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September 10, 2017

Fathers Continue To Teach Your Children in 2017

Fathers Continue To Teach Your Children in 2017

by William Jackson, #MyQuestToTeach
Father, Community Activist, Educator

Fathers this school year or 2017/2018 empower
your children with social and personal skills that
will prepare them for a changing and dynamic
world in and out of school.
Teach children to think for themselves and make
personal decisions even if their friends are opposite
and oppose them.
Even if your children are met with bullying and
criticism, your children must be prepared mentally,
emotionally and with social skills that help them
not only “code switch,” but adapt and excel in
diverse environments.
Teach your children to be accountable and respon-
sible, teach them to be independent thinkers
and how important their dreams are. There are
many lessons to learn by your children so be
patient and purposeful, be aware that sometimes
your children think different and react different
than their peers and their friends.
Not all children learn to tie their shoes at the same
I still teach kindergarten and first grade students
at my school how to tie shoes and even occasionally
second graders.
Not all children stop sucking their fingers at the same
time. Patience, purpose and prayer does work even in
the 21st century so even teach your child why prayer
is important not just how to pray.
Every child is different, every smile means something
different, tears do not all mean the same thing and
kids interpret the world differently so fathers must
listen and guide their children to be the best they
can be, not just always the way fathers want them
to be.
We must teach our children patience, and be patient
with them. Teach our children compassion and be
compassionate, we have to show empathy and
sympathy and even kindness. If you don’t  think so,
think about how you treat their mother, because
your sons and even daughters will treat their mothers,
grandmothers, future boy friends/girl friends and
spouses the way you demonstrate and teach.

Suggestions for fathers………..
1.Fathers don’t allow yourself and your children to
grow stale or stagnant, always embrace learning and
opportunities to attend community, civic and even
political events to teach your children on a broad
scale of duty and community activism.
2. Fathers teach your children to stay away from
people who hate on others, gossip, conspire against,
plot and plan to embarrass or even destroy. Those
that hate on others often have low self esteem and
will turn on those that side with them eventually.
3. Fathers teach your children that sex is not a conquest
or a quick one sided pleasure. There are consequences
and reactions to having multiple sexual partners.
4. Father teach your children that sex is not a tool to
get what you want in life. That the mind and emotions
are changed forever when involved in sexual encounters
with multiple people.
Not everyone is emotionally ready for sex at the same
5. Fathers teach your children what comes out of their
mouth defines them and Brands them. The mouth can
speak life or death.
6. Fathers teach your daughters they don’t need a sugar
daddy, pimp daddy or friend with benefits to make it in
life. Having multiple “baby daddies” is nothing to be
proud of.
7. Fathers teach your sons and daughters that before
they get into someones bed, be sure to get into their
head to see if they are being used. There is a personal
responsibility when having sex.
8. Fathers teach your sons not to use women for sex,
drugs, money or create illegitimate children that they
have no plans to support and love.
9. Fathers teach your children how to love, how to
respect and the value of morals and values. Teach your
children the empowerment of education not just in the
classroom, but to be life-long learners.
10. Fathers teach your children the dangers of “playing”
with drugs and alcohol. Not everyone can tolerate getting
drunk and getting high.
11. Fathers show up at your children’s school at least
4 times a school year, show them better than you can
tell them you value their education by eating lunch with
them and going on field trips.
12. Fathers if all lives matter they should learn that from
13. Fathers teach your children about the true meaning
of hate, racism, bigotry, prejudice and bias. Do not
sugarcoat it.
14. Fathers teach your children they will not stay children
forever, but as they grow to enjoy life and living. To learn
skills that build their character and value for life.
15. Fathers watch the news with your children at least
twice a week and explain events around the world. Get
them to talk about what they think and feel.
16. Fathers teach your children no one is perfect and to
strive to be the best they can be not something from a
story or game.
17. Fathers reflect on the hard lessons you learned and
share them with you children. Teach them that lessons
can help them to grow even if they struggle.
18. Fathers teach your children that struggles and
challenges are a part of life and that they can survive and
grow from them.
19. Fathers teach your children the value of prayer, why
prayer is helpful. Guide their learning in ministry not
just attending church.
20 Fathers join a support group, mentoring group for

William Jackson, M.Ed.
Community Activist, Father / Fatherhood Advocate
Blogging at: My Quest To Teach
Twitter: wmjackson




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