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August 14, 2017

The Growth Potential of Northwest Jacksonville Florida

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George Maxey


The Growth Potential of Northwest Jacksonville Florida

The development of a community and generational stability comes
in the way a community comes together to build stability through
educational equality for boys and girls, economic development,
knowledge building and importantly maintaining a connection within
the community. To show families that there is someone that cares
for them, prays for them and generally loves them.
This can be done from being involved in the community. Too many
times people from the outside of a community have good intentions
to contribute, but they lack the passion that comes from connecting
with the people; shaking their hands, showing that you actually
care and even looking past the individual nuances and challenges
that people are experiencing.
It is easy for someone to state they want to contribute to help
others, they want to get their hands dirty and til the soil of the
Many people even in ministry state that there is work to do and
they want to be a worker, the consistency is lacking when it
requires taking serious time to help those challenged with drugs,
alcoholism, homelessness and other social challenges.
Lip service does no one any good, it does not solve the myrid
of social issues that people are experiencing and it does not
help to stop generational poverty, emotional fragility and
it does not help the psychological stress of not knowing
where to turn for help.

New Town Success Zone and Vision Keepers supporting the zip code
of 32209 are doing the work that is needed and necessary. The
support of volunteers, those that live in the community and see
the need for action not just prayer and even many that live
in surrounding areas collaborate, communicate, bond, unite
and join together to provide help where others have abandoned
people that look different, act different and even struggle to
maintain stability for themselves and their families.
Communities that are struggling are not struggling in silence,
their cries can be heard from the struggling schools in the
areas, the lack of nutritional food resources, the denying of
community reinvestment opportunities and in too many cases the
increase in violence, drug and alcohol use.
These are signs that communities are in desparate need of
continued prayer, love for the people, communication and
collaboration to see where the help is needed.
The building of local business owners through entreprenuialism
and providing knowledge to be future employers of youth,
teens and young adults. How best to improve a community is
to improve it from within by employing, training, teaching
the people in the community.

Educational resources are vital from health and wellness,
building stable families, addressing mental health issues and
mentorships. Development takes time, it taks a committment
and desire to run a long race that is slow, constant and
purposeful in it goals and vision.
Good things are happening in 32209 and surrounding
communities that is why leadership, commitment, purpose,
prayer, unity and love are vital. Each element is needed to
help people to stand on shoulders and climb out of the
challenges that keep them down and even distracting to their
potential to change from hindering their community to
building prosperity in their community.

New Town Success Zone and Vision Keepers are moving in a
direction of dynamically reinvesting and re-energizing
the community to promote a cycle and mind set of growth,
stability and collaboration.

Mr. George E. Maxey
Executive Director of
New Town Success Zone
Office: 904 470,.8262
Mr. George Maxey
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