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March 24, 2017

Bring Out the Magic in Girls and Women of Color

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Bring Out the Magic in Girls and Women of Color
by William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach


STEM demonstrates the need for the intellectual
development of children of color in Science Technology
Engineering Mathematics STEM. There are many kids that
love STEM, but they are afraid to show this because of
fears of being bullied, harassed, cast-out and even
physical violence used against them because of their
passion in learning.
The potential of girls cannot be lost to influences
that kill the creative spirit, the talents and  abilities
that they carry. There are growing smart creatives
that are changing where this world is moving because of
their  intelligence. Innovation, creativity and the
engineering spirit are alive in girls and women of color
and culture.

Teachers, educators, and even administrators
must protect girls from their peers that do not share
the same values because the idea of being smart and Black
and female should be an honor not a liability.

Panel discussion at Edward Waters College – STEM
girls and women in STEM at Edward Waters College
Grace Johnson, Hortinse Diggs, Mary Madison and

Girls and women of color should be running to join
science clubs, agricultural groups, photography clubs,
computer groups, robotics clubs seeking to be the
doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientist and even artist
and writers they dream to be.
Girls and women of color should be taking trips to the
library, because today they cannot be turned away as was
done in Hidden Figures. The fact is that years ago Blacks
had to steal books to read because they were denied and
even punished for wanting to read and learn.
Jim Crow laws and the mentality towards Black women was
of a lesser people that did not deserve education. Learning
did not include them.This is far from being true today,
look at the increase of women earning degrees and certificates.

The legacy of the time of Hidden Figures was of discovery
and innovation, creativity and paradigm change. NASA
created the need for intellectuals and innovators, that is
still needed today and girls of color need to see why they
should be honor students, not numbers in special education
classes or in-school suspension programs or stuck in the
Juvenile Justice System where they are casualties. Why
carry guns when books create a future of growth and life.
Parents set the tone for their children and should
understand that education changes life for the better.


In the movie Hidden Figures the women were called
“computers” because of their intelligence and the
analytical abilities they had. I remember my mother
taking me and my brother and sister to the library, it
was a wondrous thing because of the chance to learn new
things, to open our minds to new discoveries and learn
new things about ourselves especially our sister.
Books were taught by my mother to help me to be the
best that I can be and not to allow anyone to make
me feel inferior. This needs to be shared nationally,
today girls are put in front of the idiot box (television),
gaming systems to learn new ways to kill, steal and destroy.
Where is the inspiration to discover the world, the oceans
and space? There is no cultural significance of intellectual
empowerment with television so girls need to be directed,
mentored guided.


Unless parents understand what STEM is and will continue
to influence the world around them and get their children
reading and build comprehension skills, children of color
and culture will continue to struggle and the education
gap will grow. The economic gap will widen and the political
gap will result in people of color having no power,
no voice and forgotten in a global economy.

Hidden Figures can be seen as a wake-up call to future
generations to prepare children for new careers, new
ways of learning and to build communities that are
torn apart by the lack of educational resources and
even parental priority. “Education is not a competition
it is a way for completion of life, dreams and goals.
Education should be used to complete lives, not used
to compete against each other and breed jealousy,
envy and bias.” Prof. William Jackson, My Quest To Teach

Grace Johnson
Technical Project Manager @ NASA Kennedy Space Center
Professor William Jackson
Educatora, Blogger and Speaker
Edward Waters College – Educational Technology and Social Media
Hortense Blackwell Diggs
Deputy Director
Office of Communication and Public Engagement

Parents need to understand that their children’s education
prepares them for the work force that requires smart
creatives, angular thinkers, thought leaders, innovators
in diverse fields, what is in the mind is valuable.
Those that disrespect education will be a casualty in a
society of thought leadership and informational access.

Children of color and culture have awesome powers of
intellectual magic that need to be strengthened and
applied to make society a more inclusive and accepting
society of diversity especially for children of color.
Education and learning are the keys to improving any
society and history shows this.

“Blacks need to stop thinking of each other as competition,
start looking at each other as collaborations to build
stable infrastructures so children can grow without the fear
of being hated because of their color and their intellectual
abilities.” Prof. William Jackson, My Quest To Teach

Shades of Women As Melanin Medical Doctors
Melanin, M.D. – @MelaninMD
1st & 2nd yr med students tweeting advice/inspiration for
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