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October 3, 2016

Suggestions for African Parents When Monitoring Their Children Online Part II

Suggestions for African Parents When Monitoring
Their Children Online Part II

William Jackson, M.Ed.
Edward Waters College


1.African parents monitor your child’s online
activities constantly and explain behavior
expectations for their actions.
Parents should be aware of where their children
are going online.
a. Children’s psychological safety is just as
important as their physical safety.
b. Have conversations about their favorite
sites, who their online  friends are, what
social media platforms they are using.
c. Are your children using video to share
information, are they using  Google maps to
tell their friends where they live? These are questions
African parents need the answers too.
d. Talk to educators and other parents about
sharing educational,  and edutainment

2.African parents, “Know safety, No injury.
No safety, Know injury.”
African parents should be involved in
determining how much tech is being used
by their children in their homes, in the
community and in the schools.

3. African parents your child build a positive
relationship and respect for their online
activities. This respect decreases bullying,
cyberbullying,  cyberstalking and sexting.

4. African parents must model good online
behaviors. If your child sees you acting certain
ways they will do the same. Your children are
also influenced by peer pressure and modeling
for behavior by you. The Internet can be a fun
place, but there are dangers.

5. African parents set a time limit for being online
by your  children, more emphasis on reading
and other activities that challenge thinking,
reasoning and higher order thinking. African
youth have great potential to influence the
future of their nation and continent.

6. African parents don’t be naive, consider
the source when your child is trying to be
deceptive to what they are doing.

7. African parents teach your children to
know how advertisers  work. Not to click
ads that say free games, candy, toys, etc.

8. African parents ask your children to
teach you something new online.
Parents test their intelligence and
intellect with technology.

9. African parents Google your children,
Hashtag your children, in Google, Twitter,
Facebook YouTube and other sites
First Name Last Name + City, State,
Community  and you can search for
their friends also to check activity.

10. African parents it should not have
to be said, teach your children not to
put personal information online.
Identity theft is a major problem in
this digital age and terrorists are
working hard to involve youth, teens
and young adults to be used as
weapons and propaganda tools.

11. African parents check parental
controls in your browser and learn
how to check your browsers history
to see where the kids and teens
have gone online.

12 African parents, if your children
play online games monitor the
language and conversations. You
can’t control others and their
actions and language, but you
should be able to control your
child to a certain degree and talk to
them about behaviors of others.

13. Each Social Media site has an
age restriction. African parents
talked to your children about
Facebook, SnapChat and Vine,
whatever your children are involved in.

14. African parents be friends with
your kids until they are 16 at least.
Don’t stalk them, but monitor
behaviors and actions online.

15. African parents, the online
experience should help to build social
skills and build cultural awareness.
Education is influenced, but
must be guided by parents and
educators working together.

16. Africans “Treat others as you would
like to be treated.” The Internet
is a global platform, a broad
community that represents the
world. There is good, bad, dangerous,
and deadly.

17. African parents learn new terms so
you can understand your child’s conversations.

18. African parents plan to attend workshops,
seminars, and conferences.

I hope these suggestions help African bloggers,
writers, content creators and storytellers expand
their craft, build relationships and expand the
truth about the beauty and awesomeness of
Africa.  Wm Jackson

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