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June 9, 2017

Building Your #HBCU Brand In 2017 to Be Invincible


Building Your
#HBCU Brand In 2017
to Be Invincible

William Jackson, M.Edu.
My Quest To Teach
@wmjackson – #MyQuestToTeach

In todays digital society HBCUs or what is known as Historically
Black College and University students cannot allow others to
Brand them. No one should be allowed to take their voice
and use it against them or describe them.
There are billions of people on the planet, each person from
conception to death has a story, a voice and a personal Brand.
No one should allow others to tell their story, to Brand with
nonsense about who they are, and what they are about.
HBCUs have a rich history of culture, creativity, innovation and
invention. They have weathered the mighty storms of post slavery,
segregation and racism to survive into the 21st century. Youth,
teens and young adults must be trained to tell their own stories
to the world and not fall into complacency.

How others see you is important, society should see you beyond
skin tones, hair styles, clothing lines and accept the beautiful
imperfections that each have and should embrace, this is a world
of diversity, but it seems to many are scared of and running from
the awesomeness of cultural and gender diversity they possess.
This is why an HBCU students’ Brand is important, to help define
outside of visual perceptions. Why would anyone allow mass media
to define them, to tell an incomplete and inaccurate story that
only sees or tells false and have truths?

HBCUs even today are fighting for not just financial support,
they are striving for respect and recognition too show their
continued and transformative contributions in this nation.
As the recent President has shown, there is still disrespect,
bias and even stereotypical mentalities present that are dangerous
because it promotes separation and aggression not peace and unity.
In 2013, St. Paul College closed after 125 years, a rich history
of building men and women, the stories continue in history,
but someone should have been sharing them.
There are many HBCUs that have not survived history, they live
on in their students and the accomplishments still being achieved,
on individual levels, but no one is writing about the history,
heritage and successes.

As the graduates of HBCUs pass into history so do the experiences,
memories and historical accomplishments.
The Brand of HBCUs should continuously be modified and adapted for
telling a story of growth, hope and preparing for the future.
Branding, Marketing, Self-reflection, Building Relationships,
Networking, Collaboration and Integration of information.
HBCU studens must find out what their Brand is personally and what
Niche they are part of, asking themselves where they are heading:
What do they want to do with their life? How can they match their
career aspirations with their personal Brand?
How do they want society to see them? What makes them unique?

HBCU students must identify why their Brand is important and relevant
in the world not just with their friends and family, but in a
broader perspective of expanding their voice.
Building your Brand in 2017 can mean the diffence between being
invisible and invincible.


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