Correa are changing the mind-sets of communities
like Jacksonville, Florida. Providing workshops in Art and STEAM that
are attended by youth, teens and young adults. Hispanic / Latino
women are expanding their influence to show that cultural diversity
in this community is valuable and beneficial to a community as a whole.

Each person brings knowledge, experience, skill-sets, resources and
energy to create affective and beneficial change that encourages
communities, cities, states and nations to grow united and in strength.
Great change is happening for Hispanics / Latinas, the paradigm of a
glass ceiling has been shattered and destroyed. Hispanic / Latino women
with a passion in Tech, STEM, STREAM and other areas is growing and
making influences that are changing the perceptions wrongly created
by mass media.

To aid in the growth of diversity with women in technology here
are some resources to help build their access.
Aida Correa – LoveBuilt Life – Jacksonville Florida
Ada’s List of Resources for Women
Check Tech
Girls Who Code
Women In Tech
11 Latinas in Technology
Latinas in Tech
Inspiring Women In Tech
Latina Girls Code
Latinas in STEM


“Let’s Take A Selfie” – Artist Drawings

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“Let’s Take A Selfie”
II Corinthians 13:5
The 2018 Florida Statewide
Youth for Christ Conference
Wednesday, June 27th to Saturday, June 30th 2018

Created by the youth, teens and young adults attending the
youth conference in Jacksonville, Florida

Sharing their visual representation of taking a “Selfie”


June 22, 2018

Advocating for Kids Camp at WordCamp Calgary, Canada

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Advocating for Kids Camp at WordCamp Calgary, Canada
by William Jackson, #MyQuestToTeach
WordCamp Speaker, Volunteer,
Advocate, Blogger, Organizer

WordCamp Calgary surrounded by mountains that take
your breath away. The scenery could not properly be
captured in photos or video to truly display the splendor
and magnificence of natural formations reaching thousands
of feet into blue skies that seem to magically hold puffs
of fluffy white and gray clouds.
Clouds suspended in the blue of a sky that appears
limitless in its expanse and depth.
WordCamp Calgary offered an international conference
that showed why WCYYC is respected and well attended.
The diversity of speakers including myself flying in from
Jacksonville, Florida and being the only African American
speaking was a great honor.  Diversity is recognized,
respected and encouraged.
Welcomed warmly by other bloggers and content creators
there was excitement to hear my presentation, even before
the scheduled time. I was asked several times about my
direction and “scope” of speaking.
Perceptions are strong, as content creators we should be
mindful of the perceptions we create that spread over and
through the Internet. First impressions are important even
in digital environments because of the foundations they
create to connect with others.
The growing Kids Camp for youth and teens from ages
8 to 16 are significant because they assist the next
generation of content creators, entrepreneurs and business
Kids Camp provides networking opportunities, mentoring
exposure, career mentorship and building a family that
understands and supports the direction of youth and teens
that burn with a desire to be their own boss.
Kids Camp is a time to introduce young people as young as
8 years of age the fun of building content to create an
important online presence. To share ideas, passions,
skill-sets, learning opportunities and even collaboration.
Kids Camps are growing in leaps and bounds nationally and
When looking to attend a WordCamp many of those in the
tech industry check to see if their children can attend the
Kids Camp. Having the chance to assist with Kids Camp
Calgary allowed me to share my knowledge as a business
owner, educator, blogger and digital innovator. To talk to
youth from Calgary and even the growing South Sudanese
community whose children desire to be tech savvy
business owners.
They understand that in order for any business to
survive that business must have a digital presence.
The “open source” community is a dynamic and
engaging community that embraces diversity
and innovation. Allowing designers, artists,
writers, bloggers, coders and others to come
together and share their stories and passions
as content creators.
Observing the kids participating in Kids Camp,
they are not concerned about the technical aspects,
they want to build, create, apply, engage, be interactive
and even share what they are learning.
This year being the first Kids Camp at WordCampYYC
lead by a seasoned teacher Christina Workman
using tools found in a business environment, the
kids attending are engaged and involved in
hands-on learning based on web
development and content creation.
Using Storyboarding, Visionboarding and allowing
the kids to access WordPress to build their web sites.
Visually empowering these digital innovators with
tools that can change the perceptions of readers
and viewers and those looking at their content
from across digital landscapes.
The kids can see what they created in real time and
have the world see what dynamic web content they
21st  century learning is not based on old fashion
lecture style teaching, teachers today and forever
more are facilitators of learning, they set the problem
or tasks to be accomplished and provide the correct
tools, then step out of the way.
Allowing the kids to blossom in a Matrix of digital
creation, imagination, engagement and interaction.
Parents, start registering your children to attend and
participate in Kids Camp when a WordCamp is
coming to town. Parents should not hold back
learning from their children, especially
learning that can build them into business owners
and entrepreneurs.
Youth, teens and young adults should be encouraged
to build dynamic content and explore virtual worlds
to help solve real world problems and build business
ownership in a digital age. “Content is King” Bill Gates
and “Engagement is Queen” youth, teens and young
adults must be taught how to be smart creatives,
digital innovators and thought leaders.
See role models they can talk to and engage with.
Kids Camp Miami, Florida Panel Discussion

Kids Camp Photos

June 15, 2018

WordCamp Jacksonville An International Conference of Technology and Diversity

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WordCamp Jacksonville An International Conference of
Technology and Diversity
by William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach

WordCamp Jacksonville was well attended by
participants and speakers as far away as Nigeria,
Africa; Miami, Georgia and several Midwestern states.
The excitement of sharing the growth of web
development,  digital platforms and tools directly
related to content creation and web development
shows a phenomenal growth in the need to be
involved in Social Media and associated
Attended by several hundred, the conference in
its third year contained a Kids Camp that was
dedicated to teaching ages 7 to 13 how to build
and manage a WordPress site. Making the
journey into web development fun and relevant
for young people who are future developers,
coders, digital engineers and even business

The growing diversity of WordCamp Jacksonville
is seen by sponsors of the Kids Camp
William Jackson an educator with Duval County
Public Schools and business owner of My Quest
To Teach. Mr. Jackson speaks, volunteers and
blogs at national and international WordCamp

Ms. Aida Correa, Artist, Poet, STEAM educator
and business owner of LoveBuilt Life and a
sponsor of Kids Camp in Jacksonville. Both
Mr. Jackson and Ms. Correa are advocates
of youth, teens and young adults; African
American and Latino respectively they
participate in areas of technology;
attending WordCamp conferences to network
and collaborate in building technology businesses.

Nationally, people of color are mostly consumers
of technology and not the producers. Less than
5% of technology businesses are owned by
people of color.
This year’s conference 2018 was attended
by Catherine Mayokun Egwali a business
woman, blogger, author and speaker from
Nigeria on the continent of Africa. Her
experience as an award winning author,
content creator, and business owner allows
her the opportunity to share her story with
others on  an international level. LinkedIn:

Globally technology is allowing for faster
communication and new collaboration
opportunities. Allowing the diversity of the
world to share stories, expand the
voice of the silent in social and cultural
issues and to encourage world peace
through tolerance and cooperation.

WordPress an “open source” product
encourages development of Apps, widgets
and other programs to be created
that improve the usability of web development.
WordCamp conferences are located throughout
the nation and in cities that are expanding
their access to resources and employment
opportunities that embrace technology.

People of color and diversity in culture should
take advantage of unique opportunities to
start their own business models in technology,
innovation and even the Arts.
WordCamp conferences and Kids Camp are
great opportunities to develop digital skills
that can open employment doors and entrepreneurial
prospects. WordCamp is growing into a family
adventure and a journey
of discovery and innovation.

WordCamp Central
WordCamp Jacksonville

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