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October 18, 2016

DCPS Student Attends Florida Heritage Book Festival








DCPS Student Attends Florida Heritage Book Festival
by William Jackson and Elisha Taylor DCPS Student and
member of Northbound Church of Christ, Jacksonville, Fl

The words: Be Inspired To Create, To Read,
To Write and to Inspire others were the
words of the Florida Heritage Book Festival
in St. Augustine, Florida.

Authors, writers, bloggers, content creators
from across the state participated in book
reviews, writing critiques, workshops, book
signings and in attendance were over 50 book vendors.

The push to increase literacy in students can be
seen at events like the Florida Heritage Book
Festival because students inspire the creativity
of authors that write books for them. These students
as early readers will develop into adult readers
supporting authors, bloggers and content creators
across the state and the country.





The free event encouraged
more education in the
areas of fiction, nonfiction,
storytelling, poetry
and even spoken word.

The St. Augustine Public
Library made available the opportunity for
children and adults to register for library
cards and learn about the unique literary
services provided by the library system of
St. Johns County

There were events for children that helped inspire
them to read, write and embrace creative
literature. Peter Meinke and Jeanne Clark Meinke,
nationally recognized authors held a workshop
“Hands-on Poetry” a session for 8 to 12 year old
and another favorite provided by
Andre Frattino, a nationally and internationally
recognized author and graphic designer held a
“Hands-on Graphic Novel Development” a session
for 13 to 18 year old participated in.


Attending this session
was Elisha Taylor a
student in DCPS from
Jacksonville, he is engaged

in technology in the areas of graphic design,
robotics and other areas that students are now
deeply exploring in school. The initiatives of
STEM Science Technology Engineering and Math
are the foundations of new jobs, so students
like Elisha are immersed in hands-on learning
projects that encourage collaboration.

Elisha is a reader and loves diverse literature,
he had an opportunity to develop several graphic
design pieces that can be applied to comics,
literary works, cartoons, and other digital
platforms. He participated in discussions
about how to design storytelling platforms,
character development and how to properly design
and write a graphic novel.








Elisha recently attended the Florida Blogging
Conference held at Full Sail University attending
with several students from Edward Waters College.
Events like this and others need to be engaged
in by students from elementary to high school
because of the exposure to professionals and the
opportunity to learn how to properly network and
collaborate. The growth in global diversity and
integration of technology and social engagement
with students from various backgrounds means that
youth, teens and young adults have to be able to
communicate and function in diverse environments in
education, business and commerce.

The Florida Heritage Book Festival is just
one of many events happening in Northeast
Florida that parents and schools should
encourage students to attend so they can
learn to broaden their social and educational skill sets.








Florida Heritage Book Festival

Florida Humanities

Florida Blogging Conference
Full Sail University

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