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August 18, 2017

Parents Check Your Kids SNAPS and Watch Their MAPS

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snapParents Check Your Kids SNAPS and Watch Their MAPS
by William Jackson, M.Edu.
My Quest To Teach

Learning about and using Snapchat and other online Social platforms
can be fun and open doors  for positive digital connections, but there
are dangers that parents must understand are a reality. Apps can open
digital doorways into being digitally visual more than children need
to be and allow  for stalking, voyeurism, Sexting and Cyberbullying.
Connecting and sharing content is what Social platforms are all
about, the potential of stalking grows when people are able to find
your location when you turn on your location and Apps can send
digital signals detailing your location and movements.

The potential for children, youth and teens to create situations for
themselves to become targets of CyberStalking, CyberBullying, and
even setting children to be targets of Sexual targeting for sex
trafficking. Technology opens doors quickly for people to connect,
parents sometimes have no idea or clue that their children are
connecting with their friends through the use of SoLoMo
technologies that make it easier for the world to see them.

Social engagement is made easier because Local events require a
digital connection to know what is going on and Mobile technology
opens doors for growing movement of children, youth, teens and
young adults. Their social engagement is all digital and can be
hidden from parents that are not familiar with technology.

Meetups, Hookups, Bash and Dash, Hit and Run by teens and
young adults are becoming easier. The opportunity to have
sexual contact behind or even right in front of digitally
blinded parents is growing; children, youth and teens share
with each other new Apps that are invasive and share
locations, new tools that allow collaboration with other programs
that can be tracked and recorded and even Social Media platforms
that allow for direct and instant connections and storing of
personal data.

Technology is valuable when used properly, too many young
people are engaged in dangerous and potentially digital stupidity
when they are enticed to leave the protection of parents and
guardians to follow digital bread crumbs that are lies and

One child is too many that have been snatched because they
were lured to meet someone they thought was a friend, but
turned out to be a sexual predator with the intent to do harm
or even murder. Even if there is no request with new tools
children, teens and young adults can be digitally followed
and not even know it if they leave their location tracking on
or someone can see landmarks in a hastily created video.

Parents need to stay actively engaged and even those in
ministry with knowing what is on their children’s and teens
phones and other digital devices even in worship. Lives have
already been taken, young lives that have not even started.
Parents must be sure to talk to their children and have family
discussions about expectations for behavior, accountability
and responsibility online.

Resources for Snap Chat and Snap Map
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